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"Buy the six button controller first.... THEN read this review!"

Boy, wasn't Mortal KomBoy, wasn't Mortal Kombat fun on the Genesis? I mean, without the six button controller, the controls, honestly.... sucked! The game itself was a lot of fun, especially doing fatalities, but the controls still stunk. You couldn't do zip with three buttons, making it almost worse than the portable versions of MK (because we expect a lot from console system games, but a lot less from portables). All in all I had a lot of fun with MK, but that's only because I spent the $20 on getting a six button controller.

So how did Mortal Kombat II fair on the Genesis? Compared to the SNES version, not too good... Compared to the arcade version, almost horrible... But when compared to other Genesis fighters, or as a fighting games on its own, rated on its own 16-bit merrits, poor controls and bland graphics, it's actually a great fighting game!

MKII came before the real fun arrived, fun we didn't even know existed. So obviously, we all enjoyed the first MK at one time or another, whether we're willing to admit it or not, so we enjoyed MKII even more. Unfortunately, it just doesn't have the same effect on me that it did five years ago.

It's not fun to play anymore, something I'm disappointed to say, but it was fun back then. Back before the Nintendo 64 delayed the gaming world. Back before Sony got to cheer and say, "we kicked Nintendo'd butt!" Back before the Dreamcast was ever even announced to the public, there was Mortal Kombat II for the Genesis, a game me any my best friend use to play for at least two hours... every... single... day.

Whether we were at my house or his, we couldn't put the game down. Despite all of its flaws, we were addicted. It was Mortal Kombat II, the greatest fighting game of that time period...

Gameplay: 9
Doing moves and juggle combos was frustrating enough in the arcade, especially with Katana (her real long juggle, that is), and with the standard Genesis controller, it's even worse. The six button controller didn't make it that much easier, but it helped. Very small size, and has way too small buttons, otherwise it would have been more arcade like. Bigger is better.

The size of each player has been shrunk to compensate for Genesis' lack of graphical power, and to keep things within the standardized 20 inch TV screen (which is what 99% of all console games are based on). Some people aren't bothered by size, but I am. Size DOES matter. It is important that every element in a fighting game that relates to how the game is controlled is inside the console version, or it'll be less than perfect no matter what. Virtua Fighter 3tb for example -- graphically impressive, but not as good as the arcade version. However, the fighters are big, if not as big as the arcade version, keeping the same feel of the arcade game in-tact, making it a better port.

The fatalities are executed pretty much the same way as always, as long as you have a six button controller (if you haven't learned by now, you can't play this game without any frustration if you don't have a six button controller), but don't look half as good as the arcade version. I guess I shouldn't have expected much... it was the Genesis after all.

My score is given only because of what MKII once was. Now I'd give it a six or lower, but I can't forget how much fun I once had with this game. Maybe not quite as much fun as I had with the first MK, or with MK3, but I had a blast, nonetheless.

Sound/Music: 5
Cheesier than the SNES version, more bland than MKT's music on Nintendo 64, but not quite as bad as the GameBoy version, Mortal Kombat II is a dull sounding game on cart. The SNES version is at least decent. But we didn't get to experience a perfect home port of any MK game until 1995, when Sony brought home MK3 the right way.

Graphics: 5
Blah. I was disgusted the first time I saw this game in action. Pathetic! What a waste of $60, that's one of the reasons why I took the game back so fast. Very cartoony and very unrealistic. The blood looks suckie too. If you really need a version of this game on a home system, get it for PlayStation or Saturn!

Story: 2
Following the same storyline as the arcade version, you must defeat Shao Kahn and prove that you're the all-mighty immortal one. Can you do it? Oh, I'm sure you can, it ain't that hard...

Replayability: 10
Maybe not perfect anymore, but over the course of 1994 to the fall of '95, this is the only game me and my friends played. Non-stop, everyday. We just couldn't get enough. We use to hook it up to my grandma's "big" TV screen whenever we'd go over there, and that made it even better. Very arcade like, except that the fighters still looked too small. A great game of the past, but useless today.

Should I buy MKII?: No.
If you're still feeling the need for old Kombat, maybe, but otherwise, do you really need this game? Ask yourself... do you? No. The arcade machine might be fun to own if you could get one cheap, it is pretty old after all, but other than that I see no reason to own any version, even the PlayStation or Saturn ones. This game just isn't fun anymore... and I doubt it ever will be again.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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