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    FAQ/Move List by MDunn

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 10/15/94 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          Moves List (and mini-FAQ) for Mortal Kombat II on the Sega Genesis
                            Version 1.4 (October 15, 1994)
                                    by Michael Dunn
                         a540mrd@pic.ucla.edu on the Internet
                  "Major Kira" on the ISCA BBS (whip.isca.uiowa.edu)
    0. Changes from Version 1.3
    1. History
    2. Special thanks
    3. Wanted  [*]
    4. Key to the moves list [*]
    5. General controls
    6. Special moves  [*]
    7. Guide to the menus
    8. Using the test modes [*]
    9. Questions and miscellaneous stuff [*]
    Sections marked with [*] have been changed since the last version.
    Each section begins with the section number within < >, e.g. <2>, so you can
    search for that string to skip to the section you want to read.
                            <0> Changes from Version 1.3/1.3a
    -- Fixed a real dumb typo in Mileens Multi-Stab fatality.
    -- Added Random Select to the Q&A section.
    -- Added an explanatory note about combining a circular stick move with the
       x(y) notation.
    -- Added Liu Kang's Pit fatality for the 3 button pad.
    -- Fixed Cage's Pit fatality for the 3 button pad, and added a longer
    -- Added how to make a victim fall off the spikes.
    -- Wrote a better description of the "Extra Controls" option.
    -- Mentioned that pressing RESET wipes out your test mode settings.
                                    <1> History
    The three incarnations of version 0 were just a rewrite of my arcade moves
    list, with a few moves for the three-button controls thrown in from folks who
    had sent them to me.  If you have a version 0 sheet, burn it now and keep this
    one. :>
    Version 1.0 : I wrote this overnight, after I finally (after many tries) got
    a hold of a copy of the game.  I typed everything in from scratch, so
    naturally there were typos and other mistakes.
    Version 1.1 : Major typo fixes and changes to Q/A's.
    Version 1.1a : Minor mistakes corrected.
    Version 1.2 : Once I had enough minor mistakes fixed, I decided to bump
    up the version to 1.2 and add in some formatting changes.  Thanks and
    wanted sections added.  Headers added before each character's moves.
    Version 1.2a : New move(s) added as they were discovered.
    Version 1.3 : Pong and the Fergality added.
    Version 1.3a : Typos corrected.
    Version 1.4 : More moves confirmed and corrected, and some info explained
    in better detail.
                                  <2> Special thanks
    Styrofoam - kind support while I was scrambling to find a copy of the game
    Fanky Maloon - finding typos, and being an all-around nice guy
    WoodStock - finding typos
    E Double - experimenting with the SNES version and this moves list
    Angel of Death - providing Baraka's decap for the 3 button pad, and providing
                     info on the Fergality and Pong.
    Wang Master - finding typos
                                       <3> Wanted
    The following is info that I do not currently have in this FAQ, but would
    like to have.  Your help is much appreciated!
    Kung Lao's decapitation fatality (3 button);
    Cage's special (three-head) fatality (3 button).
                               <4> Key to the moves list
    "w" "x" "y" and "z" all represent stick and/or button motions, and "n"
    represents a number.
    f = forward, b = back, u = up, d = down.
    p = low punch, P = high punch,  k = low kick, K = high kick, B = block.
    In the 3-button pad moves, "p" is used for the punch button (since there's only
    Q = quarter-circle, H = half-circle, C = full circle.  These moves are always
    followed by either f or b indicating the direction of the circular stick move.
    xyz w : Unless otherwise stated, stick/button motions are to be done
            sequentially.  In most moves that end with a button press, the button
            is separated from the rest of the moves by a space, just for ease of
            reading.  In most cases, you are allowed to hold the stick in the
            last position while pressing the button.  IOW, it's OK to do
            xyz(w).  The cases where this is NOT true are noted like this:
    xyz/w : The slash indicates that you MUST release the stick from position z
            before pressing the button w.
    x+y   : Do x and y at the same time.
    x(y)  : Hold the control x and do y while holding x.  y may be more than one
            motion or button press.
            When combined with a circular stick move, this notation means to do
            the circular move, then hold the stick in the final position (forward
            or back) while pressing the indicated button.  So, Qb(k) means, "Do
            a quarter-circle backwards, and while holding the stick in the back
            position, press low kick."
    x(y)R : Do x(y) and then release x to complete the move.  y may be more than
            one motion or button press.
    x[n]  : Hold (charge) button x for at least n ticks of the game clock.  The
            move is complete when you charge for the indicated length of time and
            release x.
    x..   : Keep tapping the button(s) x to keep the move going.
    Fatalities are sensitive to the distance you stand from your opponent.  A
    number in parentheses after the move name tells you how far away to stand.  The
    distances are numbered:
    0   : Stand right next to the victim.
    1   : Stand one character-width away.
    2   : Stand two character-widths away.
    3   : Stand halfway across the screen.
    4   : Stand all the way across the screen.
    *   : Stand anywhere, distance doesn't matter.
    n+  : Stand at a distance of n or farther.
    n-  : Stand at a distance of n or closer.
                                 <5> General controls
    -- 6 button pad --                    -- 3 button pad --
                 block                              block
                [START]                            [START]
    high punch   block   high kick        [A]        [B]         [C]
       [X]        [Y]       [Z]          punch     low kick   high kick
       [A]        [B]       [C]
    low punch    block    low kick
    All characters have moves in common.  They include:
    Move name             6 button      3 button      notes
    ---------             --------      --------      -----
    Standing hi punch     P             f(p) or b(p)
    Standing lo punch     p             p (no stick)
    Throw                 f(p)          p (no stick)  stand right next to opponent
    Uppercut              d(p) or d(P)  d(p)          the crouching punch is gone
    Foot sweep            b(k)          b(k)
    Roundhouse kick       b(K)          b(K)
                                   <6> Special moves
    Here it is!  The (almost) complete list of moves for both types of control
    pads.  The few moves that I haven't been able to do yet are marked with
    question marks.  I would REALLY like to have all the moves here, so
    please feel free to experiment and mail me with your results. :>
    Take care when using the 3 button pad.  My experience is that it is very picky
    at times, especially about whether you hold the last stick motion while
    pressing a button at the end of a special move.
    *** Important note ***
    In moves which contain an "up" stick move (except for teleports),
    it seems that you may hold block during the entire move.  You may even hold
    block while pressing the final button.  This, needless to say, is VERY generous
    of the programmers. :>
    *** Important note ***
    *** Semi-Important note ***
    All Pit/Spikes fatalities are done at a distance of 0.
    *** Semi-Important note ***
    -- Liu Kang --        6 button      3 button      notes
                          --------      --------      -----
    High fireball         ff P          ff(p)         may be done in the air
    Low fireball          ff p          ff/p
    Flying kick           ff K          ff K
    Turkey kick           k[3]          k[3]
    Pit/Spikes            bff k         bbff k
    Babality              ddfb k        ddfb k
    Friendship            fbbb k        fbbb k
    Flip-uppercut(3-)     Cb            Cb            OK to hold block
    Dragon Morph(1-)      dfbb K        dfbb K
    -- Kung Lao --        6 button      3 button      notes
                          --------      --------      -----
    Hat throw             bf p          bf(p)
    Teleport              du            du
    Air kick              d(K)          d(K)          must be done in the air
    Energy Spin           uu k..        uu k..
    Pit/Spikes            fff P         fff(P)
    Babality              bbff K        bbff K
    Friendship            bbbd K        bbbd K
    Slice in half(1)      fff k         fff k
    Decapitation(3+)      p(bf)R        ???           guide hat up to hit head
    -- Johnny Cage --     6 button      3 button      notes
                          --------      --------      -----
    High shot             Hb P          Hb p
    Low shot              Hf p          Hf p
    Shadow kick           bf k          bf k
    Shadow uppercut       bdb P         bdb p
    Ball Breaker          B+p           k+K
    Pit/Spikes            dddd K        ddd K
    Babality              bbb K         bbb K
    Friendship            dddd K        dddd K        see note below
    Torso Toss(0)         ddff p        ddff p
    Uppercut-decap(0)     ffdu          ffdu
    Special(0)            ffdu d+p+B+k  ???           knocks off three heads
    Note: On the 6-button pad, the Friendship and Pit/Spikes fatality are the
    same move.  If you are able to do a friendship (ie, haven't used punch in
    the second round you win) and you do dddd K, you will ALWAYS get the
    Friendship, instead of the Pit/Spikes fatality.
    -- Reptile --         6 button      3 button      notes
                          --------      --------      -----
    Spit                  ff P          ff(p)
    Slide                 b(k+K)        b(k+K)
    Forceball             bb p+P        bb/p
    Invisibility          uud P         uud p         must be visible
    De-invis.             uud P         uud p         must be invisible
    Pit/Spikes            dff B         dff B
    Babality              dbb k         dbb k
    Friendship            bbd k         bbd k
    Decap(3)              bbd p         bbd p         must be visible
    Slice in half(0)      ffd K         ffd K         must be invisible
    -- Sub-Zero --        6 button      3 button      notes
                          --------      --------      -----
    Regular freeze        Qf p          Qf p
    Ground freeze         Qb k          Qb k          see note 1 below
    Slide                 b(k+K)        b(k+K)
    Pit/Spikes            dff B         dff B
    Babality              dbb K         dbb K
    Friendship            bbd K         bbd K
    Deep Freeze...(1)     ffd K         ffd K         see note 2 below
    then smash(0)         fdff P        fdff(p)
    Ice grenade(3+)       p(bbdf)R      k(bbdf)R
    Note 1: The ground freeze will NOT come out if the opponent is backed into a
    Note 2: The end-of-round timer does not reset when you execute the deep
    freeze (as it did in the arcade).
    -- Shang Tsung --     6 button      3 button      notes
                          --------      --------      -----
    One shot              bb P          bb(p)
    Two shots             bbf P         bbf(p)
    Three shots           bbff P        bbff(p)
    Liu Kang              bff B         bff B
    Kung Lao              bdb K         bdb K
    Cage                  bbd p         bbd p
    Reptile               ud P          ud P
    Sub-Zero              fdf P         fdf p
    Kitana                BBB           BBB
    Jax                   dfb K         dfb K
    Mileena               P[2]          k[2]
    Baraka                dd k          dd k
    Scorpion              uu            uu
    Raiden                dbf k         dbf k
    Pit/Spikes            ddud          ddud
    Babality              bfd K         bfd K
    Friendship            bbdf K        bbdf K
    Up-the-nose(1)        K[2]          K[2]
    Soul drain(0)         udu k         udu k
    Kintaro(1)            p[15]         k[15]
    Note: All morphs last for 13 clock ticks.
    -- Kitana --          6 button      3 button      notes
                          --------      --------      -----
    Fan throw             ff P+p        ff/p
    Swipe                 b(P)          b(p)
    Fan lift              bbb P         bbb(p)
    Sonya punch           Hb P          Hb(p)
    Pit/Spikes            dfdf K        dfdf K
    Babality              ddd k         ddd k
    Friendship            dddu k        dddu k
    Decap(0)              BBB K         BBB K
    Kiss o' Death(0)      k(ffdf)R      k(ffdf)R
    -- Jax --             6 button      3 button      notes
                          --------      --------      -----
    Shot                  Hb K          Hb K
    Ground smash          k[3]          k[3]
    Grab                  ff(p) p..     ff/p p..
    Multi-slam            throw P..     throw p..
    Air throw             B             B             must be done in the air
    Pit/Spikes            uud k         uud k
    Babality              dudu k        dudu k
    Friendship            dduu k        dduu k
    Head smash(0)         p(fff)R       K(fff)R
    Rip off arms(1)       BBBB p        BBBB p
    -- Mileena --         6 button      3 button      notes
                          --------      --------      -----
    Sai throw             P[2]          k[2]          may be done in the air
    Roll                  bbd K         bbd K
    Teleport kick         ff k          ff K
    Pit/Spikes            dfdf k        dfdf k
    Babality              ddd k         ddd k
    Friendship            dddu k        dddu k
    Multi-stab(0)         fbf p         fbf p
    Eat & spit(0)         K[4]          K[4]
    -- Baraka --          6 button      3 button      notes
                          --------      --------      -----
    Shot                  Qb P          Qb p
    Swipe                 b(P)          b(p)
    Blade fury            bbb p         bbb/p
    Pit/Spikes            ffd K         ffd K
    Babality              fff K         fff K
    Friendship            uff K         uff K
    Decap(0)              bbb P         bbb(p)
    Impale(1)             bfdf p        bfdf p        see note below
    Note: The Impale fatality is tricky on the 3 button pad.  I found it helps to
    roll the stick during the fdf part of the move (as if you were doing a dragon
    -- Scorpion --        6 button      3 button      notes
                          --------      --------      -----
    Spear                 bb p          bb/p
    Teleport              Qb P          Qb(p)
    Leg grab              Hb k          Hb k
    Air throw             B             B             must be done in the air
    Pit/Spikes            ddff B        dff B
    Babality              dbb K         dbb K
    Friendship            bbd K         bbd K
    Torch(2)              uu P          uu p
    Double slice(0)       P(dfff)R      K(dfff)R
    Special(*)            dduu P        dduu p        TOASTY!
    -- Raiden --          6 button      3 button      notes
                          --------      --------      -----
    Shot                  Qf p          Qf p
    Dive                  bbf           bbf
    Teleport              du            du
    Grab-shock            P[2]          K[2]          2-player mode ONLY!
    Pit/Spikes            uu P          uu p
    Babality              ddu K         ddu K
    Friendship            dbf K         dbf K
    Electric grab(0)      k[6] (B+k)..  k[6] (B+k)..
    Fatal uppercut(0)     P[6]          K[6]
    Fergality             bbb B         bbb B         see info in Q&A section
                                <7> Guide to the menus
    Start : Starts the game (duh!)
    Options : brings up the Options menu.
    Options/Difficulty : Very easy, easy, medium, hard, or very hard.  Pick one.
    Options/Credits : You can choose to start with between 1 and 30 credits.  Put
       the cursor on the "Gimme 15!" line and move the stick left/right to decrease
       or increase the number of credits.
    Options/Extra Controls : This menu has an option for each port.  The possible
       choices are "Activator" and "6 Button."  If you're using the 3-button pad,
       choose "Activator."  **NOTE** Pressing RESET resets both of these settings
       to "Activator."  Choosing "6 button" only makes the game LOOK FOR a 6
       button pad; you can still use your 3 button pad (you can even switch your
       6 button pad between 6 button and 3 button modes if you want to).
    If you move the cursor to the Options/DONE! setting and do the sequence
    ldlrdrllrr, another menu choice will appear, "Test modes."
                               <8> Using the Test modes
    Note: Pressing RESET removes the Test Modes menu from the Options menu, and
    turns off all settings in the Test Modes menu.
    The first two options make player 1 or 2 invincible.  Only one of these options
    may be set on, for obvious reasons.
    The next two options make player 1 or 2 die with one hit.  Even a Kitana fan
    lift or Sub-Zero freeze will be deadly.  Both of these options may be set on at
    the same time, although you cannot have a player be both "invincible" and "die
    with one hit" at the same time.
    The 2nd page begins with "Free Play."  Set this on for infinite credits.
    The "Background" option is next.  Leaving it at the default "OFF" setting gives
    you the backgrounds in the normal order.  Setting it to a number makes every
    single match take place at the same background.  Settings of note are: 1 (Dead
    Pool), 2 (Room with the Spikes), 6 (Armory), 7 (The Pit), 8 (The Portal), and
    10 (The Blue Portal where you normally fight hidden characters).
    "Battle Plan" determines where your game begins when you fight against the
    computer.  Leave it OFF to start at the bottom, or set it to a number to start
    at a higher-up opponent.  11 is the character right before the ? box, 13 is
    Shang Tsung, 14 is Kintaro, and 15 is Shao Kahn.
    The next option, strangely called "Soak Test," makes the computer play itself
    when you choose Start.
    The 3rd page begins with three options, only one of which may be set at once:
    "Fatalities, "Friendship," and "Babalities."  Setting one will make the
    computer do the respective finishing move whenever it wins a match.  The
    computer will be able to do Friendships and Babalities even if it used punches
    during the last round!
    The last option is "Oooh, Nasty!"  See the Q&A section for an explanation.
                         <9> Questions and miscellaneous stuff
    Q: What is a Fergality?  [or]  What does "Oooh, Nasty!" do?
    A: First, enable the Test Modes and then enable Oooh, nasty!  Then, start
    a game and use Raiden.  On the Armory stage, win the match, and at the end,
    do bbb B.  The victim will be turned into one of the programmers.
    Q: What are babalities and friendships?
    A: They are alternate ways of ending a match that you've won.  You may stand
    anywhere on the screen when doing them.  A Babality will turn the victim into a
    little baby, complete with distinctive clothing (e.g. Kung Lao and Raiden
    babies still have their hats on).  A Friendship will make your character do
    something cute, for example Kitana turns around and produces a birthday cake.
    The only restriction on babalities and friendships is that you may not press
    either punch button during the 2nd round that you win.
    Q: How do I do Random Select?
    A: At the character selection screen, put the cursor on Liu Kang if you're
    player 1, or on Reptile if you're player 2.  Then, hold up and press START.
    Q: What is the Dead Pool fatality?
    A: When you win a match on the Dead Pool stage (the one with the green pools of
    acid behind the characters), hold d+p+k and press P on the 6 button, or d+k+K
    and press p on the 3 button.  Do this at a distance of 0.  There doesn't seem
    to be the "Almost" quote that was in the arcade.
    Q: How do I make the victim of a Spikes fatality fall back to the ground?
    A: Hold YOUR joystick down right after your character begins the uppercut
    motion.  You do not have to hold both sticks down, as in the arcade.  If
    the computer does a Spikes fatality on you, you can hold the stick in the
    other port down and make yourself fall! :>  Of course, sometimes victims
    will fall down of their own accord.
    Q: What are "special" fatalities?
    A: That's my term for the two easter eggs in Cage's and Scorp's fatalities.
    A "special" takes a normal fatality and does something extra at the end.
    Try them and you'll see what I mean. :>
    Q: How do I get to Jade?
    A: First, play the computer and get to the opponent right before the ? box.
    You must then win one round (just a round, not the whole match) using ONLY low
    kick.  If you do so, you'll fight Jade.  After the match with her is over,
    you'll go back to the regular game and fight Shang Tsung.
    Q: How do I get to Smoke?
    A: During the Portal stage, connect with an uppercut or Kung Lao's spin.  Then
    watch the lower-right corner of the screen.  If the head pops up and you hear
    "toasty!" hold down and press START.
    Q: How do I get to Noob Saibot?
    A: Win 50 rounds in a row.  You do NOT have to play against the computer
    during your winning streak.
    Q: Why can't I change characters after I fight a hidden character?
    A: Programmers goofed/were lazy and didn't code it.
    Q: Does Pong exist in the Sega version?
    A: Yes.  It appears after 200 matches.  (or so I've been told...I tried it
    this afternoon and it most definitely did NOT appear *sniff*)
    Q: Who's that dude that pops up in the corner of the screen?
    A: That's Dan Forden.  He composed the music for MK2.  He sometimes appears
    whenever you connect with an uppercut or Kung Lao's energy spin.  BTW, he says
    Q: No, I didn't see a man, it was some strange yellow blob.
    A: Dan's picture is replaced by some strange-looking character when you play
    after turning on the Test modes menu.  It still says "toasty!" though.
    Q: I have an SNES!! Can I use this moves list?
    A: YES!! :>  Folks on ISCA have told me that the SNES moves are the same
    as the 6-button pad moves listed here.  Just substitute as follows:
    high punch = Y   high kick = X
    low punch  = B   low kick  = A
    block = L or R
    Q: So, Mike, what do you think of the game?
    A: I like it.  It's a much much better translation of the arcade game than MK1
    was.  The lack of voices is disappointing, though.  I also find it strange that
    after you fight a hidden character, you can't select a different character.
    The computer is NO fun to play against, even on the easy difficulty settings,
    which really detracts from the game if you don't have many people to play with
    (as I don't).
    Q: Hey!  I found a mistake!!  [or]  Hey!  I found something new!!  Now what do
    I do?
    A: Just email me and tell me all about it.  I'm always looking for new and
    better info. :>
    OUTSTANDING!!  Have a nice day. :>

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