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    Blaze Hard Mode Guide by Aster Azul

    Version: 0.995 | Updated: 01/11/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Blaze's Hardest Mode Guide v99.5% (v0.995)
    Streets of Rage for Sega Genesis
    11 January 2004
    (insert copyright and legal info here)
    Aster Azul (asterazul@yahoo.com)
    Best viewed in 9-point courier.
    Table of Contents
    A. Why Blaze?
    B. Blaze's Hardest Mode Challenge
    C. Overall Strategy and Par List
    D. Printable Par List
    E. Moves List
    F. List of Enemies
    G. General Tips
    H. Guide For Each Level and Boss
     Stage 1: Boomerang Guy in Streets
     Stage 2: Wolverine Guy in More Streets
     Stage 3: Wrestler at the Beach
     Stage 4: Fat Guy in Construction Zone
     Stage 5: Blaze's Sisters in Boat
     Stage 6: Wolvering Guys in Factory
     Stage 7: Elevator
     Stage 8: Mr. X and Friends in Hideout
    I. Stage Select Code: Great For Level Practice
    J. There Isn't a "Mania Mode" Code
    v50%- Need to do more research on Stage 5 before finishing up.
    v90%- Finished to Stage 8, but I haven't done a complete run through using no
    continues yet.
    v99%- I DID IT!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! My game's par list is up.
    v99.5%- Added names of completers and some of their tips.
    ** ***
    A. Why Blaze?
    Blaze is, in my opinion, the best character in this game. She may not have the
    strongest jump kick or longest reach (see Truncated's damage listing FAQ) but
    speed really counts in this game. She can use strategies that the other
    characters are incapable of. I've tried the other two characters and I can't
    stand them, especially on Hardest.
    Most of my strategies will work with the other two, but some won't. The
    Wolverine Guy's strategy is useless for the guys because they're not fast enough
    to get to him right after they throw him.
    Have fun trying to beat the game with no continues! I know that I did. Also
    remember that practice makes perfect. You won't learn perfection the first time
    This is a solo guide, but playing with a friend is not a bad idea. Make sure
    that you are both expert first if you wish to attempt a two-player "hardest
    mode" game, though. Two-player is much more difficult than one-player.
    ** ****
    ** ****
    B. Blaze's Hardest Mode Challenge
    Are you up for the biggest challenge of Streets of Rage? Can YOU beat the game
    on the highest difficulty level without losing a single continue? If you think
    that you're up to this challenge, read on for a comprehensive strategy for the
    If you manage to complete this challenge, send me an email about it listing your
    final lives total and score (or not, it's just that you might top me) and I'll
    send you three special wallpapers for Streets of Rage 1 that I created for the
    For an even harder challenge, try starting the on two-player hardest mode and
    killing off player two. Now you must fight two bosses every level and there are
    even more enemies!
    -courtesy Josh Kibler.
    ** ****
    ** ****
    C. Overall Strategy and Par List
    So, how does one go about becoming a super expert of Hardest Mode? Well, it
    takes a heckofalota practice and diligence. Expect to practice the levels
    relentlessly until you can match par. Take a look at my general tips-- some of
    them are helpful. The most useful part of the level guide in here is my boss
    strategy. I'm especially proud of my Stage 8 strategy, which allows you to beat
    every boss without losing a single life! So don't stop practicing until you can
    reach par, and then run the game through. Your experience in this game fades
    quickly. I suggest running through all the levels once and then trying for the
    no-continue jackpot in the same sitting. Good luck!
    This list shows an idealistic game structure. When you practice and become a
    very good player, you will be able to match the par of lives lost and beat the
    game using only your given lives and no continues. If you have a good strategy
    for beating that big shot Mr. X without losing more than 2 or 3 lives (on
    Hardest Mode with Blaze) please let me know.
    To match the par, I suggest using the level select code to practice. You won't
    be able to reliably match it with a play-through, but you can get pretty close.
    You may even be able to beat the par! I have a few times, but it's hard.
    The first column lists the stage number.
    The second lists an ideal but very possible amount of lives lost.
    The third column lists my lives and score at the very beginning of the level
    The fourth column lists my lives lost for the level.
       Level   Par   Aster's Score at start  Lost
    Stage 1 - | 0 | 3 lives, 000000 points | 0 lives
    Stage 2 - | 0 | 4      , 063000        | 0
    Stage 3 - | 1 | 5      , 137300        | 0
    Stage 4 - | 1 | 6      , 209400        | 1
    Stage 5 - | 1 | 7      , 295500        | 1
    Stage 6 - | 1 | 7      , 411700        | 0
    Stage 7 - | 0 | 9      , 513200        | 1
    Stage 8 - | 5 | 9      , 592000        | 4
    Ending Total: 6 lives and 762000 points
    Game Summary: I was in super form while running this game! I played this game on
    a Saturday after hiking for a day and then eating pizza at Round Table. (I did
    really well playing Metal Slug X, there, too!) After getting home, I practiced
    stages two through eight until I could play through them almost perfectly. After
    an hour of that, I started my game run through. I made sure my hands were clean
    and non-sticky at all times, I sat back, and I focused hard. I also put my cat
    in the other room so she wouldn't brush against my legs. But no matter how many
    times I told my annoying brothers to shut their mouths, they didn't. Ah, well. I
    can't say much about the run through. Everything just went as perfectly as could
    be expected. I even ran under par a few times. The only time I went over was a
    fluke in the elevator level. By the time I got to Mr. X himself, I had 10 lives
    (it still only shows a nine, if you're wondering.) I had about zero health, and
    one of his hired thugs made me lose a life. After that, though, I was able to
    beat him pretty well. I was able to beat him with three lost lives. which is
    very good for Mr. X. I was ecstatic and grabbed a digital camera to record my
    feat! I had six lives left and ended up with 762000 points! ^_^ I pulled this
    off after completing version 90% of this guide.
    ** ****
    ** ****
    D. Printable Par List
    You can cut and paste this into a new file and print it out. I like recording my
    scores. It's fun! Then you can compare it with your other tries. You'll want to
    make the font much bigger, though. About 14-point or higher is good.
       Level   Par       Score at start      Lost
    Stage 1 - | 0 | 3 lives, 000000 points |
    Stage 2 - | 0 |        ,               |
    Stage 3 - | 1 |        ,               |
    Stage 4 - | 1 |        ,               |
    Stage 5 - | 1 |        ,               |
    Stage 6 - | 1 |        ,               |
    Stage 7 - | 0 |        ,               |
    Stage 8 - | 5 |        ,               |
    ** ****
    ** ****
    E. Moves List
    Infinite Jab: Punch, punch, punch, punch... (B, B, B, B...) Tap the button
    slowly so that you do not finish the combo.
    The infinite jab is one of the most useful moves in the entire game. Enemies are
    helpless to its effects. They simply can't escape it! You can use it on multiple
    enemies as well.
    Infinite Three-Hit Combo: Punch, punch, kick, wait, punch, punch, kick, wait...
    (B, B, B, wait, B, B, B, wait...)
    This is just like the infinite jab, except that the enemies are not pushed
    backward by the kick. It's useful because it does slightly more damage. Just do
    the first three hits of the attack combo, wait, and do them again.
    Four-Hit Combo: Punch, punch, kick, spin kick. (B, B, B, B [quickly])
    This combo is nearly useless because it knocks your enemies down. If your
    enemies are knocked down, then they are no longer under your power. The only
    time I use it is when I want to knock enemies into Stage 4's pits.
    Jump Kick: Move forward, jump, and kick. (forward, C, B)
    Useful for knocking down enemies and VERY useful on some bosses, such as the
    Boomerang Guy and the Wrestler.
    Backwards Facing Jump Kick: Move forward, jump, turn around, kick. (forward, C,
    backward, kick)
    This is difficult to pull off, but it can save you a little bit of damage if you
    have a generic punk chasing you.
    Punch Escape: When you are being punched out by a generic punch, press away from
    him to escape.
    This is useful because you can avoid the punk's three hit combo. You will only
    take one punch damage and will not be knocked down. After escaping, turn around
    and punch him back.
    Toss Grapple: Grab, knee, knee, throw (grab, B, B, back+B)
    This grapple does almost as much damage as the Power Grapple and also hits
    enemies in the way.
    Power Grapple: Grab, knee, knee, vault, dunk. (Grab, B, B, C, B)
    This is the most damaging grapple. The dunk is a very powerful move. It takes
    time to pull off, though.
    Triple Hit Grapple: Grab, knee, knee, spin kick. (Grab, B, B, B)
    This is the weakest grapple combo, but it's useful if you want your enemy in
    front of you but don't want to vault him or her.
    Infinite Double Knee Grapple: Grab, knee, knee, press back to let go, grab,
    knee, knee, press back to let go, grab... (Grab, B, B, back, grab, B, B, back,
    OR: Grab, knee, knee, vault, vault, grab, knee, knee, vault, vault, grab...
    (Grab, B, B, C, C, grab, B, B, C, C, grab...)
    This is only useful when fighting the Fat Guy boss. The former version is faster
    and the latter is easier to do. It works on some enemies, but its not something
    that you would bother using.
    About the grapples: If you're short on time (like if another enemy is about to
    punch you out) you can just use the throw or dunk. The knees do enough damage
    that you'll usually use them, though.
    Power Combo: Punch, punch, kick, grapple, knee, knee, vault, dunk (B, B, B,
    grab, B, B, C, B)
    This disposes of a slew of different enemies: generic blue punks, green punks,
    red whip ladies, grey karate guys, brown karate guys, yellow turtle guys, purple
    turtle guys, and red jugglers. For higher level enemies, just do the three-hit
    combo multiple times. Enemies with  weapons have slightly higher health and need
    extra hits, as well. This power combo is great because it gives you the speed
    you need to quickly defeat enemies.
    Back Attack: Hold punch and press jump OR hold jump and press punch OR press
    punch and jump at the same time (hold B, press C OR hold C, press B OR press B
    and C at the same time)
    This move is completely useless as far as I'm concerned. The only thing it's
    good for is facing away from an enemy, waiting for it to come after you, and
    then back kicking it. Hahahaha! Sucker!
    Goad: Face away from enemy
    If you do this, punks will run towards you thinking that you won't notice them.
    You can then turn around and punch them. Take that! It's useful when a punk is
    hiding at the edge of the screen.
    Land: Up and C as you are thrown before you hit the ground. (up+C)
    Oh-so-useful for avoiding damage from Turtle Shell Guys or Blaze's Sisters.
    ** ****
    ** ****
    F. List of Enemies
    Generic Punks (Garcias): These guys are all over the place. They are pretty easy
    if they're alone, but watch out if you see one with a knife or bat. Those things
    hurt... Colors include: blue, green, and brown. Each color is successively
    Diction Note: When I say "generic punk" I am referring to one of these. When I
    say "punk" I am referring to any enemy. When I say "punk" after saying "generic
    punk" I am referring to one of these as well. Confused yet? Sorry!
    Turtle Shell Guys (Signals): These guys are really easy. If you know how to land
    you'll be invincible to them. There only two attacks are throw and slide, which
    they hardly use. You can tell when one is going to slide attack you if you see
    it stay in one place for too long. Colors include: yellow, purple, and green.
    Whip Ladies (Electras): The whip has great range both up and down the screen.
    The Whip Ladies are annoying because they move slower than other characters.
    They stay in back and whip you while you deal with enemies such as the generic
    punk. Some varieties, starting with the black ones on the ship, while duck and
    scream when attacked. Grab these and execute your best grapples. The whip ladies
    have some of the highest health totals out of all the characters. Colors
    include: red, black, and white. The white ones have insanely high health.
    Karate Guys (Shivas): Some of the most difficult and damaging enemies. They
    don't have much health but a few good kicks will ruin your lifebar. Use infinite
    jabs or an infinite three hit combo to take one out. They travel in groups of
    three sometimes. Defeat these groups by attacking one at a time. Often they will
    allow you to beat up one of their pals while the other two remain where they
    are. You can also punch three at time with an infinite jabs or an infinite three
    hit combo. Colors include grey, brown, and black. The black ones can gang up on
    you and take out entire lives.
    Jugglers (Jacks): Very annoying. They have high HP and are difficult to defeat.
    Your best bet is to use infinite punch combos to defeat them. Don't get too
    close while attacking. Sometimes a stray ax or torch will fall down and hit you.
    It's difficult to jump kick them, so don't bother. Bats or pipes work wonders on
    them. They are most annoying when they stay out of the battle and throw
    projectiles at you. Colors: Red, Black, White. The white ones have the highest
    HP of all. They take forever to defeat. I think there is only one in the game,
    ** ****
    ** ****
    G. General Tips
    Note: I'm a bit redundant in this section. Many of the things I say here are
    also mentioned in other sections. This is because I did this section first and
    then chose to catagorize the information listed here. If you don't want to read
    anything twice, then skip this section. But I think it still has some good info
    in it, so if you need it, read it.
    *Remember: the point of Streets of Rage is to stay alive. Beating up a mess of
    punks is no good if you lose lives doing it. Your goal is to get as far as you
    can in the game while using the least possible amount of lives.
    *Go e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y slowly. Scroll the screen so that one enemy appears at a
    time. I like to tap the control stick so that I move forward slowly and bust
    each solitary punk as he or she enters the screen.
    *To beat a solitary enemy with ease and impunity, simply tap the attack button
    with the correct timing so that you do not complete a full combo. If you
    complete a full combo the enemy will be knocked away and will no longer be under
    your power.
    *Slow punching causes the enemy to move very slightly backward. At times you may
    need to move slightly forward so that you are able to keep punching. This may
    cause a new enemy to appear onscreen. To avoid this, lure the punk in the
    opposite direction so that you can then beat him or her up without scrolling.
    *As Blaze, use the first three moves of the punch combo (punch, punch, kick) and
    then use them again. The timing will soon become second nature. Just make sure
    not to knock the punk away with the fourth hit.
    *Here is a great combo for Blaze that will defeat most enemies: punch, punch,
    kick, grab, knee, knee, vault, dunk (B, B, B, forward and grab, B, B, C, B.) It
    will move you very far across the screen, though, so use it when you are facing
    left or you are in a non-scrolling area. It's great for taking out enemies
    quickly. It works on: generic blue punks, green punks, red whip ladies, grey
    karate guys, brown karate guys, yellow turtle guys, purple turtle guys, and red
    jugglers. Enemies with weapons have extra health. For higher level enemies, just
    do two or three punch, punch, kick combos instead of one.
    *Jump kicks can get you out of tricky situations. Use them to knock over a slew
    of enemies. Just make sure that you land in a safe place where the enemies can't
    get you.
    *If the generic punk enemy (they come in blue, green, brown, and black) starts
    closing in to punch you, run away, jump, and kick towards him. If you time it
    right, you will jump kick in his direction but be moving away. This is useful at
    *If you are trying to beat up a punk but it shies away off the screen, you can
    make it come towards you by turning away from it. When it comes for you, turn
    back and trap it with a slow punch combo.
    *If a punk starts punching you, press the control stick away from him to avoid
    being dealt multiple blows and then quickly turn back to jump kick or infinite
    jab him.
    *The whip ladies have excellent reach. Avoid it by staying far above or below
    them, and then closing in. The ones that squat when you attack them can be
    annoying, but just grab them when they stand up and take them out.
    *The jugglers are a bit tough. The best thing to do is to start a punch combo on
    one when it is safe and then finish it off with a grab, knee, knee, vault, dunk.
    They have a lot of HP and are quite irritating, so get rid of them quickly.
    Pipes and bats are lifesavers when fighting jugglers.
    *The turtle shell enemies are very easy. Almost all they can do is throw you. If
    you are thrown, merely hold up and C to land on your feet. If you can perform
    this trick well, you never have to worry about them! Sometimes, they will slide
    at you. But this only happens if you stay in their path for too long. The punch,
    punch, kick, grab, knee, knee, vault, dunk combo should take care of them most
    of the time. You often see them before a boss.
    *Karate enemies are very annoying. The black and red ones in stage eight can
    take entire lives from you in no time when they gang up. They often travel in
    lines. When they do, sometimes you can trick them into letting you fight one at
    a time by separating the front one from the group. Jump kicks also work well on
    them. If they are all close by, you can hit all of them at once with a punch. If
    the only enemies on screen are the ones you are punching, then you can easily
    defeat them with an infinite jab! (Tap B slowly.) Pipes and bats are useful for
    fighting these.
    *If you want to save time, grab a punk in the middle of the combo. The most
    damaging grapple is knee, knee, vault, dunk (B, B, C, B). The throwing grapple
    (back, B) is nice because you are temporarily invincible while using it and it
    knocks away those hit by the projectile enemy. The knee, knee, spin kick (B, B,
    B) combo is the weakest, but you might use it if you want your enemy to be
    directly in front of you.
    *Weapons can be useful at times, but I avoid them generally. Fist-fighting is
    easier and more natural. The knives are useful to toss around, though.
    *Save health items for when you really need them, especially the meat. You
    should wait until you have beaten all the punks in the area before picking it
    up. Don't let it scroll off screen, but don't pick it up right away, either. If
    the meat scrolls partly off screen, it's gone, so give a little room between it
    and the edge.
    *When the screen stops scrolling then you no longer have control over the enemy
    flow. You are in a melee area. You have to defeat all of the enemies before
    proceeding. This tests your skill at fighting multiple enemies. You have to beat
    them quickly and dodge well to succeed. When you do beat them, it will take a
    few seconds before the "GO" arrow appears. Don't stand at the very edge of the
    screen or it will scroll all the way very quickly, causing multiple enemies to
    come towards you. Move to the middle and wait for the arrow. Then proceed with
    *You can tell if you are in a boss area by flinging an enemy towards the right
    screen edge. If it hits the edge as if it were a wall, then you're at a boss. If
    it flies through, you're not. (The beach level is an exception.)
    *When you see a health item in a boss area, leave it until you've cleared away
    all of the enemies in the area and then assess the situation. If you're health
    is at 2/3 or less, pick it up. If you are only missing a very tiny amount of
    health, leave it. The bosses on "hardest" take away over half your lifebar with
    a single hit, so you don't want to lose an entire life because you didn't take
    the meat.
    *Save your special A-button moves. Only use one if you are in a truly deadly
    situation or during a boss fight.
    *Watch your timer. It's rare, but sometimes your time will run out. If it's
    about to, call the police and save yourself. To avoid running out of time, beat
    punks quickly.
    *The best general tip is, as always, practice. With enough playing, you will be
    able to know what an enemy will do by looking at how it moves. I also recommend
    practicing each particular level with the level select so that you geta feel for
    it. If you do them before a complete play-through, you'll have better odds of
    succeeding in the no-continue challenge.
    ** ****
    ** ****
    H. Guide For Each Level and Boss
    Stage 1: Boomerang Guy in Streets
    The first level is pretty easy. Just remember all of those tips about the punch
    combo and such and you will be fine. My favorite combo (punch, punch, kick,
    grab, knee, knee, vault, dunk) will defeat all enemies with speed and
    The first boss is fairly easy as well. A pipe is a very good weapon to use
    against him, but you have to time it right so that he doesn't kick you. Stay
    near the top of the screen, wait for him to come by, and whack him with the
    pipe. Move to the other side of the screen, wait for hum to come again, and
    whack him. Don't go ALL the way to the edge, just nearby. Even if he kicks you
    once, you'll live and you can pick up the health. You can also use the police (a
    button) to finish him off if he is low.
    If you don't have a pipe, he's still easy. Use your jump kicks to keep him at
    bay. Use the same strategy. Stay on the top of the screen, jump kick him when he
    approaches, move to the other side, and jump kick him again. You should be fine.
    If you start to run out of time, call the police.
    Par: 0 lives lost
    Stage 2: Wolverine Guy in More Streets
    The level is again pretty easy. Don't get hit, be careful, etc. It's very
    important to reach the boss with a full or nearly full lifebar.
    The Wolverine Guy boss is difficult to beat without losing a life, but it's
    possible. If it weren't for the enemy coming to punch you in the back, it would
    be a cinch. Remember: you cannot jump kick this boss. It is nearly impossible.
    He will go berserk and claw you.
    Let the fight start. The boss will move into the middle of the screen and stop.
    Wait for the punk to appear and then use your police attack. Otherwise you will
    probably get hit by the boss. Now let him get up. Watch his movements closely
    and you will be able to tell when he is going to attack you. When the enemy
    seems to be out of the way and the boss has calmed down, sneak up to him from
    below and grab him. Do the most powerful grapple you can before the punk comes
    after you. If you can, use the tossing grapple (back, B) and walk towards the
    boss as he flies through the air. If you do this correctly, you'll grab him just
    as he stands up. Then you can throw him again and repeat until he is defeated.
    Good luck defeating this boss with no lives lost. It's very difficult. Be
    extremely cautious. At worst, you may lose 1 life.
    Par: 0 lives lost
    Stage 3: Wrestler at the Beach
    Go slowly and stay alive! That's most of what you need to know! When you get to
    the meat, you know that you'll be seeing two whip ladies. Lure the first one to
    the left side of the screen and beat her up. Slowly move forwards until you see
    the next one. Lure her to the left and beat her up, too. Now the annoying part:
    a line of Karate guys will come towards you and start attacking you. Take them
    out carefully-- you do not want the meat to disappear from sight! As long as the
    meat is around, it doesn't matter how much health you lose to them.
    Try to keep your health near the top for the rest of the round so that you can
    survive one wrestler hit.
    When you get to the wrestler, beat all of the punks on screen and listen for the
    music change. I suggest standing on the far left-- otherwise the wrestler will
    surprise you and make you lose a life. When he appears on screen, wait for the
    punk to appear and then quickly press A before you are hit. Now go towards the
    fallen wrestler and time a jump kick to hit him. Jump kick him into the corner
    of the screen. Now that you have him trapped, you have to worry about timing.
    Jump kick him and immediately start moving away. When the time is right, jump
    kick again and start moving away again. You really have to practice the timing.
    Listening to the sound effects will help you time correctly. With all luck, the
    punk will not come after you. When he does, there's not much you can do. Your
    best bet is to grab the punk and throw him backwards just as the wrestler comes
    for you. But it's really hard to avoid being hit! >_< After you are knocked down
    and get up, grab the wrestler and do your best grapple: knee, knee, vault, dunk
    to take a bite out of his health. If you can manage to beat him without losing
    your life, great. But you will probably lose a life and end up using your police
    Par: 1 life lost
    Stage 4: Fat Guy in Construction Zone
    The construction zone can get you if you are not careful. You must go slowly,
    but not so slowly that you run out of time (which happens!) You can throw or
    knock enemies in the pits to save time, but DO NOT attempt to throw the turtle
    shell enemies into the pit. You could easily be on the wrong end of the throw
    and end up in the pit yourself! Pits take away lives instantly. The baseball bat
    is a good item in this level. It can knock enemies into pits and is also the
    best weapon for dealing with those pesky jugglers. After passing a meat (which
    you should save until it's about to fall off the screen) you will be in the boss
    area. If you beat up a punk with a knife, leave it on the ground. You'll want to
    save it for the boss! The green turtle shell character is the last enemy before
    the boss.
    BEWARE!: You cannot throw or dunk the Fat Guy. He will land on you and hurt you!
    It's not a good thing to let happen and it's easy to forget.
    The Fat Guy is quite dangerous, but has a weakness that makes him very easy. If
    you can grab him, he has no chance. Use this combo: grab, knee, knee, then press
    the control stick away from him and back again. This will cause you to let go
    and then grapple again. Just keep kneeing him twice, letting go, and re-grabbing
    until you beat him. There's just one problem: the punk. He'll come at you and
    interfere. I usually just toss him out of the way and try not to get attacked by
    the Fat Guy in the meantime.
    To start off this fight, move to the top right corner of the screen. Grab the
    boss just as he appears and use the grapple method listed above. You can get
    quite a few hits in before the punk starts attacking. When he does, use your
    police special. The boss's life bar should be visibly decreased. The trick now
    is to avoid the boss's flame and the annoying punk so that you can get in
    another attack. Sometimes you can jump kick the boss and not be hurt. This gives
    you a chance to grapple him. Otherwise, try to get in behind him to attack.
    It's very possible to beat the Fat Guy without losing a life if you are careful.
    Par: 1 life
    Stage 5: Blaze's Sisters in Boat
    This level is a real tough spot. Expect to practice like heck if you want to
    reach par. The start is plagued with irritating little enemies. The very best
    advice for defeating them is to go excruciatingly slowly. Try to move one pixel
    at a time! Lure each punk to the left of the screen and beat him up there. At
    one point three will come out at once. Lure them enough to the left so that the
    screen doesn't scroll and beat them up with the continuous jab or continuous
    three-hit combo. Just don't let the screen scroll or more will come at you.
    After this area you will meet punks with knives. You'll know that they're coming
    because the screen will stop. Use two three-hit combos on the first knife-punk
    (punch, punch, punch, stop, punch, punch, punch), grab him, knee him twice,
    vault him, and dunk him. you can do this very quickly if you're good. Now go to
    the lower part of the screen and deal with the two down there. Use infinite
    jabbing or a continuous three hit combo to deal as much damage as possible
    before the last one comes from above. You'll take some damage in this area, but
    if you are quick it will be minimal.
    There's an apple under some of those metal objects here, thank heavens. Use the
    same strategy in these areas. Go slowly and beat up punks one at a time. Soon
    you will come to an area where the screen stops. About ten punks will ambush
    you. Don't bother trying to fight them. They will most certainly defeat you or
    drain your life to near nothing. Use your police special.
    You will come across a meat health item after defeating some turtle shell guys.
    There are many karate enemies that jump over the edge here. Some appear in twos.
    Try to get both on the same side so that you can use an infinite punch combo. Go
    very slowly to make it easier. You'll want to defeat the knife punk before
    reaching the other double Karate guys.
    When you reach the next meat health item, you know that you are about to fight
    the Wrestler again. Beat the crowbar punk before reaching the edge of the
    screen. Now assess your situation. Do not defeat the karate guy until you have
    thought this out. If you are missing any health, grab the meat. If you are at
    full health, leave it. Now defeat the karate guy and immediately start moving to
    the left. Exactly four seconds after hearing the karate guy scream, the Wrestler
    will appear on screen and run towards you. Count "one-thousand-one, one-
    thousand-twoE" up to four while walking in the other direction and then jump
    kick towards the right when you count four. If your timing is perfect, the jump
    kick will connect with the wrestler as he appears on screen and runs towards
    you. Now start your jump kick routine. Jump kick him and start walking left
    immediately, then jump kick again at the right time. If you continue this
    pattern you can beat him without losing any health at all. It's difficult but if
    you practice you can pull it off.
    In a more likely situation (it's even hard for me to pull the timing off) you
    will be hit as he appears on screen. Get up and grab him. Give him two knees and
    dunk him. Immediately jump kick him until you have backed him into a corner and
    use the same infinite jump kick strategy as above.
    After defeating the wrestler you will encounter screens upon screens of Karate
    guys. The best thing to do is to move to the bottom of the screen and jump kick
    your way through them until you come under an overhang with one of those metal
    ship pipes. Kick the ship pipe open, grab the police car, and press A. This will
    defeat the whole mess of Karate enemies and jugglers at once. You will most
    certainly be hit by one of the Karate guys on the way to this area, but if you
    have full health you will survive and the manuever will be worth it. If you lost
    most of your lifebar while fighting the wrestler, then there's not much you can
    do to survive. You will probably lose a life in this area, but you should use
    the same strategy.
    You'll know when you have reached Blaze's Sisters because there will be a meat
    on the deck. Pick it up only after defeating all of the enemies and only if you
    have less than full health.
    The way to beat Blaze's Sisters is to avoid their jump kicks. If you can do
    this, then all you have to know is how to land on your feet because you will be
    getting thrown A LOT. (Press up and C while in the air to land on your feet.) Do
    not underestimate the range of their jump kick. Blaze's Sisters can turn around
    in midair to kick in the opposite direction of their flight. Try to get behind a
    sister and grab her as she lands her jump kick. This is the best way to grab
    one. To damage Blaze's Sisters, grab them and use this attack: knee, knee,
    vault, dunk. You can time your vaults and dunks so that you perform them just as
    a sister is about to attack you. You can avoid damage in this way. Don't bother
    trying to jump kick Blaze's Sisters. Attacking with your fists is not very
    useful either, although you can stave off some damage with it. One of the
    sisters jump kicks often and the other uses a spinning jump which does not
    damage you. Don't let Blaze's Sisters dunk you. This is the one throw that you
    can't use up+C to escape from. Always face towards them if they are nearby so
    that at worst you will be thrown and not dunked. Time limit is an issue in this
    battle. Be careful about it. If you have a police special from dying earlier,
    use it when you see one of the sisters with less than half health OR when you
    realize that you are about to be dunked. If you react quickly enough you can
    save yourself from harm! If you focus and learn their pattern, you can avoid
    almost all damage from them.
    Truncated recommends using the backwards kick to defeat the sisters, as they
    never see the move coming.
    In total, you should only lose 1 life in this level. Whether you lose it to the
    karate guys or Blaze's Sisters depends, but make sure that it's only one. It's
    easy to lose multiple lives here. Good luck again. Practice, practice, practice
    this level.
    Par: 1 life
    Stage 6: Wolvering Guys in Factory
    The factory is easy compared to the boat. Just keep your eyes out and be
    careful. The punks should be simple enough to defeat. There's one important
    thing to know, though. To get past a flattener, trigger it by getting close and
    then walking quickly away. Each one has a different trigger distance. Be careful
    not to get hit by them.
    After reaching the second screen stop (the background will be a netting but
    without any caution signs) you know that you are about to fight the Fat Guy.
    Defeat the turtle shelled characters and punks and the screen will be empty.
    Hurry over to the left side and stand near the top but not quite at it. Walk
    into the edge of the screen. You won't go anywhere, but when the Fat Guy comes
    to get you you will be able to grab him. After you have grabbed the boss, he is
    pretty much done for. Use this strategy: grapple, knee, knee, let go (by
    pressing away), grab again, knee, knee, let go, grab, continue... It won't take
    long to defeat him. If you are afraid of letting go for too long and getting
    hit, use grapple, knee, knee, vault, vault, grapple, knee, knee, vault, vault,
    grapple... Both strategies work, but vaulting uses slightly more time.
    Watch out for the Karate enemies here. One of them getting in two good blows
    will halve your lifebar. The bats are somewhat useful here. It's a matter of
    preference whether you wish to pick one up. When you reach a lead pipe, however,
    you should definitely pick it up. It is extremely useful for defeating the
    jugglers. You can fight one juggler at a time if you want, but it is tricky not
    to scroll because the conveyor belt moves you right. A pipe should do a good job
    of defeating both, though.
    After defeating enemies in the boss area, assess your situation. If you have
    over half health, do not pick up the meat item. If you have less, do so. You
    should have two police powerups from picking up the one in a crate. When the
    fight starts, move to the bottom middle of the screen. Wait for the Wolverine
    Guys to come out and come down the screen. Then use one police power-up. Grab
    the lower one as soon as you can after the police attack and use the best
    grapple you can before the other starts to attack you. You can try to avoid
    being hit by throwing at the right moment. Now grab the other and use your best
    grapple, preferably a knee-knee-vault-dunk. Now use your own discretion. Use
    your second police attack when one of the bosses is at low health or when you
    are about to be attacked. It is possible to beat this without losing a life, but
    it is somewhat difficult (as always.)
    Par: 1 life
    Stage 7: Elevator
    This stage is another toughie. You will have to summon up all of your fighting
    skills to beat it without losing a life.
    The most difficult enemies of this stage are the Karate guys. They will deal
    very high and very annoying amounts of damage to you. This is why I chose to
    deal with them first. Stand near the top left of the elevator as the elevator
    stops and start an infinite punching and kicking combo. If there are no other
    Karate guys around, then grab him and toss him off the edge. If there are two
    Karate guys or other enemies nearby then trap them with the infinite jab.
    If the only enemies around are hiding in the doorway, they can be trapped there
    if you just keep attacking the doorway.
    A general rule for throwing enemies off the cliff is to do it when there the
    other enemies are not likely to get you right away. If there is only one enemy
    nearby, then do it. But if there are many then stick with your infinite jab.
    Give the turtle shelled tossers a wide berth if you are near a the edge. As long
    as you stay away from the edge you should be able to take care of them pretty
    easily, but if go to close you can get thrown off.
    In this stage weapons are nearly useless. Don't pick up a bat when you see one.
    When enemies drop knives, get rid of them during the ride up. You will often
    have to search for a knife behind the railway near the bottom of the screen.
    (When they're there you can't see them.) Keep in mind that they seem to end up
    farther right than you might think.
    With all luck (and a heckofalot of practice) you should be able to reach the
    starry top (there's a city scape and beautiful sky) without losing a life.
    You'll probably be very low on health, though. Stand in the upper right hand
    corner and wait for all three karate guys and the other enemies to appear on
    screen and then use your special police attack. This clears away most of the
    enemies here. The rest will only appear in the doorway. You should hurry over
    there as soon as you use the police. You can trap your foes in the doorway
    pretty well, but eventually some tend to escape. Toss them off, but avoid the
    knifer punk. He's dangerous!
    If all goes well, you should meet the 0 life par.
    Par: 0 lives
    Stage 8: Mr. X and Friends in Hideout
    The enemies in this stage are again standard fare. If you could do the boat
    level, you can do this level. Some of the enemies (like the white juggler and
    white whip ladies) have extremely high health, so keep on using those jab
    combos. If you see a cart coming towards you, turn towards it and punch. You can
    tell when you are near a boss area because many purple turtle shell guys will
    appear. The bosses in this area are SO much easier without their helper punks.
    There is a meat item after every boss, too. This allows you to get hit once per
    boss but no more. You should be able to complete the entire level up to Blaze's
    Sisters without losing a single life.
    Pick up a pipe to use on the Boomerang Guy. (He comes from the right side.) You
    can stand near the top of the screen and whack him with the pipe, walk to the
    other side and whack him again, then walk to the other side again to whack him.
    It's not very difficult to get the hang of. If you don't have a pipe, use jump
    The next boss is the Wolverine Guy. He comes from the right. Grab him when it's
    safe and then knee him twice, throw him (do not dunk him) behind you, and walk
    towards him. You should grab him just as he stands up. Knee him twice and throw
    him backwards again. Then walk in his direction and grab him, etc. You can
    repeat this pattern until he is defeated.
    The Wrestler is next. He comes from the right. After defeating the last punk
    here, the wrestler attacks in exactly four seconds. Stand to the left and jump
    kick just as the fourth second is counted (count one-thousand-one, one-thousand-
    two...) If all goes well, you'll knock him over and proceed with the infinite
    jump kicking strategy. Jump kick him into the corner. As you land, move away
    from the edge of the screen and then jump kick towards the edge of the screen.
    You should hit him, land, and immediately move away from the edge again, jump
    kick towards the screen hit him, etc. If you practice the timing like heck
    you'll be able to do this without getting hit. Use the sound effects to help
    time your jump kicks.
    If he is able to hit you and knock you over during the match, grab him as you
    get up and use your knee, knee, throw backwards and then continue your jump kick
    assault. You can dunk him, too, but it is slightly more dangerous.
    The fourth boss in this level is the Fat Guy. (Remember: don't try to throw
    him!) He comes from the right as well. Stay in the upper right of the screen
    (but not too far up) and walk towards the edge. You will grab him as he appears
    on screen. Now use your infinite knee grapple. Grapple, knee, knee, press away
    from him to let go, press towards him to grapple again, knee, knee, away,
    towards, knee, knee, etc. This is the faster method. The other method is a bit
    safer. Grapple, knee, knee, vault, vault, grapple, knee, knee, vault, vault,
    grapple, etc. It takes longer, though.
    After the Fat Guys you will encounter many Karate guys. The black ones that look
    like Shiva from SoR2 and 3 are the most dangerous. Go extremely slowly, as on
    the boat, so that you fight only one at a time. There are also some extremely
    high HP white characters. The white juggler especially has absurdly high HP.
    You'll see double doors as you approach the end. After beating up the two brown
    punks, they will appear from the right. Use the same strategy as before. "The
    way to beat Blaze's Sisters is to avoid their jump kicks. If you can do this,
    then all you have to know is how to land on your feet because you will be
    getting thrown A LOT. (Press up and C while in the air to land on your feet.) Do
    not underestimate the range of their jump kick. Blaze's Sisters can turn around
    in midair to kick in the opposite direction of their flight. Try to get behind a
    sister and grab her as she lands her jump kick. This is the best way to grab
    one. To damage Blaze's Sisters, grab them and use this attack: knee, knee,
    vault, dunk. You can time your vaults and dunks so that you perform them just as
    a sister is about to attack you. You can avoid damage in this way. Don't bother
    trying to jump kick Blaze's Sisters. Attacking with your fists is not very
    useful either, although you can stave off some damage with it. One of the
    sisters jump kicks often and the other uses a spinning jump which does not
    damage you. Don't let Blaze's Sisters dunk you. This is the one throw that you
    can't use up+C to escape from. Always face towards them if they are nearby so
    that at worst you will be thrown and not dunked."
    In Stage 8, time limit is a BIG issue with Blaze's Sisters. I would expect the
    player to lose at least one life fighting them, probably to the time limit. Try
    to beat the enemies beforehand quickly so that you have more time to use on the
    And now Mr.X. Quite frankly, there IS no good strategy for defeating Mr. X.
    First of all you need to have at least six lives left and even then you are
    going to need to use all of the skill contained in your body to win. And you are
    going to need practice before you take on the challenge of beating the entire
    game from start to finish. I suggest finding a good emulator (DGen is alright),
    savestating at Mr. X, and practicing the boss for an hour or two. That said,
    here's how to beat him in six lives or less.
    Walk up to Mr. X while he is still in his chair. As he gets up, grab him and
    deal him two knees and a throw or dunk as fast as you possibly can before his
    assistants attack you. The rest of the battle is completely unpredictable, so
    here are some general tips.
    *You can stun Mr. X by punching him, but if you stop for even a short while he
    is going to smack you with his gun. If you can stun him and grab him quickly
    then do so, but watch out for the punks.
    *Mr. X's most dangerous attack is the one in which he elbows you with his gun.
    By watching his movements you can tell when he is going to do this. But it
    happens so fast that it's hard to avoid. Just rapidly punch in his general
    direction and you will hopefully hit him.
    *You can jump kick Mr. X, but you have to be high enough in the air. Your foot
    should hit around his head. Any lower and you will be damaged.
    *When Mr. X is spraying machine gun fire this is the best time to grab him. You
    have to be about half a screen away. Walk towards him quickly and grab him from
    the top of the screen, then use your best grapple. Mr. X's bullets can be
    punched or jump kicked away.
    *If the punks are too nearby, don't use both knee attacks on Mr. X while
    grappling. Knee him once or not at all and then use your throw.
    *Throwing enemies at Mr. X does a decent amount of damage.
    *Throws are more consistent and easier to use in this battle than dunks.
    *The pipe can be useful if you can time it right, but you have to pick it up
    when no one is attacking.
    *When Mr. X or an enemy knocks you over, grab Mr. X immediately after getting
    *Try to really, really, really focus here. Don't let anything distract you. If
    you are doing really well, you can get Mr. X down to pink or orange health on
    your third life.
    *Once I beat him and only lost one life during the battle, but that was a
    wondrous fluke. It happened while I was practicing using an emulator. Another
    time I lost only two lives.
    *Keep practicing until you can consistently beat him with the loss of less than
    five lives. Good luck... oh heavens, you'll need it.
    *If you have a really good Mr. X strategy that allows you to consistently beat
    him while losing only two or three lives (on "Hardest Mode" with Blaze, of
    course), type a well written and detailed description of your strategy and email
    it to me at asterazul@yahoo.com
    If your strategy works, you will get a tremendous amount of credit in my guide.
    *If you manage to complete Blaze's Hardest Mode with no continues, let me know
    and I'll email you a special wallpaper as thanks for reading my guide and being
    a bang up beat 'em up gamer.
    Mr. X Strategy Two (by M. McGowan)
    "My secret is very simple, but it requires lots of good timing, and also a bit
    of luck.
    Basically, the one time it can be assured Mr X wouldn't ram you with his gun is
    when he is travelling vertically up the right hand side of the screen, and you
    are to his right. It may also work on the left hand side, but I prefer the
    Hug the right of the screen until X comes close, then grab him. If you have
    time, knee him twice then backdrop, otherwise knee twice/throw or knee
    once/throw or just plain throw.
    Now, when he comes back on screen there is a 50% chance he's going to attempt to
    butt you with the gun. This is the luck part. Time it so that, when he is
    running back on screen, you are at the top of a jump, then kick as he comes back
    on. He'll get knocked down. Get out of his horizontal charge range, and he'll
    resume his side to side pattern.
    Just repeat, watching out for the thugs as you do so."
    ** ****
    ** ****
    I. Stage Select Code: Great For Level Practice
    You can use this to practice those really annoying levels, like the ship level
    (Stage 5) until you can beat them within par. It's a useful feature.
    On the title screen press and hold "A", "B", "C", and right with the 2nd
    player's controller. Now select options on player one's controller. There should
    be a level select option. When you start the game you will go to the selected
    ** ****
    ** ****
    J. There Isn't a "Mania Mode" Code
    Trust me, it's only a rumor. If it did exist, my guide would be called "Blaze's
    Mania Mode Guide" instead. Rumor codes are so annoying.
    Thank heavens there isn't. "Hardest Mode" is bad enough!
    ** ****
    ** ****
    ** ****
    Players who managed to complete the challenge:
    Blaze Fielding 421,000
    Christian Cristphor
    Josh Kibler
    Andrew Green
    M. McGowan
    Josh Kibler- Tip for even harder game.
    M. McGowan- Mr. X Strategy Two.
    Sega, Yuzo Koshiro, the rest: Making a great game!
    Aster Azul: FINALLY beating this!
    Truncated (aka Anton Berglin): Creating a damage list and writing great moves
    lists for Streets of Rage games.
    Atro City: Giving me some advice.
    Frank Provo: The OTHER Streets of Rage guide. It's pretty good.
    Jonny H: Best Streets of Rage site, although it has some naughty fan art.
    Anybody who bothers to read this!
    Good luck completing this insane task! I wish you skill!
         *Aster Azul*
    E-mail me if you have a cool strategy for Mr. X or another boss.
    This document Copyright 2002 Aster Azul

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