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Reviewed: 04/13/03 | Updated: 04/13/03

The best of the 2-D series.

I found this game to be quite addictive. This happens to be the second in a series of Genesis MK games. We started with MK1, which broke the barriers of gaming forever with its blood, gore, and the ever so jaw-dropping fatalities. The game was so off the charts, it screamed out for a sequel. The task for Midway was basically expand the content, probably even doubling it. Ed Boon said these words himself. Then it came, MK2. Brace yourself folks. Fighting games' standards are raised with this game.

gameplay : 8
I'll hand it to Midway, they managed to squeeze a nice ground of gameplay out of this. Though, some may not really consider it a true fighting game with the usage of the usual HP,LP,HK,LK, and block. The unique attacks don't help towards the fighting game gamers cause either, but wouldn't you know it, it manages to come together in a solid fighter. It takes practice to truly master MK2, and it takes practice to figure out other fighters motives and how they will react. It plays well.

story : 3
Not much here. Games back then didn't really have much emphasis on story. They didn't have to. Some even became true classics. This is the philosophy of MK2. The only time story comes into play in MK2 is when you beat the game with a specific character. You get about four paragraphs of story scrolling down the page for that character. Think about that, that's a good 48 paragraphs. That is enough to get an A on your writing test, but is not sufficent for anything else but an F with the big leagues.

graphics/sound : 9
This is a nice little part of MK2. There was only ONE sound designer for MK1. Now think about this. I bet they hired a lot more for this one! Each move or projectile throw had some sort of unique sound. The graphics weren't but for like 1993, eh. Even today, we could give a respectful nod towards the work of Midway for the 2-D masterpiece. With many other Capcom fighters using the 2-D format, what's to hate? The game shines in this department.

replay value : 8
How bout it? You want to play this game only once and never see it again. I'd like to see you try. Even after you have beaten it for the fifth time, you will still want more. Have you done all the fatalities? Have you gotten all the endings? Have you trained at the VERY HARD difficulty? You see, the game can be about very large pond deep. Some games today are ocean deep. The game may appear like a one-time-go, get-out-the-door, but it is not. You will be hooked into playing it many times.

final recommendation : 9
Yes. If you are a classic gamer owning up to a certain collection, mark this on your list. You will not be disappointed. This is a MUST OWN for any Genesis collection. If you are a MK fan, you probably already own this. Midway out did themselves. Sure, the follow-ups until MK:DA were lacking, but we can very well say this is the best of the 2-D series.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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