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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dalez

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    -   Phantasy Star II Complete Game Info                      v1.05  -
    -   by Dalez (dalez@intercom.net)                                   -
    -   Last Updated  01/06/2001   09:39 PM                             -
    *** IMPORTANT NOTE ***
      My E-Mail address has changed.  I can now be contacted via E-mail at
      I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
    I     Introduction
          Background on Phantasy Star 2
          The Story
          A few tips before you begin
    II    Walkthrough
          Controlling Yourself
          The Journey Begins
          The Bio-Systems Lab
          Searching for Climatrol
          Opening the Dams, Part One
          Opening the Dams, Part Two
          The Great Collapse
          Exploring Dezolis 
          Esper Mansion
          Dungeons of Dezo, Part One
          Dungeons of Dezo, Part Two
          The Final Battlefield	
    III   Reference Lists
    IV    Conclusion/Credits
          Other FAQs by the same author
    = Part One:  The Introduction =
         Greetings, and welcome to my FAQ for Phantasy Star II, for the
    Sega Genesis.  The goal of this guide is to provide as much information
    as possible on this extraordinary RPG, in hopes to help those who are
    hopelessly stuck, need a few pieces of advice, or want to explore
    everything the game has to offer.  Enjoy!
                   -/\/\/\-> Background on Phantasy Star II <-/\/\/\-
         The Phantasy Star series (for those of you who don't know) is likely
    Sega's greatest and most popular RPG series.  Based in a futuristic world
    -- the Algo Solar System, the PS games had a history of being large, and
    more difficult than your average RPG.  This is mostly due to the above
    average difficulty of the random encounters, and the ridiculous complexity
    of the dungeons.  The PS series also had a notoriety of carrying around
    some of the biggest price tags in console game history (if I remember right,
    PS2 was around $70 when it first came out in 1989).  Released in 1989, PS2
    was extremely ahead of its time, though the game is only 6 megabits in size,
    there are two planets to explore with a multitude of dungeons, items, and
    monsters... by far the largest RPG of its time.  Though generally more
    overlooked than the other "big two" RPG series (i.e  Dragon Quest and Final
    Fantasy), Phantasy Star remains an extraordinary series that is very
    rewarding once you get into it.
                               -/\/\/\->  Story <-/\/\/\-
         The events in Phantasy Star II take place approximately 1,000 years
    after Alis and her party defeated the evil Lassic (i.e  the first Phantasy
    Star game).  You play as Rolf, an agent in Paseo (the capital city of the
    planet Motavia), who has been assigned by the governor to investigate a
    recent accident that occured at the Bio-Systems Lab, that has caused
    monsters (known as "Biohazards"), to appear all over Mota.  Eventually he
    and the other companions you meet throughout the adventure will be drawn
    into a grand struggle to save the world.
                   -/\/\/\->  A few tips before you begin <-/\/\/\-
         * As a standard rule in just about all RPGs, you should (A.) talk to
    everyone you meet, and (B.) Save your game every chance you get.  Most of
    the people of Motavia have information to pass along, but you'll have to
    speak with them to obtain it!  And though it may seem obvious, you should
    Save your game frequently.  As I said before, PS2 is a bit on the difficult
    side, and you don't want to have to repeat something you've already worked
    hard to accomplish.  Later in the game you may obtain an item that lets
    you Save your adventure anywhere, so make use of it... frequently!
         * As another standard rule in most RPGs, building levels is very
    important, especially in PSII.  By fighting monsters, you will gain
    Experience Points and Meseta (money).  Once you obtain enough EXP, you will
    gain a level, and your statistics such as HP, strength, and defense will
    increase.  In addition, you will need the Meseta you obtain from battles to
    purchase better equipment which will be essential to your survival, as well
    as items and medicine to keep you in good condition.  Therefore, you should
    try to fight as many battles as possible... use the 'Run' command sparingly,
    in case you are hurt bad and need to escape, or are truly in a hurry (though
    most of the time, running from the enemy proves to be a bit tough).
         * You should try to carry around as much medicine as you can on your
    trips through the dungeons.  Most dungeons are quite large, and you may need
    to save your TP for tougher battles rather than for healing.  By using
    medicine, you can heal yourself while at the same time conserving your TP.
         * Only the people currently in your party gain EXP from battles.  The
    others will stay at Rolf's house until you need them, but they won't gain
    EXP.  Thus, it is important to use each of your characters as they are better
    suited for different situations.  If you let one character sit at Rolf's house
    forever, they won't get any stronger, and thus will become useless (or very
    very weak) until you build their levels.  Though you can go through the game
    using the same party, you'll soon find your options with your other characters
    grow very limited.  It's really a matter of preference, but I recommend at
    least building up each character to a reasonable level.
         * Some items have distinct effects when used in battle.  Some may cast
    a technique at an enemy, while others may heal your party.  It is advantageous
    to make use of these items during battle.  It may be a good idea to have a
    weaker party member use these items to either harm the enemy or heal your
    allies, rather than attacking.  This will also help you save TP, and you can
    use the item as many times as you want, though they can only be used in battle.
    Take advantage!
         * There are a wide variety of techniques that each of the characters may
    learn, though the effects of some are less obvious than others.  Some techniques
    that paralyze, silence, or put the enemy to sleep may seem useless at first,
    but during a particular battle these may be your most powerful weapons.  Thus,
    it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with your techniques and know which
    situations in which to use them!
         * Most of the equipment in the towns in PSII is pretty expensive, and if
    you want to buy it all, you'll have to spend LOTS of time building up meseta.
    I recommend only buying equipment for the characters that you are planning on
    using for the current task, as it takes quite a long time to buy the best
    equipment for _all_ characters.  For the sake of making this guide, I spent
    time doing that, but this doesn't mean you have to.  This is one reason why
    my levels are probably higher than most people's.
         Now... on to the walkthrough!
    = Part Two:  The Walkthrough -
         In this section, I will attempt to guide you through the game one step at
    a time, from start to finish.  If you'd rather figure things out of yourself,
    I suggest you play through the game by yourself first if you haven't already,
    resorting to the walkthrough only when you get stuck.  If you've finished the
    game already or want to explore everything the game has to offer, then by all
    means use this guide to its full extent.  That's what it's here for!  =)
         *NOTE*  The instruction manual that came with the game also contains a
    walkthrough of the game, complete with maps for all the dungeons.  However, if
    you are borrowing the game from a friend, lost the manual, or are using an
    emulator (tsk tsk :P), chances are good you don't have access to it, but that's
    probably why you are reading this file in the first place.
         *ANOTHER NOTE*  A complete set of maps for Phantasy Star 2 can also be
    found on the internet, currently they can be found at http://www.phantasy-star.net.
    These are EXTREMELY helpful due to the complexity of the dungeons, and these may
    prove to be quite useful to you.  Though I will still provide directions though
    the dungeons, again, these may prove useful.
         *ONE LAST NOTE*  You will be able to rename the majority of the companions
    that join you, including Rolf.  For the sake of uniformity, I'll refer to each
    character by their default name.
                          -/\/\/\-> Controlling Yourself <-/\/\/\-
         Before playing, it's probably a good idea to know how to work the controls.
    Though it isn't really all that difficult...
        Controls:  Use the Control Pad to move around in the four cardinal directions.
    Use the A button to speak to people or open chests.  The B button serves as your
    'Cancel' button to exit menus or shops.  The C button is your 'accept' button,
    use it to select menu items or bring up the menu itself.
        The Menu:  The Menu consists of five items.
          Item -->  Shows the inventory of each character.  Each character can carry
           up to 16 items with them.  You can also manipulate your characters' items..
           meaning USE them, GIVE them to other characters, or DROP unwanted (or
           un-needed) items.
          State -->  Brings up another small menu....
            State -->  A "quick-status" display of sorts, STATE shows the Name, Level,
             and HP/TP of your current party members.
            Order -->  Allows you to change the formation of your party.
          Tech -->  Brings up a list of the field techniques that each character knows.
           Battle techniques aren't shown here.  You can simply view them, or you can
           use one by moving the cursor next to it and pressing the C button.
          Strength -->  This command brings up a detailed status display of the
           character, which shows all aspects of their progress, such as Level, EXP,
           HP/TP, Strength, Defense, etc.  It also shows you a list of the battle and
           field techniques the character knows, and the items he or she currently has
          Equip -->  This command manages your equipment... you can wear or remove
           equipment from your characters.  Remember, just possessing weapons and armor
           won't help you a bit... you'll have to equip them first!  Note that not all
           characters can use all weapons and armor... most characters are quite limited
           as to the stuff they are allowed to equip.
        Battle:  Once battle starts, you will have two options to choose from.
          Fight -->  Starts combat.  Each character will attack with the option you have
           chose for them.  Once the round of combat is over, the next round of combat
           will start immediately.  If you wish to issue new commands next round, press
           the B button before the current round of combat terminates.
          Strategy -->  Brings up another menu...
            Order -->  Allows you to set up what you want each character to do.  You
             may choose to have them attack a particular enemy (instead of choosing one
             at random), use a technique, use an item, or defend (increases defense for
             the combat round but the character won't be able to do anything else).
            Run -->  With this command you will try to escape from the encounter.  It
             won't always work (in fact, a lot of the time it won't work), but it is
             useful if you are hurt bad and need to get back to a town quickly.
         And that's about it!  Now, on with the walkthrough!
                           -/\/\/\-> The Journey Begins <-/\/\/\-
         The opening sequence consists of a short monologue in which Rolf explains
    a strange and recurring nightmare he has been having.  A young girl (resembling
    Alis from Phantasy Star I?) is battling against a demon.  Though Rolf is
    nearby, he cannot move or speak and he can only watch as the demon continues to
    strike at the girl.  However, just before the monster issues its death blow, Rolf
         After the sequence, Rolf will automatically travel to the Central Tower and
    meet with the governor.  The governor will explain about an accident that
    recently occured at the Bio-Systems Lab, and issues Rolf with the assignment of
    investigating this accident, and returning with the Recorder, which might be able
    to explain the cause of the accident.  As Rolf goes back home to prepare for his
    journey, his girlfriend Nei insists on going with him.  Nei is a hybrid of a 
    human and a bio-hazard who mysteriously appeared about seven months ago.  Nei
    is adamant on going with Rolf, so he reluctantly decides to take her with him.
    You can now wander around and explore the capital city of Paseo.
      Monomate              20
      Dimate                60
      Antidote              10
      Telepipe              130
      Escapipe              70
      Knife                 100
      Dagger                200
      Scalpel               180
      Steel Bar             80
      Bow Gun               300
      Sonic Gun             640
      Headgear              120
      Carbonsuit            128
      Carbonvest            120
      Fibercoat             300
      Carbon Shield         540
      Carbon Emel           420
         Since Rolf starts out with only 200 Meseta, it's obvious you won't be able
    to purchase everything just yet.  Start out by buying 2 Steel Bars for Nei, and
    don't forget to equip them!  Then explore Paseo and speak with its inhabitants.
    The Bio-Systems Lab is to the west, and to get through we'll have to cross
    through the North Tunnel, but currently here is a robber named Darum plaguing
    the tunnel.  We'll have to figure out a way to get rid of him before we can
    cross.  For now, our target is Arima, the town nearest to Paseo.  But first,
    head out of Paseo, and walk around in the vicinity fighting monsters.  Since
    Rolf and Nei start out at level 1 (i.e very weak), the monsters around here
    will be tough enough for the time being.  Hang around and fight monsters for a
    while, gaining EXP and Meseta, and be sure to go back to the Hospital in Paseo
    when your HP/TP start running low.  If Rolf or Nei gets killed you'll have to
    visit the Clone Lab to bring them back to life.
         I recommend fighting monsters around Paseo until Rolf's level reaches 4
    (since Nei levels roughly twice as fast as Rolf, she will probably be around
    level 7 or so by this time... though Nei levels fast, her levels don't affect
    her as much).  By this time you should have acquired enough Meseta to purchase
    the rest of the needed equipment from Paseo... another Knife for Rolf, and a
    Headgear and Fibercoat for Rolf as well.  Shields aren't really all that useful
    in PS2, as the other hand is better suited for an additional weapon... or
    sometimes you may need both hands free to wield a sword or other powerful weapon.
    Again, it's a matter of preference.... if you'd rather have the extra defense
    instead of another Knife (even though defense doesn't seem to have all that
    great of an effect in this game), you may want to save up for a Carbon Shield.
         Once you're ready to proceed, our first stop is the town of Arima, which
    is a short ways to the northeast of Paseo.  To get there, first walk through
    the tunnel north of Paseo, then continue north across the bridge.  To the west
    you'll see the North Tunnel where the robber Darum is hanging out... you won't
    be able to go through there just yet.  Instead, walk around the trees and cross
    another bridge, and soon you'll reach Arima.
      Dagger              200
      Steel Bar           80
      Sword               1200
      Ceramic Knife       2800
      Sonic Gun           640
      Shotgun             800
         Arima is in pretty bad shape, as you'll see as you walk around the town.
    A group of villains (referred to as the "scoundrels") have blown up most of the
    houses and killed off all the men, so the only people left are women, children,
    and the elderly.  You'll also learn that the "scoundrels" have a hideout in a
    building known as Shure, to the northeast of Arima.  Also, you'll learn a bit
    about Darum... before Arima was attacked he lived happily with his daughter Teim,
    yet when the "scoundrels" attacked, Teim was kidnapped and Darum was forced to
    turn to robbery to pay the ransom.  It's apparent that in order to cross the
    North Tunnel we'll have to get rid of the villians, rescue Teim, and bring her
    back safely to Darum.
         After exploring the town, head back to Paseo.  All the companions who join
    you throughout the course of the game will show up at Rolf's house after you
    complete a certain event (usually, once you reach a new town).  Therefore,
    whenever you reach a new town, it's a good idea to go back to Rolf's house and
    check for new companions.  Although you can use the Teleport Machine to get back
    to Paseo quickly, it costs 60 Meseta and you have better things to do with the
    money at this point.  Besides, you need the EXP anyway.  :P
         Back at Rolf's house you will meet your first companion, Rudolf, the Hunter.
    Rudolf (or Rudo for short) is a professional hunter who is VERY strong and can
    use big guns with ease, though is incapable of using any techniques.  Still, he
    will prove to be a very valuable party member throughout the game.  After the
    introduction, don't forget to add Rudo to your party by selecting 'Reorganize',
    then add Rudo to the roster.  Now we have three fighters... much better, eh?  :)
         *NOTE*  In addition to which members you currently have in your party, your
    party order is also important.  Members near the front of the row will be more
    likely to sustain attack, while members near the back will be less likely to be
    attacked.  Therefore, it's a good idea to place members with HP and Defense (such
    as Rudo) at the front of the party.  I recommend changing your party order to
    Rudo, Rolf, then Nei.
         Now Rudo is in our party, but (like all companions) he starts at level 1,
    so he could stand to gain some EXP.  Head back to Arima, then cross the bridge
    to the east to reach some slightly tougher monsters.  You'll want to stick around
    in this area and fight more monsters for a while, both to gain EXP and Meseta to
    buy some of the new equipment available in Arima.  The only enemy you will really
    need to watch out for is the Armorant.  They usually come in groups of 3, and are
    quite tough, having 23 HP and capable of dealing 5-6 HP damage per attack, and
    also capable of paralyzing a character.  It would be a good idea to have Rolf
    use Foi (at level 5 Rolf will learn Gifoi and Tsu, but each takes up 6 TP compared
    to 2 TP from Foi, and each deals only about twice as much damage) against them,
    to be on the safe side.  Each Armorant gives 26 EXP and 34 Meseta, so these will
    help you gain levels and meseta fast!
         Once Rolf reaches level 7, you should have enough Meseta to head back to
    Arima and buy a Sword for Rolf, and a new weapon for Rudo.  Here is another
    matter of preference... you may choose to either buy two Sonic Guns for Rudo,
    or one Shotgun.  The two Sonic Guns will do more combined damage than the Shotgun,
    but the Shotgun is capable of hitting more than one enemy in a monster group 
    (the Shotgun will typically hit all enemies to the right of the one that is
    shot.  However, the damage will be spread out amongst the enemies... each one
    won't take full force from the shot).  Note that the Sword takes up two hands,
    so you'll have to sacrifice your shield if you have one equipped.  If you really
    want the shield, you may want to keep your two knives (the Ceramic Knives are
    too darn expensive to bother with right now) instead.  I got a Sword for Rolf
    and two Sonic Guns for Rudo.
         Then, you should also go back to Paseo both to sell off your old equipment,
    and stock up on medicine (since Arima conveniently lacks a Tool Shop).  I
    recommend buying as many Dimates as you can afford, as even the first dungeon
    will prove to be quite a bit difficult!  I also recommend buying an Escapipe...
    though by the time you Rolf reaches level 7 he will have techniques to both
    escape dungeons and teleport back to town (basically the functions of the
    Escapipe and Telepipe), it's good to have at least one on hand in case you
    use up all of Rolf's TP.  If you are stuck in a dungeon and hurting, and Rolf
    runs out of TP, it may save your life!
         Once you're ready, our next target is the abandoned building known as
    Shure, located to the northeast of Arima.  Shure is the hideout of the
    "scoundrels", so we may be able to find some information about Darum's
    daughter there.  To get there, head east of Arima, and cross the bridge.
    Then walk north and east around the trees, and you'll find Shure at
    the northern end of the peninsula.
                                -/\/\/\-> Darum <-/\/\/\-
    |Shure                                                             |
    |My Level:  Rolf L7, Rudo L6, Nei L13                              |
    |Items:  Monomate, 390 Meseta, Dynamite x2, Dimate, Headgear,      |   
    |        Sil Ribbon, Letter, Small Key                             |
    |Monsters:  Bee, Mosquito, Fire Ant, Poisoner, Locust, Froggy,     |
    |           Armorant, Spinner, Carrier, Amoeba, Pulser, Waspy,     |
    |           Buzzer                                                 |
         As I said before, for a first dungeon Shure is rather difficult.  It
    consists of four medium-sized floors, and the monsters on the top floors
    are a bit more difficult than the ones we've fought previously.  Keep those
    Dimates ready.  :)
         The first floor is rather simple.  From the entrance, walk to the
    left, around the outside of the building.  This path leads all the way
    around, so continue to follow it until you reach the northeast corner of
    the first floor.  You'll see boxes in each of the four corners as you make
    your way around... ignore those for now, as they are accessed from the floor
    above.  Once you reach the east side of the first floor, the path will cut
    to the left, leading towards the center of the floor.  Go left, but be sure
    to grab the box to the south, which contains 40 Meseta.  Then head for the
    center, and step on the chute to go up to the second floor.
         On the second floor, walk south along the narrow passage until you
    reach an open area.  Like the first floor, the second floor consists of four
    distinct 'corners' in which there is one chute leading up and one chute
    leading down.  The four chests on the first floor are locked, so they are
    inaccessible until we can find a key.  For now, head the south-west corner,
    and pick up the box to obtain another Dimate.  Now take the chute leading
    up to the third floor.  Walk right a little ways and you'll see an opening
    to the north.  Go north through this opening and walk straight until you
    reach another box.  Open it to obtain a Headgear.  Now go back and take
    the chute back down to floor two.
         Exit the south-west corner, and now head for the north-west corner,
    then continue right along the north edge of the building to reach the
    north-east corner.  Take the chute leading up to go back up to floor three,
    Walk to the east then south along the passage, and soon you'll reach a large
    pit that exists in the center of the floor.  Try not to fall down into it,
    if you do it will dump you back down to the floor below, and you'll have to
    make your way all the way back up here.  :(
         Before crossing the pit, walk south along it's edge and you'll find
    a box containing 200 Meseta down in a little nook at the bottom.  Take this,
    then go back to the narrow bridge leading across the pit.  After crossing,
    you'll end up along the north wall.  Walk east along the passage and it will
    lead you down to the south-east corner of this floor.  Nearby is the chute
    leading up to the top floor... this is where you want to go.
         On the top floor, you'll notice a couple of bodies lying around... these
    are the bodies of the "scoundrels"!  The bio-hazards that invaded the hideout
    probably killed them.  One of the bodies has the key that we are looking for,
    and as you probably guessed, it's the most difficult to get to.  From the
    chute leading back down, walk to the north up against the wall, then head
    due west to find a box containing a Sil Ribbon... a better piece of head
    protection for Nei that should be equipped immediately.  Make your way back
    to the chute again, and you'll see a body a bit to the west and south.
         From this body, walk a few steps south, then west along this _long_ 
    passage that winds through the entire west section of the floor.  At the end
    of the passage, you'll finally reach the dead body that contains the Small
    Key, as well as a Letter.  The Letter is a ransom note from the "scoundrels"
    to Darum, stating that Teim has been locked away in Nido Tower, and that
    Darum must pay a ransom of 50,000 Meseta to get her back.  Nido Tower is
    a building to the southeast of Shure, but the entrance is blocked, so we'll
    need something to get in.  In Arima you learned that the "scoundrels" used
    dynamite to blow up the houses, and they still probably have a few sticks
    left.  Perhaps in the locked chests...?
         At this point you have a choice.  You can either walk back down to the
    second floor, or escape the dungeon, go back to town and regroup, then head 
    back for a second trip.  The choice is up to you... the safer alternative
    would obviously be to escape and head back to town and rest, but if you are
    in good condition and have enough Dimates left, you may want to take the
    walk instead just for the sake of gaining EXP and Meseta from the battles.
    Whichever you choose, our target is back down to the second floor.
         As you know, each of the four corners of the bottom floor contains a
    chest.  Obviously, to get to them, you'll need to head for the respective
    corner on the second floor and take the chute leading down.  In the
    north-east corner you'll find 150 Meseta, in the north-west corner a
    Monomate can be found, and in the south-west and south-east corners there
    are boxes containing a stick of Dynamite each.  Now we can blast our way
    into Nido Tower and rescue Teim!
         Now we're done here, so use Rolf's handy Hinas technique to escape
    quickly, and head back to Arima to heal up.  Now that we know where Teim
    is located, we can go and attempt a rescue.  Nido Tower, where Teim is
    being held, is located further from Shure along the same path.  To get
    there, head for Shure, then continue east and around the trees, then make
    south and cross the bridge.  You'll find Nido Tower to the south and west.
         Before actually going through the tower, it would be a good idea to
    hang around just inside the entrance and fight some of the tougher monsters
    in here for EXP and Meseta.  Chances are you still don't have enough money
    to purchase a Ceramic Knife from Arima (let alone two), so now would be a
    good time to do so.  
         I recommend hanging around here and fighting monsters until you do
    have enough meseta to purchase two Ceramic Knives from the weapon shop.
    It will take a little while, but considering the high attack power of each
    of the knives, it's definitely worth it.  Rudo can also use them, so (as
    crazy as it sounds) I bought two for him as well.  It's not necessary, but
    since they are MUCH more powerful than either the Sonic Guns or the
    Shotgun, it will make your journey a lot easier.  It will also take a LOT
    of fighting to gather that much meseta.  If you have the patience, then by
    all means do it!
         After making all your purchases, be sure to head back to Paseo to sell
    off your old equipment, and also stock up on a few more Dimates if you feel
    it's necessary.  Now, let's go rescue Teim!
    |Tower of Nido                                                     |
    |My Level:  Rolf L10, Rudo L9, Nei L18                             |
    |Items:  Dimate, 180 Meseta, Trimate, Teim                         |   
    |Monsters:  Waspy, Buzzer, Armorant, Spinner, Pulser, Carrier,     |
    |           Toader, Spitkill, Poisoner, Vortex, Locust, Leecher,   |
    |           Amoeba, Froggy
         If you haven't done so already, first use a stick of Dynamite to blow
    up the door that is barring the entrance to the Tower.  Once that is out of
    the way you can continue out onto the actual floor.  The Nido Tower consists
    of three floors, though each floor is considerably larger than those at Shure,
    so you'll still be taking a rather long trip.
         After getting past the door, walk to the right until you hit the
    right-hand edge of the floor.  Walk north a little ways and take the first
    path leading to the left.  After walking a little ways more you'll see a chute
    leading up.  Take it up to floor two, then walk due north for a box that
    contains 100 Meseta.  Go back down to the chute, then walk due east until you
    hit the wall.  To the south you'll see another chute leading up.  Use it to
    get to the top floor, then go north until you hit the north-east corner, then
    west to reach a box containing a Trimate.
         Once you've gotten the Trimate, retrace your steps back down to the bottom
    floor.  Then walk west from the chute until you hit the wall, then north until
    you hit another wall.  To the northeast is another chute leading up... take
    this one back up to the second floor.  From the chute, walk down, west a few
    steps, then down again.  Follow this path and soon you'll reach an open area
    with a box containing 20 Meseta.  Take it, then walk back up to the open area
    near the chute.  Walk west along the north edge of the floor, but as you do
    look for a Dimate in a nook to the south.  Make your way to the northwest
    corner of this floor, where there are two chutes... one leading up and the
    other leading down.
         First take the one leading up to floor three, then take a few steps east,
    then south along the corridor to reach a box containing 60 more Meseta.  Take
    it, then head back down the chute to the second floor once again.  Now use the
    other chute to go back down to the first floor, and make your way to the right.
    Take the right-hand path leading to the south and you'll reach another chute
    leading back up.  Take this one back up to floor two, then follow along the
    corridor and take the next chute back up to floor three.  Walk south along
    the west edge of the floor and make your way to the center of the floor, where
    Teim is waiting.  Rolf shows her the letter, and Teim is shaken by the fact
    that her father turned to crime for her sake.  She begs Rolf to take her to
    her father, but since many people have come to hate Darum (and his daughter
    would be an easy target!), Rolf puts a veil over her head to conceal her
    identity.  Teim then joins your party, as an item (poor Teim!  :P).
         Now we're done here, so escape and head back to town and rest.  Then,
    when you're ready, head for the North Tunnel to the north of Paseo.  As you
    enter, Teim rushes up to meet her father, but as the veil is still over her
    head, her father doesn't recognize her!  Darum demands that Teim turn over
    all her money or she will be killed.  Teim objects, and Darum, keeping his
    promise, slays her with one swing of his sword.  She falls dead, realizing
    just how much of a criminal her father has become.  As Darum realizes what
    he has done, he turns the weapon on himself.  As both die, Rolf remarks on
    the chaos that has been sweeping the world as of late.  Someone must stop
    this... but who?
                         -/\/\/\-> The Bio-Systems Lab <-/\/\/\-
         Keeping this tragedy in mind, we must continue on to our target, the
    Bio-Systems Lab.  Cross through the North Tunnel, then walk west and cross
    the bridge.  Soon you will reach the town of Oputa.
      Monomate           20
      Dimate             60
      Antidote           10
      Telepipe           130
      Escapipe           70
      Scalpel            180
      Ceramic Bar        1200
      Sword              1200
      Ceramic Knife      2800
      Shotgun            820
      Silentshot         920
      Fibergear          430
      Silver Ribbon      380
      Fibercoat          300
      Fibercape          420
      Fibervest          280
      Fibershield        1200
         Before anything, now that we have reached a new town, head back to Rolf's
    house in Paseo and you will be greeted by your next companion, Amy, the Doctor.
    Obviously, being a doctor, Amy will learn the most powerful of healing
    techniques, and will prove to be a very valuable asset to your party.  Add her
    to your party, then head back to Oputa and gather information.  You'll learn
    that the Bio-Systems Lab is nearby to the south, and that there is a piano
    teacher in town.  First, like all companions, Amy starts off weak and
    ill-equipped, so you'll want to fight monsters both to raise Amy's levels, and
    gather Meseta for the new equipment in town.  I recommend buying...
    Rolf:  Fibergear
    Nei:  2 Ceramic Bars, Fibervest
    Rudo:  Fibergear, 2 Ceramic Knives (if you haven't done so yet)
    Amy:  Scalpel, Fibergear, Fibercape
         *NOTE*  The piano teacher in town (named Ustvestia... don't try to pronounce
    that at home :P) lives in a very isolated house in the northwest corner of town.
    He will teach one character the 'Musik' technique which is required to play the
    piano (which will be necessary on two occasions in the game).  He will teach the
    technique to you for 2000 Meseta for male characters, and 5000 Meseta for females
    (that sexist little...).  You only need to teach this to one character, I
    recommend to Rolf since he will be in your party for the duration of the game.
    You don't have to do this now, but it would be a good idea to do so, before
    you forget.  Besides, you could use the EXP anyway.  :P
         *ANOTHER NOTE*  If you ask to hear Ustvestia play, you can choose to have
    him play any of the background musics in the game (call it a 'sound test' option
    if you will).
         *ONE FINAL NOTE*  Amy can use the Silentshot that is sold in Oputa, but
    I didn't find it to be all that useful... it Silences an enemy that is attacked
    by it, but it doesn't do any outright damage.  I recommend sticking to the
    Scalpels for Amy.
         Fight outside of Oputa until Amy reaches a reasonable level (high enough
    at least so she won't get killed), then you may want to travel to the
    Bio-Systems Lab south of Oputa to gain EXP and Meseta faster.  To get there,
    travel south and west of Oputa, across several bridges.  You'll soon come to
    a structure near a tunnel.  This is the Bio-Systems Lab!
    |Bio-Systems Lab                                                   |
    |My Level:  Rolf L11, Rudo L10, Nei L20, Amy L7                    |
    |Items:  Antidote x2, Star Mist, Scalpel, Dynamite, Trimate,       |   
    |        Poisonshot, Recorder                                      |
    |Monsters:  Mushroom, Blaster, Stinger, Locusta, Spitkill,         |
    |           Vortex, Toader, Jelly, Buzzer, Leecher, Pulser,        |
    |           Carrier, Insecta                                       |
         In order to enter the Bio-Systems Lab, you will need to use a stick of
    Dynamite as you did at Nido Tower.  Blast the pesky door out of the way in
    order to gain access to the actual lab.  It consists of three floors and a
    basement.  The basement contains the Recorder we are commissoned to obtain,
    but in order to reach the basement, we'll first have to climb to the top
    floor of the Lab.
         From the entrance, walk north and you will reach a large circular room
    with a chute leading up near the north, and exits to the west and east.  The
    chute and east exit lead to dead-ends, so take the west exit from this room
    and follow the corridor all the way around until hit the north end of the
    floor.  Here you'll see another chute leading up... take it up to the second
    floor.  Then make your way to the south (don't fall down into the pits!), and
    open the box to find an Antidote.  You'll see a chute leading down here, but
    it just leads a dead-end back down on the first floor.  Instead, walk south
    past the chute and follow the corridor to the west.
         Once you reach the open area on the west side of the second floor, walk
    south to find a box containing a much-useful Star Mist in a little nook.
    Star Mist are extremely useful items which restore the HP of all party members.
    They are quite rare, so it's best to save them for dire situations!  After
    obtaining it, ignore the nearby chute, and instead go back north and continue
    your way around the west edge of the floor.  Continue to follow the corridor
    down, around the south side of the floor, and up the east side.  Along the
    way, you'll find another box containing a Scalpel.  Grab it, then continue
    your way around the corridor and you'll end up at a chute leading down back at
    the north side of the floor (basically we just went in one big loop around
    the floor!)  Take this chute down to the first floor.
         Back down on the bottom floor, walk east to reach the east side of the
    floor, then make your way through the glass containers (just walk along the
    outside wall) to reach another chute leading back up in the bottom-left corner.
    Take this one back up to floor two, then walk north-east along the corridor
    to reach another chute leading up to the top floor.  Take it up to the top
    floor, then walk a few steps west, then head south.  Follow this corridor
    south, and around until you reach the south wing of the floor.  At the end of
    the path you'll find another stick of Dynamite (the last one in the game),
    which you will be needing shortly.  Make sure you get this, then head back
    to the chute.
         Now take the path leading to the west (in the upper-left corner, near
    the chute) and follow it all the way around, back down to the south wing.
    Eventually you'll come to a barred door in which you will need to use your
    handy-dandy stick of Dynamite to blow up.  However, once you enter the
    blocked room, the only thing you'll find is a pit.  What's this?  Well, only
    one way to find out... hold your nose and jump!!
         Once you jump into the pit you will fall _all_ the way down through the
    Lab, and land (more or less) in the center of the basement.
         *NOTE*  The orange spots on the floor all over the basement are 'damage
    zones'.  Whenever you step onto a damage zone, you'll take one HP of damage.
    The game is cruel enough to stick many of these directly in your path around
    here, with no way to avoid them (yeech... how could people work in these
    conditions?).  Hope you have some medicine left.  =/
         *ANOTHER NOTE*  Now that you're in the basement, there is no way to get
    back up to the other floors of the Lab other than escaping using an Escapipe
    (or the Hinas technique).  However, if you're out of Escapipes (and Rolf is
    out of TP), you're not completely screwed... there is a stairway leading up
    in the southwest corner of the basement which leads up to an exit to the
    outside on ground level.  This is your "emergency exit".
         Now we're in the basement, so let's find that recorder!  Again, you
    start in the middle of the basement, so make your way out of the little area
    you start in, then head for the south part of the basement.  Like the rest
    of the floors in the Lab (and the ones in Shure), there are four distinct
    'corners' to the floor.  The southwest corner houses a box containing an
    Antidote, as well as the emergency exit I noted before.  The southeast
    corner holds a box containing a Poisonshot, which should be equipped on Amy.
    The northwest corner holds yet another box containing a Trimate, and finally,
    the northeast corner holds a huge control panel that, when searched, reveals
    the Recorder... the item we have been looking for!
         Once the Recorder is in your hands, exit this horrid place, then head
    back to town for a quick rest.  Now, go back to the Central Tower in Paseo
    and get the Recorder to the Governor!  After a quick analysis of the data,
    you'll go to the library to check the results.  The accident at the Lab
    resulted from a massive energy over-load being poured into the system all
    at once.  As a result, the creatures being raised at the Lab evolved into
    the Biohazards, who then spread over the world, throwing Mota's natural
    eco-system out of order.
         The librarian will also show you a few graphs... after the time of the
    accident, the energy being consumed by the Lab sky-rocketed up to extremely
    high levels.  Consequently, the overall temperature of Mota also sky-rocketed,
    and the rainfall plummetted to dangerously low levels.  The energy that is
    supposed to be used to run Climatrol (a building which controls the climate
    of the planet) is now being sucked away by the Bio-Systems Lab, causing the
    abnormal changes in temperature.  She also makes one last note that the
    Bio-hazards could actually be a terrorist attack by someone... in any case,
    it is essential to find out why the energy from Climatrol leaked to the
    Bio-Systems Lab.  The librarian then gives you the Key Tube, which can open
    the door in the tunnel near the Lab.  Our next mission is to investigate
                       -/\/\/\->  The Search for Climatrol <-/\/\/\-
         After receiving the briefing for your new mission, head back to Rolf's
    house and you will be greeted by Hugh, the biologist.  After a quick
    introduction he will join your party.  Hugh, probably the most over-looked
    character in the game, is the leading expert on plants and animals (and
    Bio-hazards), and thus learns many techniques that effect them in various
    ways, but his attacking strength is rather low.  When built up to a higher
    level, Hugh learns many powerful techniques that will prove to be effective
    against bio-monsters!
         Since you can only have up to four members in your party at one time,
    if you want to bring Hugh along you'll have to leave someone else behind.
    Since Nei must always be in your party, you must choose between Rudo and
    Amy.  Before anything, I recommend taking Hugh to the Bio-Systems Lab and
    building him up a few levels, that way he won't get killed by anything and
    everything.  You should go back to Oputa and buy a few pieces of equipment
    for him... a Fibergear and Fibercoat from the armor store, and if you can
    afford it, two Ceramic Knives from the weapon store.  If you can't afford
    the two knives, buy him another Scalpel.
         When you're ready to proceed, head back to the Bio-Systems Lab and
    enter the nearby tunnel.  The Key Tube that the Librarian gave you will
    allow you to open the locked door.  Now you can continue through the
    tunnel to the other side.  Once on the other side, make your way to the
    south and east, and you'll see yet another tunnel crossing over onto a
    small island in the middle of the dried-up lake.  On this island, is a
    town... this is the resort town of Zema!
      Monomate            20
      Dimate              60
      Antidote            10
      Telepipe            130
      Escapipe            70
      Whip                1400
      Ceramic Sword       3200
      Slasher             2000
      Laser Knife         4400
      Cannon              2200
      Poisonshot          1700
      Titanium Gear       1400
      Titanium Helmet     3700
      Shoes               240
      Boots               1000
      Fiber Emel          1360
      Mirror Shield       4800
         Take a quick look around town (noting all the equipment that you need to
    buy -_-), then head back to Rolf's house at Paseo to meet up with another
    companion... Anna, the guardian.  She is a vicious fighter whose job is to
    track down (and destroy) evil hunters.  Though she can't use guns, she can
    use most bladed weapons, including whips and slashers, which are her specialty!
    After the introduction, it's now time to start building up more meseta to
    purchase all this equipment!  I recommend taking Hugh and Anna with you to
    build them up a bit higher, as the next dungeon will prove to be more difficult
    than what we've been through before!
         The enemies around Zema are, for the most part, the same as the ones you
    fought in the Bio-Systems Lab.  They should be good enough to gain meseta from,
    though once you get Hugh and Anna built up to a reasonable level, and you're
    feeling brave, you may want to head to the garbage dump Roron (which, by the
    way, is our next target) which is southeast of Zema.  There are much more
    powerful enemies there (that give very good exp and meseta), so if you do head
    that way, be careful!  Be especially wary of the Slugmess enemy... they come
    in HUGE groups (up to five!), and are capable of splitting (i.e making
    clones of themselves!), and have very high HP and attack power.  Rolf's Zan
    technique and Hugh's Sagen technique (as well as Anna's slashers) come in real
    handy during battles with Slugmess.  However, the Slugmess are THE best source
    of EXP and Meseta around here... 231 EXP and 218 Meseta apiece!!!
         The equipment I recommend purchasing is as follows....
    Rolf:  2 Laser Knives, Titanium Helmet, Boots
    Nei:   <Nothing>
    Rudo:  2 Laser Knives, Titanium Gear
    Amy:  Fiber Emel, Titanium Gear, Boots
    Hugh:  2 Laser Knives, Titanium Gear, Boots
    Anna:  2 Slashers, Titanium Gear
         *NOTE*  Your preference may differ from mine in a few places here.  Yes,
    I know there are a lot of Laser Knives up there (and they aren't exactly cheap)
    but they have more attack power than either the Ceramic Sword (Rolf), Cannon
    (Rudo), or Slashers (Anna).  Also, if you want to buy another Poisonshot for
    Amy instead of an Emel, it's up to you... but I figured the extra defense
    gained from the Emel would help her out more than another Poisonshot (as they
    don't really do all that much damage anyway).  Though the Laser Knives have
    more attack power than the Slashers, they are capable of hitting all the
    monsters in a particular group, giving them an advantage in battles with lots
    of monsters.  Once again, it's up to you.
         Getting all this will probably take a while, but as I said before,
    this gives you a good opportunity to level your new companions.  Obviously
    if you're not planning on using a certain character for a while, there's no
    point in buying equipment for them, but I went ahead and did it anyway, if
    only to use it as an excuse to gain experience.  I usually try to keep
    all my companions at a somewhat even level (except for Rolf and Nei, who will
    inevitably be ahead, since you must always have them in your party), but
    (as is the case many times), it's really a matter of preference.  ;)
         When you've finally purchased all the equipment you want, it's time to
    head for the garbage dump, Roron.  It is located on a small peninsula to the
    southeast of Zema.  The enemies there are very tough, so I recommend stocking
    up on tons of Dimates... since they are rather cheap and you get good meseta
    around here, buy as many as you can, but leave a few inventory spaces open
    for treasure that you might find in Roron.
    |Roron                                                             |
    |My Level:  Rolf L13, Nei L26, Anna L11, Hugh L10                  |
    |Items:  Cannon, Ceramic Bar                                       |
    |Monsters:  Pinchant, Locusta, Stinger, Slugmess, Squat, Hit Tail, |
    |           Fang, Fire-Eye, Mushroom, Amoeba, Spinner, Spitkill    |
    |           Rot Wood, Vortex, Pulser                               |
         This dungeon can be quite a bit frustrating.  As you enter, you'll see
    a single chute leading down inside a small enclosed area.  However, what you
    cannot see is that if you walk to the south around that area, there is another
    similar area further south where there is another chute leading down.  This
    is easy to miss, and as you might expect, is the correct way to go.  However,
    for the sake of getting all the treasure, first go down the chute closest to
    the entrance point of Roron.
         Once downstairs, follow the corridor to the north for a while, and you'll
    reach a box.  However, upon opening it, all you'll find is a stash of garbage
    (another frustrating aspect of this dungeon... most of the boxes merely contain
    garbage!).  Continue to the right along the same corridor, and eventually you'll
    reach a chute leading down.  Take this chute down to Basement 2, then walk to
    the right to reach a box containing a Ceramic Bar.  And, well, that's pretty
    much all there is down here.  Make your way back up to the entrance, then enter
    the "south wing" by walking south around the enclosed area (you'll be walking on
    the black area).  Take the chute here leading back down to the first basement.
         Once downstairs (again), follow the corridor to the right all the way
    around until it branches off to the north.  Ignore this, continue your way to
    the left, and you'll see another branch to the north.  Walk north, and soon
    you'll reach a box containing a Cannon.  Pick it up, then continue to the north
    and you'll reach another chute... take it down to basement 2.  Walk south past
    the garbage box, and follow along the passage until you reach yet another chute,
    leading down.  Use this one to reach basement 3 (the bottom floor).
         On the bottom floor, make your way to the south, and you'll see a few
    Mota natives running around, as well as another box containing garbage.  Talk
    to all of the Mota people, and you'll learn that one has assembled a Jet Scooter
    and that he is about to test it out outside.  Once you have spoken to him, exit
    Roron and you'll find the Jet Scooter abandoned outside.  Examine it and you'll
    find a note that states the owner would rather fiddle with his garbage than
    the Jet Scooter, and that the person who finds it can keep it.  Wow... must be
    our lucky day!
         *NOTE*  Now that you have the Jet Scooter, you can explore the waters of
    Mota.  You can get off anywhere where there is land by driving up next to the
    shore and pressing the A button.  Also, all areas of Mota are accessible now,
    so it's time to do some exploring!
         *ANOTHER NOTE*  Whenever you use the Ryuka technique, or teleport to a
    a different town, the Jet Scooter will automatically appear at the closest body
    of water to the town you teleported to.  This is to not make your Jet Scooter
    inaccessible as you teleport from town to town!
         First head back to Zema to take a little break, then we should head off
    for the next town.  Though we have the Jet Scooter, it is also accessible by
    land.  Head southeast of Zema, and cross the bridge as if you were going to
    Roron.  Once across the bridge, walk to the west, and you'll come to another
    bridge.  Cross again, then make your way south and west, and through the gap
    in the domes to reach yet another bridge to the north.  Once across this
    bridge, the town of Kueri will be visible to the north!
      Monomate           20
      Dimate             60
      Trimate            160
      Antidote           10
      Telepipe           130
      Escapipe           70
      Boomerang          480
      Laser Slasher      6700
      Laser Bar          3100
      Acidshot           4800
      Silentshot         920
      Laser Shot         6200
      Titanium Armor     5600
      Titanium Cape      6300
      Titanium Chest     5400
      Knifeboots         4200
      Mirror Emel        5120
      Ceramic Shield     8300
         As has been the standard prodecure when reaching a new town, take a quick
    look around, and cringe at the thought of purchasing the new equipment for your
    characters (just a bit expensive?).  Then, teleport back to Paseo and visit
    Rolf's house to meet your new companion... Kain, the wrecker.  Though Kain isn't
    very useful against bio-monsters, his profession is trashing robots.  Many of
    his techniques are similar to Hugh's, only Kain's effect robots while Hugh's
    effect biomonsters.  Kain won't be become really useful until later in the game
    when you start fighting robotic monsters.
         Don't add him to your party just yet... for now, teleport back to Kueri.
    There is one more town that exists on Mota, and it is only accessible via the
    Jet Scooter.  Exit town, and head for the shoreline to the west to find your
    Jet Scooter conveniently waiting for you.  Jump on board, then sail due west
    and you should hit an island with some mountains on it.  Remember where this
    island is... you'll be searching for something here in a little while!  Sail
    around to the south of this island, then sail due west until you reach land.
    Park the scooter, then make your way across a series of bridges until you
    reach the final town, Piata!
      Monomate           20
      Dimate             60
      Trimate            160
      Telepipe           130
      Escapipe           70
      Hidapipe           280
      Laser Sword        5400
      Laser Bar          3100
      Acidshot           4800
      Vulcan             12600
      Laser Shot         6200
      Laser Cannon       20000
      Silver Crown       470
      Jeweled Ribbon     4700
      Ceramic Armor      11700
      Ceramic Cape       12400
      Ceramic Chest      10000
      Long Boots         6800
         As always, look around town, then teleport back to Paseo.  At Rolf's house,
    you meet your final companion, Shir the thief.  Though not the most useful
    character, Shir is useful in the fact that she can steal items from shops!  She
    does this at random however, and after stealing an item, she will leave your
    party.  In order to get her back, you'll have to head back to Rolf's house.
    As she gains in strength, she will be able to steal more valuable items,
    including the Visiphone... the most useful item in the game which allows you to
    save your adventure anywhere, and even rare items such as Star Mist and Moon Dew!
         Now that you have all your companions and can teleport freely from any town,
    it's time to start buying equipment.  Yes, there is a lot, and yes it is horridly
    expensive, but it will be necessary as the monsters at Uzo Island are VERY strong.
    First, head back to Kueri.  There is a researcher in this town who is trying to
    develop a special gum that allows humans to breathe underwater.  You'll find his
    house in the south part of town... you'll have to walk around the outside of town
    to reach it (why is it these professor types always live out in the middle of
    nowhere...?  ).  Upon talking to him, you'll learn that in order for him to
    complete his project, he needs a special leaf called the Maruera Leaf that grows
    on Uzo Island (remember that island with the mountains on it?  The one I told you
    to remember?).  In order to get to Climatrol, we'll need this gum, so looks like
    we'll have to help him!
         Remember, Uzo Island is due west of Kueri.  Walk up to the mountains and you
    will enter the actual dungeon area.  I recommend fighting around here to gain EXP
    and Meseta, which you receive in quite large amounts around here, though the
    enemies are extremely tough.  Around Piata is also a good place to build up, at
    least until you have enough equipment to survive at Uzo for any length of
    time.  I also recommend leveling up Kain and Shir a bit, since (as always)
    they start at level one.  The equipment from Piata can wait a while, so I suggest
    getting the following...
    Rolf -->  Titanium Chest
    Nei -->  2 Laser Bars, Knifeboots
    Rudo -->  Laser Shot, Titanium Armor
    Amy -->  2 Acidshots, Titanium Cape
    Hugh -->  Titanium Chest
    Anna -->  2 Laser Slashers, Titanium Cape, Knifeboots
    Kain -->  Titanium Armor, 2 Laser Knives & Titanium Helmet & Boots (from Zema)
    Shir -->  2 Laser Knives & Boots (from Zema), Fibercape (from Oputa)
         When you've (finally) made all your purchases, set out for Uzo Island and
    start your search for the Maruera Leaf!
    |Uzo Island                                                        |
    |My Level:  Rolf L16, Nei L32, Rudo L14, Anna L13                  |
    |Items:  Maruera Leaf                                              |
    |Monsters:  Scaly, Fanbite, Blockhed, Catman, Glowstik, Wolfang,   |
    |           Head Rot, Burnwolf, Terakite                           |
         Uzo Island is a pain.  The monsters are strong, the island is simply huge,
    and the layout is a nightmare... a maze if I ever saw one!  And to make matters
    completely worse, there are seven Maruera trees at the top of the island, and
    as you would expect... only one of them contains the leaf we are looking for!
    Stock up on a full load of Dimates, and at least one Escapipe/Telepipe because
    you will most likely need them!
         *NOTE*  Chances are good you're probably wondering about the Visiphone that
    I've been preaching about up until now.  As a matter of fact, now would be a good 
    time to get it.  Make sure that Shir is about level 10 or so, then head back to
    the Central Tower at Paseo.  Enter the item-storage room, then exit, and repeat
    until Shir makes her move.  Upon going back to Rolf's house and retrieving her,
    you'll find your shiny new Visiphone in her inventory!  I recommend you give it
    to Rolf since he'll be in your party for the entire game.  With the Visiphone,
    you can save your adventure wherever you please!  However, note that when you
    use the Visiphone to save, the Ryuka technique will always take you back to
    Paseo.  =D
         From the island's entrance, walk to the right, and go up the stairs.  Then,
    walk all the way to the left, up the stairs, and up the next stairs to your
    north.  Go left, down the stairs, left a bit more, up the stairs, then all the
    way to the left once again, and down the stairs.  Walk right, down the stairs,
    and follow along this path until you reach a cave entrance.  Go inside and you'll
    come out on a different part of the island.  You'll see a small pond nearby, with
    a waterfall.  Go right a little ways, up the stairs, to the right, up the stairs,
    right again, and up the stairs.  There's another cave entrance to the left, but
    as it leads to a dead-end, ignore it.
         Walk all the way to the right, down the stairs, then follow along this path
    until you reach yet another cave entrance.  Go inside, and you'll come out near
    the top of the island.  There are Maruera trees to your left and right... the one
    on the left contains the Leaf we want.  Search the tree, get the Maruera Leaf, and
    then get the heck out of here!
         Scoot back to Kueri and re-visit the professor's house now that you have the
    Maruera Leaf.  Hand it over to him and he will quickly make the Maruera Gum, which
    will allow you to breathe underwater!  Don't worry about running out, as this Gum
    can be used over and over (hmm... ABC gum, yummy!)
         Now the only thing left to do is find the underwater entrance to Climatrol.
    Climatrol is the biggest dungeon thus far (hosting 8 floors plus an underwater
    basement), and is home to the toughest bio-monsters in the game.  Before you go
    there, I recommend buying the equipment from Piata to prepare yourself.
         More equipment upgrading blues....
    Rolf -->  Laser Sword, Ceramic Chest
    Nei -->  Jeweled Ribbon
    Rudo -->  Laser Cannon, Ceramic Armor
    Amy -->  Silver Crown, Ceramic Cape
    Hugh -->  Ceramic Chest
    Anna -->  Ceramic Cape, Silver Crown
    Kain -->  Ceramic Armor
    Shir -->  Ceramic Cape, Silver Crown
         Since you've already seen that the monsters at Uzo Island give large amounts
    of Meseta (and EXP), I recommend fighting there to build money for the equipment.
    The stuff is expensive, but your characters are strong enough by now that the
    monsters shouldn't give you _too_ much trouble, so it won't take all that long.
    You'd be surprised at how much stronger the new pieces of armor are!
         *NOTE*  As an alternative, you may want to take Shir along with you and have
    her steal some items from the various shops.  What Shir will steal depends on 
    which type of shop you enter, but she will often steal items that are not even
    available for sale in the shops!  From item shops she may steal Star Mist (which
    sell for 500 meseta) or Moon Dew (sells for a whopping 6000 meseta!)!  From
    weapon shops, she will usually steal Daggers or Laser Knives, but rarely you may
    get other items such as Laser Shots or even Fire Staves (which are darn nice
    weapons for Amy!).  From armor shops, Shir will steal Silver Crowns, Shune Boots,
    or Green Sleeves (a piece of armor only Shir can equip).  However, getting any
    particular one of these items could take a very long time and is likely to be more
    boring than fighting bio-monsters.
         As always, once you've purchased your new equipment I recommend once again
    stocking up on Dimates (or even better, Trimates if you care to raise enough
    money to buy lots of them).  Chances are my levels are higher than most people's,
    but I recommend that Rolf be _at least_ level 15 before tackling Climatrol.  If
    you aren't yet level 15, you should build up on Uzo Island until you are... like
    I said before, Climatrol is the biggest and toughest dungeon yet!
         The underwater entrance to Climatrol is located in the ocean south of Uzo
    Island.  On the Jet Scooter, head west from Kueri until you hit the island, then
    position yourself on the west edge of the shoreline, then head due south.  Soon
    you will reach a discolored spot in the ocean.  This is the entrance to Climatrol.
    Sail up to the suspicious spot and use your Maruera Gum.  The party will dive
    underwater and you'll be in the underwater basement.  Here we go!
    |Climatrol                                                         |
    |My Level:  Rolf L17, Nei L34, Rudo L15, Anna L14                  |
    |Items:  Jeweled Ribbon, Fibervest, Silver Ribbon, Knifeboots,     |
    |        Laser Bar, Ceramic Bar, Sandals                           |
    |Monsters:  Fang, Pug Brat, Pug Kill, Slugmess, Rot Wood, Scaly,   |
    |           Burnwolf, Fanbite, Blastoid, Catman, Glowstik,         |
    |           Spitkill, Spitfang, Head Rot, Firia, Python, Whirly,   |
    |           Blockhed, Catfang, Cateye, Forest, Flarewlf            |
    |Boss:  Neifirst                                                   |
         The underwater basement area contains many of those annoying damage zones
    that existed in the basement of the Bio-Systems Lab.  Careful where you walk.
         From the entrance, move to the west along the corridor until it branches
    off to the south.  Take this branch to the south, cross the damage zones (ouch),
    and follow along the path some more.  When you reach a large open area with more
    damage zones, move to the northwest, and soon you'll reach another large open
    area.  Take the corridor leading off to the north, and follow this until you reach
    yet another area with more damage zones.  Walk to the left, past a big clump of
    damage zones, until you see a path leading off to the south.  Take this path,
    cross the myriad of damage zones in this area, and make your way to the southwest
    corner, where there are stairs leading up to the first floor of Climatrol itself!
         The first floor consists of some narrow passages, and is quite simple.  From
    the chute, just walk south until you hit the wall, then walk all the way west until
    you hit the wall.  Go south to the wall, then west until you reach the chute leading
    up to floor two.  The second floor is just one small square-shaped room... walk to
    the east and use the chute to get up to floor three.  Floor three is similar, but
    with a large pit in the middle.  Head for the south side of the room to find a box
    containing a Jeweled Ribbon, then head for the north side and use the chute to go
    up to floor 4.  On floor 4, make your way to the south side of the room, grab the
    box containing a Fibervest, then ascend the chute to floor 5.  Here's where things
    get hairy.  The top four floors are large, and contain countless chutes leading
    every which way.  On top of that, these floors contain the toughest bio-monsters in
    the game.  =/
         On floor 5, you'll find yourself in the direct center of the floor.  Like many
    of the other dungeons, there are four distinct 'corners' to the floor, and each
    'corner' contains two chutes leading up.  Getting each of the treasures will be
    difficult since they're scattered all over the place, so I'll divide the run up
    into three distinct 'trips', each trip will end you back up at the center of the
    fifth floor.
         Trip 1:  From the center of floor 5, head northeast and take the chute leading
    up in the far northeast corner up to floor 6.  Walk south, and continue up the next
    chute to floor 7.  Walk south from here and you'll find a box containing some
    Sandals.  Pick them up, then continue down and to the right.  You'll see a chute
    leading up to floor 8... ignore it, continue right, and down the chute on the far
    right, back down to floor 6.  Walking south, you'll see two more chutes, one leading
    up, the other leading down.  Ignore both of these, and follow the corridor until you
    reach yet another chute leading up near the pit.  Take this up to floor 7, then
    follow the path and take the chute at the end up to floor 8.  Walk west along this
    corridor, and once you reach an open area, go southwest to reach another chute
    leading down.  Go back down to floor 7, and walk right, then south to find a box
    containing a Laser Bar.  Grab it, head back to the chute you came from, then walk
    west to find a chute leading back down.  Take it down to floor 6, and walk south
    along the edge of the pit.  Ignore the next chute leading up, and continue around the
    outside of the pit until you reach a box containing some Knifeboots.  It will seem
    like the path stops at a wall, but there is an itty-bitty walk-able piece of land
    just between the wall and the pit (it's so small the wall conceals it).  Use this
    to get over to the seemingly un-accessible chest.  Grab the treasure inside,
    then go back and take the chute you passed to go back up to floor 7.  You'll be
    in a small isolated room here, so just walk south and take the next chute down to
    floor 6.  Walk to the southeast and take the chute at the end of the passage back
    down to floor 5, and make your way back to the center.  Trip 1 complete!
         *NOTE*  If you need, you can exit Climatrol and come back here after a quick
    rest.  If you feel you're in good enough condition to continue... well, continue!
         Trip 2:  We've already got the majority of the treasures, so this one will be
    short.  Head for the southwest area of floor 5, and take the chute in the far
    southwest corner.  Move east to a large open area, and you'll see a chute leading
    up and one leading down in the vicinity.  Take the one leading up, then follow the
    corridor to the west to reach a box containing a Ceramic Bar.  Go back east, down
    the chute, and down the other nearby chute leading down.  You'll end up back down
    on floor 5.  Now head back to the center.  Trip 2 complete!
         *NOTE*  This will be the final trip.  The top floor contains a boss monster,
    the first one you've fought so far.  As you would expect, it is _tough_, so I
    recommend going back to town and taking a rest, whether you think you need it or
    not.  I also recommend stocking up on some Trimates (your runs through here most
    likely are filling up your pockets quite nicely!), and if you haven't gotten the
    Visiphone yet, I strongly recommend you do so now.  Once you're ready and rested,
    head back to the center of floor 5.  Here we go!!
         *ANOTHER NOTE*  Try to conserve Rolf's TP as you make your way to the boss.
    Provided you have enough Trimates, you shouldn't have to use either his healing
    techs or his fighting techs unless you're really in trouble.  Trust me... you'll
    need Rolf's TP for the boss fight.
         Trip 3:  Head for the northwest area of the floor, and take the chute that
    is situated near about the middle of the north wall (i.e not the one in the far
    northwest corner).  Take this up to floor 6, and take the next chute that's about
    two steps away to continue up to floor 7.  Walk south through the open area, and
    take the narrow corridor leading east.  When it branches to the south, head south
    and you'll reach a chute leading down.  Take this back down to floor 6, then head
    west to find a box containing a Silver Ribbon.  Grab this, head back east to the
    chute, then walk south along the outside of the pit to reach yet another chute
    leading back up to floor 7.  Take it, then walk straight west to reach a chute
    leading up to floor 8.  Ride it up to the top floor, then walk east to a semi-
    open area.  You'll see several narrow passages leading to the right... five of
    them to be exact.  Most lead to dead-ends, but one (the one in the center), leads
    to the boss monster.  Wait a minute... doesn't that look like Nei??
         *NOTE*  Before talking to the boss monster, use the Visiphone and save your
    game!  As I said before, the boss is tough, and you don't want to have to march
    all the way through Climatrol again!
         *ANOTHER NOTE*  Nei _must_ be alive for this part.  If Nei is dead, you
    might as well exit Climatrol now and go bring her back to life.  :/
         Upon talking to the mysterious Nei-lookalike, you'll learn that her name
    is Neifirst (?), and that, Like Nei, she is a product of combined human cells
    with those of a bio-hazard.  Since the scientists at the Bio-Systems lab deemed
    the project a failure, they tried to kill her, but failed.  Neifirst escaped,
    stealing DNA from the Bio-Systems Lab that allowed her to create the bio-monsters
    as revenge for conducting their experiments!  The bio-hazards all over Mota were
    caused by Neifirst!
         However, she also explains that there is 'another' Nei inside her, one that
    is trying to stop her.  This, of course, is the Nei that we all know so well.
    But Nei protests that she, unlike Neifirst, isn't a monster that despises all
    people, and attacks her!
    = Boss Battle:  Neifirst                          =
    - Hit Points:  1,100                              -
    = Attack Power:  178        Defense Power:  10    =
    - Experience:  1,111        Meseta:  1,111        -
    = Special:  Attacks all allies                    =
         First, you'll be fighting Neifirst with Nei alone.  No matter how powerful
    Nei might be, Neifirst is probably way too powerful for Nei to overtake by
    herself.  Though in theory it _is_ possible to kill her, chances are it's not
    gonna happen.  After fighting valiantly, Nei is soon over-powered and slain by
    Neifirst.  Rolf and party fly into a rage and attack Neifirst.  Now comes the
    real battle!
         Now you'll be fighting with only three members, excluding Nei who has
    tragically been slain.  As you'll see, Neifirst's atttack power is extremely
    high, and her special attack will hit all members of your party.  Rolf should
    repeatedly throw out the Nafoi technique, while your other party members should
    attack with their weapons.  If someone starts running low on HP (which is quite
    likely), have the weakest member (i.e the one that does the least damage to
    Neifirst) use a Trimate on him/her.  Neifirst has 1,100 HP (quite a lot, no?),
    and she is fully restored before the battle so any damage Nei may have done to
    her is nullified.  Neifirst is tough, but not impossible.
         *NOTE*  If by some small miracle you manage to defeat Neifirst with Nei
    alone (be it by cheating or whatever :P), Nei will still die, as since she is
    a part of Neifirst, when Neifirst perishes she will as well.  If Nei is at a
    really high level and you give her a full load of Trimates it _might_ be
    possible, but it sure won't be easy.
         Either way, after the battle, all the energy that was being controlled by
    Neifirst begins to pour into the system at once!  Climatrol will begin to
    explode, and all the rain supply stored by Climatrol will begin to flow into
    the central lake.  Now, instead of being completely dried up, there is so much
    water that Motavia is in danger of flooding!  Rolf safely transports the party
    back to the capital of Paseo.  You'll automatically head to the Clone Lab, but
    as stated before, since Neifirst and Nei are of the same origin, the death of
    Neifirst in turn destroyed Nei as well, and she cannot be returned.  She also
    mentions a plateau near Paseo where you can put her to rest.  Aftewards Rolf
    heads back to the Central Tower.
         On your way up to meet the governor, a frantic townsperson explains the
    situation... that the lake has overflowed and Mota is in danger of flooding!
    The only way to save Mota is to open the four dams that regulate the water
    supply in the lake.  If the dams are opened, the excess water supply will be
    carried out safely to the ocean.  Rolf volunteers for the job, but the governor
    explains that the government of Palma (the first planet of the Algo system) has
    labeled Rolf and party the cause for the malfunction in Mother Brain, and has
    sent an army of robots out onto Mota to exterminate you!  Still, Rolf insists
    on taking the job, so the governor reluctantly decides to assign Rolf with the
    task of opening the four dams.  The cards are hidden in a secret control tower,
    the location of which is unknown.  There are four keycards, one for each dam.
    The cards allow you to both enter the dam, and activate the control panel
    inside which opens the floodgates.  Now, once again we have our work cut out
    for us... we must find the keycards, and open the dams before Mota floods!
         *NOTE*  Nei is now gone from your party, permanently.  Any items that she
    was carrying (including equipment) are also gone.  If Nei was carrying the
    Visiphone... well, hmm, heheh... you're screwed.  :(
         *ANOTHER NOTE*  Now that Neifirst is dead, the bio-monsters are gone from
    Mota, permanently.  However there is a new threat to Rolf and his friends... the
    robots that have been sent out by the government of Palma!  You will be fighting
    the security robots instead of the bio-monsters from this point forward.  Thus,
    Hugh loses most of his usefulness at this point, while Kain gains his usefulness.
    Also, you'll obviously have three party slots available now, since Nei is no
    longer among us.  =(
                     -/\/\/\-> Opening the Dams, Part One <-/\/\/\-
         The 'secret' control tower where the keycards are located is situated in
    the town of Piata.  Teleport back there, then head for the northwest corner of
    town.  You'll see a bridge that leads over to a tiled area kinda shaped like a
    +, but there's nothing over there.  Walk south along the edge of town, and
    when you're about even with the hospital, head due west.  You'll come to a
    ruined area of town with a few destroyed houses and three towers.  The control
    tower in the middle is the one that houses the keycards we are looking for!
    |Control Tower                                                     |
    |My Level:  Rolf L18, Rudo L15, Anna L15, Kain L14                 |
    |Items:  Red Card, Yellow Card, Blue Card, Green Card              |
    |Monsters:  Mazgamma, Wireface, Metalman, Informer, Eyesore        |
         *NOTE*  Before doing anything, make sure that one the characters you are
    bringing along has the Musik technique (if you forgot, you can learn from 
    Ustvestia, the piano teacher, in Oputa).  You'll need it to gain access to
    the keycards!
         The Control Tower has only two floors, but if you thought Climatrol was
    bad for having chutes all over the place, you haven't seen anything yet.  The
    first floor has no less than 69 chutes leading up to the next floor (No, I'm
    not kidding.  There really are 69 chutes.  Stop laughing.).  If you know where
    you're going the dungeon is fairly short, and if you don't it will probably
    take forever.  Of course, the same thing could be said for almost every
    dungeon, but... -_-
         Upon entering the Control Tower, make your way north, around the large
    structure in the center of the floor.  Once you are on the north side of the
    floor, there will be a corridor leading to the left and right.  Walk to the
    left, passing by chute after chute along the way.  Once you reach the left
    end of the corridor, go back right counting off the chutes, and take the 4th
    chute from the left up to floor 2.  Walk south, past a few more chutes, until
    you reach the south end of the corridor.  You'll find yourself in a wide open
    area, with one lone chute leading down on the left-hand side.  Take this one
    down, then take a few steps south and take another chute back up to floor 2.
    Make your way to the right, going upstairs/downstairs repeatedly until you
    reach an area on the second floor where there are four chutes in a row leading
    down.  Take the third one, then walk north and take the chute at the end of
    the passage back up to floor 2.  Now you should be in the center of the floor.
         Walk to the right, cross the pit, and walk up to the piano.  Here's where
    you'll need to use the Musik techinque!  Use Musik in front of the piano to
    play it, and the door behind the structure containing the piano will open.
         *NOTE*  If you examine the piano, your party will remark on the piano
    and sheet music.  However, don't touch the piano!  By doing so you'll be
    teleported back outside the Tower, and you don't want to have to go through
    here again.  :(
         Go back there past where the door was, and you'll find four consoles.
    Search each of these to obtain the four keycards to the dams!  Now that we
    have these, we can now begin our quest to open the four dams and save Mota!
         Techincally, you can tackle the dams in any order you please, but the
    recommended order is "Red, Yellow, Blue, Green" as both the monsters you fight
    and the complexity of each dam increases in that order.  In other words, the
    Yellow Dam is tougher than the Red Dam, Blue is tougher than Yellow, and Green
    is toughest.  Our first target is Red Dam, which although is the least
    difficult of the dams, it is the most difficult to get to (though neither of
    the four dams are exceedingly difficult to reach).
         As you've probably seen throughout your 'hikes' throughout Mota, each
    dam is located near the Central Lake.  There is one on each side of the Lake
    (north, east, south, west) and they are only accessible via the Jet Scooter.
    The Red Dam is located on the south side of the Central Lake.  To get there,
    teleport to Zema and southeast to the peninsula where Roron is.  Board the
    Jet Scooter.. the wide canal that leads to the Red Dam should be right
    nearby.  =)
    |Red Dam                                                           |
    |My Level:  Rolf L18, Rudo L16, Anna L16, Kain L15                 |
    |Items:  Sword of Anger, Fire Slasher, Fire Staff                  |
    |Monsters:  Mazgamma, Eyesore, Poleziax, Wireface, Sonomech,       |
    |           Metalman, Informer, Wirehead                           |
         The Red Dam is the least complex of the four, and consists of three
    floors... two ground floors and a basement.  Upon entering the Red Dam,
    use the Red Card to open the door.  The path through the dam is actually
    rather straight-forward, as there aren't really that many dead-ends (or
    zillions of chutes leading every which way :P).  After passing through the
    door, head for the north-west corner of the floor and descend the chute
    down to the basement.
         Once downstairs, follow the corridor until you reach a rather large
    open area, and about in the middle there will be a chute leading back up.
    Ride back up to the ground floor, then walk south.  Here there will be a
    passage leading off to the west, and a chute in the southeast corner,
    leading up.  Take the chute up to the second floor, and you'll find yourself
    in an enclosed area with a box.  Open it up to obtain a Fire Slasher... a
    rather nice weapon for Anna!  Go back down the chute and follow that passage
    leading off to the left, and take the chute in the south-west corner back down
    to the basement.
         Back downstairs again, head to the north and east, and you'll reach
    another open area, with a chute leading up (once again) about in the center.
    Ride it back up to ground floor, then head west and use the chute in the
    north-west corner to travel up to floor two.  Now follow the passage around
    the large pit, and make your way to the right-hand side of the floor.  When
    you come to another group of pits, you'll see the console that controls the
    opening of the dam to the south across the pit, but we can't get to it from
    here.  Once you pass the pit 'group', head to the south and pick up a box
    in a nearby nook to obtain a Fire Staff, which is a rather good weapon for
    Amy.  Note that the Fire Staff also throws out a FOI technique if you use
    it in battle!  Grab it, then go back up and continue making your way to the
    right-hand side of the floor.
         After walking around another large pit, you should (finally) come to a
    chute leading down.  Ride back down to ground level, then head south and use
    the chute in the south-east corner to head back down to the basement.  From
    the chute you just came from, head to the north and west, and you'll come to
    one last box... containg the Sword of Ango for Rolf (which is a nice weapon,
    might I add :).  Pick it up, then head back down and take the passage leading
    to the left, and follow it around until you reach a chute in the north-east
    corner.  Ride it back up to ground level (up down up down... getting tired
    yet?), then continue along the corridor until you reach one last chute
    leading back up to floor 2.  Take this chute up to the top floor, then head
    left to (finally) reach the dam-opening console!  Use the Red Card on the
    console and the Red Dam will open.  That's one down... three to go!  Exit
    the Red Dam and head back to town for a well-deserved rest.
         Our next stop... the Yellow Dam!
                     -/\/\/\-> Opening the Dams, Part Two <-/\/\/\-
         The Yellow Dam is located on the western side of the Central Lake.  The
    easiest way to get there is to teleport back to Kueri, and head for the
    nearby shoreline and jump on your handy-dandy Jet Scooter.  From there, sail
    a short ways north and you'll see the canal leading to the Yellow Dam.  Here
    we go!
    |Yellow Dam                                                        |
    |My Level:  Rolf L19, Rudo L16, Anna L16, Kain L15                 |
    |Items:  Escapipe, Crystal Cape, Crystal Chest, Crystanish,        |
    |        Amber Robe                                                |
    |Monsters:  Sonomech, Wirehead, Eyesore, Firgamma, Informer,       |
    |           Metalman, Poleziax, Twig Man, Mazgamma, Cooley61,      |
    |           Wireface                                               |
         The Yellow Dam is a bit more complicated than the Red Dam, with four
    rather large floors.  First of all, as you did in the Red Dam, use your
    Yellow Card to open the entrance gate, then head out into the huge open
    area that is the first floor.  As you head out, you'll pass by two chutes,
    both leading up.  Ignore both of these, as each lead to dead-ends.  Instead,
    make your way to the far right wall of the floor, and (as there were on the
    left side) there will be two more chutes (both leading up, of course).  First
    take the top one up to floor two.
         Once upstairs, head to the left along the passage, until you reach a
    branch where the corridor goes left and right.  Head to the left and you'll
    pass by a chute... ignore this one and continue along the corridor until you
    reach a dead-end, where there is another chute leading up.  Take this one up,
    and open the box in the enclosed area you come out in to obtain a Crystanish..
    a nice suit of armor for Rudo to equip.  Once you've gotten this, retrace
    your steps all the way back down to the first floor.  Take the other (bottom)
    chute back up to floor two, then head south to find a box containing an
    Escapipe.  Pick it up, then from the box walk left until you reach an open
    area.  Go north, and at the end of the short dead-end corridor you'll find
    another chute leading back down... take it back down to the ground floor.
         You'll now find yourself in the enclosed area in the middle of the bottom
    floor.  Head due west and you'll hit another chute.  Take it back up to floor
    two, then head west and north until you hit another chute leading further up.
    Take it up to floor three, then walk south, and continue up the next chute
    up to the top floor.  The top floor is a bit strange as it consists of three
    'spiral' structures.  After going up the chute you'll find yourself in the
    middle of one of these spirals.  Make your way out of the spiral, and at the
    "exit", you'll see a chute to the south.  Ignore it for a second, then walk
    due north of this chute, and make right to find a dead-end where you'll find
    a chest containing an Amber Robe.  This robe, only equippable by Hugh, isn't
    exactly a good piece of armor, but it throws out a "Res" technique on the
    person who uses it in battle!
         After opening the box, head back down to the chute I mentioned before,
    and take it down to floor 3.  Grab the box in the enclosed area you end up
    in to obtain a Crystal Cape, a better Cape for Amy, Anna, or Shir.  Equip it,
    head back upstairs once more, then walk to the right.  Soon you'll reach
    another chute leading down.  Take this one down and, like before, open the
    chest in the enclosed area to find a Crystal Chest... better armor for Rolf
    or Hugh!  Head back upstairs one last time, then continue right until you hit
    the right-hand side of the floor.  You'll pass another chute leading down
    along the way, but ignore it.  Once you hit the south-east corner, walk up
    the right-side of the floor and you'll see the "entrance" to another spiral
    structure.  Ignore this, and make your way up the northeast corner.  Once
    there, walk west along the north edge of the floor (no, we're not going in
    circles :P), until you see a path leading south.  This is the "entrance" to
    the middle spiral structure.
         Make your way around the spiral until you reach the chute in the middle.
    Descend back down to floor three and you'll find yourself right at the
    dam-opening console!  How convenient!  Place your Yellow Card in the console
    and the dam will open.  Two more dams left!
         Make your usual run back to town and rest, plus stock up on some more
    Trimates if necessary.  Our next target is the Blue Dam, located on the east
    side of the Central Lake.  The easiest way to get there is to teleport to
    Kueri, jump in your Jet Scooter, and sail north until you are even with the
    canal leading to the Yellow Dam.  From there, sail due west until you hit
    the east side of Mota, and right into the canal leading to the Blue Dam!  =D
    |Blue Dam                                                          |
    |My Level:  Rolf L20, Rudo L17, Anna L17, Kain L16                 |
    |Items:  Antidote, Crescegear, Star Mist, Snow Crown, Wind Scarf,  |
    |        Trimate, Colorscarf, Storm Gear                           |
    |Monsters:  Sonomech, Wirehead, Poleziax, Wireface, Cooley61,      |
    |           Informer, Firgamma, Attmech, Eyesore, Twig Man, Van,   |
    |           Pod Head, Mazgamma                                     |
         The Blue Dam consists of five reasonably large floors, and the monsters
    here are tougher than those you've faced previously.  As always, having a
    bunch of Trimates and an Escapipe/Telepipe handy just may save your life if
    the going gets too rough!
         Upon entering the Blue Dam, unlock the door with your Blue Cardkey,
    then proceed into the actual dam.  After doing so, you'll find yourself in
    a quite large and open room.  Make your way to the south, around the outside
    of the entrance room, and you'll come to a chute in the south-east corner.
    Take it up to floor 2, and grab the Antidote in the treasure box upstairs.
    Now go back downstairs, and go north-west through the very large and open
    room, until you reach the north-west corner where there is another chute
    leading back up.  Ride this one back up to floor 2, then walk south until
    you hit the wall, then east until you reach another chute.
         Ride up to floor 3, then walk west and follow this path until you
    reach the north-west corner of this fairly large area.  There will be
    a chute leading up and a chute leading down in the vicinity (the down
    chute is in the far north-east corner while up chute is slightly to the
    south-west).  Take the down chute to go back down to floor 2, then walk
    south-west through another large room to reach a box containing a Crescegear,
    a very useful helmet!  Even though it isn't any stronger than the Titanigear,
    be sure to hold onto as it throws out a GIRES technique on whoever uses
    it in battle!
         Go back upstairs, then go up the other chute to floor 4.  Walk to
    the east a short ways, continue up to floor 5 (the top floor), then move
    to the south and east, until you reach a chute leading back down, as well
    as a treasure box containing a Storm Gear.  This helmet is only equippable
    by Kain, and isn't any stronger than the Titanimet, but it throws out a
    GIZAN technique (which effects ALL enemies rather than just an enemy
    'group') when used in battle.  I recommend giving this to Kain, and have
    him use the Storm Gear as an item in battle in lieu of attacking.  =)
         Take the chute leading down, back down to floor 4, and walk to the
    right.  You'll notice 5 pits in a checker-board fashion, a treasure box,
    and a chute leading back up.  The treasure box contains a Colorscarf, some
    head equipment for Anna.  Not only is it more powerful than the Silver
    Crown... it also throws out a SANER technique when used in battle.  The 
    chute leading up leads to a dead-end, so it's apparent the correct path
    is down one of the pits.  The two on the right and the one in the center
    lead to the same place, so fall down either one of those pits, and you'll
    end up back down on floor 3, directly in front of a treasure box.  Open it
    up to obtain a Snow Crown.  It is only equippable by Amy, but it also is 
    more stronger than the Silver Crown, and even throws out a DEBAN technique
    when used in battle!
         Grab the treasure, then move south, and down the next chute... back
    down to floor 2.  Walk to the left, through this next large room, and
    take the next chute leading down, back down to the ground floor.  Now,
    move to the north, and through the narrow passage connecting this room
    with the rest of the floor.  Once through that narrow passage, make your
    way left and south, towards the south-west corner of the floor.  Upon
    reaching the south-west area of the floor, look to the east for another
    chute leading back up to floor 2.  Go back upstairs, then take the chute
    directly to your north-east up to floor 3 for a box containing a Wind
    Scarf.  This scarf is equippable by Shir, and throws out a ZAN technique
    (effecting ALL enemies) when used in battle.
         Now, go back down to floor 2, and make your to the far north-west
    corner of this floor to find another chute leading back up.  Go back up
    to floor 3, then walk all the way to the north-west corner of the floor
    once again, and continue up to floor 4.  Now go south and follow the
    path, and you'll pass by the north edge of a square pit, with the dam
    opening console directly in the center.  You can't get to it from here,
    so ignore it for the time being.  Continue to the right, and ride the
    chute back down to floor 3.  Then, move to the south and west, go back
    up to floor 4 _again_, and you'll see the console once again to the
    northwest.  You still can't get to it, so ignore it once again.  :(
         Head to the south-west to pick up a box containing a Trimate, then
    go back east and up to the north-east corner, and take the chute leading
    back up to floor 5.  Back on the top floor, follow the path until you
    reach another chute leading back down, descend to floor 4, and there
    will be a down chute directly to your south, and an up chute to the
    south and west.  First take the down chute to reach a box on floor 3
    containing a very useful Star Mist!  Then go back up, and take the
    up-chute in the south-west corner to travel back up to floor 5... again.
         Move to the north-east, through the large room, until you come to
    two strangely-shaped pits near the north-east corner.  Fall down into
    either of the pits and you'll land right near the dam-opening console!
    Use the Blue Card to unlock the console and open the dam.  Three dams
    are open... there's only one more to go!
                         -/\/\/\-> The Great Collapse <-/\/\/\-
         Head back to town and rest up from that taxing trip, and be sure
    to re-stock up on Trimates, because the final dam will prove to be the
    most difficult task yet!
         The Green Dam is located on the north side of the Central Lake,
    visible from Paseo.  The easiest way to get there is to teleport back
    to Paseo, then walk north, across the bridge, until you reach the
    seashore.  Jump on your Jet Scooter and the Canal leading to the Green
    Dam will be just to your left.  Here we go!
    |Green Dam                                                         |
    |My Level:  Rolf L21, Rudo L18, Anna L18, Kain L17                 |
    |Items:  Telepipe, Star Mist, Aegis, Truth Sleeves, Gr Sleeves     |
    |Monsters:  Kilgamma, Poleziax, Cooley61, Twigtall, Attmech,       |
    |           Pod Head, Informer, Van, Firgamma, Monster, Twig Man,  |
    |           Wirehead, Hvysolid                                     |
         Although the Green Dam only consists of two floors, it is still the
    most complex of the four dams, as the floors are very large, and, in the
    tradition of Climatrol and the Control Tower, has zillions of chutes all
    over the place.  While the previous three dams were reasonably
    straight-forward, this one can really make you groan.  Make sure you
    have a stash of Trimates handy... not only is the layout confusing, the
    monsters are quite strong!
         First, as always, use your Green Card to unlock the door and gain
    entrance to the Dam.  Just past the door is a chute leading up into the
    nightmare that is the actual dam.  Ride it up to floor 2, then walk a
    few steps north, and then west until you see a chute up against the
    western wall.  Ride this one back down to floor 1, then go west and
    up the next chute.  Take the Truth Sleeves in the nearby box (Truth
    Sleeves are a shield-type weapon that only Shir can equip, and they
    also throw out a RES technique when used in battle).
         After looting the box, walk to your north-west, and you'll come
    to a room with two more chutes... one to your north and one to your
    south.  Take the northern one back down to floor 1, head west a short
    ways, and ride the next chute back up once again.  Walk a little ways
    to the left, and you'll see a narrow walkway leading off to the north
    which curls around the outside of the Dam area.  Ignore this for now,
    but remember its location.  Instead, make your way to the far
    south-west corner of the floor, and take the nearby chute back down
    to the bottom floor.  Now head north and east, and around the
    mini-spiral to the chest in the middle, which contains a Telepipe.
    Grab it, then go back to the walkway I mentioned before (you DID
    remember its location, didn't you...?  :P)
         Walk along the walkway to the east, on the outside of the north
    wall of the Dam (just don't step onto the black area or else you will
    be dumped back outside!).  Once on the far right side, you'll be able
    to get back into the Dam area, and just near the exit there's another
    chute leading down.  Ride it down to the ground floor, and make your
    way to the far south-east corner where there is a box containing the
    Aegis... a quite powerful shield!  Since Rolf and Rudo probably have
    their hands full with their weapons, you may want to give it to
    Kain (and since Kain is better off attacking with the Storm Gear, it
    will probably do him some good anyway.)  Even though the Aegis isn't
    as strong as the Ceramic Shield, it's better than nothing.. and plus
    it throws out a GIRES technique when used!  =)
         Grab the chest, then make your way back to the chute you came
    down, and ride it back upstairs.  Go left until you hit the wall,
    then south until you hit the southern edge of the Dam.  You'll see
    two chutes in close proximity in this area... ignore both for just a
    minute.  From these chutes, walk east to the wall, and then north,
    and you'll reach a box containing some Gr(een) Sleeves.  Like the Truth
    Sleeves, the Gr Sleeves are a shield-type weapon, equippable only by
    Amy, Anna, Shir.  The Gr Sleeves are much more powerful than any other
    shield-type weapon so far, and also fires off a SHINB technique when
         Now head back to the pair of chutes I mentioned before.  First
    take the one on the right down to floor 1, and make your way to the
    north to find a box containing an ever-useful Star Mist.  Take it,
    then go back upstairs the way you came, and ride the other chute
    back down.  Walk a little ways to the left, and ride the next chute
    back up to floor 2.  Now, from here it's just a short walk to the
    dam-opening console!  Before opening the final dam, heal your party
    members up fully... you'll see why shortly.  Use the Green Card to
    unlock the Dam and it will open!  However, no sooner than Rolf
    unlocks the Dam... the party is attacked by a group of sentry Robots!!
    = Boss Battle:  Army Eye (x3)                     =
    - Hit Points:  3,000 (each)                       -
    = Attack Power:  35         Defense Power:  104   =
    - Experience:  2            Meseta:  0            -
    = Special:  Trap party with Plasma Rings          =
         *NOTE*  The Army Eyes will appear after the fourth dam is
    unlocked.  This doesn't necessarily have to be the Green Dam, but
    I'm assuming that most people will do the dams in the "proper" order.
         First of all, know that the Army Eyes cannot be defeated.  During
    the third round of combat, one of them will trap the party with Plasma
    Rings, and you'll be shipped off to the Gaira satellite.  However, if
    you manage to get killed by them, it's still "Game Over", I'm afraid.
    Put up a fight if you wish, but there's no way you can destroy all
    three before the third round.
         *NOTE*  If you're a cheater and defeat all three, you'll get 2
    lousy experience points, and won't be sent to Gaira, but know that you
    won't be able to complete the game!  If they are defeated you can't get
    to Gaira, and thus the story cannot advance.  Your only choice is to
    re-load your saved game, and go back and fight them "the right way" the
    next time.  If you saved after you killed them... my best advice would
    be to go outside, get the biggest stick you can find, and beat yourself
    over the head with it.  Unless you saved in a different slot earlier,
    you have no choice but to start over.
    |Gaira Satellite                                                   |
    |My Level:  Rolf L21, Rudo L18, Anna L18, Kain L17                 |
    |Items:  <None>                                                    |
    |Monsters:  Tracer, Poleziss                                       |
         After the battle with the Army Eyes, Rolf and party are taken prisoner
    and delivered to the space satellite Gaira.  All your items and equipment
    have been confiscated, leaving you with only Prison Clothes and the Plasma
    Rings that bind you.  The Plasma Rings are meant to keep prisoners from
    escaping, and while binded you cannot fight, use items, or techniques.
    The only to evade your enemies is to run away.  Gaira is also littered with
    damage zones to help prevent prisoners from escaping, but as it is still
    unclear who is trying to manipulate Mother Brain, Rolf decides that it
    would be best to attempt to escape anyway.
         Gaira isn't overly large, but there isn't any way to defeat the
    enemies that inhabit it.  Fortunately they are rather weak, but just
    standing there and letting them kill you isn't going to do a bit of good
    at all.  Therefore, run from any encounters you face... it's the only way
    to survive!  =/
         From the entrance point, walk north across the damage zones and
    take the path leading off to the east.  Make your way along this path
    until you reach a four-way "intersection"... go right from here and
    once you reach a large open room, take the path to the south.  As you
    walk along here a tremendous explosion shakes the satellite and sends
    it spinning out of orbit!  It would be a good idea to get to the control
    panel and fix it... immediately!
         Continue along the path to the south and east, and when you reach
    a north/south junction, go north.  Follow along the path a little bit
    more and you'll soon reach the Control Panel.  After checking it, it
    becomes apparent the Gaila is head straight for the planet of Parma!!
    Before Rolf can do anything, another explosion is heard and everything
    goes dark....
         After another dream sequence similar to the one in the introduction,
    Rolf awakens aboard the ship belonging to a space pirate named Tyler.
    He happened to be nearby and rescued the party just after the last
    explosion.  Rolf and party are OK, but the planet of Parma was completely
    destroyed in the collision.  Tyler informs the party that someone on the
    planet Dezo has mysterious powers to do things that the Mother Brain
    cannot, and that in order to solve the mystery of the Mother Brain, it
    would be a good idea for Rolf and party to visit him.  Tyler drops the
    party back off at Paseo, and Rolf quickly heads to the Central Tower.
         The Governor states that only one functional spaceship remains,
    located on the roof of the Central Tower, and that Rolf can use it to
    fly to Dezo.  However, since Rolf and party are still the prime
    suspects for the corruption of Mother Brain, the robots are still out
    full force, and some even occupy Dezo.  At any rate, make any preparations
    you may need, then when you're ready head to the roof of Central Tower
    and fly to Dezolis!
         *NOTE*  Since the monsters on Dezo shift back to bio-monsters more
    than robots, I traded Kain for Amy at this point.  Amy's healing spells
    will prove to be a lot more of an asset than Kain's attacks, considering
    on Dezo bio-monsters outnumber the Robots.  I also recommend trading off
    the Storm Gear to Amy so she can use it in battle... chances are likely
    it will be more powerful than her normal attack.
                      -/\/\/\-> Exploring Dezolis <-/\/\/\-
         The spaceship will land at the Skure space station, situated in
    the center of Dezolis.  Each time you fly to Dezolis, you'll have to
    make your way through Skure, so it's a good idea to make yourself
    familiar with it.  There are four exits from Skure, each leading to
    different areas of Dezo.  In this section, I'll run you around Dezo,
    visiting each town and getting familiar with the Space Station.  ;)
    |Skure                                                             |
    |My Level:  Rolf L21, Rudo L18, Anna L18, Amy L17                  |
    |Items:  Magic Cap x2, Mogic Cap, 73,400 Meseta, Laconchest,       |
    |        Gardaboots                                                |
    |Monsters:  Dezo Owl, Trcrbase, Monster, Wirehead, Orangah,        |
    |           Orangoo, Gun Bust, Twigtall, Rabbit, Rabbita,          |
    |           Lrgminer, Skytiara                                     |
         *NOTE*  In addition to the robots hanging around, Dezolis has its
    own assortment of bio-hazards.  Therefore, Hugh will re-gain usefulness
    once again.  Amy will also become a bit more useful after purchasing
    some of the new equipment on Dezo.  I can't really recommend taking
    Shir to Dezo however, as if she goes on a stealing kick after you enter
    a shop, she'll take her little walk on the wind all the way back to
    Paseo, which means you're either stuck with three party members, or
    you have to go ALL the way back to Paseo, retrieve her, and go ALL
    the way back through Skure once again.  If you must bring her along,
    at least wait until all your shopping is done.
         This first section is a tour of Skure (hey that rhymed... I think),
    which basically runs you around to each of the three towns of Dezo, each
    time starting from the center of Skure (where the spaceship drops you off).
    You can do these in any order you wish, but note that the Dezolians speak
    a different language that Rolf and friends cannot understand, and in
    order to do so, you'll need to find a "Mogic Cap".  This can be found
    in one of the chests in Skure, and unless one of your party members is
    wearing it, you will be unable to communicate with ANY Dezolians.
    Of course this means you won't be able to rest, buy items, etc.
         *NOTE*  Once again, each of these "trips" starts from the center
    of Skure.
         Trip #1:  Aukba
         Take the corridor to the north and follow it until you reach an
    east/west split.  Go west, and down the chute that you come to.  Walk
    west a short ways, and the path will split off at a 4-way intersection.
    Go north for a chest containing a Magic Cap, then go back, and go south
    and down the next chute.  Walk north into a room with a mother-lode
    of six treasure chests!  Only three of them contain items... they are
    another Magic Cap, the Mogic Cap and 5,600 Meseta.
         *NOTE*  As I said before, wearing a "Mogic Cap" is the only way to
    communicate with the people of Dezo, and only Rolf can equip it.  The
    Magic Cap also allows you to speak with the cats that are wandering around
    in Skure, but they will usually be "hostile" towards you.  There are also
    fake Caps called "Magic Caps" floating around.  Though they have the same
    effect as the Mogic Cap, while wearing the Magic Cap the cats will give
    you information rather than being "hostile", but all services in Dezo will
    cost twice as much (this means resting, teleporting, items, equipment...
    everything), and all the Dezolians will tell you lies.  The only thing
    it's good for is talking to the animals.  -_-
         After collecting the treasure, take the east corridor out from this
    room, and then take the first branch off to the south to reach another
    chest containing a Laconchest... a quite powerful suit of armor for Rolf
    or Hugh.  Get this, then go back the you came until you reach the four-way
    intersection once more.  This time walk left, and ignore the chute to the
    south for just a second.  Ride the chute on your left downstairs, and
    take the chest at the end of the dead-end path to obtain 7,800 Meseta!
    Now go back upstairs and take the other chute (the one I told you to
    ignore just a minute ago).  
         Follow the long narrow corridor until you reach another chute leading
    back upstairs.  Take this one up, and walk left.  The path leading off to
    the south leads to a box containing 8,600 Meseta... be sure to get it!
    Continue left and up the chute, and you'll find yourself now on the
    surface of Dezo.  You'll find the town of Aukba a short ways to the
    northeast of the exit to Skure!
      Monomate           20
      Telepipe           130
      Ceramic Sword      3200
      Laser Knife        4400
      Laconia Mace       16800
      Laconia Slasher    24000
      Laser Shot         6200
      Plasma Cannon      32000
      Laconia Gear       28000
      Laconia Cape       36000
      Sandals            180
      Hirza Boots        9800
      Ceramic Emel       9700
      Laconia Shield     13000
         It's been a while since the next new town, so you'll probably have
    acquired tons of Meseta, but the sheer outrageous prices of the equipment
    here will still probably deplete your funds in no time flat.  It would
    probably be for the best to visit the other towns first and survey what
    equipment each has, and purchase the best from each.
         Once you reach Aukba, you can now teleport here from any other town,
    or back to the spaceship at Skure.  However, you cannot teleport from
    Skure back to the towns, which raises the need of having to go through
    Skure every time you want to get back to Dezo from Paseo (which can be
    quite annoying).  -_-
         Take a look around, then teleport back to Skure and get ready for
    the next trip.
         Trip #2:  Zosa
         From the center of Skure, take the corridor to the north and follow
    it until you see a path leading off to the west.  Go west, and it will
    turn south.  Now follow it all the way south until you hit the wall,
    then east and down the chute.  Downstairs, there will be paths leading
    to the north and east.  Go north and open up the box to obtain 6,400
    Meseta, then continue north and go down the first chute.  Follow the
    path down and around until you reach another chute, and ride it back
         Now walk north until the path splits to the left and right, and
    take right path.  Open the box you come across to obtain a pair of Garda
    Boots (equippable by the males), then continue east and up the stairs at
    the dead-end to reach the surface.  You'll find the town of Zosa located
    far to the north-east of the exit of Skure.
      Dimate             60
      Hidapipe           280
      Boomerang          480
      Ceramic Sword      3200
      Laconia Mace       16800
      Laconia Slasher    24000
      Acidshot           4800
      Pulse Vulcan       48000
      Laconia Helmet     29000
      Laconinish         35000
      Laconia Cape       36000
      Long Boots         6800
      Shune Boots        7500
      Laconia Emel       12000
         Once again, take a look around town and scope out the shops, but
    hold off on buying anything just yet.  When you're ready, teleport back
    to Skure and get ready for the last trip!
         Trip #3:  Ryuon
         The last town isn't too hard to reach, as you already know half the
    way there, whether you think you do or not.  Follow the directions from
    Trip #2 all the way up until the point where you hit the left/right branch,
    and went right for the Gardaboots (just near the exit to Zosa).  As you
    may have guessed, take the left branch, and go down the chute at its end.
         Walk along the corridor to the east and south, and note that the
    first passage left leads to a box containing 15,000 Meseta!  Grab it, then
    continue south until you reach another passage leading off to the left.
    Go in that direction, and ride up the chute at the dead-end.  The chute
    directly to your south leads back up the surface!  You'll find the last
    town, Ryuon, a good distance to the south and east of the exit to Skure.
      Trimate             160
      Escapipe            70
      Knife               100
      Laser Slasher       6700
      Laconia Dagger      18400
      Laconia Sword       22000
      Vulcan              12600
      Laser Cannon        20000
      Ribbon              80
      Laconinish          35000
      Laconia Chest       28000
      Garda Boots         12400
      Laconia Emel        12000
      Laconia Shield      13000
         Once again, feel free to wander around town and scope out the
    item and equipment shops.  Keep in mind that this is the last time you'll
    ever have to purchase equipment, so stay calm!  ;)
         Upon visiting all three towns, you should start purchasing some
    of this equipment.  The optimum equipment for each character is as
    Rolf -->  Laconia Sword, Laconia Helmet, Garda Boots
    Rudo -->  Laser Cannon, Laconia Gear, Garda Boots, Laconinish
    Amy  -->  Laconia Emel, Hirza Boots
    Hugh -->  Laconia Chest, Laconia Gear, Garda Boots
    Anna -->  2 Laconia Slashers, Laconia Cape, Shune Boots
    Kain -->  2 Laconia Maces, Laconinish, Laconia Helmet, Garda Boots
    Shir -->  2 Laconia Daggers, Shune Boots
         On the surface around Ryuon is an ideal place to gain both
    experience and meseta, and since you're right next to a town you don't
    have to worry (as much) about getting killed.  I highly recommend staying
    around and building up enough money to purchase all the equipment for the
    characters you plan to use, as it will _really_ help out.  The monsters
    on Dezo, as you've probably already seen, are tough.
         After purchasing your new equipment and gaining a few levels, we
    should start searching for that person that Tyler spoke about.  He can be
    found in the Esper Mansion, which is located across the Crevice.  This
    can be accessed by traversing across the "Crevice" which is located near
    the town of Aukba.  Stock up on Trimates if you need, then teleport back to
    Aukba and set out for the Esper Mansion!
                            -/\/\/\->  Esper Mansion  <-/\/\/\-
         The "Crevice" is located to the southwest of Aukba.  To get there,
    head west from Aukba until you hit the trees, then go southwest from there
    to reach a giant gaping hole in the ground.  This is the "Crevice".  On
    the eastern side of it is a small ramp that leads down to the bottom.
    By going down into the Crevice and coming up the other side, we can get
    to the Esper Mansion.
    |Crevice                                                           |
    |My Level:  Rolf L24, Rudo L21, Anna L21, Amy L20                  |
    |Items:  <None>                                                    |
    |Monsters:  Skytiara, Elephant, Aerotank, Ohx, Owltalon, Orangah,  |
    |           Dezo Owl, Mastodon                                     |
         The Crevice isn't really big, and it doesn't contain any treasure.
    It has several exits, and as you would guess, only one of them leads to
    the Esper Mansion... the rest lead to dead-ends.  The monsters in here 
    (for the most part) aren't any tougher than those outside, so you shouldn't
    have to worry too much about getting through this dungeon alive.  However,
    do your best to keep Rolf alive throughout the dungeon... if he is not alive
    when you reach Esper Mansion you will not be able to get inside!
         Upon entering the Crevice, proceed to the left until you reach a
    large pit.  Be careful not to fall down it, and walk around the north
    side of the pit, and into the room to the north.  Descend the stairs, and
    then follow the long, narrow, winding corridor to the southwest until you
    reach another large room with some stairs leading back up.  Ignore these,
    and continue along the corridor until you reach it's end, where there are
    some stairs leading further down.  Descend once more, and continue along
    the narrow winding corridor until you see some stairs leading back up.
    Take these back upstairs, and walk along the corridor some more (rather
    straight-forward, eh?), and ascend the stairs at the bottom-right corner.
         Once back up on the top floor, just go north, west, then south and
    you'll reach the staircase that leads up out of the Crevice.  The Esper
    Mansion is just a short walk away!  Once inside, walk forward and go
    downstairs to meet the mysterious man known as Lutz, who has been in
    a cryogenic sleep ever since the Mother Brain arrived in Algo.  However,
    once Rolf and party arrive, Lutz will awaken and reveal to Rolf that he
    was the one who saved Rolf's life during the accident that killed his
    parents when Rolf was but 10 years old!
         He will also reveal that you are the last descendant of the heroine
    Alis (whom, as we all know, was the heroine of the first Phantasy Star
    game, and indeed the girl whom Rolf sees in his dream), and that Rolf
    is the only one who can save the world from the enemy who is trying to
    manipulate the Mother Brain.  He will also give you the "Aeroprism", a
    magical item that allows you to see the four invisible dungeons that exist
    on the planet Dezolis.  He also mentions the existence of eight "Nei"
    items... special pieces of equipment said to be the most powerful of
    their type of the world.  He instructs you to gather the eight Nei items,
    then return to him.  After speaking with him, be sure to pick up the
    Aeroprism in the chest!  =D
         As I said, there are four dungeons on Dezo, each containing two of
    the Nei items.  As with the Dams, you can do the dungeons in any order
    you please, but the order I recommend tackling them in due to complexity
    and monsters fought is first Menobe, then Guaron, Ikuto, and finally
         Head back to Aukba (either by walking or using the Ryuka technique
    if you saved there), and then prepare for the journey!
                    -/\/\/\->  Dungeons of Dezo, Part One  <-/\/\/\-
         The first dungeon, Menobe, is conveniently located just a short
    ways to the west of Aukba.  Make sure you are prepared with Trimates and
    any other equipment that you might need to purchase, then set out for
    |Menobe                                                            |
    |My Level:  Rolf L26, Rudo L24, Anna L24, Amy L23                  |
    |Items:  Nei Crown, Storm Gear, Color Scarf, Nei Helmet            |
    |Monsters:  Wrestler, Mystcape, Eletusk, Skytiara, Orangoo,        |
    |           Darkside, Illusnst, Sakoff, Mr Death, Imagiomg,        |
    |           Mxdragon, Glosword                                     | 
         Menobe consists of four reasonably complex floors, and is home to
    a lot of the Dezolian Bio-monsters.  Like in all four of the dungeons
    on Dezolis, Menobe contains two of the eight Nei items.. the Nei Crown
    and the Nei Helmet.
         After entering Menobe, proceed up the long walkway to the north,
    past the two statues.  You'll be on the north side of the floor (obviously),
    and there are three staircases here.. one to your left, one to your right,
    and one behind the enclosure to the north.  Take the left one upstairs to
    floor two.  Head south into a fairly large room, and make your way to the
    south-east corner.  There, you'll find a corridor leading along the edge
    of the "sky".  Follow this corridor until you reach the far south-west
    corner where there is a chest, which contains another Storm Gear.  Take
    it, then retrace your steps, all the way back down to the first floor.
         This time, ascend the staircase on the right of the enclosure.  Follow
    the path to the south until you reach a staircase (going down) at the south
    edge of the floor.  Ignore it, and walk due east from the staircase until
    you hit a statue.  From that statue, walk north into a room with staircases
    leading up and down.  Take the one leading up to find a Colorscarf, then go
    back down and return to the statue I just mentioned.  From there, walk to
    the north-east, passing by another set of stairs.  Once you reach the
    north-east corner, head left, and into the room to your south.  Ignore the
    stairs in here as well.  Just to the south of the stairs are two statues
    near a corner.  It would seem that the statues are blocking the path here,
    but you can actually move around them by walking around their right side
    (as in Climatrol, the path beneath them is so narrow that the wall conceals
    it).  Using this little "shortcut", proceed into the room to the south
    and west.
         You'll see some stairs leading up on the west side of this room.  Ignore
    these, and go in to the small room to your north.  There are stairs leading
    down here... descend them to reach a small isolated room on the first floor
    with a chest containing the NEICROWN!  The Neicrown is the best piece of
    head equipment for the ladies, I recommend equipping it to Amy to help out
    her defense a bit.  The Nei Helmet (Neimet) is a bit harder to reach, so for
    now I suggest teleporting out of here and returning to Aukba for a quick rest.
         Back at the entrance of Menobe (after having rested, and saved of course),
    walk straight up to the staircases once again, and ascend the one behind the
    enclosure (to get inside, just walk around to the north side).  Once upstairs,
    walk north a short ways at the path will split left and right.  Go left, and
    follow this path all the way around until you reach the west side of the
    floor.  Continue south, ignoring the room off to your right.  Once you reach
    the next large room, you'll find a staircase leading up in the (near about)
    center of the room.  Ignore this one, and head due north into another room
    with another staircase leading up.  Ascend this one up to floor 3, then
    follow the path to the right, all the way around the outside of this floor,
    until you reach the eastern side.
         At the very end of this path, you'll come to a stairway leading up to
    the top floor.  Go upstairs, take a few steps right, then follow the corridor
    to the south... once again, all the way around the outside of the floor.  As
    soon as you get on the left side of the "sky barrier", look for a path leading
    off to your west, and go in that direction to reach a staircase leading back
    downstairs.  Use this one to go back downstairs, and take up your well-earned
    treasure, the NEIMET!  The Neimet is the strongest piece of head equipment
    in the game, and it is equippable by Rolf and Kain.  Since I didn't have Kain
    in my party at this point, I equipped it on Rolf.  ^_^
         Now that you have the two Nei items in here, get the heck out of here
    and head back to town and rest, and re-stock up on medicine.  Our next stop
    is the dungeon of Guaron.  Monster-wise, it is slightly more difficult than
    Menobe, and it is also the largest dungeon in the game, hosting no less than
    16 floors!  Fortunately, most of them are one-room floors, similar to the
    lower levels of Climatrol.  Guaron is located near the town of Ryuon, so,
    whenever you're ready, use the teleport station to quickly scoot back to Ryuon.
    You'll find Guaron in the north-east corner of the Ryuon "area"... it's quite
    a distance to the north of the actual town.
    |Guaron                                                            |
    |My Level:  Rolf L28, Rudo L27, Anna L27, Amy L26                  |
    |Items:  Amber Robe, Laconinish, Crystal Chest, Nei Cape,          |
    |        Crystal Cape, Nei Armor                                   |
    |Monsters:  Skytiara, Wrestler, Mystcape, Eletusk, Orangoo,        |
    |           Darkside, Sakoff, Mesoman, Mxdragon, Firefall,         |
    |           Frdragon, Vorcano, Kinglava, Darkside                  |
         Though Guaron consists of 16 (!) floors, the layout thankfully isn't
    too complex.  Upon entering Guaron, move to the west along the outside of
    the actual dungeon, and you'll reach a remote set of rooms in the far
    south-west corner.  Move all the way to the west, and in the far southwest
    room you'll find a treasure chest containing a Laconinish.  Take it, then
    backtrack to where you started, and move north into the "actual dungeon".
         At the first intersection, go right, and follow the corridor all the
    way around to the top, where you will find an Amber Robe.  Take it, then
    go back to the intersection and continue north, where you'll reach another
    intersection.  Here, go left, north, then left again until you reach the
    outside area in the north-west corner.  This is a maze-like sea of trees,
    and the only thing I can tell you here is first move west through the
    center, then make south as soon as you can.  You'll first come to a room
    with four staircases, but all lead to the same dead-end room.  Instead,
    move right from the entrance to that room, and enter the next room on the
    right.  In this circular room is a stairway leading up... ascend it to
    floor 2.
         Here, you'll learn the basic layout of the majority of the floors
    in Guaron... a small circular room with a pit in the center, and two
    staircases.  However, there is a bit more to explore on this floor.  Take
    the right exit from this room, and you'll see a north/south junction.
    Go north, then follow the corridor around the outside of the floor until
    you see a path leading off to the east.  Go that way, and enter the next
    small room which holds a stairway leading down and a treasure chest
    containing a Crystal Chest.  Take the chest, then head back to the initial
    room (the one with the pit and staircases).  Using the various stairs in
    the identical-looking rooms, ascend all the way up to floor 8.  If you
    happen to lose count, you'll know it when you see it.. like floor 2, it is
    different from the others.
         On floor 8, you'll notice a path in the south-west corner leading off
    to a maze-like series of passages in the southwest.  There are two distinct
    paths from the pit/stairs room... to the south and west.  Go west, and
    follow along the path until you reach the bottom, where there will be a
    left/right junction.  Go left once again, and after a bit of walking you'll
    come to a treasure chest containing the NEICAPE!  The Nei Cape is the best
    Cape-type piece of armor, equippable by the ladies.  I recommend giving
    it to either Anna or Amy.
         After getting the treasure, make your way back to the pit/stairs room,
    and ascend to floor 9.  Take the eastern exit from this room to reach
    another maze-like room filled with trees.  First head south to the south
    edge of the floor, then all the way right to the east edge.  Then go north
    a little ways, then back left to reach the room in the center of the floor,
    which contains a Crystal Cape.  After getting it, return once more to the
    pit/stairs room.  Now, ascend all the way up to floor 16... the top floor.
         Here, all you have to do is make your way into the room in the middle
    and take the treasure chest.  However, be careful as the enemies on the
    top floor of Guaron are VERY strong.  The chest contains the NEIARMOR, the
    best suit of armor in the game, equippable by Rudo and Kain.  This should
    be equipped on Rudo.  And now, we have the two Nei treasures in this
    dungeon, so teleport out of here and head back to town for a well-deserved
    rest.  4 down, and 4 to go!
                    -/\/\/\->  Dungeons of Dezo, Part Two  <-/\/\/\-
         Our next stop is the dungeon of Ikuto, located near the town of Zosa.
    Ikuto is by far my least favorite dungeon in the game, as the layout is
    simply horrible, and without a map or directions you can get lost and stay that
    way for ages in here.  Come prepared with a full load of Trimates... you
    may need them.
         Ikuto is located far to the west of Zosa.  It's to the north of the
    exit leading to Skure, in the midst of the mountains.
    |Ikuto                                                             |
    |My Level:  Rolf L30, Rudo L28, Anna L28, Amy L27                  |
    |Items:  Laconia Dagger, Plasma Cannon, Fire Staff, Laconia Mace,  |
    |        Nei Shot, Nei Slasher                                     |
    |Monsters:  Darkside, Glosword, Mesoman, Wrestler, Mystcape,       |
    |           Frdragon, Lung, Owltalon, Sakoff, Desrona, Wizard,     |
    |           Capeone, Mr Death, Shadow                              |
         Put simply, Ikuto is a nightmare.  It consists of seven floors, and
    the only way to go down to the next floor is by falling into pits.  The
    floors get bigger as they go down, and your objective is to fall into the
    correct pits to get where you need to go.  However, since there are so
    damn many pits around, it's ridiculously easy to get lost.  Once you hit
    the bottom floor, there is a series of stairways you can use to get back
    up, but I've found it's just easier to use the Hinas technique.  -_-
         Thus, I've provided locations to each of the treasures from the
    starting point.  I've found it's the easiest way to get through here...
    just wandering around and falling down random pits will just get you lost.
    After obtaining each, just use the Hinas technique to quickly escape Ikuto,
    then move onto the next.  ^_^
    )Laconia Dagger/Plasma Cannon(
         You can get both of these in one shot.  On floor 1, fall down the
    middle pit, then go south.  Fall down the middle pit once again, go northeast,
    grab the chest to find the Laconia Dagger.  Fall down the pit directly
    to the northwest of the Laconia Dagger, then follow the corridor _all_
    the way to the south and west until you reach the dead-end, where you'll
    find a Plasma Cannon in a chest.
    )Laconia Mace(
         On Floor 1, fall down the left pit.  Make for the south edge of this
    floor, and fall down the pit along the south wall.  Walk west, past two
    pits, and then north.  You'll come to a pit at a dead-end... fall down it.
    Now fall down the pit directly to your southwest.  Now head for the south
    edge of the room you're in and pick up the chest to get your Laconia Mace.
    )Fire Staff(
         On Floor 1, fall down the right pit.  Then fall down the pit directly
    to your south, then walk south and you'll see three more pits.  Fall down
    the one on your left, and on the next floor you'll see one pit directly to
    your north, and one to the left.  Fall down the one on the left, then walk
    south, and follow the long winding corridor until you reach it's end, where
    the chest containing the Fire Staff is.
    )Nei Shot(
         On the top floor, fall down the middle pit.  Walk south, fall down the
    pit on the left, then fall down the pit directly to your left.  From here
    go east, north, then west again, past a pit, until you reach the dead-end,
    where another pit is.  Fall down this one, and you'll be in a small room
    with pits in each corner.  Fall in the pit in the north-west corner, then
    move west to collect your prize, the NEISHOT!  This is the best gun in the
    game, and of course should be equipped on Rudo!  =)
    )Nei Slasher(
         On the top floor, first fall down the left pit.  Walk south, then
    fall in the next pit you come to.  Go left to find three more pits... once
    again fall down the one on the left.  Make your way left past a few pits until
    you hit the wall, then go north to reach a pit in the far north-west corner.
    Fall down this one, then go north to the NW corner, then east to the NE
    corner.  Go south to find yet three more pits.  This time fall down the
    middle one, then make your way all the way to the southern edge of this room
    to find the chest containing the NEISLASHER!  This is the best slasher weapon
    in the game, and should be equipped on Anna.
         Whew!  That's everything... now teleport out of here and be glad that
    you never have to suffer through this dungeon again.  -_-
         The last two Nei treasures are in the dungeon of Naval.  Even though
    structure-wise Naval is the least complicated of the four, the monsters
    contained within are extremely strong.  There is also no town near Naval,
    and it's a pain in the arse to get to, so I tend to save it for last.
    Naval is located out the fourth exit of Skure, so head back to the
    nearest town, make sure you are completely ready and have re-stocked up
    on Trimates, and then use the teleport station to teleport to Skure.
    Here we go!
         Starting from the center of Skure as always, follow the corridor to
    the north, and then take the first branch off to the left.  From here
    make your way south and west, to the south-west corner of the floor,
    where there is a chute leading down.  Go downstairs, and you'll be at
    a T-junction with paths leading off to the north, south, and east... all
    of which lead to chutes leading down to the bottom floor.  Go south,
    ride the chute downstairs, and follow the corridor north and west, until
    you see a path leading off to the south.  That path leads to a dead-end
    where a box containing 18,000 Meseta can be found!
         Grab the money, then go back north, and continue west until you
    reach some stairs leading back up.  Go back upstairs, and there will be
    paths to the north and east.  First go east to find a pair of boxes, one
    of which contains 12,000 Meseta!  Then go back and take the north path,
    and at the intersection, continue north and up the stairs to reach the
    surface of Dezo.  From here, Naval is just a not-so-short walk to the
    south-east... it is located in the far south-east reach of this area
    of Dezo.  Now let's check this place out!
    |Naval                                                             |
    |My Level:  Rolf L32, Rudo L30, Anna L30, Amy L29                  |
    |Items:  Nei Shield, Trimate, Truth Sleeves, Green Sleeves,        |
    |        Laconia Emel, Mirror Emel, Nei Emel                       |
    |Monsters:  Wrestler, Mystcape, Sakoff, Archdrgn, Wizard,          |
    |           Frdragon, Firefall, Capeone, Mr Death, Illusnst        |
    |           Imagiomg, Fiend, Darkside, Shadow                      | 
         The layout of Naval is actually quite simple, but it can be a bit
    repetitive.  It consists of five floors, mostly comprised of huge pits, with
    catwalks of corridors circling the outside.  All the treasure in the
    dungeon is on the second floor, and to get to them, you must fall from the
    top floor, down to the second.  There are four "sections" on the second
    floor... "north", "south", "east", and "west", and to get to each, you
    must fall from the respective side of the pit on the fifth floor.  For
    example, if you want to reach the "west" section of floor 2, you'll have
    to fall off the "west" side of the pit on the top floor.  However, another
    thing to note is that it _does_ matter which side you fall off on!  If you
    are on the "north" side, for example, you will have to walk east off the
    pit in order to land on the "island" below.  The rule here is... take
    the side you're on "north/south/east/west", and go clockwise one direction.
    This is the direction you'll need to walk off.  Thus, North = East,
    East = South, South = West, and West = North.
         So, here's what you do.  Upon entering Naval you'll find yourself
    outside the actual "dungeon" area.  The layout is circular, and to get
    inside, just walk a short ways to the north and enter the break in the
    wall on the western side.  There are two stairways on the bottom floor..
    one in the upper-left, and one in the lower-right.  The one in the
    upper-left lets you access the south and east sides of the pit, while the
    one in the lower-right lets you access the north and west sides of the
    pit.  After going up, all you have to do is follow the straight-forward
    path all the way to the top (the issue here is not getting killed by
    the monsters along the way).  On the top floor, there will be four
    catwalks extending out into the middle of the pit (from the north, south,
    west, and east sides of course).  Just walk out onto the very edge of
    the catwalk then jump into the pit (again, make sure you falling off
    in the right direction!), and you will be dumped down to the floor below.
    Keep walking off in the same direction, and you'll end up on the respective
    section on floor two, where there is treasure waiting!
         SOUTH:  NEI EMEL
         Remember, use the lower-right stairs to get to the "South" and "East"
    sections, and the upper-left stairs to get to the "North" and "West"
    sections.  As I said, this dungeon is just a matter of not getting killed
    by the monsters.  Also, don't be afraid to go back to town and rest if
    you're hurt... the monsters around here can be quite tough, and the
    treasure can wait.  Even so, you'll want to Save with the Visiphone every
    once in a while... getting caught off-guard, even when you think your 
    party is healthy, can be extremely dangerous.  The two Nei treasures in
    here are the NEISHIELD, located in the north... and the NEI EMEL, located
    in the south.  Both are the best "free-hand" equipment in the game... the
    Nei Emel is only equippable by Anna, and if you have Kain and are willing 
    to sacrifice one of his weapons, feel free to equip him with the Shield.
    Otherwise, just hold onto it.
         At last, we have all eight of the Nei items!  Make one last trip back
    to Aukba to heal up and re-stock on Trimates, and get ready for the final
    battle!  If you haven't paid much attention your levels lately, you may
    want to hang around and gain experience for a while.  Though it probably
    seems a bit high, Rolf gains the "Megid" technique at level 35... this is
    a very useful technique, and the most powerful one in the game, even
    though it's power does come at the expense of some of your party's HP.  It's
    nothing a little healing can't fix, but if you plan on using it, bring
    along a Star Mist to compensate.  In fact, if you are low on Star Mists,
    you may want to go back to Paseo on Mota and have Shir attempt to steal
    some from the Item shops.  It will probably take a while, but they will
    be greatly helpful in the final battle!
                        -/\/\/\->  The Final Battlefield  <-/\/\/\-
         When you're finally ready, head across the Crevice once again, and
    re-enter Esper Mansion.  Now that you have all eight Nei items, Lutz will
    acknowledge you as a true descendant of Alis and tell you his story.  After
    her battle 1000 years ago, Algo shortly obtained peace, but after Mother
    Brain was created, the people became dependent on it and forgot what they
    really needed.  Meanwhile, someone set a "trap" in Mother Brain to weaken
    the minds of the people of Algo, and eventually destroy it.  Lutz then
    gives you the ninth and final Nei item... the Nei Sword, the ultimate
    weapon.  Pick it and equip it to Rolf (darn nice weapon might I add!),
    then talk to Lutz once more.
         When he asks you his question, answer "No" and he will fully heal
    your party.  Now go back and say "Yes", and he will transport you to the
    final battlefield, Noah!!
    |Noah -- The Final Battlefield                                     |
    |My Level:  Rolf L35, Rudo L34, Anna L34, Amy L33                  |
    |Items:  <None>                                                    |
    |Monsters:  Mxdragon, Mesoman, Archdrgn, Firefall, Lung, Frdragon, |
    |           Imagiomg, Fiend, Wrestler, Mystcape, Illusnst, Sakoff, |
    |           Wizard, Capeone, Desrona, Glosword, Vorcano, Kinglava  |
         *NOTE*  If at any time you wish to exit Noah, use the Nei Sword and
    you will automatically be transported back to the Esper Mansion.  Use this
    in if you are in dire need of healing!
         Noah consists of two floors, and though they are rather large, it isn't
    really the most complicated of dungeons.  The monsters you fight are
    obviously the strongest in the game, but no stronger than what you have
    already seen, especially in Naval.  There are no treasures, either... your
    only task here is to find the Mother Brain and whoever... or whatever... is
    trying to destroy Algo!
         You start at a left/right junction of paths, both of which lead to
    stairs.  Go right, and follow along the path until you reach the dead-end,
    and climb the stairs there.  Once upstairs, go left and down the other set
    of stairs, then move left, and take the path leading off to the north.  Walk
    until you reach another room.  You'll see a stairway off to the south, but
    ignore it.  Move further north and take the path leading off to the west,
    and ascend the stairs at the end.  Now walk north through a large open room,
    and descend the stairs near the north wall.
         You'll be at a left/right junction once again.  Go left, and walk
    until you reach another stairway.  Go back up, then walk north until you
    hit the wall, then east, past a staircase.  Descend the staircase near the
    far right wall, then walk north a short ways and up the next stairway.
    Walk along the corridor some more, descend once again, then go north, back
    up, north again, back down again (tired yet?), then go south and west into
    a larger room.  Take the stairs furthest to the north in this room, then
    go west and follow the corridor until you reach the dead-end, and descend
    the stairs.  In the next room, go west until you hit the wall, then go up
    through a narrow corridor until you reach another larger room.  Now heal
    yourself up and prepare for one of those rare boss fights!
         To the north, you'll see a treasure chest blocking the path?  What's
    this?  Open it up and you'll find this isn't a treasure at all!  This is
    another trap!  This box contains an evil entity known as Dark Force, and
    now that you have released it, it attacks!!
    = Boss Battle:  Dark Force                        =
    - Hit Points:  2,560                              -
    = Attack Power:  320        Defense Power:  30    =
    - Experience:  2,222        Meseta:  0            -
    = Special:  Possess an ally                       =
         Yeek!  This thing is huge, and to make matters worse, it takes up so
    much of the screen that you can't tell how much damage you're doing to it!
    Dark Force has 2,560 HP but this information obviously doesn't help you
    a bit, considering you can't see how much damage you're doing!  All I can
    say here is just attack with your weapons... unless you're planning on
    warping back to Esper Mansion after the battle try to conserve Rolf's TP.
    If not, use the Megid technique to immediately knock off a good bit of Dark
    Force's HP, then have someone use a Star Mist to heal your party back up.
    Afterwards, have Rolf repeatedly throw out the NAFOI technique.  Dark Force
    has an extremely annoying ability that causes one party member to become
    'Evil', unable to do anything until the condition wears off.  Even more
    annoying, this can cause the inflicted character to lose their ability to
    use technique, which can make a REAL mess.  And if that weren't enough, they
    may also search through and/or steal items from other party members, usually
    healing items like Star Mists which are crucial to the battle.  After a
    round, the Nei Sword may emit a bright light, which dispells the 'Evil'
    condition from any afflicted party members.  Dark Force's other attack, an 
    electricity beam which damages all party members, is also very damaging, and
    should be countered with a Star Mist or a GISAR technique.  This will be
    quite a lengthy battle due to Dark Force's high amount of HP, but provided
    you have enough TP and/or healing items, you should be able to win.
         After the battle, use the Nei Sword to go back to Esper Mansion and
    rest up and, more importantly, SAVE the game.  Once you're healed and
    ready, trek through Noah once again and make your way back to where the
    chest used to be.  Head north and you'll be at yet another left/right
    junction.  Head right, and then up the staircase that you come to.  Upstairs,
    follow along the corridor a bit more, and soon you'll end up at the Mother
    Brain.  The "Mother Brain" will appear and you'll be asked if you choose to
    fight.  If you're not yet ready, say 'No' and you'll be able to heal and/or
    prepare better for the fight.  Once you're ready say 'Yes' and the Mother
    Brain will proclaim that if she were to malfunction, the people of Algo
    would die, since they have become so dependant on her.  She asks once again
    for you to change your mind.  Say 'No' and the fight will begin!!
    = Final Battle:  Mother Brain                     =
    - Hit Points:  2,450                              -
    = Attack Power:  228        Defense Power:  128   =
    - Experience:  0            Meseta:  0            -
    = Special:  Attack all allies with Nova attack    =
         Once again, Mother Brain is so large that you won't be able to tell
    how much damage you are doing to her.  Mother Brain is actually considerably
    weaker than Dark Force... her Attack Power and HP are lower, and she doesn't
    have that incredibly annoying possession skill, but her defense is a bit
    higher.  Just as you did in the battle before, start off by having Rolf
    throw out the Megid technique, and have someone else use a Star Mist to
    repair the damage.  Then, have Rolf cast Nafoi while Amy heals the party,
    either with Star Mists or the GISAR technique.  Everyone else should attack.
    Mother Brain will either attack one or all of your party members with her
    Nova attack, and though it deals quite a bit of damage, it still isn't as
    powerful as Dark Force's attack.  Just keep up your attack, and given enough
    TP, you should be able to defeat her.
         After defeating Mother Brain, well.. you've won!  I'm not going to
    spoil the ending for you, so just sit back and watch the rest of it... you've
    surely earned it.  Congratulations!
                        -/\/\/\/\->  End of Walkthrough  <-/\/\/\-
    = Part Three:  Reference Lists -
         This section is a compliation of all the lists of stuff that appears in
    the game... from items and equipment, to monsters to techniques.  If you're
    looking for on a particular item, spell, or monster... this is the place to
    look!  =D
    ---> Items <---
      Item Name         Use/Effect
      Aeroprism         Makes visible the four dungeons on Dezolis.
      Antidote          Cures 'POISON' status for one ally
                        (Same as Anti technique)
      Blue Card         The key to the Blue Dam
      Dimate            Restores 60 HP to one ally
                        (Same as Gires technique)
      Escapipe          Quickly transports you outside a dungeon
                        (Same as Hinas technique)
      Green Card        The key to the Green Dam
      Hidapipe          When used, keeps weaker monsters from attacking you
      Key Tube          Unlocks the tunnel near the Bio-Systems Lab
      Letter            A ransom note from the "Scoundrels" to Darum
      Maruera Gum       Allows you to breathe underwater, and thus enter Climatrol
      Maruera Leaf      The professor in Kueri needs this to make Maruera Gum
      Monomate          Restores 20 HP to one ally
                        (Same as Res technique)
      Plasma Ring       Plasma Rings which bind prisoners of the Gaira Satellite
      Recorder          The data collection device of the Bio-Systems Lab
      Red Card          The key to the Red Dam
      Small Key         Opens the locked chests in Shure
      Star Mist         Restores all HP to allies
                        (Same as Nasar technique)
      Teim              Darum's daughter, Teim
      Telepipe          Teleports you to the last Data Memory place you saved in.
                        If saved using the Visiphone, this teleports you to Paseo.
                        Cannot be used in dungeons.
                        (Same as Ryuka technique)
      Trimate           Restores all HP to one ally
                        (Same as Nares technique)
      Visiphone         Allows you to SAVE the adventure anywhere!
      Yellow Card       The key to the Yellow Dam
    ---> Weapons <----
      R = Rolf    N = Nei    D = Rudo    M = Amy
      H = Hugh    A = Anna   K = Kain    S = Shir
      Weapon Name       Usable By       Notes
      Acidshot             MH K         +25 Attack
      Boomerang              A          +12 Attack
      Bow Gun             D             +16 Attack, 2 Hands
      Cannon              D             +36 Attack, 2 Hands
      Ceramic Bar        N              +27 Attack, +2 Defense
      Ceramic Knife     R D HAKS        +20 Attack, +3 Defense
      Ceramic Sword     R               +60 Attack, +10 Defense, 2 Hands
      Dagger                  KS        +8 Attack, +1 Defense
      Fire Slasher           A          +36 Attack
      Fire Staff           M            +32 Attack, +11 Defense
                                        Casts FOI when used
      Laconia Dagger          KS        +4 Attack, +22 Defense
      Laconia Mace            K         +40 Attack, +8 Defense
      Laconia Slasher        A          +42 Attack
                                        Hits all enemies
      Laconia Sword     R               +124 Attack, +14 Defense
      Laser Bar          N              +38 Attack, +3 Defense
      Laser Cannon        D             +60 Attack
      Laser Knife       R D HAKS        +28 Attack, +5 Defense
      Laser Shot          D   K         +40 Attack
      Laser Slasher          A          +30 Attack
                                        Hits all enemies
      Laser Sword       R               +100 Attack, +18 Defense
      Knife             R D HAKS        +5 Attack
      Nei Shot            D             +120 Attack, 2 Hands
      Nei Slasher            A          +60 Attack
                                        Hits all enemies
      Nei Sword         R               +170 Attack, +58 Defense
                                        Transports you to Esper Mansion from Noah
      Plasma Cannon       D             +70 Attack
      Poisonshot           MH K         +15 Attack
      Pulse Vulcan        D             +76 Attack, 2 Hands
                                        Hits multiple enemies, good against robots
      Scalpel              MH           +7 Attack
      Sonic Gun           D             +17 Attack
      Shotgun             D             +20 Attack, 2 Hands
                                        Can hit multiple enemies, spreading damage
      Silentshot           MH K         +20 Attack, 2 Hands
                                        Does no damage but may 'Silence' enemies
      Slasher                A          +17 Attack
                                        Hits all enemies
      Steel Bar          N              +7 Attack, +2 Defense
      Sword             R               +36 Attack, +8 Defense, 2 Hands
      Sword of Ango     R               +116 Attack
      Vulcan              D             +56 Attack, 2 Hands
                                        Hits multiple enemies
      Whip                   A          +20 Attack, +2 Defense
    ---> Shields <---
      R = Rolf    N = Nei    D = Rudo    M = Amy
      H = Hugh    A = Anna   K = Kain    S = Shir
      Shield Name       Usable By       Notes
      Aegis             R D H K         +32 Defense
      Carbon Emel          M A S        +7 Defense
      Carbon Shield     R D H K         +8 Defense
      Ceramic Emel         M A S        +40 Defense
      Ceramic Shield    R D H K         +39 Defense
      Fiber Emel           M A S        +17 Defense
      Fiber Shield      R D H K         +15 Defense
      Green Sleeves        M A S        +63 Defense
                                        Casts SHINB when used
      Laconia Emel         M A S        +68 Defense
      Laconia Shield    R D H K         +85 Defense
      Mirror Emel          M A S        +30 Defense
      Mirror Shield     R D H K         +32 Defense
      Nei Emel               A S        +120 Defense
      Nei Shield            H K         +95 Defense
      Truth Sleeves            S        +59 Defense
                                        Casts RES when used
    ---> Helmets <---
      R = Rolf    N = Nei    D = Rudo    M = Amy
      H = Hugh    A = Anna   K = Kain    S = Shir
      Helmet Name       Usable By       Notes
      Colorscarf             A          +17 Defense
                                        Casts SANER when used
      Crescent Gear     R DMHAK         +14 Defense
                                        Casts GIRES when used
      Fibergear         R DMHAK         +8 Defense
      Headgear          R DMHAK         +3 Defense
      Jeweled Ribbon     N              +21 Defense
      Magic Cap         R               +2 Defense (**)
      Mogic Cap         R               +2 Defense (*)                                    
      Laconia Gear        D H K         +27 Defense
      Laconia Helmet      D   K         +29 Defense
      Nei Crown            M A S        +40 Defense
      Nei Helmet        R     K         +50 Defense
      Ribbon             N              +3 Defense
      Silver Crown         M A S        +14 Defense
      Silver Ribbon      N              +12 Defense
      Snow Crown           M            +17 Defense
                                        Casts DEBAN when used
      Storm Gear              K         +16 Defense
                                        Casts ZAN when used
      Titanium Gear     R DMHAK         +14 Defense
      Titanium Helmet   R     K         +16 Defense
      Wind Scarf               S        +17 Defense
                                        Casts ZAN when used
      * The Mogic Cap allows you to speak with Dezolians and animals.  However,
        animals will be hostile towards you while wearing it, while Dezolians
        will be friendly.
      ** The Magic Cap allows you to speak with Dezolians and animals.  While
         wearing this the animals will be friendly towards you, while Dezolians
         will be hostile.  They will tell lies and charge you twice as much
         for all services.
    ---> Armor <----
      R = Rolf    N = Nei    D = Rudo    M = Amy
      H = Hugh    A = Anna   K = Kain    S = Shir
      Armor Name        Usable By       Notes
      Amber Robe            H           +20 Defense
                                        Casts RES when used
      Carbon Suit       R D H KS        +4 Defense
      Carbon Vest        N              +4 Defense
      Ceramic Armor       D   K         +48 Defense
      Ceramic Cape         M A S        +56 Defense
      Ceramic Chest     R   H           +46 Defense
      Crystal Cape         M A S        +64 Defense
      Crystal Chest     R   H           +60 Defense
      Crystanish          D   K         +60 Defense
      Fiber Cape           M A S        +8 Defense
      Fiber Coat        R D H K         +8 Defense
      Fiber Vest         N              +6 Defense
      Laconia Cape           A          +72 Defense
      Laconia Chest     R   H           +80 Defense
      Laconinish          D   K         +65 Defense
      Nei Armor           D   K         +95 Defense
      Nei Cape             M A S        +88 Defense
      Prison Clothes    RNDMHAKS        +2 Defense
      Titanium Armor      D   K         +24 Defense
      Titanium Cape        M A          +28 Defense
      Titanium Chest    R   H           +21 Defense
    ---> Footwear <----
      R = Rolf    N = Nei    D = Rudo    M = Amy
      H = Hugh    A = Anna   K = Kain    S = Shir
      Footwear Name     Usable By       Notes
      Boots             R DMHAKS        +3 Agility, +7 Defense
      Garda Boots       R D H K         +8 Agility, +15 Defense
      Hirza Boots          M            +7 Agility, +7 Attack
      Long Boots             A          +7 Agility, +5 Attack, +7 Defense
      Knife Boots        N   A          +5 Agility, +7 Attack, +7 Defense
      Sandals            N              +3 Agility, +3 Defense
      Shoes             R DMHAKS        +2 Agility, +3 Defense
      Shune Boots              S        +10 Agility, +7 Defense
    ---> Techniques <---
      R = Rolf    N = Nei    D = Rudo    M = Amy
      H = Hugh    A = Anna   K = Kain    S = Shir
      Name    TP     Who Learns
      ANTI     2     Nei L16, Amy L5
                     Cures 'POISON' status for one ally
      BROSE    8     Kain L26
                     Chance to instantly kill one robot
      CONTE    6     Kain L9
                     "Silences" one robot.
      DEBAN    4     Amy L4
                     Creates a shield that protects all allies
      DORAN    2     Hugh L3
                     "Confuses" one bio-monster.
      EIJIA    4     Kain L4
                     Deals 20-25 HP of damage to a group of robots
      FANBI    2     Anna L16
                     Damage and drain HP away from one bio-monster
      FOI      2     Rolf L1, Amy L5, Anna L1, Hugh L9, Kain L1, Shir L1
                     Deals 12-18 HP of damage to a single enemy
      FORSA    1     Kain L1
                     "Confuses" one robot.
      GAJ      1     Kain L7
                     Deals 20-25 HP of damage to one robot
      GEN      1     Hugh L3
                     Deals 15-20 HP of damage to one bio-monster
      GIFOI    6     Rolf L5, Hugh L12, Shir L15
                     Deals 30-40 HP of damage to a single enemy
      GIGAJ    5     Kain L10
                     Deals 55-65 HP of damage to one robot
      GIGRA   12     Rolf L27, Amy L50, Hugh L33, Shir L36
                     Deals 32-44 HP of damage to all enemies
      GIRES    7     Amy L6, Rolf L16, Hugh L30, Shir L30
                     Restores 60 HP to one ally
      GISAG   15     Kain L21
                     Deals 50-60 HP of damage to all robots
      GISAR   29     Amy L27
                     Restores 60 HP to all allies
      GITHU   13     Rolf L11
                     Deals 85-95 HP of damage to one enemy
      GIZAN    7     Rolf L16, Shir L27, Kain L31, Hugh L36
                     Deals 24-36 HP of damage to a group of enemies
      GRA      8     Rolf L10, Kain L14, Amy L40, Shir L24, Hugh L27
                     Deals 16-24 HP of damage to all enemies
      HINAS    8     Rolf L7, Shir L9
                     Automatically transports you outside a dungeon
      MEGID   55     Rolf L35
                     Takes 1/2 HP from each party member except Rolf, and
                     deals that number of HP damage to the enemy
      MUSIK    3     N/A
                     Allows the user to play the piano
      NAFOI   12     Rolf L14
                     Deals 125-150 HP to a single enemy
      NAGAJ   15     Kain L17
                     Deals 145-160 HP of damage to one robot
      NAGRA   20     Shir L45
                     Deals 64-78 HP of damage to all enemies
      NARES   13     Amy L15
                     Restores all HP to one ally
      NASAG   27     Kain L28
                     Deals 140-160 HP of damage to all robots
      NASAK    1     Nei L24, Amy L12
                     Sacrifice your life to fully all allies
      NASAR   53     Amy L30
                     Restores all HP to all allies
      NATHU   20     Rolf L20 
                     Deals 150-175 HP of damage to one enemy
      NAZAN   11     Rolf L24, Shir L33
                     Deals 100-120 HP of damage to all enemies
      NER      2     Anna L5
                     Increases one ally's agility
      RES      3     Nei L1, Rolf L8, Amy L1, Hugh L8, Shir L12
                     Restores 20 HP to one ally
      REVER   30     Amy L27, Rolf L30
                     Brings a dead ally back to life
                     If the target is alive, restores him/her to full HP
      RIMET    3     Kain L7
                     "Paralyzes" one robot.
      RIMIT    3     Hugh L2
                     "Paralyzes" one bio-monster.
      RYUKA    8     Rolf L4, Shir L6
                     Teleports you to the last town you Saved the game in
      SAGEN    3     Hugh L5
                     Deals 15-20 HP of damage to all bio-monsters
      SAG      3     Kain L13
                     Deals 16-24 HP of damage to all robots
      SAK      1     Nei L20, Amy L10
                     Sacrifice your life to fully heal one ally
      SANER    6     Amy L25
                     Increases all allies' agility
      SAR     13     Amy L9
                     Restores 20 HP to all allies
      SASHU    8     Amy L15
                     Increases defense power of all allies
      SAVOL   16     Hugh L24
                     Chance to instantly kill a group of bio-monsters
      SHIFT    5     Anna L8
                     Increases Anna's attack power
      SHINB    4     Hugh L5
                     (Rarely) causes one bio-monsters to run away
      SHIZA    6     Hugh L6
                     "Silences" one bio-monster.
      SHU      3     Amy L2
                     Increases defense power of one ally
      TSU      6     Rolf L5
                     Deals 24-32 HP of damage to a single enemy
      VOL      8     Hugh L15
                     Chance to instantly kill one bio-monster
      ZAN      4     Rolf L7, Kain L10, Anna L32, Hugh L18, Shir L18
                     Deals 14-20 HP of damage to an enemy group
    ---> Enemies <---
      |Monster Name        HP       Attack Power    Defense Power          |
      |Where Fought                  Experience         Meseta             |
      |Special                                                             |
      |Aerotank           HP:  308   Attack:  168   Defense:  144          |
      |Dezolis                       EXP:  2709     Meseta:  1080          |
      |Amoeba             HP:  13    Attack:  11    Defense:  10           |
      |Shure 4F                      EXP:  12       Meseta:  22            |
      |Archdrgn           HP:  276   Attack:  254   Defense:  67           |
      |Naval                         EXP:  9584     Meseta:  159           |
      |Armorant           HP:  23    Attack:  12    Defense:  16           |
      |Near Arima                    EXP:  26       Meseta:  34            |
      |Can paralyze one ally                                               |
      |Army Eye (*)       HP:  3000  Attack:  35    Defense:  104          |
      |Green Dam                     EXP:  2        Meseta:  0             |
      |Traps party with Plasma Rings during third turn                     |
      |Attmech            HP:  105   Attack:  86    Defense:  95           |
      |Blue Dam                      EXP:  1110     Meseta:  263           |
      |Can attack all allies with missiles                                 |
      |Bee                HP:  10    Attack:  4     Defense:  7            |
      |Near Paseo                    EXP:  5        Meseta:  9             |
      |Blaster            HP:  52    Attack:  15    Defense:  10           |
      |Bio-Systems Lab 1F            EXP:  62       Meseta:  60            |
      |Can perform a powerful attack against all allies                    |
      |Blastoid           HP:  163   Attack:  26    Defense:  10           |
      |Climatrol 1F                  EXP:  371      Meseta:  260           |
      |Split -->  Create another Blastoid with same HP                     |
      |Blockhed           HP:  80    Attack:  59    Defense:  8            |
      |Uzo Island                    EXP:  261      Meseta:  293           |
      |Burnwolf           HP:  112   Attack:  79    Defense:  16           |
      |Uzo Island                    EXP:  412      Meseta:  382           |
      |Buzzer             HP:  27    Attack:  17    Defense:  15           |
      |Shure 4F, Near Nido           EXP:  26       Meseta:  34            |
      |Capeone            HP:  358   Attack:  256   Defense:  16           |
      |Ikuto                         EXP:  11399    Meseta:  202           |
      |Carrier            HP:  17    Attack:  6     Defense:  10           |
      |Shure 2F                      EXP:  9        Meseta:  16            |
      |Cateye             HP:  182   Attack:  86    Defense:  10           |
      |Climatrol 8F                  EXP:  521      Meseta:  481           |
      |Catfang            HP:  132   Attack:  79    Defense:  10           |
      |Climatrol 6F                  EXP:  481      Meseta:  430           |
      |Catman             HP:  67    Attack:  61    Defense:  10           |
      |Uzo Island                    EXP:  276      Meseta:  236           |
      |Center             HP:  42    Attack:  48    Defense:  31           |
      |Near Kueri                    EXP:  127      Meseta:  139           |
      |Cooley61           HP:  161   Attack:  91    Defense:  51           |
      |Yellow Dam                    EXP:  1118     Meseta:  176           |
      |Dark Force (*)     HP:  2560  Attack:  320   Defense:  30           |
      |Noah                          EXP:  2222     Meseta:  0             |
      |Can "possess" one ally, turning them evil                           |
      |Darkside           HP:  283   Attack:  154   Defense:  13           |
      |Menobe                        EXP:  3978     Meseta:  162           |
      |Desrona            HP:  290   Attack:  192   Defense:  23           |
      |Ikuto                         EXP:  6897     Meseta:  231           |
      |Dezo Owl           HP:  112   Attack:  105   Defense:  36           |
      |Skure                         EXP:  1832     Meseta:  116           |
      |Elephant           HP:  122   Attack:  129   Defense:  62           |
      |Crevice                       EXP:  2283     Meseta:  287           |
      |Eletusk            HP:  187   Attack:  167   Defense:  69           |
      |Dezolis                       EXP:  2488     Meseta:  952           |
      |Eyesore            HP:  136   Attack:  61    Defense:  80           |
      |Control Tower 2F              EXP:  845      Meseta:  462           |
      |Can attack all allies with emission                                 |
      |Fanbite            HP:  80    Attack:  54    Defense:  20           |
      |Near Kueri                    EXP:  301      Meseta:  256           |
      |Fang               HP:  46    Attack:  37    Defense:  8            |
      |Near Zema                     EXP:  137      Meseta:  144           |
      |Fiend              HP:  364   Attack:  274   Defense:  16           |
      |Naval                         EXP:  12248    Meseta:  236           |
      |Can attack all allies with magic blast                              |
      |Fire Ant           HP:  9     Attack:  3     Defense:  4            |
      |Near Paseo                    EXP:  3        Meseta:  5             |
      |Fire-Eye           HP:  52    Attack:  29    Defense:  32           |
      |Roron                         EXP:  49       Meseta:  88            |
      |Can attack all allies with a fire burst                             |
      |Firefall           HP:  256   Attack:  195   Defense:  102          |
      |Naval                         EXP:  8446     Meseta:  181           |
      |Can attack all allies with inferno                                  |
      |Firgamma           HP:  184   Attack:  88    Defense:  17           |
      |Yellow Dam                    EXP:  960      Meseta:  312           |
      |Firia              HP:  109   Attack:  68    Defense:  10           |
      |Climatrol 2F                  EXP:  306      Meseta:  358           |
      |Flarewlf           HP:  145   Attack:  85    Defense:  17           |
      |Climatrol 8F                  EXP:  471      Meseta:  455           |
      |Forest             HP:  175   Attack:  83    Defense:  58           |
      |Near Paseo                    EXP:  501      Meseta:  481           |
      |Frdragon           HP:  262   Attack:  223   Defense:  63           |
      |Ikuto                         EXP:  8355     Meseta:  214           |
      |Froggy             HP:  12    Attack:  5     Defense:  7            |
      |Near Arima                    EXP:  7        Meseta:  10            |
      |Can attack all allies                                               |
      |Glosword           HP:  330   Attack:  229   Defense:  23           |
      |Menobe                        EXP:  5852     Meseta:  206           |
      |Can attack all allies with missiles                                 |
      |Glowstik           HP:  120   Attack:  67    Defense:  45           |
      |Uzo Island                    EXP:  330      Meseta:  315           |
      |Gun Bust           HP:  215   Attack:  104   Defense:  98           |
      |Skure                         EXP:  3358     Meseta:  914           |
      |Head Rot           HP:  95    Attack:  57    Defense:  42           |
      |Near Piata                    EXP:  311      Meseta:  254           |
      |Hit Tail           HP:  22    Attack:  32    Defense:  24           |
      |Roron                         EXP:  49       Meseta:  88            |
      |Hvysolid           HP:  190   Attack:  84    Defense:  92           |
      |Green Dam                     EXP:  2087     Meseta:  702           |
      |Can attack all allies with laser beam                               |
      |Illusnst           HP:  204   Attack:  107   Defense:  18           |
      |Menobe                        EXP:  4424     Meseta:  155           |
      |Imagiomg           HP:  238   Attack:  177   Defense:  18           |
      |Menobe                        EXP:  5694     Meseta:  223           |
      |Informer           HP:  125   Attack:  53    Defense:  8            |
      |Control Tower                 EXP:  689      Meseta:  142           |
      |Can decrease one ally's defense                                     |
      |Insecta            HP:  60    Attack:  41    Defense:  31           |
      |Bio-Systems Lab Basement      EXP:  111      Meseta:  139           |
      |Jelly              HP:  42    Attack:  26    Defense:  10           |
      |Bio-Systems Lab 1F            EXP:  37       Meseta:  67            |
      |Can put one ally to sleep                                           |
      |Kilgamma           HP:  215   Attack:  102   Defense:  20           |
      |Green Dam                     EXP:  1279     Meseta:  340           |
      |Kinglava           HP:  333   Attack:  248   Defense:  129          |
      |Guaron                        EXP:  13944    Meseta:  245           |
      |Can attack all allies with inferno                                  |
      |Kitedrgn           HP:  113   Attack:  84    Defense:  85           |
      |Outside Uzo Island            EXP:  349      Meseta:  475           |
      |Leecher            HP:  26    Attack:  20    Defense:  6            |
      |Nido Tower 3F                 EXP:  47       Meseta:  49            |
      |Can perform a powerful attack against one ally                      |
      |Locust             HP:  10    Attack:  8     Defense:  5            |
      |Near Arima                    EXP:  7        Meseta:  15            |
      |Locusta            HP:  26    Attack:  28    Defense:  18           |
      |Near Oputa                    EXP:  37       Meseta:  69            |
      |Lrgminer           HP:  226   Attack:  121   Defense:  56           |
      |Skure                         EXP:  1986     Meseta:  189           |
      |Lung               HP:  290   Attack:  209   Defense:  47           |
      |Ikuto                         EXP:  6195     Meseta:  168           |
      |Can attack all allies with blazing aura                             |
      |Mastodon           HP:  187   Attack:  137   Defense:  63           |
      |Crevice                       EXP:  1887     Meseta:  840           |
      |Mazgamma           HP:  152   Attack:  68    Defense:  5            |
      |Control Tower                 EXP:  687      Meseta:  205           |
      |Mechoman           HP:  65    Attack:  46    Defense:  68           |
      |Mota                          EXP:  627      Meseta:  138           |
      |Can attack all allies with missiles                                 |
      |Mesoman            HP:  215   Attack:  120   Defense:  20           |
      |Menobe                        EXP:  4737     Meseta:  189           |
      |Metalman           HP:  148   Attack:  64    Defense:  3            |
      |Control Tower                 EXP:  707      Meseta:  197           |
      |Can attack all allies with electricity                              |
      |Monster            HP:  195   Attack:  106   Defense:  54           |
      |Green Dam                     EXP:  1476     Meseta:  124           |
      |Mosquito           HP:  9     Attack:  2     Defense:  4            |
      |Near Paseo                    EXP:  3        Meseta:  5             |
      |Blood Suck -->  Damage dealt by Mosquito is added to Mosquito's HP  |
      |Mother Brain (*)   HP:  2450  Attack:  228   Defense:  120          |
      |Noah                          EXP:  0        Meseta:  0             |
      |Can attack all allies with a nova burst                             |
      |Mr Death           HP:  324   Attack:  174   Defense:  15           |
      |Menobe                        EXP:  4942     Meseta:  197           |
      |Mushroom           HP:  54    Attack:  36    Defense:  29           |
      |Bio-Systems Lab 1F            EXP:  101      Meseta:  124           |
      |Mxdragon           HP:  259   Attack:  213   Defense:  59           |
      |Menobe                        EXP:  6747     Meseta:  197           |
      |Mystcape           HP:  163   Attack:  92    Defense:  16           |
      |Menobe                        EXP:  3390     Meseta:  116           |
      |Can decrease one ally's attack power                                |
      |Neifirst (*)       HP:  1100  Attack:  178   Defense:  10           |
      |Climatrol 8F                  EXP:  1111     Meseta:  1111          |
      |Can attack all allies                                               |
      |Ohx                HP:  191   Attack:  104   Defense:  6            |
      |Dezolis                       EXP:  2684     Meseta:  252           |
      |Can reduce TP of one ally                                           |
      |Orangah            HP:  128   Attack:  94    Defense:  6            |
      |Skure                         EXP:  1778     Meseta:  193           |
      |Can restore 20 HP to itself or another enemy                        |
      |Orangoo            HP:  155   Attack:  98    Defense:  6            |
      |Skure                         EXP:  2178     Meseta:  239           |
      |Owltalon           HP:  145   Attack:  141   Defense:  79           |
      |Crevice                       EXP:  2701     Meseta:  397           |
      |Pinchant           HP:  45    Attack:  30    Defense:  27           |
      |Bio-Systems Lab 2F            EXP:  83       Meseta:  99            |
      |Can perform a powerful attack against one ally                      |
      |Pod Head           HP:  176   Attack:  80    Defense:  15           |
      |Blue Dam                      EXP:  1149     Meseta:  319           |
      |Poisoner           HP:  12    Attack:  4     Defense:  2            |
      |Near Paseo                    EXP:  5        Meseta:  13            |
      |Can paralyze one ally                                               |
      |Polezi             HP:  85    Attack:  50    Defense:  10           |
      |Mota                          EXP:  568      Meseta:  160           |
      |Poleziax           HP:  118   Attack:  87    Defense:  10           |
      |Red Dam                       EXP:  855      Meseta:  240           |
      |Can paralyze one ally                                               |
      |Poleziss           HP:  20    Attack:  12    Defense:  5            |
      |Gaira                         EXP:  2        Meseta:  2             |
      |Pug Brat           HP:  88    Attack:  59    Defense:  47           |
      |Ocean                         EXP:  206      Meseta:  115           |
      |Can decrease one ally's attack power                                |
      |Pug Hit            HP:  21    Attack:  22    Defense:  17           |
      |Ocean                         EXP:  42       Meseta:  38            |
      |Pug Kill           HP:  98    Attack:  69    Defense:  17           |
      |Ocean                         EXP:  302      Meseta:  282           |
      |Pulser             HP:  17    Attack:  8     Defense:  10           |
      |Shure 3F                      EXP:  12       Meseta:  18            |
      |Python             HP:  122   Attack:  65    Defense:  10           |
      |Climatrol 4F                  EXP:  327      Meseta:  274           |
      |Rabbit             HP:  153   Attack:  70    Defense:  6            |
      |Skure                         EXP:  1724     Meseta:  270           |
      |Rabbita            HP:  167   Attack:  108   Defense:  10           |
      |Skure                         EXP:  2238     Meseta:  364           |
      |Can decrease one ally's defense power                               |
      |Rabitgut           HP:  203   Attack:  116   Defense:  16           |
      |Dezolis                       EXP:  2820     Meseta:  380           |
      |Reptile            HP:  92    Attack:  79    Defense:  80           |
      |Ocean                         EXP:  387      Meseta:  440           |
      |Rot Wood           HP:  50    Attack:  45    Defense:  6            |
      |Roron                         EXP:  141      Meseta:  167           |
      |Sakoff             HP:  198   Attack:  107   Defense:  15           |
      |Menobe                        EXP:  4072     Meseta:  166           |
      |Scaly              HP:  91    Attack:  75    Defense:  48           |
      |Uzo Island                    EXP:  357      Meseta:  337           |
      |Can attack all allies                                               |
      |Shadow             HP:  365   Attack:  190   Defense:  17           |
      |Menobe                        EXP:  5765     Meseta:  227           |
      |Skytiara           HP:  122   Attack:  129   Defense:  62           |
      |Skure                         EXP:  2283     Meseta:  287           |
      |Slugmess           HP:  96    Attack:  55    Defense:  10           |
      |Roron                         EXP:  231      Meseta:  218           |
      |Split -->  Create another Slugmess with same amount of HP           |
      |Sonomech           HP:  85    Attack:  71    Defense:  84           |
      |Red Dam                       EXP:  889      Meseta:  199           |
      |Can attack all allies with missiles                                 |
      |Specter            HP:  268   Attack:  157   Defense:  122          |
      |Dezolis                       EXP:  2395     Meseta:  124           |
      |Can attack all allies with emission                                 |
      |Spinner            HP:  14    Attack:  9     Defense:  10           |
      |Shure 2F                      EXP:  7        Meseta:  16            |
      |Spitfang           HP:  66    Attack:  49    Defense:  28           |
      |Climatrol 1F                  EXP:  182      Meseta:  194           |
      |Spitkill           HP:  30    Attack:  18    Defense:  13           |
      |Nido Tower 1F                 EXP:  31       Meseta:  51            |
      |Can put one ally to sleep                                           |
      |Squat              HP:  76    Attack:  46    Defense:  32           |
      |Roron                         EXP:  266      Meseta:  180           |
      |Can poison one ally                                                 |
      |Stinger            HP:  47    Attack:  31    Defense:  26           |
      |Near Oputa                    EXP:  78       Meseta:  99            |
      |Blood Suck -->  Damage dealt by Stinger is added to Stinger's HP    |
      |Terakite           HP:  67    Attack:  58    Defense:  77           |
      |Ocean                         EXP:  266      Meseta:  258           |
      |Can paralyze one ally                                               |
      |Toader             HP:  24    Attack:  17    Defense:  13           |
      |Nido Tower 1F                 EXP:  30       Meseta:  36            |
      |Can decrease one ally's agility                                     |
      |Tracer             HP:  40    Attack:  9     Defense:  8            |
      |Gaira                         EXP:  2        Meseta:  2             |
      |Trcrbase           HP:  201   Attack:  127   Defense:  104          |
      |Skure                         EXP:  1773     Meseta:  864           |
      |Can attack all allies with emission                                 |
      |Twig Man           HP:  158   Attack:  84    Defense:  14           |
      |Yellow Dam                    EXP:  1057     Meseta:  278           |
      |Twigtall           HP:  208   Attack:  108   Defense:  16           |
      |Green Dam                     EXP:  1279     Meseta:  329           |
      |Van                HP:  197   Attack:  93    Defense:  83           |
      |Blue Dam                      EXP:  1259     Meseta:  596           |
      |Can attack allies with cannon                                       |
      |Vorcano            HP:  296   Attack:  215   Defense:  118          |
      |Guaron                        EXP:  10097    Meseta:  218           |
      |Can attack all allies with inferno                                  |
      |Vortex             HP:  37    Attack:  29    Defense:  23           |
      |Nido Tower 3F                 EXP:  40       Meseta:  77            |
      |Can decrease one ally's defense                                     |
      |Waspy              HP:  18    Attack:  13    Defense:  13           |
      |Shure 4F, Near Nido           EXP:  15       Meseta:  27            |
      |Blood Suck -->  Damage dealt by Waspy is added to Waspy's HP        |
      |Whirly             HP:  76    Attack:  48    Defense:  39           |
      |Ocean                         EXP:  156      Meseta:  184           |
      |Whistle            HP:  82    Attack:  37    Defense:  5            |
      |Mota                          EXP:  470      Meseta:  84            |
      |Wireface           HP:  137   Attack:  55    Defense:  10           |
      |Control Tower                 EXP:  718      Meseta:  213           |
      |Wirehead           HP:  159   Attack:  67    Defense:  15           |
      |Near Paseo                    EXP:  1014     Meseta:  213           |
      |Wolfang            HP:  72    Attack:  54    Defense:  15           |
      |Uzo Island                    EXP:  261      Meseta:  218           |
      |Wizard             HP:  352   Attack:  218   Defense:  8            |
      |Ikuto                         EXP:  9805     Meseta:  151           |
      |Can attack all allies with lightning                                |
      |Wrestler           HP:  184   Attack:  90    Defense:  8            |
      |Menobe                        EXP:  2955     Meseta:  124           |
      |Can paralyze one ally                                               |
      *NOTE*  I'm missing quite a few specials on the enemy lists.  If you know
      of any monster specials that aren't on this list, please send them to me!
    = Part Four:  Conclusion/Credits -
         And there you have it!  I tried my best to make sure the FAQ was as
    clear, concise, and correct at possible, but there's always a good chance
    that something may be missing, badly explained, incorrect, etc.  If you
    have any comments, suggestions, additions, corrections, or anything else
    you'd care to share, feel free to send me an E-mail at dalez@intercom.net.
    I'm always willing to make changes/addition/updates should the need to do
    so arise.
    - Of course, thanks to Sega for creating such an extraordinary and difficult
      game!  ;)
    - And, thanks to CJayC for hosting this and all my other guides at GameFAQs.com.
      What an awesome site!
    - Thanks go out to James Maxlow, webmaster of phantasy-star.net, for hosting
      his informative Phantasy Star pages, and more importantly, the MAPS!  =D
    Other FAQs by the Same Author:
      Well, if you're interested... a complete listing of all my guides can be
      found at...
      This Phantasy Star 2 FAQ Copyright (C) 2000 by Dalez.  This FAQ may
      be distributed freely, placed on sites, etc, AS LONG AS it remains in
      its full and original form and the author is given proper credit for
      his work.  It is intended for private and personal use only, and is NOT
      licensed for commercial purposes.  Individuals wishing to use any part
      of this guide in any guide or compilation of their own must first obtain
      permission from the author to do so.
      The game itself is Copyright (C) 1989 by Sega.

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