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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DChen

    Version: 5.0 | Updated: 05/12/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sega Genesis
    Written by David Chen (11/07/2001)
    Email: david_9235@hotmail.com
    Version 5.0 (final)
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Version History
    III. Storyline/Plot
    IV. Controls and Moves
    V. Items
    VI. Enemies
    VII.  Ninjitsu Skills
    VIII. Level Walkthroughs
         District 1
         -Bamboo Forest (1-1)
         -House of Confusion (1-2)
         -Boss (1-3)
         District 2:
         -Waterfall (2-1)
         -Street Alley (2-2)
         -Boss (2-3)
         District 3
         -Military Base (3-1)
         -Cargo Plane (3-2)
         -Boss (3-3)
         District 4
         -Junkyard (4-1)
         -Engine Factory (4-2)
         -Boss (4-3)
         District 5
         -Skyscraper (5-1)
         -Highway (5-2)
         -Boss (5-3)
         District 6
         -Chinatown (6-1)
         -Train Ride (6-2)
         -Boss (6-3)
         District 7
         -Seaport (7-1)
         -Missile Base (7-2)
         -Boss (7-3)
         District 8
         -Searchlight (8-1)
         -Labyrinth (8-2)
         -Final Boss (8-3)
    IX. Tips, Cheats, and Secrets
    X. Contact information
    XI. Copyrights
    XII. Credits
    I. Introduction
    Hello!  My name is David Chen and this is the first time I had written
    a guide for this site.  I've decided to write this guide about one of
    my favorite of all time, The Revenge of Shinobi.  I have had this game
    for 12 years now and beaten it many, many times on all difficulties.
    Nothing satisfied me more than popping this game in my Sega on any
    given day.  Believe it or not, when I first started playing this game,
    it took me 3 years (that's right, three years) to finish this game just
    because of the last boss of the game that I kept getting killed on.  I
    hope this guide will help you, the reader, beat this game better and
    faster than I did.
    II. Revision History
    Version 1.0- Everything is all done and completely written that's
                 needed for this game. Not much would be added after this
                 version except for some minor changes in the future.
    Version 2.0- The power-up item and its description was added to the
                 FAQ. Oops.
    Version 3.0- Some minor editing was done to the format of the lines in
                 in the FAQ to make them look better and consistent.
                 Changes to the Table of Content were also made. This
                 Revision History was added to the Table of Content. Some
                 words and names were changed to sound less awkward.
    Version 4.0- Some minor changes to the storyline, additions to the
    	     "Credits" section, and contributions to the walkthrough by
                 readers of this FAQ.
    Version 5.0- This will be the final version of the game unless I miss
    	     something big.
    III. Storyline
    You are Joe Musashi, a master ninja trained in the Art of Shinobi by a
    great ninja and martial arts teacher.  One day, you came home (or
    wherever his master lives at) and found the place ransacked with your
    master wounded.  He told that the henchmen of the "Neo Zeed" Crime
    Organization did all this and kidnapped your girlfriend.  Their plot is
    to take over the world and to eliminate anyone who could a threat the
    organization's path to triumph by getting rid of anyone who possess the
    knowledge of the Art of Shinobi, the art of stealth.  Now you must take
    your trusty Moon Dragon Sword, handful of shurikens, and your training
    on your way to take down this evil organization.
    IV. Controls and Moves
    First of all, press start on the time screen with our hero's picture,
    you'll come to a screen with start and option.  Going to start will get
    you started on the game.  Option will give music, individual game
    sounds, degree of difficulty, name of shuriken to start with, and the
    choice of button configuration to jump, attack, and use ninjitsu magic.
    Now let's go find out how our hero is going to defeat the bad guys.
     -Press left or right to go left or right
     -Press down to crouch
     -Press down and left/right to crouch walk
     -Pause the game
     -Here you can select your choice of ninjitsu magic to use by pressing
     -Use ninjitsu magic
     -Press it to throw shurikens when not next to enemy (throws flame
      shuriken when you have power-up)
     -Press it to shuriken strike when standing next to enemy
     -Press it to leg kick when crouching next to enemy
     -Press it to use sword when you have the power-up and
      standing/crouching next to enemy
     -Press it to jump
     -Press it again at the peak of the first jump to double jump
     -Press jump, then press attack to throw a shuriken in the air
     -Do a double jump, then press B to release a spread of 8 shuriken in a
      90 degree arc
     -Press down and jump will drop you down a level if you're on some kind
      of platform
    V. Items
    Your ninja will need these items along the way to survive the numerous
    ordeals, obstacles, enemies, and bosses "Neo Zeed" will throw at you.
    All the items are contained in small brown boxes, which can broken by
    means of shurikening it, kicking it, and slashing it.
    Single shuriken*-Gives you 5 shurikens
    Two shuriken*-Gives you 20 shurikens
    *If you have the unlimited shuriken cheat on, these two wouldn't add to
     the 999 shurikens you already have.
    Power-Ups-Adds a flame and extra damage to your shurikens, and allow
              you to use your Moon Dragon Sword when close to enemy
    Little heart-Adds some health to your health bar
    Big heart-Fills your health bar no matter how long it is
    Ninja symbol-Gives you one more use of ninjitsu magic.  If you die,
                 your use of ninjitsu magic will always go back to 1.
    Head of ninja-Give you 1-up.  These are rare, so grab them when you
    Time bomb-Watch out!  These devices will take a good amount of health
              if you're not careful to avoid them.  They take a long time
              to explode when you're far from them, but goes off instantly
              if you're next to them.
    VI. Enemies
    Brown Ninjas-This is the most common of all enemies and ninjas,
                 appearing throughout the game.  All they do is throw ninja
                 stars and jump around.  Very easy to kill.
    Black Samurais-Dress in ancient samurai armor and carry a big sword,
                   they walk slowly, but can block all your shuriken.  Do a
                   shuriken spread over them to kill them or go close to
                   them to use any of the close attacks.
    Wild Dogs-At first glimpse, they'll just sit there motionless, but
              will pounce on you when you get near.  Dispose of them
              quickly with any attack.
    Air Ninjas-These flying ninjas are just like the brown ninja except
               they fly these time.  Not hard to kill.
    Bruce Lees-Like Bruce Lee himself, they will kick and fly-kick you.
               they can even block your shuriken if you try throw one at
               them when they're fly-kicking.  Not hard to kill though.
    Ninja Girls-At first, they will be walking with cloaks on them, which
                you can't hurt, but then they'll take it off and attack you
                after walking pass you.  Sneaky, aren't they?
    Soldiers-They will either stand or crouch to shoot at you with their
             machine guns.  Some of them can also throw grenades at you.
    Flaming Arnolds-These sunglass-wearing macho men wield flamethrowers,
                    which can deal good damage on you if you get burn.
                    slightly harder and takes three hits to kill.
    Red Bruce Lees-These are exactly like the Bruce Lees first mentioned
                   except they wear red clothing and takes two hits to kill
                   them.  You can find them at the Chinatown stage.
    Nunchaku girls-These girls spin their nunchakus around them, blocking
                   all your shurikens.  Kill them when they expose
                   themselves, trying to hit you with their nunchakus, or
                   by using any of the close attacks
    Dancing Women-These women would start out dancing toward you, then leap
                  in the air and come down with a massive kick.  Very easy
                  to kill, but takes many blows to finish them.
    Black Ninjas-Just like brown ninjas, except these take two hits to be
                 dispose of.  Found only in the maze of Stage 8.
    Blue Samurais-Just like black samurais, except these take four hits to
                  get rid of.  Found only in the maze of Stage 8.
    VII. Ninjitsu Skills
    Being a ninja master, one must have powerful magic to use to be
    complete and to kill evildoers and bad guys that's trying to take over
    the world.
    Jitsu of Ikazuchi-When used, Musashi will take out his sword, stick
                      into the air with both hands, and a bolt of yellow
                      lightning will come down on our hero, surrounding him
                      in a web of yellow electricity.  He will be unhurt if
                      damaged, having this, until it disappears after
                      taking a 3-5 hits.
    Jitsu of Kariu-When used, Musashi will go through the same sword
                   routine except four long pillars of fire dragons will
                   shoot out of the ground killing all lesser enemies and
                   damaging stronger ones.  The most of spectacular visual
                   display of the four jitsu skills!
    Jitsu of Fushin-When activated, nothing amazing will happen, but
                    afterward, you can jump extra higher than you're
                    normally is.  An essential skill in certain parts of
                    that requires high jumping or long horizontal jumping.
    Jitsu of Mijin-Very devastating to enemies!!!  When used, Musashi will
                   plunged his sword to the ground and he will blow into
                   pieces, killing everything on screen except really tough
                   enemies like bosses.  Afterwards, you'll always get a
                   full bar of health and one use of magic, but the
                   downfall is that you lose a life.  So they use it unless
                   you have lives to spare.
    VIII. Level Walkthroughs
    District 1
    You will start off in a bamboo forest with a house in the background.
    Go right and kill the brown ninjas and samurai. Then you'll come to a
    wall where you can jump up to the level up and walk upon. There will be
    several of these in this level.  Then just go right, killing wild dogs
    that you'll meet halfway through the level, the brown ninjas that will
    appear out of thin air, and the blue samurais.  Be sure to open all the
    boxes and watch out for the bombs. This is a very easy level and good
    for beginners to get use to the ninja's moves, especially the double
    jump, which will be essential in future stages.  When you come to the
    gold arrow said "go" at the end of this level and every level, just go
    into it to advance to the next level.
    At the start, you'll see stone door, a rectangular block, and a ninja
    appearing to your right. Kill the ninja and walk up to the block, which
    is actually a switch and will turn to match symbols to make the door
    open. Go into the house, which has two stories, and kill all the
    ninjas, kill the samurai, and go right. Jump over the bamboo floor
    spears. Then you'll meet a trap made of bamboo spears going up and down
    constantly in intervals.  Just go through it when it's down. Be sure to
    open the box for a 1-up afterwards. Then you'll exit the house, kill
    the samurais and ninjas afterwards, and come to another house with
    another of the same rectangular door switch at the beginning of this
    level.  When the switch turns, this time the door doesn't open, but you
    can see there are ninjas in it.  Now this time you'll have go back to
    the first house like the arrow that appears pointed at. When you go
    back into the house, there will be a hole where the bamboo floor spear
    used to be at. Jump in and you'll be underground. Go right and kill the
    ninjas that keep coming out of a stone wall door at intervals (5 at the
    most per door). You can stay to kill all 5 or proceed right and they
    wouldn't chase you. Jump through more bamboo spears on the ceiling and
    floor. Take care of the ninjas that will come out of three more stone
    wall doors until you come out of the ground, up to the second house.
    Take care of the ninjas and navigate carefully through the two bamboo
    spear trap. Look at the pattern and go through.  Take care of the
    samurai after the traps. Take care of one more samurais as you exit the
    house. Exit the level
    (1-3) Boss: Great Samurai
    He will start walking toward you with a sword blocking his body, which
    is the weak point. Jump up to the wall, so he couldn't hit you. The
    best way to kill him is to either use shuriken spread if you can spare
    the shurikens or stay outside his sword's reach and fake a jump toward
    him, which will make him swing his sword, then throw a shuriken at his
    head. Repeat until it turned red and dies.
    District 2
    Go right and kill the first ninja in this level, which takes place on
    cliff rocks near a waterfall. Be sure to jump over the gaps or meet
    your death.  Kill the ninjas and open the boxes as you go right until
    you meet your first winged ninja. Kill it and go right until you come
    to a part where a log rolls down. Kill the winged ninja nearby. Time
    your double jump to the log, then double jump on to the platform to the
    right. Watch for ninja's ninja star and don't open the first box after
    the log (bomb is in it, which could blow you into the water. Proceed
    right to kill all the winged ninjas and regular ninjas until you come
    to a part with three logs going down vertically. Use Jitsu of Fushin
    for higher jump to get across this treacherous area if you want, but
    all you need to do is time all your jumps right and you shouldn't have
    a problem.
    The best way for me to get through this street alley level is by the
    rooftop. The reason is that by ground, you'll meet more enemies and
    gaps and a huge gap that couldn't be jumped without Jitsu of Fushin.
    This is the level where you'll first meet the cloaked ninjas girls and
    Bruce Lees.  Start off by directly jumping up to the roof. First two
    boxes are bombs. Keep going right on the roof, jump the gaps between
    roofs, and kill all the ninjas and Bruce Lees.  You'll eventually come
    to a part about where you'll need to drop down straight to the alley to
    proceed on (it's okay, there's no gap if you do so here). Go on the
    dumpster on the right and do a double jump with all your efforts up to
    the roof. Kill the ninjas, break the boxes, and proceed right to the
    end of the level.
    (2-3) Boss: Shadow Ninja
    This ninja is special in a way that it has shadows of itself following
    his movements.  He will jump around, tossing ninja stars.  Every hit on
    him will shed away one shadow of his until he dies.  The best way to
    kill him is either use Jitsu of Ikazuchi for extra protection or Jitsu
    of Kariu to take many shadows off him.  Either away, when he jumps to
    toss the stars, get right underneath it him to the side, and start
    attacking like crazy when he lands. The power-up would be useful here.
    Before long, he'll grow weak after several hits and you can take
    advantage by having him jump to either wall and keep throwing shurikens
    at him, which will force him to bounce against the wall until he dies.
    District 3
    Start this military base off by killing the soldiers behind and in
    front on the fence to the right. You'll find that shuriken spread will
    be useful in this level and that you can go behind the fence and back
    by double jumping. Shuriken spread would be helpful to clear enemies as
    you go back and forth to either sides.  There will be walls behind the
    fence to block your way, so often times you'll need to come to the near
    side to go right. Go right and kill all the soldiers and the
    flamethrowers, which takes three hits to kill, so stay far from them.
    Be sure to go back and forth to open boxes and proceed to the end of
    the level as you see fit. There will also be sandbox, crates, wild
    dogs, and grenade soldiers as you go. Just go into the arrow at the end
    of the level to board the army cargo plane.
    In the plane, you'll see doors that keep opening and closing, which
    will suck you out if you get too close. Proceed right and passing the
    first elevator and the door until you come to some box (get it). Then
    go back and hop on the elevator where you'll go up to the second level
    with soldiers. Take care of them before they fire. Go left, kill the
    soldier, get the box, and avoid the door. Then go right, pass the first
    elevator, jump over a high pile of crates, watch the door on the other
    side, and kill the grenade soldier.  Go down on the elevator and go
    right to pick up some boxes. Then go back up the elevator and proceed
    right. But wait, there's a soldier who'll start firing as you are
    between the two doors on a crate, kill him by doing a shuriken spread
    before the bullet knock you into the door. Kill the grenade soldier to
    the right of the third elevator. Go down and kill the two soldiers.
    Proceed right, hop on the elevator to the top, and exit the level
    (watch out for the doors).
    (3-3) Boss: Mother Brain
    This boss is actually a vehicle that has a round shell in the front,
    which opens up to reveal a jar containing a brain. The weak point is
    the brain. The vehicle itself doesn't attack, but touching it damages
    you. There are also two laser terminals on the ceiling that shoots down
    a sweeping beam.  The best way to kill it is to wait until the shell
    opens and then throw as much shuriken on it as you can, while
    avoiding the beam.  Then repeat until it explodes.  You also do two
    Jitsu of Mijin to kill it or Jitsu of Ikazuchi yourself and go into the
    gap that the shell open and strike the brain to death, but the first
    way is the best way.
    District 4
    Start off by going right and kill the soldiers and the occasional
    flamethrowers in this junkyard. There will be plenty of boxes to open
    and bombs are in some of them.  Duck and avoid enemy fire. Shuriken
    spread over areas with multiple soldiers. Remember it takes three hits
    to kill the flamethrowers. Use the crates and junked cars for cover
    from enemy fire. Proceed to the end of the level where there is a box
    containing a ninja symbol for a use of magic.
    This can be a tricky level to go through, but I'll show you the best
    way through it and you should be fine in this garbage disposal center.
    Start off by activating the Jitsu of Fushin and double jump over the
    hole to the conveyor belt. Proceed right on the belt until you come to
    a platform overhead with blocks of junk coming down from a dispenser.
    Time it right to jump on and go pass it. Drop down onto a box, which
    has a bomb in it, so don't open it. There will be a big lava pool to
    your right and a small conveyor with a blow torch. Stay on the box
    until a pulley comes to your side, jump it to go across the lava
    (falling into lava means instant death even with Ikazuchi magic on),
    and drop down on to the concrete when the pulley stops. Watch out for
    the soldier that's across the small lava pool before you jump or he'll
    fire you into the big lava pool. Kill him, hop over the lava, and drop
    down, which has a crusher and a soldier to your right. Kill the
    soldier, go pass the crusher, jump up to the belt, and up to the
    platform. Kill the soldier. A box here has a bomb. Jump on the junk
    coming down and then double jump to the platform to the top left of
    you. Kill the soldier there, go left, and drop down to an area where
    there's a soldier and the junk dispenser. Open the two boxes for a bomb
    and a power-up. Go back up the platform you dropped down from. Now
    double jump straight up high a bit to the left and you'll see two blow
    torches. This is the fastest way to get to the end of the level by
    without seeing the other part of this level. You need to time your
    double jump onto the blowtorches when they're not blowing and onto the
    platform above them where it's safe. This step might take several
    practice, but it's better than taking the other path, which is longer.
    Anyway after you land safely on the torches, a pulley will come by, hop
    on it to go right, and hop off.  You'll come to an area with several
    blow torches.  Just jump over them and drop down the gap, where there's
    a doorway with an arrow to go in and watch out for the blow torch. Go
    in it to end the level
    (4-3) Boss: The Terminator
    This robot boss looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator and
    acts the part, too. It will pick up cars and junk blocks to toss at
    you. It will also charge at you after each toss. Its weak point is the
    head and you can shoot at it as he pick up the car or junk, but
    sometime the object will block your shurikens.  The best way to kill
    him is to go up to him and use your close attacks on him when he's
    using the block, not the car (which would prevent you from approaching
    him). Then jump on to the blocks on each side to avoid his toss and the
    charge that follows it. You can also shuriken spread him to death while
    on the block and avoiding his toss. He will explode after taking enough
    hits, revealing its robotic side, and walking toward you. Avoid him
    since he'll explode shortly.
    District 5
    In this skyscraper, you need to get to the rooftop by jumping up from
    platform to platform until you reach it. Start by using Jitsu of
    Fushin, jump up to the first platform, and kill the soldier there. Go
    up again and kill the grenade soldier and regular soldier there. Here,
    there are two boxes on top of each other, the top one is a bomb, the
    bottom is a power-up.  Continue to proceed upward where you'll
    encountered more soldiers and ninjas along the way.  There will also be
    lasers along the walls that will try to shoot you. Proceed with caution
    up to the roof and exit to the right where the arrow points.
    In this highway level, you can double jump to the highway and back, but
    watch out for the holes on the ground, and avoid the red car that will
    zoom by constantly, which can deal good damage on you.  Start off by
    making your way right and jumping over any holes. Jump onto the road
    and kill the ninja girls. Always be sure when the red car might come to
    prepare to jump over it, don't double jump or you'll come back to the
    near side and might fall into a hole. It's better to get hit by a car
    than fall into a hole. Go right and jump back to the near side when
    possible. Kill any soldiers and girls as you go. Always try to stay on
    the near side until you can't go right anymore, then go on the road.
    Halfway, there will be two steel pillars close to each other with two
    boxes on the near side. The left one has the power-up, the one's a
    bomb. Proceed to go left, jumping back and forth as you see fit to take
    care of soldiers and grenade soldiers and any bombs in boxes. Near the
    end, you'll encountered three ninja girls on the road, kill them, and
    exit the level to the right. Watch out for cars.
    (5-3) Boss: Battle Truck
    You're on top of a military-like battle truck, which has three red pods
    that you'll need to destroy to beat the boss. The problem is that first
    two has cannons guarding in front of them, while the last one doesn't.
    There is also a blue energy ball that'll travel fast along the truck's
    surface, which can hurt you.  Start off by proceeding right pass the
    first pod to the second pod because you'll get hit by the energy ball
    as you try to destroy the first pod. But on the second pod, hop onto
    the platform the pod is surfacing and the energy ball wouldn't get you.
    Kick it until it explodes. Then try to creep along the same surface
    until you see the first pod on the very left, throw your shuriken to
    destroy it from you're at unhinder by the energy ball. Then proceed to
    right to the third pod and destroy it anyway you can despite the energy
    ball.  Avoid falling off the truck on to road or you'll die.
    District 6
    You're in Chinatown. Take care of the red Bruce Lees you see as you get
    started. Jump to two levels up and take care of the nunchaku girl, go
    right, then drop two levels down, and take care of the red Bruce Lees.
    Go right again and jump two levels up, where you'll meet the dancing
    woman. Stay far from her, throwing shurikens until she drops to the
    floor and disappear.  Drop to more two levels down, where you'll meet
    one nunchaku girl on each side on you with a dancing woman.  I suggest
    taking out the woman first, then the girls.  Proceed right and you'll
    find yourself in an area with a traffic light. Use the Jitsu of Fushin
    here to jump on the post, jump left to the sign with Chinese characters
    on it, break the boxes, and double jump to the right to the top.  Take
    out red Bruce Lees, drop down two levels, go right, kill the dancing
    woman. Jump up two levels up, take out the two Bruce Lees and two
    nunchaku girls.  Go right, drop two levels, watch out for the bomb, and
    kill the Bruce Lees.  Proceed to exit the level to the subway.
    On a train top, go right from one car to the car. You can see people
    walking in the train. Go right, taking care of any ninjas and opening
    any boxes, which might have bombs in it.  Watch out for "I" steps in
    the wall that zoom by periodically, for they can hurt you pretty good.
    Keep going right until the train comes out of the tunnel, then the
    steps are gone. But there will be more ninjas and flamethrowers as you
    go right. You'll eventually come to a point where there are 6 sixes in
    a row. All of them contain bombs in them except the third from the
    right, which has a power-up. Then proceed right to exit the level to
    meet the boss.
    (6-3) Boss: Spiderman and Batman
    Holy mix-up, Batman!!!  The two bosses here are from the comic world, how
    did they get here?  Only a great game like this would try something like
    this.  To start off, imposter Spiderman would be hanging from the
    ceiling and crawling on it.  It will throw spider webs, which can slow
    you down and hurt you, and will drop down on a string with a yellow
    glow, trying to hit you. The best way to kill him instantly is to use
    Jitsu of Mijin if you have a life to spare. Otherwise, you can jump and
    throw shurikens at him with or without Ikazuchi, but this is a more
    hassle way to kill him due to the spider webs. Next, Batman will appear
    from the top (doesn't even look like the real Batman) and fly around in
    an arc with bats flying around. Just throw shurikens at him until he
    disappear to the top. Then get ready jump because he'll zoom from left
    to right and right to left. Then he'll come out again, repeating
    everything. Shoot him until he perish. To kill him with style, use
    Jitsu of Kariu when he's zooming around after you weakened him enough.
    District 7
    In this seaport setting with the ocean splashing, go right until you
    come to a gap. Shoot the ninjas on the other side before jumping.
    Always make sure there's no ninja on the platform you're going to jump
    to or otherwise they'll hurt and knock you into the ocean. Go right,
    kill the ninja on the crate, and do a pretty long jump and kill the
    flamethrower. Keep on going until you come to a gap with a boat and
    kill the ninjas that pop out of the water quickly. Jump on the boat,
    stay here, and kill the flamethrower from where you are plus the ninja
    behind him. Watch for the bomb in the boxes. Jump to the next platform
    and kill the flamethrower and continue. Now you'll come upon three
    boats in the ocean. Lots of ninjas will pop out as you try to make
    across this section, so be sure to always double jump as quickly as
    possible from boat to boat while using shuriken spread to take care of
    the ninjas.  When you get across, you come to the longest ocean gap
    between you and the other platform. You will need to use Fushin Magic
    here to jump as high and far across it. It may seem impossible, but it
    is do-able. Start off by inching toward ocean without falling in, then
    double jump like you never jump before to the other side, and hope you
    land safely. On top of this long jump, a ninja awaits on the other side
    to knock you in, so during the jump when you are descending, use
    shuriken spread to kill him. Then go pass the boat, kill the
    flamethrower, and exit the level.
    Now you're indoors in a missile factory, go right and watch out for
    missile transporters that can bump into you. You can write on top of
    the transporters. Open the boxes and take care of the soldiers as you
    go right. Drop down the gap to the next level down. Shoot the soldiers,
    go down the next gap, and kill more soldiers. Ride the transporters
    going left if you want, but there's a soldier on a missile rack, so be
    careful. Take care of him and the grenade dude. You'll notice that
    soldiers on the level above, you can take of them and get the boxes if
    you want. Next, go all the way left and drop down. A soldier would be
    just above you a bit to the left.  Take care of him. Then double jump
    onto the platform with a shuriken spread, in order to take care of any
    soldiers to the right of your platform. Don't fall into the heat rods
    on the ground or you'll take damage. Continue using shuriken spread
    when you can to finish off a majority of soldiers that are on the
    ground or on platform before you see them. Finish any off with a simple
    shuriken and exit the level at the end.
    (7-3) Boss: Godzilla
    Holy moly!!! This Godzilla-imitating dinosaur is huge and has no outer
    skin (in the Asian version, this boss have the outer skin). You can
    even see the guts and every single organ in the body. He will start
    walking toward you, spitting fireballs. If you get are near his legs,
    he will whip you with his huge tail.  AVOID THIS ATTACK AT ALL COST OR
    YOU'LL SUSTAIN MONSTER DAMAGE, pun intended. The fastest way to kill it
    is to do two Mijin Magics if you can spare two lives. But the best way
    to kill him, like a true video gamer, is to lure him to go all the way
    to the left platform short of standing next to it, while avoiding his
    fireballs. Use Ikazuchi for protection. When he is next to the
    platform, he'll spit fireballs at you if you're on it.  Drop down to
    the ground when he's about to do it. Then he'll use his tail whip on
    you, so just jump back on the platform and nail his back like crazy
    since his back is turned to you when doing his tail whip. Wait 'til he
    comes around, then you drop down again, and repeat the whole cycle
    until he explodes.
    District 8
    Here you'll find yourself outside the Neo Zeed main base with rough
    tides, pounding rains, and searchlights rotating in the background. Go
    right and you'll find a cannon that goes up and down, shooting
    fireballs. Just jump on it and jump onto the next platform. Be careful
    the cannon can reverse itself and fire at you. Take care of the
    nunchaku girl, the soldier(s), and the grenade soldier. Jump on the
    second cannon and on, watch for the soldier on the other side that will
    try to shoot you into the ocean. Proceed to take on another nunchaku
    girl and soldiers. You'll then find a nunchaku girl on a higher
    platform. Don't jump on the platform, you'll be knock back. Just jump
    and shuriken her from where you are, and eventually she'll die or get
    inched into the ocean. Then double jump on to the platform, using a
    shuriken spread, because there's a grenade soldier on the other side
    that'll hit you with a grenade if you don't kill. Proceed to double
    jump right again with a shuriken spread to take care of the next
    soldier. Kill the nunchaku girl and exit the level into the base.
    First of all, this is a very confusing labyrinth consisted of numbered
    doors that serve as either entrances or exits. Entrances are marked
    with a circle, while exits are not. Upon going through any entrances,
    you'll come out of an exit in another place in this giant level. There
    are a total of 9 different areas in Chinese characters. BEFORE YOU
    BOSS). The shortest path to the final boss is start by going right,
    pass the first two exits, and go pass the entrance by jumping over it,
    because you'll automatically enter all entrances if you just walk by
    it, so jump over all unnecessary entrances on the way to the boss or
    you'll end up in another place you don't want to be at. Then crawl into
    the little space with two doors in it, kill the ninja, go pass the exit
    and enter the entrance. You'll come out of an exit, kill the
    flamethrower quickly, and enter the entrance next to it. NOW PAY
    ATTENTION HERE, when you come out of the exit, you must press right to
    land on the platform just to your right even before you completely come
    out because you'll fall way down to another entrance if you don't. Kill
    the Bruce Lees, go right, kill the nunchaku girl, and go pass the exit.
    Go pass the next entrance by jumping forward before this door and
    you'll pass it. Kill the girl before you do jump though. Then you'll
    arrive at an area with a little crawling space, go in to find eight
    boxes filled with goodies. Then keep going up, killing the Bruce Lees,
    nunchaku girl, and the dancing woman. Go pass the exit and into the
    entrance. Come out of the exit to kill the Bruce Lee, then jump over
    the high wall and stick tightly to the left of the wall because an
    entrance is down there, which you don't want to enter. When you land,
    shuriken the Bruce Lee and the nunchaku without entering the entrance.
    Enter entrance to the right instead. Coming out of the exit, crouch-
    walk your way left and taking care of the soldiers and ninjas along the
    way until you come to the first entrance. Enter it to come out of the
    exit. This area will be filled with winged ninjas and black ninjas that
    take two hits to kill. Go as quickly as possible all the way left to
    the bottom entrance without jumping too much because you might get
    bumped into the other three unnecessary entrances in this area. Try to
    ignore the winged ninjas, and kill the tough black ninjas that get in
    your way. Upon coming out of the final exit, you'll be in a small area
    with a arrow to exit the level, BUT DON'T GO IN YET. In order to win
    the upcoming battle, you must have the power-up and two use of magic to
    beat the final boss or you wouldn't win. When come out of exit 20,
    immediately do a shuriken spread on the left wall and a power-up will
    appear, take it and make sure you have two uses of magic before exiting
    the game. Now you're ready to battle the boss.
    (8-3) Boss: Zeed himself
    You'll find yourself in a big room with a wooden jail covering the
    entire room with your girlfriend lock up. Then Zeed would slowly raise
    out of the ground. Immediately activate the Jitsu of Ikazuchi to
    protect yourself, in order to prevent losing your power-up, which let
    you use your powerful sword to kill Zeed. Then a rolling chain in the
    jail will slowly come down on your girlfriend and kill her eventually
    if you don't kill Zeed fast enough. To halt it temporarily anytime
    throughout the battle, just shuriken the hole halfway up on either side
    of the wall. Now, Zeed will be constantly swinging his massive clump of
    hair and walking toward you. If he gets near you, he'll whip his hair
    at you. His weak point is his exposed belly when he whip his hair at
    you. With your power-up, hit it with your powerful sword, and he'll be
    knocked back stun with a yellow glow. Then he will throw his whole hair
    you and there's no way to avoid, but you have your protection. He'll
    throw his hair at everytime he gets hit. So then just repeat slashing
    him with your sword until your protection disappears. Use your second
    magic on Ikazuchi and continue to the same thing until it turn really
    red and explodes and dies.
    It looks like I was wrong about avoiding Neo Zeed's flying hair attack.
    Steve Lin (stevelin00@yahoo.com) has this to say about it:
    "You mention that there is no way to avoid the hair throw attack of the final
    boss, Zeed. Not true--as soon as you hit him (should be from as far away as
    you can bait him; should be a close shuriken and not a sword) start running
    away and jump a split-second before he releases the hair. Then as the hair
    approaches you in mid-jump, hit jump again to do the somersault the other
    way. The extra boost will let you clear the attack, so long as both parts
    timed correctly. I'm usually only 70% successful at dodging. (This is from
    memory, I haven't played it in a few years.)
    Using this I was able to beat Zeed the 2nd time I ever reached him, and
    without the self-destruct magic. But you still need to use the POW and the
    protection magic to get a good ending, unless you are flawless at dodging."
    (Thank you, Steve.)
    Congratulations!!! You have now beat one of my favorite game of all
    time. Watch the beautiful ending if you beat Zeed before your
    girlfriend gets crushed or watch the sad ending if you didn't.
    IX. Cheats and Secrets
    Unlimited shurikens: Go to option, select the number of shurikens to be
                         00, wait a few seconds, and then the 00 will turn
                         turn into an infinity sign.
    (All these items are hidden until you hit them to reveal them.)
    1) Right at the start of the game, use Jitsu of Fushin, double jump
       straight up, do a shuriken spread at the top of the screen to the
       left, and a magic item will pop out.
    2) At the end of 1-1 with the gold arrow, do a double jump on the
       lamppost, shuriken spread at the top of the screen to the right, and
       a large heart will appear.
    3) In 1-2 after exiting the first house, jump against the house, do a
       shuriken spread to the right, and a large heart will pop out.
    4) In 1-2 at the hole that appears where the bamboo floor trap was at
       after activating the second door switch, do a shuriken spread into
       the hole, and a double shuriken item should appear, which is worth
       50 shurikens.
    5) In 1-2 at the second house's double bamboo trap, do a shuriken
       spread at it, and a 1-up should appear.
    6) In 2-1 to the right of the three falling logs at the end of the
       level, do a shuriken spread to the right , and a 2-up should appear.
       Get it, but you might lose your current life in the process and will
       gain a total of 1 life. Repeat if you want for lots of lives.
    7) In 2-2, walk right from the start of the game, jump over the hole,
       kill all enemies, jump onto the platform with rails on it, and
       throw a shuriken to the left standing on the catwalk. A double
       shuriken item worth 50 shurikens should appear if you jump to the
       right afterwards.
    8) Near the end of 2-2, there will be a wall, do a shuriken spread at
       it, and a magic item should appear.
    9) Halfway through 3-1, there is a big green metal box behind the
       fence, shuriken spread the right side of it, and a large heart
       should appear.
    10)At the end of 3-1, jump onto the last stone column behind the
       fence, fire a shuriken to the right, and a magic item will appear.
    11)In 3-2 on top of the second elevator's path, do a shuriken spread
       down the elevator, and a 2-up should appear.
    12)In 3-2 at the bottom of the third elevator's path, do a shuriken
       spread at the left wall, and a two-shuriken item worth 50 shuriken
       should appear.
    13)At the end of 3-2, shoot the top of the door that's to the most
       right, and a large heart should appear.
    14)Right at the start of 4-1, do a double jump, shuriken spread to the
       right, and a magic item will pop out in the air.
    15)At the start of 4-2, shuriken spread at the big conveyor, and a 2-up
       should appear. Get it, but you'll lose your current life in the
       process, but you'll gain a total of 1 life. Repeat if you want for
       lots of lives
    16)On the small conveyor with a blowtorch in 4-2, a two-shuriken item
       worth 50 shurikens would appear if you walk on the conveyor and
       shoot at the blowtorch.
    17)In 4-2 after getting pass the crusher and the small conveyor on the
       extreme right of this level, kill the soldier, use the Jitsu of
       Fushin and double jump, do a shuriken to the right, and a magic
       item should appear high in the air.
    18)Right at the start of 5-1, double jump, shuriken spread the left
       wall, and a magic item will appear.
    19)When get to the top of the skyscraper in 5-1, go to the most left,
       shuriken spread down, and a large heart should pop out.
    20)Halfway through the level 5-2, there will be a soldier with a fixed
       machine gun, jump and throw a shuriken way above his head, and a 50-
       shuriken item should appear.
    21)Near the end of 5-2, you'll come to three steel pillars with three
       ninja girls nearby, shoot across the top of the pillars, and a 50-
       shuriken item should appear.
    22)At the end of 5-2 on the near side, you'll see a lone platform, do a
       double jump from the highway side, shuriken spread the platform, and
       a 2-UP should appear. Simply inch your way to the edge of the
       platform, and you'll get it.
    23)Halfway through 6-1 at the area with a traffic light, shoot at the
       10 Chinese characters to your right, and a large heart and a 2-up
       should appear. Notice the other one is on the other side. So don't
       shoot at that spot until you get to the other side.
    Here is a hidden item bit submitted by Lifeng Zhang:
    "50 Shurikens on 6-1 at the green sign with chinese characters on it,
    above the right nunchucka girl , before the traffic light halfway through
    the stage." (Thanks Lifeng)
    24)On the second car in 6-2, jump up and shoot across the top of the
       screen, and an unseen 50-shuriken should appear.
    25)At the end of 6-2 on the last car, do a shuriken spread to the
       right, and a magic item should appear.
    26)On 7-1, there will be a ocean gap with three boats on it. Shuriken
       spread the ocean from the top of the crate before the gap, and a
       power-up. But it's in position where you'll die retrieving it.
    27)At the end of level 7-1, crouch down on the last boat, shoot right,
       and a 50-shuriken item should appear.
    28)Right from where you're standing at the start of 7-2, crouch down,
       shoot left, and you'll obtain an unseen power-up.
    29)In 7-2 after you drop down to two gaps from the starting platform
       you're on, you'll see a soldiers lying on a crate, shooting at you.
       Crouch down and shoot right to reveal a large heart.
    30)At the end of level 7-2, there will be a bunch of small platforms
       together, go onto the heat rod (which will damage you , but the item
       you're about to get is worth the damage), crouch, and shoot to the
       right to reveal a magic item.
    31)In 8-1 just before the second cannon, get on the small platform,
       crouch down, shoot left into the space between the platform above
       it and your platform, and a magic item should appear. Just inch
       toward it until you get it.
    32)Near the 8-2 labyrinth, go to the place with exit 4 and entrance 14,
       line yourself up along the wall to the right of entrance, shuriken
       spread to the left, and a large heart should pop out.
    33)After coming out of exit 20, do a shuriken spread at the left wall,
       and a power-up will appear for you to use against the final boss.
    34)This next one was sent in by tony hopyitugjvudh (sorry, I lost your actual
       quote, tony):
       Near the middle of District 2's level 1 with the waterfalls, you will
       encounter the single falling log.  Before you jump, do a shuriken spread
       over the area the log is falling down to.  A ninja magic icon should
       appear.  Just write the log down, get it, and jump up before you fall.
    X. Contact Information
    If you ever have a problem or question or comment about beating this
    game or this FAQ after reading this guide, let me know by emailing me
    at david_9235@hotmail.com for help.  I would be glad to be of
    assistance to this great game.  Also, if you have any corrections and
    improvements for this game, email me about it and I will put you down
    for credit on this FAQ.
    If you like ninja or action games, this would be the game for you.  Any
    local used-game stores like Funcoland or Gamestop would carry this
    XI. Copyright
    This FAQ/walkthrough guide is document copyright 2001 David Chen.  You
    may not modify or reproduce anything on this FAQ in any way or means,
    mechanically, visually, electrically, etc.  You may not distribute
    anything from this site without emailing me.  If you want to put this
    on your site, notify me about it and I'll see about it.  Only
    Gamefaqs.com have the right to put this guide on the site at this
    point.  Thank you.
    XII. Credits
    1) Sega: for making such a great game, including the other Shinobi
    2) my uncle: for buying this system and game for me and my cousin in
                 the first place, then I took it here in the United States
                 after moving here
    3) my mother: for letting me play this game and other Sega games for
                  lots of hour
    4) Gamefaqs.com: for having a great site that I used often when I
                     am stuck in games
    5) Readers of this FAQ: for coming here to look for help on beating
                            this awesome game
    6) tony hopyitugjvudh: for his help in notifying of a secret hidden
    		       ninja item in District 2-1; thank you, tony
    7) Steve Lin: for his additional help and strategy on defeating Neo Zeed,
                  the final boss of the game; thank you very much, Steve
    8) Lifeng Zhang: for his submission on finding a hidden item in 6-1

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