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"Sonic the hedghog a game that gives me heartache.."

It took awhile but finally I am able to contribute my thoughts and feelings on this game. Now ahem let me begin I first discovered this game as a gift from my uncle who bought the system and a few games second hand in 1996 (a few months before N64 was released) We absolutely loved it because it was during the time where it was better than Nintendo but waiting for newer systems to come out. The first game I was allowed to play was sonic one. I can rant all I please of how it made me feel but I will say that stuff at the end just so I can get on with the review.
Introduction:(story)10(both the real story and sonic's tale)
The game is made very simple. I believe that it was a game pilot to get consumers to get interested in the Sega Genesis. Because at the time Mario was a staple among the game industry. The Sega corporation needed a mascot and low and behold they created a hedgehog that was given speed. Something about attitude made the creators give our Sonic a defense that is quite useful which is spikes, which when rolled into a ball enable him to cut through objects like stone or metal to create damage or escape. As many new gamers received this new mascot a outlined story was created.
Sonic is based in a city or planet, named Mobius and Doctor Robtnik which is a human,evil robotic programmer. Based from some books and sites,Robotnik was using the creatures from Mobius as slaves to seek out the chaos emeralds to become very powerful or do something. Just retrieving the emeralds was very important as the power would do great harm if lain in the wrong hands. Someone once told me that Robotnik had genetically enhanced Sonic to be one of the greatest weapons against Mobius inhabitants but Sonic would not let his homeland fall. If this tidbit is actually true and just not heresy then it would un doubtfully explain how sonic is more humanistic than the creatures of Mobius seen whenever sonic pops the robotic shell or the slave capsule at the end of each level. I find the story interesting and very different compared to what was offered back in this era.
Gameplay:10 (although it's difficult for me )
This game is formatted very easily to understand what to do with out having a guide. Basically you go toward the right and collect rings and bust robotic shells to release the slave held within. (I'd wish the ghost would hug me)Although this game is a little difficult (mainly cause of his speed I'd end up dying for the lack of missing that platform or rushing off it or run into an enemy)So I'd rate this game as average challenge until you head toward the end of the game which should,although I hate it when it does, gets harder and challenging. So It's like different scores in the beginning up to labyrinth zone is set in easy extremely easy. Many gamers and walk-throughs stress the importance of taking your time here to collect lives and score high points. After the Labyrinth zone it becomes very hard for me and possibly it is just as hard for all those girls that don't have patience...well not just girls maybe like children or other gamers. I find it so fun to play. Like in other platform games you can collect objects, as in Super Mario 3 (I know totally different system but it's useful in my explanations)you collect special suit options or stars or get items like the whistle but in Sonic you get rings that does like the best thing;once I get hit I scoop or recollect as many as I can because I won't die unless I am ring less, unlike Mario you have 0 chances to live if you aren't super(mushroom) and when you're super you have 2 chances but if you are like super suited (4ex. fire flower seeds) you get 3 chances, here as long as you have one ring you can survive. The thing I don't like about this game is you can't save. You are only given a pause screen for when you need to explain something, use the bathroom, get a drink. But I think it would've been good if they gave save options because one time I had finally gotten past Labyrinth zone and had to get to bed. But because of that it is wrong to mark against it seeing as how it was basically the line of first games available. Controlling is very easy, at first I was a little perplexed at how to control sonic at first because I was very used to Nintendo and so the C button was like a huge what is this? But if you experiment at first when trying the game as I have done you will discover it is simple and once you know all the buttons are the same function (jump), you can tie it in with your hand eye coordination and then the difficulty will come from the actual zones and not controlling him. Basically I loved to collect the rings and see how many slaves I could free before I got to the Labyrinth zone. Also another factor is The music...I believe I'm done on Game play so it's a nice transition.
Graphics and sound Quality: 10 (main reason this game gives me nostalgic heartache)
The sound or music actually is what probably engrossed me into this particular game. When I first played this and I jumped on a spring, to be honest it was very impressing! Before it was always a flat character walking through a somewhat graphical background with a position for normacy, hurt, shocked,up, down, ducking. I had never encountered a game before where there was more than one sound for something as well as an emotion. When he jumps on a spring he is faced up with his hands at his side feet pointed down and you hear a boing ,when he pops a monitor you hear a pop and if there is a shield you'll hear a ''bom'' I was also amazed at the little shiny spot on his head and that you can see more of his features than other systems where they are like little blocks. But I think the cutest sound is when Sonic is underwater and he sucks up a bubble to sustain him a little longer under water. you also hear splash noises going in and out of the water. ''bing'' is the sound I heard when enemies touch you or you touch lava. I also liked how the background moves with you..well sort of you have scenes like water falls or cities so you know it's different..Like once there was like a background, a middle, and the current platform that you are on. Again the Music as others mentioned is very catchy I found my self constantly replaying the game just to hear that nice catchy tune. So anyway I give a ten because despite it's old age it is very very gorgeously lain out. The colors are very vibrant and the obstacles are very easy and if you wish to spend 8 of your 10 minutes to explore you will be rewarded with more enemies more monitors, rings and other platforms in complicated arrangements, it feels like there is something new every time because the creators made so many secret passages that it's like your side quest to locate as many and personally that is one of the better features of the game. Also as some may have stated you do not exit the zones as quickly as some other games do the game is separated into 3 acts. The third act hold the boss challenge where the best music plays which is of course Robotnik's theme. So overall the Graphics are upgraded and you can easily tell what the slave is like a ghost or a squirrel or a bird and that the enemy looks like a crab. You can tell what is a water fall and what is a tree what are bubbles. The game is one of Sega's better carefully planned and handled projects.
Playtime: 10 (it will hold your attention for more than an hour)
Shamefully I never beaten the game...mainly due to the no save factor but My brother has beaten it and it took him six hours. Some may think that's a long time considering how easy the game is but I'm not sure You really can't justify how long the game is to other people and state a certain amount of time for ''normal people'' The time and length is entirely opinion for me the length of the game is perfect. not so long you are sitting at the game waiting for it to end while you to should be doing your homework or waste the day away.
Replay: 10 (what else you heard me talk all about how great it was)
Of course I'd say it has a high replay factor. If you love the catchy music then you'll replay it just to hear the song. I do to hear Robotnik's theme.
I would so Pay money for this game. I didn't have luck getting it at a used game store so luckily another system is putting 7 sonic games together including this one as a little nostalgic package of sonic fans. Because when we used to lend our system while we played with our 64 we lost a few Sega games including this one. At first I didn't notice until I became all nostalgic of sonic and wanted to play this one but I had to settle on sonic 2. But thankfully I will get it yet in that mega collection of sonic. But yeah absolutely this is one of those games that are meant to be in every genesis collection.
What can I say this game is very important to me. After so many years of not playing it I can still hear that little tune and imagine the obstacles such as releasing the lava and running ahead of it and when they mention Sonic I think of this game and it gives me that wistful sigh and heartache that I cannot play it. I find this game...addicting with the sonic franchise being refurbished I am like dying with hope I'll finally get to.
Again it's an old game but hey it's got's good qualities:
-you are a fast hedgehog that has more positions than my stick figures, plus going fast is an instinct and once you zip through acts you may not want to slow down although that may cause to be engaging in some unwanted contact with the enemy.
- indeed you are fast but once you start to run or are stopped momentarily by a enemy you have some difficulty regaining the quickness which would be excellent if the moment you walked you could move fast.
-Collecting rings and popping monitors and basically exploring Mobius, it's like a side quest to get as much as everything as possible. it really a good reason that makes players come back and puts more depth to the game.
-collecting is very good especially if you need a quota of rings or to raise score or to get the fun goodies from the monitors but with searching leads to more fatales or the time running out on you which will automatically take one life chance. Also the item might be out of reach or stored in a secret passage which allows you to see it but leaves you wondering how to get into that chamber, again wasting time.
-Music never heard such original music that didn't consist of some annoying beep dun a nuh dun a nuh doo doo dun a nuh dun a nuh.
-There are areas that just annoy me or the panicky sound when you are running out breath, time, or that flashing of no rings
-a secret bonus stage. here you are suppose to get a chaos emerald which will have some effect toward the end if you collect them all..I don't know cause we never gotten them all
-Again people keep implying that the special bonus stage is an incredible addition to the whole game play and I agree because the sound behind it is sort of relaxing and you aren't pressured for time but you have to collect an amount of rings to get your gem and it is quite easy until after the third emerald then they set up the rings so it's easier to exit when going for those rings. maybe they are useful but they are extremely hard to get and personally its not a really totally fun *bonus*
Just try it

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/01/03

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