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"Still, ya gotta love it for being classic"

Sonic the Hedgehog was one of the first games on the Sega Genesis. It was fairly good and started a whole new series, and kept improving on most games as the new Sonic games were made for the Genesis. This is a great game for the Sega Genesis.

Not much of a story in this game. Dr. Robotnik has captured all of the harmless animals and have turned them into robots to attack Sonic. He has also captured all of the 6 chaos emeralds to power him up and you must stop him from taking over the world with the emeralds. Sonic noticed that all of the animals were gone and have been turned into robots, so he went after Robotnik.

Graphics: 9/10
Even for an early 16-bit Sega Genesis, these graphics are pretty good. Most of the stuff in this game is colorful and easy to see. Sonic has been designed well and so has Robotnik and his boss design. Most of the enemies have been designed well and the levels have a nice look to them as well. Most of the levels have great backgrounds and most of the backgrounds go with the level, making it look a bit realistic. Definitely not bad for a try at an early Genesis game.

Also, since this game didn't have stuff in the later Sonic games, it may be a bit tough to get used to. Sonic cannot spin dash and the only way of getting to dash it to run then press Down. But all of the other controls in this are pretty much what you'll expect from a Sonic game, A to jump and the D-Pad to move. Despite not being able to spin dash, you should get used to the controls fairly easily. But the controls in a special stage are hard to get used to, and it is hard controlling Sonic.

Gameplay: 8/10
This game is fun, but it is probably the hardest Sonic game I've played (closest to Sonic Advance 3). Without including the final zone there are 6 zones in the entire game. Most of these levels are pretty hard, especially Marble Zone. You must go through each of the 6 levels to get to the end of each buy hitting a post, collecting rings for protection, solving small puzzles, and getting past lava traps and such. But still, the gameplay is quite fun once you get used to the game and know the levels good. Instead of 2 acts in a level there are 3, and you must defeat a boss at the end of each act 3. The bosses provide little to high challenge and most of the levels provide moderate to high challenge. In my opinion, the levels get easier as you progress through them, but the bosses get harder.

There are also special stages in this game. Most of these are quite hard and difficult to get used to. You must follow a maze-like path to the emerald without hitting any of the Goal circles. The maze also rotates around, making it even harder. You must time your jumps right so you don't fall it any Goal pits. Once you find the emerald you must break open the blocks surrounding it, then you can go ahead and collect it.

There's only one major bad part about the gameplay. There is no multiplayer in this game. This game is 1 player only and the only character you can be Sonic. That's a pity, because multiplayer is really great in many Sonic games.

Audio: 9/10
For a start to the series the audio wasn't quite bad.

This music is a great start towards the Sonic series. Most of the music in this game is great, especially Laybrinth Zone and Marble Zone. So this music is great, and it really does show what the Sega Genesis can hold.

Then you have the sound effects. The sound effects are fairly good and they are what you normally expect out of a Sonic game. The "bloop" when you jump from the sound of a ring being collected. But there are some sound effects I really like, such as the sound effect when you collect a Chaos Emerald.

Replayability: 8/10
The replayability in this game really isn't bad. Once you beat the game you could play through the game again to become a better player, which is a nice reason because I think this game is hard. You could also replay this game to go back and collect all 6 of the Chaos Emeralds. Another thing you can do is just mess around with the game and have fun.

Rent or Buy?
From where I am, Sega Genesis games are rare. But if you have a Genesis go out and buy this game, it's pretty fun and it was a nice start to the Sonic series. Otherwise if you don't have a Genesis, you could play this on Sonic Mega Collection for any of the 3 big consoles (Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube). Definitely worth buying if you can find this.

Overall: 8/10
Even though it lacked what you could do in the later Sonic games, this game is pretty good. It was a nice start to the Sonic series and there are pretty much no flaws in this game. It has good graphics, a fun gameplay, great audio, a fine replayability and it is worth buying.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/28/04

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