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"The great start to a great series. Ah. I love it when that happens!"

This is the first Sonic game, and definately the 3rd best on the Genesis. It's without a doubt on my Top Ten Games List (I've really gotta write that) at around #7. On with the review for a must own Genesis game.

Graphics: 9/10

Every single little thing in this game is beautiful. You can't help but love the character, scene, and background design. Sonic has a complete set of individual qualities, making him probably the most original platform character to date. This is also the game that introduced us to a trend, blissful graphic speed! This game made fun, pure speed in a game fun. Also, so far, it's the second game to best pull it off. (I might sound like a newbie, but the Sega Dreamcast just gives Sonic the most immpressive look of speed.) Also, this game, like FFV, is pure eye candy. However, action is way too fast-paced to make you drowsy. The only complaints are the always present slowdown and sometimes tough determination between foregrounds and backgrounds, which ios something is just don't need when you're really juicing it.

Sound: 7/10

Very, very average. It introduced the sound effects we all know and love, but the music is not comparable to the Sonic games of the future. The music is pretty good as far as orchestration, but at some points of time it just doesn't seem to be atmospheric enough.

Gameplay: 10/10

The first of it's kind, Sonic's 2-D fast-paced platformer frenzy was so original it was shocking in it's time. Control is not an issue. If you have a feel for the Genesis controller, this game will feel very natural. The style of the game itself is all about fast relexes, so it's a real dosage of fast-paced brain candy. The game is very challenging, however. you'll find yourself needing to perfect certain skills in order to complete levels. The big problem with this game is lack of Battery Backed-Up Memory. This game is really deep and deserves a memory bank as it's hard to beat in one sitting. (I guess that's what they made Sonic Jam for.) It would've also have been nice to be able to save high scores.

Overall Fun Factor: 9/10

An excellent game that is a must-have for any Genesis owner. When you absolutley, positively, have to blow away every game in the room, accept no substitutes. Seeya! --Rick >:P

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/02/00, Updated 05/02/00

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