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    FAQ/Walkthrough by snazzyhoppy

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      /  _  \_/ ____\/  |_  ___________ 
     /  /_\  \   __\\   __\/ __ \_  __ \
    /    |    \  |   |  | \  ___/|  | \/
    \____|__  /__|   |__|  \___  >__|   
            \/                 \/       
    __________                                   .___.___ 
    \______   \__ _________  ____   ___________  |   |   |
     |    |  _/  |  \_  __ \/    \_/ __ \_  __ \ |   |   |
     |    |   \  |  /|  | \/   |  \  ___/|  | \/ |   |   |
     |______  /____/ |__|  |___|  /\___  >__|    |___|___|
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    After Burner 2 FAQ/Walkthrough:
    VERSION 1.00
    This guide was created, edited and compiled by GameFAQs member Snazzyhoppy.
    Last Update: May 29, 2009
    Notes before reading this document:
    b) This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright 
    Convention of 1976. This document is for private and personal use only--it 
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    Please respect the work I have included in this guide.
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    guide are bestowed to Christopher Hopkins.  Contact GameFAQs and the author 
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    d) This document is best read on a plain text reader.  Use a standard find 
    feature to navigate the sections and to find exactly what you're looking for. 
    e) This guide appears in plain text at GameFAQs and other websites may link 
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    f) I began my research on April 17, 2009 after thinking about the game's use 
    of scalar graphics and its appearance in the movie "Terminator 2: Judgment 
    Day."  After playing it through with the additional continues provided with a 
    Game Genie, I began to see myself developing effective strategies to 
    conserve lives and to get through the game.  This guide is a result of 
    numerous runthroughs of the game as well as sectional play and dissection 
    of stages.  For me, I could reach Stage 16 with the three continues the game 
    gives you on the hard difficulty setting.  
    g) The guide was constructed using the Sega Genesis version, although the 
    guide should be useful for the Arcade version and the other ports of the 
    Table of Contents:
    1) Version Changes
    2) History of the Game
    3) Differences Between After Burner and After Burner 2
    4) Facts
    5) The Briefing
    6) Game Structure
    7) Secret Messages
    8) Dogfighting Strategies
    9) After Burner Challenge
    10) Aircraft Strategies
            Enemy Plane Types
            Ally Plane Types
            Possible Enemy Formations
    11) Contact
    12) Credits
    1) Version Changes:
    1.00 - May 29, 2009:
    Completed construction of guide on May 29, 2009.
    2) History of the Game:
    After Burner 2 was originally planned to have a World War II theme and make 
    it a realistic flight sim but was dropped because Yu Suzuki states that "It 
    would not have fit the arcade scene." A pure dogfighter was not his 
    After Burner 2 has been translated and ported to numerous home computers and 
    consoles, including versions for the PC Engine, Sharp X68000, 
    Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis, Famicom, FM Towns Marty, Atari ST, Amiga, 
    Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Sega Saturn and, in Japan, 
    the PlayStation 2 as part of the Sega Ages classic series.  It is notable 
    that the version released for Sega Saturn is a nearly direct port of the 
    arcade code, which before consoles like the Saturn and PlayStation was 
    largely unheard of for a home version.
    It can also be played within the game Shenmue II.
    3) Differences between After Burner and After Burner 2:
    1. The waiting-for-start sequence (the screen/music after a player inserts 
    credits but before starting the game) is different.
    2. After Burner 2 added a throttle to the controls, allowing players to vary 
    their speed while flying.
    3. After Burner has 18 stages; After Burner 2 has those same stages but 
    adds three additional stages that make 21 stages total.
    4. After Burner 2 added a few minor enemy changes to introduce new 
    speed-based challenges (missiles/aircraft behind the player aircraft) to 
    account for the use of the new throttle control.
    5. The player's missiles in After Burner 2 could be fired considerably 
    more frequently.
    6. Musical compositions were the same for both games, though After Burner's 
    instrumentation is different in spots.
    4) Facts:
    The fighter you fly in After Burner was based on the F-14 Tomcat, complete 
    with M61 Vulcan cannon.
    Although the plane you pilot is a variation of the F-14, the cover art for 
    the Mega Drive version uses an F-15E Strike Eagle.
    Your fighter is equipped with a Vulcan 20 mm cannon.  Normally, it fires 
    automatically.  If you wish to control its operation (more authentic to the 
    Arcade version), select "TRIGGER TYPE 4" in the Control Select screen.  Your 
    supply of Vulcan rounds is unlimited.
    Your fighter plane plane departs and returns via Sega Enterprise Carrier 606.
    5) The Briefing:
    The instruction manual for the Sega Genesis port of After Burner 2 has a 
    thorough briefing of what is at stake here:
    Mission: Destroy Satellite Links!
    "Your once-peaceful nation has been under siege by General
    Zorbia and his incredibly powerful armed forces from Halvary.  
    They've advanced relentlessly, and you and your countrymen are 
    standing with your backs to the wall Ð waiting for the inevitable
    final strike!
    According to the latest intelligence reports, the enemy is planning
    to strike the fatal blow with some outside help.  Strong evidence
    exists that there will be a communiquŽ sent by Halvary HQ to the
    allied forces waiting somewhere along the NESW (Northeast/Southwest)
    communications network.  Could things get any worse? 
    Actually, there's some good news to tell.  In addition to the report
    regarding the communiquŽ, the intelligence organization has also been
    able to approximate the locations of 2 enemy microwave stations in the NESW 
    network!  These stations pass radio signals along with the help of 
    signal-boosting equipment.  If these locations are put out of commission, the 
    enemy will be unable to signal for help and will virtually be at your mercy!
    You're the pilot of the 'Skycat', an F-14XX fighter that is widely regarded 
    as the baddest bird to ever darken the skies!  You're waiting nervously
    for your orders aboard the carrier Sega Enterprise, stationed some
    200 miles (320 km) offshore in international waters.  Your mission is
    to destroy the 2 locations' antennas and signal booster complexes,
    and return to the carrier.  Your super-sophisticated battle computer
    knows the course, and will guide you directly to your targets.  Whether
    or not you reach them in one piece, though, is entirely up to you!  Good 
    6) Game Structure:
    Before you are ready for take off, review the game plan described in the 
    instruction manual:
    Stages 1 through 7 are the enemy's front-line defense squadrons.  The fact 
    that this is a surprise attack doesn't make it any easier for you.  They are 
    on alert 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!  Should you make it through this 
    nightmare, you'll come upon the first of 2 microwave amplification complexes 
    (Stage 8).  Fly through the middle of the granite barriers and destroy all of 
    the antennas and shelters!
    Stages 9 through 16 are even more trying than the earlier battles.  Now 
    you've really offended your hosts, and they are after you for more than an 
    apology!  If you survive their furious attacks, you'll see the second 
    microwave station (Stage 17).  Destroy it, and you're well on your way to a 
    successful mission!
    Stages 19 through 22 represent the enemy trying to save face after having its 
    communications virtually wiped out in this theater of action.  You got in, 
    and they are going to do everything in their power to make sure you don't get 
    out!  Should you make it out of there, Stage 23 shows you landing safely on 
    the deck of your carrier.  Well done!
    7) Secret Messages:
    In the Sega Genesis version, the programmers inserted secret messages that 
    can be displayed through pressing a certain button combination while the 
    refueling plane is onscreen.  
    For Stages 3, 13, or 16, press Left and B together.
    For Stages 5, 11, or 21, press Right and B together.
    For Stages 9 or 19, pressing B will suffice.
    Stage 13: OH! IT IS SO DANGEROUS!
    8) Dogfighting Strategies:
    The Sega Genesis port starts you off with 3 planes and gives you 3 continues 
    with 3 planes each for a total of 12 planes.  
    If you destroy a plane either with the Vulcan Cannon or missile while it is 
    relatively far from you, it will not be able to shoot a missile at you.  If 
    it cannot get off a missile, you have one less missile to dodge from.  One of 
    the keys of being a "Maverick" pilot is to make less work for yourself.  
    Once the lock on target is available, you should take the shot.  Otherwise 
    be prepared to dodge an onslaught of missiles.
    The most useful stages to slow down your plane are the bonus stages for the 
    simple reason that you can navigate between the pillars easier and you can 
    have more time to destroy the ground bases and antennas.
    If you double tap and hold the speed button, you activate the plane's 
    afterburners (hence the name of the game).  If you watch your speed bar, you 
    will see it surpass the speed of simply holding down the speed button.  
    Using the afterburners is essential for getting away from "the enemy" and his 
    missiles from behind.  They also allow you to speed through the stages 
    though you compromise time to aim, shoot and dodge.
    Whenever the enemy planes make a line or circle formation, you should be 
    able to take them all down with the lock on target.  The hardest planes to 
    take down are those on the sides of the screen.  It is extremely difficult 
    to angle the plane so the target is on those planes.  
    If you shoot the middle planes of a horizontal line formation, there is a 
    chance that the other planes will simply fly off to the sides and not take 
    a shot at you. 
    Stage 8 and 17 are the bonus stages.  These levels correspond to the two 
    microwave stations mentioned in the instruction manual.  According to the 
    mission description, you need to bust the antennas and signal boosters on 
    the ground terrain so the enemy can't signal for help.
    Stages 5 and 13 contain a refueling and no enemies.  
    Stage 23 contains no enemy planes nor enemy fire.  The player loses control 
    of the plane as the autopilot safely lands your plane onto the Carrier Sega 
    Enterprise in the ocean.
    Ways in which your plane can be destroyed:
    1. get hit by an enemy plane's missile
    2. get hit by a "Be Careful!" heat seeking missile from behind
    3. crash into a rock pillar in the bonus stages
    4. get shot down from the Vulcan cannon of "the enemy" from behind
    Ways in which your plane can go down:
    1.  if a wing is destroyed, only the wing will catch aflame.  Your plane
     will then tilt, hit the ground, and crash inevitably.
    2.  if a missile gets a direct hit, your entire plane will explode in a 
    frenzy of fireballs instantly
    9) Aircraft Strategies:
    Enemy Plane Types:
    Plane, white with stripes, one burner - these planes cannot harm you and are 
    perfect to destroy with either your vulcan cannon or missiles.  They fly very 
    close to the front of your plane and then fly off to the sides so you have a 
    small margin of time to shoot them down.  They first appear in Stage 1.  
    Variants include blue or green stripes.
    Plane, large bottom - these planes attack using missiles and often appear in 
    formations with other similar plane types.  The vulcan cannon will be 
    effective only to destroy one or two planes in the time window you have.  Use 
    the missiles to hit the middle planes of a formation.  The plane may drop 
    bombs onto the land instead of attacking you.  They first appear in Stage 1.  
    Color variants include white, red, and teal.  
    Plane, thin - these planes attack using missiles and often appear in 
    formations.  Their maneuverability is better than the bulkier planes.  Angle 
    your plane so you can slowly move left or right and lock on multiple targets 
    for the missiles.  The plane may drop bombs onto the land instead of attacking 
    you.  They can also do rolls similar to your plane.  They first appear in 
    Stage 2.  Color variants include red and blue.
    Helicopter, white - often appearing on the sides of the screen, they offer 
    easy hits for those who want to rack up a large hit count by the game's end.  
    They are equipped with missiles.  They first appear in Stage 3.  
    "The Enemy!" - The enemy plane looks exactly like the vulnerable planes with 
    stripes and one burner that are easy targets for you.  This plane uses its 
    vulcan cannon to try to shoot you down from behind.  You can either keep your 
    plane far away from him, speed up your thrusters to outrun him, or slow down 
    so he outruns you.  The only way to destroy them is to slow down.  The other 
    ways just shake them off.  They first appear in Stage 6.
    "Be Careful!" - You don't even get to see which plane got you locked on by 
    the time you hear this.  A missile is locked on to your plane from behind and 
    the only way to shake it off is to either speed up or slow down.  Just do not 
    slow down with the missile directly behind you!  They first appear in Stage 9.
    Ally Plane Types:
    Gas plane, four burners, very long - once this plane connects with yours, no 
    enemies can shoot you down.  It appears at the start of several stages and 
    provides fifty missiles for you.  You can store up to 100 missiles and this 
    plane will give you either fifty missiles or enough to get you to 100, 
    whichever comes first.  It first appears in Stage 3.
    Possible Enemy Formations:
    1. X X X X
    2.       X
    3. X        X
         X    X
         X    X
       X        X
    4.     X
        X     X
    5.  X        X
    6.     X X
          X   X
          X   X
           X X
    7.      X (with more than one plane behind it)
    8.  X X X X X X X X
    9.  X       X
        X       X
        X       X
    All other formations are variations or a combination of these by shape and 
    plane count. 
    The game's difficulty arises from the constant approach of enemy planes and 
    variety in plane types and formations.
    10) After Burner Challenge:
    Get first place on the "Best Fighters" high scores without shooting a single 
    missile!  Go to Options and set the difficulty to hard.  You only have 3 
    continues to work with.  This helped me gain better control of the Vulcan 
    Cannon while improving the effectiveness of my plane rolls in dodging enemies.
    11) Contact:
    Contact me! Here are the following ways you can contact me:
    AOL: snazzyhoppy@aol.com
    12) Credits:
    Thank you to those who made this guide possible:
    Casey "Raditz-San 2" Morris and Sintaku - for their guides on various ports 
    of After Burner 2
    Hardcore Gaming 101 - for their comprehensive retrospective of the After 
    Burner series at 
    Sega Enterprises - for sending their multimillion dollar jet carrier to the 
    unheard-of country of Halvary just so they can make an arcade game!
    GameFAQs - for the best source in walkthroughs, maps, and helpful hints since 
    1995, and for their guidelines in constructing a FAQ guide
    Wikipedia - for its user contributions to the pages of After Burner and its 
    Become the "Best Fighter" with over 10 million points and over 1000 hits to 
    your name!  
    Copyright (c) Christopher Hopkins 2009

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