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    FAQ/Move List by Proudnerd

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    Streets of Rage General FAQ
    Author: Allan (Forlornhope, Proudnerd)
    Version 3.9
    Find a section easily by pressing Ctrl+F and searching for the number.
    1.0 Why?
    1.1 Version History
    1.3 Legal Info
    1.4 Allowed Sites
    2.0 Controls
    3.0 Options
    4.0 Game Screen
    5.0 Playable Character Move Lists
    5.1 Adam Hunter
    5.2 Blade Fielding
    5.3 Axel Stone
    6.0 General Tips
    7.0 Items
    7.1 Weapons
    8.0 Enemies
    8.1 Bosses
    9.0 Scoring
    10.0 Credits
    I've always loved the Street of Rage series. They are and will always be my
    favourite beat 'em up series. The other Streets fo Rage games have enemy/items
    FAQ's on Gamefaqs already so I through I'd do one for Streets of Rage 1 because
    it’s a good game and at the time there were no FAQs for it.
    In this FAQ you'll find move lists, enemy tips, boss strategies and tips to make
    you a better player.
    If you have corrections or additions feel free to contact me at
    proudnerd255@gmail.com. Any useful info will be credited to you. I’m always
    updating this FAQ.
    Version History
    0.1 22/01/05 Just starting the FAQ now.
    1.0 23/01/05: Finished first version.
    1.5 11/02/05: Corrected typos. Fixed a crapload of grammatical errors.
    3.0 27/5/05: Finished writing the FAQ added a huge load of stuff, only bit
    is the last boss which I haven't got to yet as soon as I do I'll update.
    3.2 2/6/05: Corrected many typos.
    3.3 3/6/05: Finally fixed every margin issue using Metapad. I love that app!
    3.5 22/01/07: Wow would you look at that! I happened to start this FAQ again on
    the exact 2 year anniversary of starting it without even knowing! Freaky. Added
    a contents section and made it serchable easily. Cleaned up layout a bit.
    3.6 5/6/07: Added contact info. Other minor additions.
    3.7 6/6/07: Was contacted by Neoseeker. Gave them permission to use my FAQs.
    Added them to Allowed Sites.
    3.9 20/7/14: A whole lot of typo fixes. Replaced enemy and item names with
    offcial names, lots of minor refinements and more detailed tactics. Some silly
    wording changed.
    Legal Info
    This document is mine! Do not rip it off, steal fragments of text, or charge for
    it. It must be distributed in its entirety not in parts. My name (Allan Curtis)
    must always be on it somewhere. If want to use this FAQ on your site I may allow
    it, email me and ask. If you do not ask first I will find you and I will take
    legal action.
    Allowed Sites
    This FAQ may only appear on:
    If you see it anywhere else not on this list contact me. If you want it on your
    site ask me first and chances are I'll say yes. Do NOT edit this file
    yourself I will add you to the allowed sites list. If you use it please check
    for new versions now and then at Gamefaqs. Neoseeker may no longer use my guides
    because they never bother updating them.
    General Info
    This stuff is just for people who didn't get a manual or are using an emulator.
    You can change the button configuration in the options menu. These are the
    settings and the ones I use throughout this FAQ.
    Dpad: move character or cursor in menus.
    A: Special attack, selects option in menu.
    B: Attack, goes back a screen in menu.
    C: Jump, selects option in menu.
    Start: Pauses/Resumes the game.
    X, Y,Z, mode: Not used. This game was an old one that was around before six
    button pads.
    Special attacks work like this: during gameplay if you press A you will call a
    police car to fire a RPG at the area where you are, killing or damaging all
    baddies on screen. Sometimes this attack is a minigun rather than a RPG and I
    have no idea why yet. The "S" number near the timer shows how many special
    attacks you have left. You start with one and can find mini police cars to get
    Destructible Objects: While you are beating up punks you'll see things like
    telephone booths, barrels, road barriers etc that you can attack. They sometimes
    have things like items or weapons inside.
    Sound Test: Lets you listen to the sounds effects and music from the game.
    Level: This one lets you change the difficulty of the game. Higher difficulties
    will have more enemies and they will be smarter and more aggressive.
    Control: This option lets you change the button configuration from the default
    if you want.
    Exit: Back to the main menu, duh ;)
    Game Screen
    --------------------Time------------------------- |
    |1up-000000	     40			            |
    |__________	    			            |
    |---------- x3 Sx1			            |
    |	 				            |
    |					            |
    |					            |
    |					            |
    |					            |
    |					            |
    |					            |
    |					            |
    |					            |
    |					            |
    1up= Your score for killing stuff, end of level bonuses, and pickups etc.
    Energy: The red bar below your score. As you get beaten up you lose energy. When
    It is empty you lose a life.
    x3=lives When you run out of lives the game is over and you have to continue or
    quit. You get an extra life every 50,000 points. Continuing returns your score
    to zero (Argh!). You have three continues, period.
    Sx: Amount of special attacks remaining.
    Time: The amount of time you have left to beat up the current screen of thugs.
    Run out of time and you lose a life.
    Playable Character Move Lists
    Adam Hunter
    Adam is well balanced. He has good range, good power and varied attacks, but he
    is slightly slow. He is great with pipes and bats and has the best range with
    Combo (B repeatedly)
    A left jab, a right uppercut, and a high roundhouse kick.
    Power: ***
    Good power, but slightly slow to execute. Overall, a good move.
    Jumpkick ( C to jump and B in air)
    Power: **
    Has good range. Use it whenever you have an opening.
    Back attack (B+C)
    A small, backward jumping kick.
    Power: **
    This has the best range out of the back attacks, but is the slowest to execute.
    try to start it when the bad guys are further away than for the other back
    Grapple combo (B repeatedly while in front grabble)
    Two knees to the gut and a hard looking elbow to the head.
    Power: *****
    Not worth using when you could throw instead. If there's other thugs around they
    can punch you out of the hold.
    throw (B+away from bad guy in grapple)
    A shoulder throw.
    Power: *****
    High damage and fast to execute. Also good for hurling one thug into a group of
    Vault (C in grapple)
    Adam flips over his opponent and grapples from behind, ready to bust their head
    open with a surplex.
    Back grapple (B in rear grapple)
    A back surplex.
    Power: *****
    Very powerful, but takes a while to grapple and vault so be careful.
    Blaze Fielding
    Blaze has been my favourite char in Streets of Rage since the beginning. Very
    fast, good range, a
    really varied and impressive moveset, a really cute face and good fashion sense.
    She can impress her opponents before she beats the tar outta
    them since she has always had those cool chi-like magic attacks
    Blaze is not good with bottles or knives; she has a short range with them, but
    is good with pipes and bats with which she has nice range. This is strange
    because in the other SoRs she was great with knives, having a double slash
    attack with them in Streets of Rage 2 and 3 and a special running attack with
    them in SoR3.
    Combo (B repeatedly)
    Two high chops, a front middle kick and a flip kick where Blaze plants her foot
    in the thug's guts and uses him as a brace to flip up and kick him in the head!
    Power: **
    The worst combo among the playable charcters. It takes longer than the other two
    to execute and is rather weak.
    Jump kick (B in air)
    A cool looking jump kick with a twisting, stabbing motion with Blaze's leg and
    Power: **
    The best looking jump kick and the one with the best range. Use it with
    Back attack (B+C)
    A twisting, backwards, semi roundhouse, high kick.
    Power: **
    Not as good as Adam's back kick range, but better than Axel's. Looks cool too.
    Grapple combo (B Repeatedly after grapple)
    Two high knees and a backflip kick.
    Power: **
    Isn't really all that powerful and leaves you vulnerable. Don't use it when
    there are lots of bad guys about.
    Grapple throw (B+away from bad guy)
    Blaze pulls her enemy towards her, puts a foot in their gut and uses their
    momentum to help her throw them over her head.
    Power: ****
    Great for tossing enemies into other ones. Blaze has weak striking attacks so
    use this one a lot.
    Grapple vault (C in grapple)
    Blaze flips over the opponent using their shoulders
    Power: nothing
    Use to get behind an enemy for a rear grapple. If you vault over them again you
    will let them go.
    Back grapple throw (B in rear grapple)
    A screen shaking back surplex
    Power: ****
    This really hurts but you need time to vault behind somebody without getting
    abused, so make sure you have a few seconds. As with the front grab these are
    Blaze’s power moves.
    Axel Stone
    Axel is a cop who is framed in SoR3.
    Axel is slow. Real slow. He is powerful but really just as strong as Adam.
    I think Axel is the worst character since he's no stronger than Adam, but slower
    and he also can't jump for beans.
    Axel is really average with all weapons. Nothing stands out at all.
    Combo (B repeatedly)
    Power: ****
    Two left jabs, a right to the gut and a high front kick.
    Like Adam's, this is a strong combo, but takes a while. Always watch for other
    bad guys surrounding you when you do this.
    Jump attack  ( B in air)
    A jumping knee to the face.
    Power: **
    Same as Adam's but with less range. Yawn.
    Back attack (B+C)
    A quick backfist.
    Power: ***
    Nice power for this type of move, as well as being the fastest back attack in
    the game, but it has the shortest range. Use only when needed.
    Grapple combo (B repeatedly after grapple)
    Two knees and a headbutt.
    Power: ****
    Same as Adam's, powerful but leaves you open.
    Grapple throw (B+away from thug)
    AGAIN same as Adam's.
    Same range, same everything! A powerful move good for throwing one thug into
    others for damage.
    General tips
    The levels in this game scroll in sections. If you only go a little way when
    Go! flashes, you'll only get a few enemies. If you go as far as you can, you’ll
    eventually get stopped and have to wipe out all the bad guys before you can go
    further. The problem is that you'll have to fight all the enemies for that
    section all at once, meaning you could be fighting up to seven opponents at
    once! A good way to get killed. Move slowly and fight enemies a few at a time.
    If you are surrounded by enemies grab one and throw them into the rest to get
    some breathing room and to disarm ones who have weapons.
    If you see pits in a level throw or knock enemies in and they will die
    Don't fall into a pit yourself or you'll lose a life instantly. Don't stay
    between an enemy and a hole, because if the enemy hits you and knocks you down
    you'll fall in!
    Kill long range foes first to stop them interrupting your fights with others.
    Link your combos. Instead of just grappling, do the first part of your combo
    and while they are stunned grapple them, knee them twice then throw them and you
    will have done far more damage than if you just threw them.
    Punch enemies before grabbling them as well. If they are flinching from being
    punched they can’t punch you as you move in to grabble them.
    Save roasts till you really need them.
    If your character sucks with a weapon, just leave it. Weapons are never strictly
    Apple: Restores 25% life.
    Roast: Restores all life.
    Money: 1000 points.
    Gold Bar: 5000 points
    Model of Blaze Adam & Axel: 1UP, gives you an extra life.
    Police car: Gives an extra special attack. Found only twice in the entire game.
    Bat: Good Range low power. Weaker than the pipe.
    Pipe: Good range, stronger than the bat. Slow.
    Knife: Very short range, but does a lot of damage. If you press B while far away
    from any enemies you'll throw
    it, which causes a lot of damage.
    Bottle: A little more range than the knife. Weaker, but not by much
    Pepper shaker: The infamous pepper shaker! Stuns enemies in the area where it
    lands for 8 seconds. (8 sneezing animations).
    Looks like a guy in green denim jacket and jeans with a black shirt
    and orange kneepads. Other Colors: Blue, Dark red.
    This guy is the most common punk in the game and he is always the weakest enemy.
    He's better in this game than the rest. He moves at fast speeds and will walk up
    to you and throw two quick left jabs, and a right straight that will knock you
    down. The punches are weak, but it sucks since you drop your weapon. Just pummel
    him. Their speed is very, VERY annoying in later levels since they can move very
    quickly and can take a load of punishment. There are often a lot of them, so
    they can surround and kill you easily. It's best to kill them quickly.
    Power *
    Two lefts and a right uppercut.
    No tactics needed, just punch the crap outta him. The danger is the speed with
    which they run up and hit you.
    Knife Stab
    Power: **
    If he has a knife he stabs you.
    Hardly any stronger than his punch for some reason.
    Bat smash
    If he has a bat he hits you with it.
    Power: **
    Not all that damaging and he swings slowly too. Just beat the snot outta him as
    Pipe Smash
    If he has a pipe he hits you with it.
    Power: **
    Weak and slow.
    Y Signal
    A punk in boots with a jacket, hipster skinny jeans and a white mohawk. Other
    colours: Purple, Green.
    These are the early version of the Signals in the other SORs and they try to
    avoid direct combat. They never punch, but they do walk up and
    throw you and slide tackle you, which knocks you down. Just avoid the slide by
    approaching from above or below. Never approch from the side, always from
    diagonally, as this way they do not get a chance to slide you before you're
    close enough to punch them.
    A basic over the shoulder throw.
    Power: *
    Y signals will do this if they gets close enough to punch, so just punch the
    crap outta him when he gets close before he can act. It does really weak damage
    though, so don't worry too much if you are thrown. Holding C+up while in the air
    will let you land safely.
    A sliding attack that sweeps your feet from under you, knocking you over.
    Power: *
    Very weak, but annoying. If he is moving towards you on the same horizontal
    plane as you he will do this when he reaches you. Just sidestep it up or down,
    or jump over it and whack his head in.
    A short guy in a Karate Gi. Other colours: Dark red, Black
    Faster than most bad guys, but they die easily. They watch for a
    second, sizing you up and then quickly jump forward and kick you in the head.
    After the kick they will either just stand there, back off really fast or
    somersault backwards. They also do a very fast jump kick. Sometimes they
    somersault over your head when you approach them. Turn around and attack them as
    soon as they land for an easy kill. It’s good to jump kick them or dodge their
    kick and then throw them.
    Long range weapons are great against them. They often don't attack you if you’re
    facing them and instead just walk back and forth watching you. When you're busy
    fighting other enemies they take advantage of your distraction and usually
    attack you.
    High kick
    He jumps forward suddenly and kicks you in the head.
    Power: **
    Not too painful, but to avoid it just don't hang around at close range, either
    retreat or attack him. If he stands there next to you instead of jumping back,
    don't hesitate to return the favour. If they somersault backwards they will kick
    you again, if you stay still. They sometimes will keep repeating it until they
    get hit or you move.
    A woman in a brown halter top and boots with white pants and a cap carrying a
    leather whip. Other colors: Black.
    These are the early version of the electra that you see in Streets of Rage 2 and
    In SoR1 they just have a normal leather whip. They like to stay out of your
    range, and attempt to whip you from long range. They attack very quickly. Just
    stay close and grapple them. Jump kick to get close. They can't whip you if you
    are very close to them. They move slowly, so jump kicks work well. They are
    pretty tough, usually getting up after taking a full combo.
    Power: **
    Weak, but very fast. Always stay close if you can, they can't whip you when they
    are close to you.
    After you hit them a few times they sometimes scream and kneel down. If you stay
    near them they will cheap shot you with an instant whip that comes out of
    nowhere (sounds like a desert).
    The brown ones never do this.
    Guy in red shorts and white shirt juggling three axes/torches.
    Other colours: White shirt, black shorts.
    These guys are weird. They throw objects at you, so stay close. If run into them
    or try to grab them you will either get knocked over or grab them. The grab
    almost never works and you will almost always just get hurt instead. They use
    either flaming torches or axes, but there is no real difference.
    To defeat them wait until they throw an object and then atatck them directly
    afterwards, whiel they are still in the "throwing" frame. they cannt atatck you
    whikle in this state so you can combo them safely.
    There are a pair of these in Stage 5, who hop around like idiots: one throws
    axes and the other burning torches. Use the same tactics.
    Object Throw
    They throw a projectile high in the air, catch it, and then chuck it at you at
    a decent speed.
    Power: **
    Doesn't hurt much, but is fast and can be very annoying when you are trying to
    fight other thugs. Can be jumped over by any character. It’s easy to see when he
    is going to do this since they always back up to get some distance between you
    and them before throwing. This is the only real time to nail him: stay close
    dodge the projectile and maul him while he’s still in the throwing animation.
    Knock Down
    Usualy when you try to grab them you will get knocked down by his
    torches/axes instead.
    Power: **
    Don't grab unless he just threw an axe/torch.
    Object Drop
    Power: **
    If you combo him, he will sometimes drop an object that will knock you down
    and stop your combo.
    Don't combo unless he just threw an object.
    Stage 1: Antonio (Boomerang guy)
    Antonio is a big guy who uses a boomerang and can alos kick or hit you at close
    Stay close all the time, grab whenever you can. If you can punch the boomerang
    when it’s in the air it will fly away and you can pound him, although he will
    always have another. It’s pretty hard though since you have to time it exactly
    right or it will hit you in the head instead.
    When he throws the boomerang, get close, attack him while it is flying around
    while he’s defenceless then move before it hits you as it flies back to him.
    Boomerang Attack
    If he's close he can hit you with the edge of his boomerang.
    Power: **
    Don't enter close range unless he’s thrown his boomerang. Moving diagonally down
    or up into him works well.
    Boomerang Throw
    He throws the boomerang at you.
    Power: ****
    This hurts, but it flies slowly and he's not that accurate so just avoid
    it and jump kick him, if you can. It seems to do slightly more damage if it hits
    you in the back of the head.
    Low Kick
    If you get really close to him when he's holding his boomerang he can kick you
    instead of hitting you.
    Power: ***
    Again, if you are going to attack do it quick when you are close.
    Stage 2: Souther
    He is fast, does huge amounts of harm and counter attacks if you attack him or
    walk up to him. Don't jump kick him because he'll matrix dodge it and claw you.
    You have to stay above him and move down into his horizontal line and attack
    instantly, don't approach from bellow because he'll move down into you and claw
    you. This is hard to explain. Diagram time.
    P=Player C=Clawguy - = wall at top of screen.
    So wait till he's close, then move in line with him, and attack right away.
    Kill the cronies first, of course.
    Claw Rush
    He claws at you over and over.
    Power: ***
    A pretty strong and very annoying move. Follow the directions to avoid its
    If you try to jump kick him at any time he evades it, moves to where you will
    land and waits to claw you.
    Power: *****
    Don't try jump kicking him; he cannot be hit with it.
    Stage 3: Abadede
    Kill the punks first. They make this very annoying. Once they are dead this is
    still really hard. He is massively powerful and will kill you very quickly. Also
    he's really fast. Your only hope is to get inline with him and time jump kicks
    keep knocking him down. Slip up and you're history. Just jump kick wait for him
    to get up and jump kick again. He runs so fast you need to start your kick the
    second he gets up or he will still hit you.
    Charging Punch
    He runs at you and deals a killer punch.
    Power: ******
    OUCH! This HURTS! Do NOT ever stay in the same line with him, unless you wanna
    say hello to next week!!! Or are jump kicking.
    Stage 4: Bongo
    Bongo is a huge, fire breathing enemy who is terrifying if you don’t know what
    you’re doing. This can be very annoying. The secret is to dodge diagonally.
    Don't stay in the same line as him or he'll follow you. When you dodge, attack
    him as soon as he stops, because he'll breathe fire again straight after.
    P=player F=firebreather
       P     F    He just starts to breathe fire.
                  You start to move down and foreword.
       P  F
                  He stops flaming; you run up and attack immediately,
       F   P      as soon as he gets up attack him again.
    Of course you can reverse this by moving up instead of down when he is at the
    bottom of the screen.
    An easy way of beating him once you catch him is to grab him, knee him twice,
    let go by holding away from him on the D-pad, grab him again right away, knee
    him twice etc. He's too slow to stop you and you can just knee him to death.
    Don't try to throw him because he's too heavy and will fall on you and damage
    you. This boss is very frustrating, but just pervasive and you'll win. People
    that ugly and stupid looking deserve to die anyway.
    Fire Breath
    He breathes a cloud of fire while running at you.
    Power: ******
    A very strong move and Bongo’s only attack. Follow the directions above and try
    not to die.
    Stage 5: Onihime & Yasha
    These girls are are a total pain. One focuses on jump kicking you and the other
    uses grabbing techniques to slam you into the ground. They cheat by grabbing mid
    jump or from further away than you can.
    Avoid getting too close and don’t try grabbing them as they will simply flip
    away from you and you’ll be jump kicked. Watch for chances to attack. Don’t
    chase after them aggressively: it doesn’t work and they will just dodge and
    counter you. If they back off, don't follow because thwy will jump kick you if
    you try to close on them. Let them come to you.
    Alternatively, just special attack four times.
    In Stage 8 they are unbeatable. They grapple from so far away and dodge so much
    and the hit detection is so bad that's it’s impossible, therefore the last boss
    may never be here because they are unbeatable after you’ve slogged through the
    rest of this game.
    Stage 6: 2x Souther
    Follow the tactics for Souther, but watch out for his twin. See the Souther
    section for strategy. Use your special attacks well!
    Stage 7: No boss, you just have to survive a ride up an elevator. Just grab
    punks and throw them over the edge.
    Stage 8: Mr. X
    Can't beat the blaze palette swaps, as soon as I do the info will be here.
    Leave the game at the title screen without pushing any buttons and after the
    demo you will see the high scores list. This will be deleted when the Genesis is
    turned off, but on an emulator you can save the state and load it up when you
    play next so your scores are there.
    Galsia: 500
    Y signal: 600
    Hakuyo: 700
    Nora: 600
    Jack: 800
    Antonio: 3000
    Souther: 4000
    Abadede: 5000
    You get these at the end of each stage.
    Clear Bonus: 10000 points times the level cleared. So 10000 for clearing level 1
    20000 for level 2 etc.
    Time Bonus: 100 points for each second remaining on the timer when the level is
    Level Bonus: Just an extra 10000 for each stage. Like war, this never changes.
    Sega: for making this amazing series.
    You: for reading this FAQ.
    My sisters and friends for being there when I needed them and putting up with my
    retro addiction.
    Streets of Rage Online (http://www.soronline.net) for enemy names. Great to see
    the spirit of the series alive and well!

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