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"The best action game for the Genesis?"

The Revenge of Shinobi was released here in January or Feburary of 1990 and was one of the first games for the Genesis.Usually,the first games for the system had poorly detailed graphics and backgronds,very few moves(don't get me wrong,I love Strider),and little to no replay value,but not ROS.
The plot seemed dismal at first,seeing that you were out to rescue yet another young female prisoner(at least it's not a princess)and to make all of the members of a crime syndicate into husk,but with a diffrent twist;ROS was at least the first SEGA game to have two endings,depending on rather or not you beat the last boss before the prison door holding the princess closes or not(you'd BETTER put it on easy to get the best ending!).
Your attacks are plentyful for such an old game.You can throw shuriken as long as you have some(infinite shuriken codes are for wimps),you can slash with your knife while close(or with a sword when you get the POW item),you can do low kicks,and best of all,you can use three diffrent kinds of Ninjitsu,or ninja magic;Kariu,your basic frag-everything-on-the-screen magic,Ikazuchi,a lightning shield that protects you from three hits(combined with the pow,it's a force to be reckoned with),Fushin,magic that makes shinobi jump like he's on the moon,and my favorite,Mijin(the art of pulverizing,according to the instructions),which causes you explode,hits everything on the screen,and refills your energy.....BUT you also lose a life,unique!
GAMEPLAY-10!This game requires lots of technique,strategy and practice,even if you just play it today.The bosses are very interesting and exciting,ranging from a fire-breathing robotic brontosaurous to empty samurai armor and even Spider man!I wish that Shinobi would jump just a little bit farther,though.
GRAPHICS-8,the game had very good graphics for an early Genesis game,though that's not saying TOO much.You see every thing you're supposed to see,like the mountains and waterfalls in the second stage,even if the whole stage consists of only two colors,this is the GENESIS we're talking about!
SOUND/MUSIC-9,the sounds are average(that's a nine for the Genesis)mostly consisting of gunfire,explosions that sound like most on the system,and ninja star throwing.
This might have been the first Genesis game with voices on it too,though as always,the three characters that can speak(the last boss,Shinobi,and Naoko)all sound like they have sore throats.
The music is pretty cool,produced by Yuzo Koshiro,the guy that did the music for the Streets of Rage games.Though not anywhere near as good as the pinnacle the SOR games set,the music is still very fitting for the levels.It's not easy to find good music on that system(for the last time,this is the genesis we're talking about!).
LEVEL DESIGN-7,the game takes you through all the clich`e places you'd expect;a junkyard,a factory(twice),a mountain area...And some more unexpected battlegrounds such as a disco and a seaport,most causing you to go many diffrent directions throughout the level,not just forward.
However,what brings the score down by at least one,is the only truly bad point of the game-the last level.
this level requires hardly any skill and can REALLY try your patients to a point where you might turn off the game,shake it and slam it when you have lots of lives and continues and power.See it for yourself-it really is that bad!
CHALLENGE-variable,you can make it almost as easy as you like
,though the bosses are challenging in almost any mode, especially with no shuriken(except for that lame spark train)
,but there is an easy way to beat most of them if you practice enough.
REPLAY VALUE-9,you can finish it quite a few times without getting bored,especially if you're an ametuer;you can try with unlimited shuriken on easy,then 20 shuriken on easy,then no shuriken on easy,then unlimited on normal,and so on.
If you really want a challenge,try it with no shuriken on hard mode without using Ninjitsu and get the good ending.I did it all except for that last part.....
OVERALL-10!This is one of the five best games for the sega.It is not lacking in any department except for the last level, but even that can be fixed if you(hee hee)take notes as you go.If you have a Genisis,buy this game.If you DON'T have a Genesis,beat it at a friend's house or shell out the 20 or 30 bucks to get the system and this game.It's worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/12/00, Updated 08/12/00

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