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"A Mortal Kombat that is better than the original."

Mortal Kombat II is one of the first fighting games I can remember playing, second only, most likely, to a Street Fighter game and the original Mortal Kombat itself. With better graphics, control and overall entertainment value than the original, Mortal Kombat II continues to be one of my favorite fighting games today. The characters, the moves, the arenas, each actually remains in my memory. But what made this game so fun, so addictive, so much more than its predecessor? I found that the characters themselves, despite the seemingly linear path the game takes, develop such unusually developed backgrounds, especially when you can recognize them from the first game, that you actual can see what story you are fighting for. Overall, Mortal Kombat II is a very good game, that I would recommend to all.

Gameplay - 9/10- I enjoyed this game a lot over the years I played it. The new and original characters blend well with the old characters, and bring their own element to the game. It would seem that, after time, the game would become repetitious and boring, but with searching for moves, becoming talented enough to use those moves, and actually winning the game with each character to get their ending story, or even playing two player when it suits you, Mortal Kombat II brings a lot of long lasting fun for any player.

Soundtrack - 7/10- Truthfully, like my games I play, this game is played in silence, or with the Picture in Picture on my TV, and another show coming through that audio. Overall, the music is good, but the same throughout, and their are only a few variation of screams. However, this is one of the first games to ever use actually spoken words, such as ''Fight,'' Toasty,'' and ''Finish Him''. For some reason, this actually amused me, when I was listening.

Graphics - 8/10- The graphics were good for the Sega Genesis, which isn't saying much, but not great. I mean, they looked like people, but it was a bit ''pixelish'' (you could see the individual drawn pixels), and they didn't look real, just like well drawn cartoons. The actions were all well down, and the animation went smoothly. Overall, for Sega, it was good, but for other systems, such as moving it to the SNES, it could've been touched up a bit. Overall, and eight is a reasonable score for the graphics this game had.

Characters - 10/10- I felt this category was necessary due to how much a fighting game relies on interesting and close to equal characters. After all, creating one monstrously strong character, or one character with a unique and overly useful skill that causes all to want to be them ruins the game. There must be room for everyone to have their favorite, and have them be different. After all, if everyone wanted to be Lui Kang, it would get boring after a while.

Replayability - 10/10- Judging by the fact that I've replayed this game many, many times, and enjoyed it repeatedly, I would say this game has good replay value. Honestly, this should be expected of a game that debuted originally as an arcade version game, as a game that was boring or repetitive (or very easy) would not draw people back, or draw their quarters. The new characters, and the added powers of the old made this game replayably fun, and brought me, at least, back for more.

Secrets? - Yes - This game has several ''secrets,'' including moves and characters. There are two secret bosses you can fight named Smoke and Jade, and there also moves which you can do after the ''referee'' says ''Finish him!''. They are called Fatalities, which are complex moves that kill your opponent, instead of knocking them out normally, and then two more secret types of moves that were not in Mortal Kombat I. They are Babalities, in which you turn your opponent into a baby, and Friendships, in which you don't hurt your opponent, but become friends. These increase your points, and are just fun animations to watch as well (each character has more than one Fatalities, so look around!)


Gameplay - 9/10
Soundtrack - 7/10
Graphics - 8/10
Characters - 10/10
Replayability - 10/10

Overall - 8.8, rounded to 9

To Buy or Not to Buy - This is one game, if you like fighting games, I would not pass up. Mortal Kombat II is a true masterpiece, and, more than its predecessor, shaped the way for the later, less popular Mortal Kombats. Overall, I really like this game, and I think you will, too. Go out and try Mortal Kombat II today!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/26/02, Updated 07/26/02

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