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Reviewed: 09/19/01 | Updated: 09/19/01

At least it's better than Gameboy's version!

Conversion to console(5:10)
Ok, a 16-bit console designed in the late 1980s is not going to have the technological capabilities of an arcade machine almost 25x it's size. It's lacks the hardware. So expect a decline in the transition, and work from there. But the conversion itself is still is atrocious! We all wanted to see the arcade game on our TVs. Heck, I was so obsessed with MK that when the character size in ratio to the screen dimensions wasn't the same as the arcade I was furious! And since the console had limitations, very low memory, and the game was in a cartridge for Pete's sake, things had to be cut out. And things were. Sound was missing, the colors went from a few million to about 256, and it just appeared generally botched.

Graphics (6:10)
Next to gameboy, the worst. Yet I like them better than SNES. Unlike SNES they seemed more traditional, not redone. The SNES seemed to cartoon like, while the Gensis seemed more like the Arcade. Even those everything is now smaller, and it just colorless!

Sound (1:10)
As usual, the SNES blows the other consoles out of the water with sound. Genesis' version sucks in this field. Too many sound schemes are missing. And it that's not bad enough, the music is different. And pretty redundant if I do say so myself.

Control (5:10)
If you have the three button controller, you're literally in for the fight of your life. No pun intended. A 6 button control helps immensely. Even then it's too choppy. The buttons stick, your character is kicking and dancing while you're trying to do a fatality. You know....

Story (0:10)
Don't ask. The whole outworld thing didn't appeal to me. I liked it all when it stayed close to home, far from places where nuke resistant immortal people didn't try to take over other realms.

Overall (5:10)
MKII on SNES has Genesis, Gameboy, & GameGear running for their money. But all the basic platforms have two formidable opponents. In fact, there are two other versions of MKII out there that you all seem to have forgotten. Both of which leave SNES & Genesis choking blindly in the dust.
The whole entire time the home consoles were getting water downed conversions, the PC was going unnoticed with it's picture perfect MKs. The PC version of MKII blows Genesis right out of the water when played with a 6-button gamepad (and awesome digital surround sound with JBL pro audio) on a 21'' flatscreen SVGA. And while the 32X's MKII sucked, the Sega Saturn version is even better than PC. The best if I do say so. MKII on a Sega Saturn with an HDTV is unmatchable. Better than the arcade, truly sweet. Ironic huh, in the end Sega really did have a better MKII than SNES, LOL.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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