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    FAQ/Walkthrough by poseeley

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            Streets of Rage
            Sega Genesis (c)1991
            FAQ version #1.00
    1 Introduction
    2 Storyline
    3 Basics/Moves
    4 Throws/Holds
    5 Enemies
    6 Walkthrough/Bosses
    7 Cheats
    8 Legal
    (1) Introduction
    I will try to include as much information as possible while keeping this FAQ
    trim. I hope this provides the information or help you are looking for.
    If you have any corrections or comments
    feel free to email me: poseeley@hotmail.com
    (2) Storyline
    Your peaceful city has been taken over by organized crime.  A small group
    of police officers led by Alex Stone, Adam Hunter, and Blaze Fielding attempt
    to regain control of the city.
    (3) Basics/Moves
    You have three characters to choose from:
    Adam Hunter      Slow but strong
    Alex Stone       Average speed and strength
    Blaze Fielding   Fast but weak
    Extra Lives
    You will get an extra life at 50,000 points and every 100,000 points
    thereafter.  When you continue your score goes back to zero.
    (The buttons can be remapped in the options menu.  The buttons listed are the
    D-pad: Moves your character
    A Button: Special attack
    B Button: Attack / Pick up item
    C Button: Jump
    Apple - Heals about 1/10th of health bar
    Meat  - Fills health bar
    1 up  - Gives an extra life.  It is an icon with all three players on it.
    Extra Special attack - Gives an extra special attack.  It is an icon of a car.
    Money Bag - 1000 points
    Gold bars - 5000 points
    Pepper Spray - When thrown this temporarily disables enemies in its cloud.
    Bottle - breaks when first struck against something.  A little stronger
      then using just your fists.  Can't use a combo with it.  One hit knocks enemy 
    Knife - Stronger then the bottle.  Knocks enemy down.  When you press attack at
      a distance it will be thrown.  A thrown knife does lots of damage, but cannot
      be recovered.
    Bat - A strong weapon. Not as strong as the pipe, but it is faster.  Any boss
      is easier to beat with a bat.  One hit knocks the enemy down.  A tactic is 
      to knock the enemy down, then just before they stand up swing again.  After
      you swing you are vulnerable to attack until you recover.
    Pipe - A very strong weapon, although slow.  Any boss is easier to beat with a
      pipe.  One hit knocks the enemy down.  After you swing you are vulnerable to
      attack until you recover.
    3 hit combo - Press attack three times.  Your character will strike twice then
    knock down the enemy with a third hit. The knock down blow will be a head butt 
    for the men or flip kick for the woman.
    Special attack - Calls in police back up.  A police car will drive up and the 
    driver will fire a volley. (Napalm for player one, or Rocket powered grenades
    for player two.)  The attack will hit all enemies on the screen, killing weak
    enemies, and severely injuring the bosses.  You only get one per life and
    one per stage.  There are a few pickups available to get more.
    Jump kick - Jump then press the attack button.  This attack is good for
    knocking enemies to the ground.  Use this attack when the enemies are
    overwhelming you to get some space.
    Back attack - Press attack and jump together.  Your character will perform
    an attack on the enemy directly behind him.  Good for attacking enemies when 
    you are surrounded.
    Land on feet - When being thrown press up and jump at the same time to land on
    your feet.
    Strong combo - press attack twice, then move forward to hold the enemy. Hit two 
    more times then flip him.  This is a good way to do massive damage real fast.
    (4) Throws/Holds 
    Throws get a different section because they are such a large part in the game.
    Hold enemy - Walk into an enemy without pressing any buttons and you should
    grab hold.  This can be done in front or in back of the enemy. When holding 
    an enemy you are vulnerable to attack from other enemies.  To break your
    hold press the D-pad away from the enemy without pressing any buttons.
        When holding enemy in front:
        3 hit combo - press the attack button to knee the enemy.  After three
        hits the enemy will be knocked down.
        Throw - Press the D-pad and attack button to throw the enemy.  A thrown
        enemy can knock down other enemies he falls into.
        Switch position - Press the jump button to switch to holding enemy in
        back.  Pressing the jump button twice will swap positions twice then
        release enemy.
        When Holding enemy in back:
        Throw - Press the attack button to backdrop the enemy.  Isn't as useful 
        as the front throw because it doesn't knock other enemies over.
        Switch position - Press the jump button to switch to holding enemy in
        front.  Pressing the jump button twice will swap positions twice then
        release enemy.
    Being Held- Some of the enemies can grab hold of you.  They can grab you
    from the front or the back.  When an enemy grabs you it always throws you.
    Press up and jump to land on your feet.
        Being held from behind: When being held from behind the other enemies will
        attempt to gang up on you.
        Throw - Press the attack button to throw the enemy.  The thrown enemy can
        knock down other enemies.
        Kick - Press the jump button to kick out in front of you.  Good for
        hitting enemies while being held.
    (5) Enemies
    The enemies in Streets of Rage 1 didn't have names until The Streets of Rage 2
    came out.  So I will assign my own names to them rather then use the same 
    names from Streets of Rage 2.
    Punk (Jeans and Knee pads) - Most common enemy in game.  Commonly appear with
    weapons.  They do not have any special moves.
    Blue: 500 Pts  Green: 600 Pts  Red: 700 Pts
    Raver (Leather outfit and Knee-high boots) - Second most common.  A little more
    tough then the punk.  Can throw you and can do a slide kick.
    Yellow: 600 Pts  Purple: 700 Pts  Green: 800 Pts
    Dominatrix (Leather outfit and a Whip) - Whips have a decent range.  Some will
    kneel when hit, then stand when you walk away.
    Red: 600 Pts  Black: 700 Pts  White: 800 Pts
    Martial Artist (Martial arts uniform and fighting stance) - Pretty strong enemy
    Sometimes jumps around screen and attacks with jump kicks.
    Grey: 700 Pts  Red: 800 Pts  Black: 900 Pts
    Juggler (Juggles axes, or torches) - Strong enemy will knock you down if you
    walk into his axes or torches.  If you stand in front of him he will start
    throwing his weapons at you.  You can punch his weapons to knock them away.  
    You can also jump kick him to make him drop his weapons and hit him all at once.
    Red: 800 Pts  Black: 900 Pts  White: 1000 Pts
    (6) Walkthrough/Bosses
    General - There are 8 rounds in the game.  In each one you move to the right,
    killing all enemies you encounter.  You must do this within the time limit.
    The rounds are separated into sections.  You cannot advance until you 
    defeat all enemies in a section.  Then a arrow will flash telling you to go on.
    The timer will reset.  At the end of each round there is a Boss that you must
    defeat.  You will know that the boss is coming when the music changes.  The
    number of enemies increases if in two player mode.
    Round 1 - City Street - The first level, pretty simple.  This is a good place
    to learn the controls and practice your technique.  All the enemies are in 
    their weakest form.  A couple of enemies will come out of garage doors.  There
    are no traps in this level.
    Boss 1: Boomerang - 3000 Pts - He will throw his boomerang at you. It can hit
    you on the way back.  You can punch or jump kick the boomerang to deflect it.
    The boss will just pull another from his belt.  Try not to stand directly in
    front of him.  He will kick if you stand to close.  Good tactics include
    grabbing hold of him or jump kicking him.  If you try a 3-hit combo he will
    sometimes kick you.  Strong combos work well.
    Round 2 - City Neighborhood - Still pretty simple.  There are no traps.
    The enemies are still in weak form, however there are many more of them.
    Break every barrel or phone booth you come to.  In this round there is a 1-up.
    Try to keep a bat or pipe before facing the boss.
    Boss 2: Claws - 4000 Pts - Do not use jump attacks on him.  If you do he will
    do a fast figure eight and will hit you hard.  Try to grab hold of him by 
    coming in from above.  If you come from below he will often take a swipe at
    you.  If you try to walk straight into him he will swipe at you.  He has a
    long range with his claws.  If you go straight for him try to hit from as far
    away as possible.  Holding him and hitting him is the easiest way I have to
    beating him.  Strong combos do not work well here.  He will swipe at you in 
    the middle of them.
    Round 3 - Beach - Still simple but getting tougher.  Make use of all the items.
    Don't be afraid to use a special attack if you begin to get overwhelmed.  There
    are some times when more than five enemies will attack you at once.  There are 
    no traps in this level.
    Boss 3: Wrestler - 5000 Pts - This guy continually charges you.  If his charge
    hits it will do major damage.  Just hit him when he comes at you.  Then grab
    hold of him and do a 3 hit combo or throw him.  Strong combos are great here.
    Round 4 - Bridge - The first stage with a trap in it.  You will see holes in
    the floor.  They will usually have traffic bars or flashing lights.  Break
    these things to get items.  If you fall into a hole you will die.  If walking
    above a hole it is possible to press down and walk into the hole. The holes
    are good for throwing enemies in.  Wait next to the hole and as the enemies
    come for you throw them in one at a time.  There is another 1-up in this level.
    Boss 4: Fire breather - 6000 Pts - This big man will breath fire while charging
    diagonally across the screen.  Do not attack him from the front when he is
    charging and breathing fire.  His attack can be devastating.  Stay above or 
    below him.  As he starts to charge flank around behind him and attack.  Grab
    attacks work but do not attempt to throw him.  He is heavy and will crush you.
    When he stands up he will walk for a moment before breathing fire again.  This
    is a good time to attack him again.  Strong combos do not work well here.
    Round 5 - Boat - There are a lot of enemies on this level.  There are no traps
    on this level.  As you progress martial artists will jump onto the ship.  Once
    again do not be afraid to use the special attack.  Break all the vents and get
    the items.  There is an extra special attack on this level.  Two thirds through
    the level you will have to fight another Wrestler.  Use the same tactics as
    Boss 5: Twins - 8000 Pts each - These are the most frustrating and difficult
    of all the bosses.  They are more difficult then the final boss.  The twins
    will jump around continually and flip out of the way of your attacks.  They
    do an incredible amount of damage when they hit.  They attack with jump kicks
    and are very good at throwing the players.  The best time to hit them is just
    after they land from an attack.  Get in a position so their jump attack doesn't
    hit you, then attack.  They move too fast for 3 hit combos to be very effective.
    You will mostly get only one or two hits in.  It is better to either jump kick
    or attempt to grab them.  It is dangerous trying to grab them, because they 
    will often grab you instead.  It is best to kill one at a time.  Killing the
    last one is considerably easier then trying to kill both.  Use the special
    attacks as much as possible.  Having a pipe or bat will also make the boss
    much easier.
    Round 6 - Factory - This is a tough level.  Conveyor belts can make movement
    difficult.  Be careful when passing the presses.  When you get close a light
    on the unit will flash and cause the press to come down.  After the press
    is down you can walk or jump by.  It takes a few moments for the press to reset.
    The presses can be used as a weapon by luring an enemy under it.  In two player
    mode it can be a trick coordinating when to cross the press.  Break all the 
    barrels to get the items.  There is a 1-up and an extra special attack in this
    level.  Two thirds through the level you will fight a fire breather.  Take him
    out the same way as before.  Try keeping a bat or pipe for the boss.
    Boss 6: Two Claws - 4000 Pts each - This difficult boss is back but now there
    are two of them.  Defeat them the same as before.  Watch out for the other claw,
    as he provides decent back-up to his partner.  It is best to concentrate your 
    efforts on one at a time.  Use special attacks and weapons if possible.
    Round 7 - Elevator - No side scrolling on this level.  The elevator will ascend,
    stopping from floor to floor.  At each floor enemies will attack.  Be careful
    not to jump or get thrown off the right side edge.  Use as many special attacks
    as you can, as this is the last level they can be used.  There are no items 
    except a few weapons dropped by enemies.  Take advantage of the edge and throw
    the enemies over it.  There are a lot of enemies and mobility is limited.
    There isn't a boss on this level.
    Round 8 - Top Floor - On this level you scroll to the left instead of the
    right.  There are a ton of enemies to fight.  Also be prepared to fight every
    boss again.  Fight them in the same way as before.  Watch out for the service
    carts.  They come rolling at you from all sides.  Break the carts to get items.
    You can not use any special attacks in this level.  Hold on to any weapons you
    can get.  They will be useful.  Near the end of the level you will fight the
    hardest level of enemies.  After defeating all the bosses again, you bust into
    the final boss's room.
    Final Boss - Mr.X - When you first enter the room Mr. X will ask if you wish to
    join him.  If you say yes he will open a trap door and send you back to level
    6.  If you say no you will have to fight a couple of punks.  After you kill
    them Mr. X will stand and begin the fight.  Mr. X will alternately shoot
    his machine gun and hit you with the butt of his gun.  Any technique works
    well on him.  Jump kicks, holds, and 3 hit combos work well.  Strong combos
    also work.
    Ending - There are two endings. One if you say yes to Mr. X's question.  The
    other if you say no to his question.  Both are worth trying.
    (7) Cheats - Two controllers are required
    Level select / Increased number of lives:  Highlight options on the main menu.
    On controller 2 hold right and a, b, c.  While holding press start on the
    controller 1.  You can now select any level and increase the number of lives
    up to 7.
    More difficulty choices:  Highlight options on the main menu.  On controller 2
    press and hold a and b.  On controller 1 press start.  More Difficulty choices
    are now available.
    (8) Legal
    Any portion of this faq may be reproduced and used as long as proper credit
    is given to the author.
    Copyright 2004 Brian Seeley

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