"Say "no" to a game like this? I think not."

Sonic the Hedgehog has come a long way since his debut in 1991, and hasn't failed to amaze gamers yet. I grew up on this game, and play it every day. Sometimes I think it's way better than the 3D version, and always come to the same conclusion: Yes, it is. If you don't like the later Sonic games, then give this a spin. You'll love it!

Story: 10/10- In the ocean paradise of South Island, the evil scientist named Doctor Robotnick has captured all of its inhabitants to help him do his bidding! Except for a blue hedgehog who was too fast for the Doctor. A blue hedgehog named Sonic! Sonic must now embark on an adventure to save his animal friends! Watch out Robotnick!

Gameplay: 9/10- The controls are very simple, and easy to pick up. There are seven levels, each with three acts. The only part that I found disappointing was that Sonic could not do spindash or become super(there are only 6 Choas Emeralds in this game). But then again, you don't NEED these attacks for the game! Although they would be nice to have.

Sound: 9/10- The game has nice sound, but the music plays over and over. Some levels however, have nice music that won't get you annoyed. There are also ''classic'' sounds such as ring collecting, and jumping. Overall, this is a great sound system for a Sega to have.

Graphics: 10/10- Wow. A Sega Genesis? with These graphics?! Other games have ''real'' looking graphics, and that's what makes them bad. Sonic uses rather ''cartoony'' style graphics, and it's a hit, because of that. The game also offers many colors and backgrounds to go with the game. I give it a 10!

Replay value: 10/10- Like I said before, I still play this game every day, and it never gets old. You can try to find shortcuts, or just try to get better. If you get tired of games quickly, I recommend codes. Codes should be done when you are totally bored of the game. *If a code messes up your game, it is your fault for entering them. Not mine. so please, USE CODES AT YOUR OWN RISK*

Overall: 9/10- Say ''no'' to a game like this? I think not. Buy this game if you don't all ready have it. It ranges from $5-$14. A great price, for an even better game!

By: The Ultimante Life Form 8/21/02 Thank you

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/21/02, Updated 08/21/02

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