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"A blue blur in gaming history..."

Gameplay (10/10) - When Sonic was created, it was obvious who the Sonic's nemesis really was... Mario! Sonic basically goes through a level by jumping on enemies, and defeating bosses by jumping on them. With the extra speed and all that Sonic has and Mario doesn't, Sonic the Hedgehog has gameplay that is easy to learn and is almost unsurpassed. Mario can only jump on top of enemies while sonic can destroy enemies on all sides when he is in his ''rolling ball'' form. The obstacles in Sonic the Hedgehog are clever and the game doesn't really have a slow moment. Unlike the this game's sequels, this game is far slower speedwise, but funner ''everything-elsewise''. (Excuse my made up word :P ) Think of it this way, Sonic 1 has the only fun water-level in the entire series! The special stages aren't 3D but are a lot funner and more colorful.

Story (6/10) - Dr. Robotnik has seized the forest and turned its animals into robots! Only Sonic has the power on Mobius to defeat an army of robots! This storyline is far more complex than the standard ''some girl gets kidnapped and you must save her''. Too bad this storyline is recycled in every Sonic game. It's not about the story anyway! Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Sonic also wants to capture all the chaos emeralds, though they don't really do anything once you win the game with all of them anyway!

Audio/Video (9/10) - The sound effects are okay, but are extremely suitable. (Sonic gets his own jumping sound effect. Mario has one of those too!) The music is this game is catchy. From Green Hills Zone to the aptly named ''Final Zone''. Faster paced zones have faster paced music, and slower paced zones have the slow stuff. Bet you didn't see that coming. :D The graphics are great too. Though they aren't as clean and razor sharp as Sonic 2, they aren't blurry and filled with pseudo-3D stuff like Sonic 3.

Replayability (5/10) - Once you play this game through, you really aren't in the mood to play it again. The levels aren't as large as the Sonic sequel's, so there isn't really anything you have to re-discover. IF you really like Sonic games, you can play Sonic 1 a million times.

Overall (9/10) - Though the word ''Sonic'' is thrown around like you spend the entire game running, you don't really run that often. (You'll realize that once you reach Marble Zone!) Unlike Sonic 2 when you run until you make it to the end of the stage, you must avoid falling down cliffs and being crushed; basically I'm saying that this game has more brains than its sequels. The original is always the best, and Sonic the Hedgehog proves just that. If you see a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog I say take it! Take it take it take it take it take it. TAKE IT! Sonic turned slow paced side-scrolling games into the intense fast-paced games we have today. Sonic wasn't only fun, SONIC RAISED THE BAR FOR GAMING.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/27/01, Updated 10/27/01

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