"The original Sonic the Hedgehog is always a blast!"


Sonic the Hedgehog. Perhaps the biggest known classic series on a Sega System. This game, Sonic the Hedgehog, was the original to the series and grabbed the gamers attention to Sonic games. In this amazing games, many awesome features were included that were not included in other games. Such as brilliantly fast gameplay, stunning Genesis graphics, and the uniquest character around. I mean, come on, a lot of games use hedgehogs as main characters?!?


The gameplay of this game is what really grabbed the peoples attention, along with graphics of course. Heres the basics: You are a hedgehog. Your arch enemy is Dr. Robotnik. Dr. Robotnik keeps inventing things to make it impossible for Sonic to defeat him. Such inventions are the Death Egg and all his boss level inventions. Dr. Robotnik thinks, well, actually is getting power from stones called Choas Emeralds. Sonic is on a mission to collect all the Choas Emeralds and defeat this Dr. Robotnik. Can you help Sonic defeat Dr. Robotnik? And, well thats the basics. But note you do not have to collect all the Choas Emeralds. But dont say you offically did until you do. Also featured in that hedgehogs big quest is amazing speed. Sonic can run fast, and by fast I mean the wind is crying because it lost the race with him. There are also power-ups in Sonic the Hedgehog. I'll start off with light shoes, since we were talking about speed. The light shoes have a picture of a pair of shoes in the box and make Sonic run I'd guess twice his speed. Then there are super rings. These have a picture of a ring on the box and when Sonic jumps on them he receives ten rings. The third power up is invincibility, which gives Sonic complete invincibility for about a minute. The only way Sonic can die with this power up is if he falls off the screen, espcially Green Hill Zone. Then another power up is the shield. This has a picture of like a blue balloon on the box and looks like a big blue bubble when Sonic is inside of it. This allows Sonic to take one hit from an enemy without losing rings. Then the last power up is a one up. These boxes have a picture of Sonic face painted on them. These power ups are simple- Sonic receives one extra life. Unfortunetly, the spin dash move wasn't introduced until Sonic the Hedgehog 2, but you dont need it anyway. There is also a special stage, like in every Sonic the Hedgehog game. In this version of the Special Stage, you are in a maze full of rings, bumpers, goals (if you touch these you lose) and, what do you know! Chaos Emeralds! This game is what started the Sonic frenzy because of the awesome gameplay. Gameplay gets a ten.


Now this is what was so unique to this game. You can only command jump, because thats all Sonic is designated to do! But this doesnt make the game bad. Its unique, and it also allows super easy controls for this game. All of the original three Genesis controller buttons do the same command jump, while if you have the six button controller the remaining three buttons do nothing. Now this has nothing to do with the review or the game, but I prefer to use the C button. With the way I hold my hands on a Sega Genesis controller the C button is the easiest to reach. Anyway, controls have a definate ten rating.


The graphics, along with gameplay, got the peoples attention. With amazing fast speed graphics and backgounds, theres no wonder im giving this section a ten! The details for this game are extremely good, let alone it being only 16-bit compared to our nowaday 64-bit and 128-bit home systems! The backgrounds are really cool too. Sega did a good job of making them look like they are far away, and it looks really cool. And there are no blurs when going Sonics top speeds, because Sega did a really cool job! Like I mentioned before, this section will easily, like every other section, get a ten.


The sound in this game is extremely incredible. Collecting (and losing!) rings sounds right and the background music matches all the levels really well. With this game the sound capibilities of the Sega Genesis were taking to the max. And the songs (for me anyway) are real easy to make up words to, so every time you play that level it would be even more fun! Sega did one hell of a job in this games sound department. This section? Of course it gets a ten!

Replayibility / Replay Value

Of course, my friends, Sonic the Hedgehog is indeed one of the most addicting games I have ever played. Just no game can beat the Sonic the Hedgehog series replay value. Heck, not even Sega can beat the replay value of the Sonic the Hedgehog series! Thats how good it is! And just about every good Sega game had incomparible replay value... Once I play I cant put it down. Sometimes i'll tell myself that I will just play to see something or experiment with the game and before you know it ive been playing until the last level! My friends, its just simply impossible to put down. An extremely easy ten.

Buy or (can I?) Rent

Well, if you look at my opinion, all I can tell you is buy this game. Thats all. Not. I'd tell you that as soon as you finished this review, go out and buy this game as quick as you can. It has a ten in all, yes all the sections in this review. The perfect game for a newbie or experts at Sonic. Then after this, go buy Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and then after that, go buy Sonic the Hedgehog 3, then after that go buy Sonic and Knuckles, then after that...


Basically, Sonic the Hedgehog is just simply a must have game. A must have game. You must have it. Once again, you must have it. This is the game that started it all for those big Sonic games. It is worth every penny to about up to fifteen dollars, it really is. Though money shouldn't be a problem because they have this game at my local GameStop all the time for only four bucks. Hopefully you will try out Sonic the Hedgehog and if you do Good Luck. And Good Day to you.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/19/04

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