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"The true mascot for Sega!"

Sonic the Hedgehog may very well be the one game that can be the same or possibly better than Super Mario! Before it even came out, the creators were saying how it was going to compete with mario, and boy were they right! You are Sonic the Hedgehog, the super fast blue hedgehog who is on a mission to free the animals that have been captured by Dr. Robotnik and turned into robots! Only by avoiding the perilous traps and robots set by Dr. Robotnik can you make it to his base and foil his plans once and for all!

Gameplay: 10/10: This is where the game truly shines. The gameplay in this game is so good, that even now, over ten years after the game was released, I still think of it as being one of the best in history. You get to shoot through stages with super speed, collecting rings to stay alive, and collecting various items to help you get through.

Rings are the main things that you need to collect in this game. If you get hit by a robot with no rings, you will die, plain and simple. If you get hit by a robot while carrying at least one ring, you will stay alive, but will lose all your rings, and the rings will scatter on the ground. While they are scattered, you can try to pick them back up, but the most you can pick back up are twenty.

Various items throughout the stage appear in little television sets that you can jump on, break open, and take! If there is a picture of a ring, you get ten rings, if there is a picture of a shield, a shield will form around you and will be able to withstand one hit, and when you get hit with a shield on, you will keep your rings, but will once again be vulnerable to losing your rings until you get another shield, if there is a picture of stars, you will have stars circling around you, and you will be invincible as long as you have the stars, if there is a picture of Sonic on it, pick it up and get an extra life, although these are usually hard to get, and finally, if there is a picture of Robotnik on one, do not touch it, for it will attack you just like a robot attack would.

As you go through, you wll encounter robots, all of which have their own way of attacking, and have different ways in which you must defeat them. Learning how to beat them is key in beating this game.

There are various special stages you can unlock to try to go for a chaos emerald, but to unlock those you will have to find out for yourself! There are six stages in the game, all of which consist of three acts, and at the end of each third act, there is a boss you must face, all of which are Robtnik in his hover car, trying to get rid of you. If you manage to get through all those, there is a final stage, where you can go toe to toe with Robotnik in a final duel to decide the fate of the island.

Graphics: 9/10: For the time period, these were very good! There were full environments, the water and lava looked good, and the robots were funny with how they moved. Some people say that old games to not "pass the test of time," but in my opinion, that is the stupidest thing you can say. Of course the game will not seem as good as it did back then, but it should not make it any better or worse. Although this game's awesome gameplay really makes the need for graphics lower, but yet they provided good ones for us, and that ties the game in altogether.

Sound: 10/10: Now this is what really makes the game fun to play, and makes you want to come back for more and more! The songs in this game are really catchy, and you will want to find out how to unlock the sound test just to be able to play the songs over and over again! The sound effects are pretty good also, nothing too violent, and the sound of Sonic spinning is really nice sounding.

Controls: 10/10: The controls are easy enough to understand. The directional pad moves you left and right. Pressing A, B, or C will make you jump, and pressing it while moving left of right will make you jump in that direction. While running, you can press down, and will do a spin dash, which will destroy most robots in your path, and if used on a steep slope, you can gain some real high speeds, which is really fun to do once you get the hang of the game!

Overall: 10/10: They said this game was going to be great before they even created it, and it sure was! This is the one that started it all, and will always remain a classic, and will always be fun to play!

Rent/Buy: Buy it, and do not hesitate! You won't get tired of this game, and will have fun playing time and time again, finding new paths through the stages and discovering new ways to beat Dr. Robotnik!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/29/05

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