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"One of the Many reasons why we have so many old schoolers...Great Games like this."

Bloodlines is a little known Genesis game, Lost in the shuffle of the 16 Bit Wars, and perhaps overshadowed by it's SNES Predecessor, Super Castlevania IV. It's a good game, combining traditional Castlevania style play, with Innovation, which is commonly absent in Long Running series. Bloodlines features 2 Vampire Hunters, John Morris, an American, a descendent of the Belmont Clan. He is Bloodlines Whipman, And controls like Simon, Trevor, and Richter from the other games. Eric Alcard(sp?) is a spear weilding spaniard, adds a different element from the typical Castlevania.

Graphics- 85%

It has excellent graphics for a Genesis Game, the only exceeding games I know of are maybe Comix Zone, Sonic & Knuckles and such. The Sprites are medium sized, good looking and fit in with the gothic architecture. Konami manages to make SNES-Style Mode 7 effects on the Genesis, with Fog and such surrounding most levels.

Audio- 75%

The Genesis wasn't known for great music. Konami works it's Touch still, producing excellent music, despite Genesis's Limits. The Usual Remixes of The recurring music is there, and almost always matches it's surroundings. The Sound Effects are decent as well.

Gameplay- 80%

This is where the game shines. The Control is effective and responsive, just as it should be. Morris and Alcard are not just clones of eachother with different weapons. Morris's Whip is Stronger and Faster, Can whip 8 Directions while jumping, and can do a spider-man esque Fling across celings to get across those giant gaps. Eric Alcard's Spear can be used from 8 directions standing, but only vertically while Jumping. He can catapault himself up using his spear in a pogo-stick fashion, and can do a neat little spear spin while standing still(Not very effective, but cool anyway). They Both jump the same way, and other than the things I've said, are the same. There are still the normal Castlevania elements all here such as throwing daggers, boomerangs, Holy water, and such. But they did downgrade a little for some reason, you can't freely throw around your whip like you can in SCIV, nor Kneewalk. Why the deevoulution?

Replay- 60%

Not much. There are 3 diffulculty levels, and that's the replay for the game. It's hard on the Easy Setting, it's extreme on the Expert setting. You get a better ending depending on the diffulculty you complete the game at. Typical 16-Bit Era Stuff.

Test of Time- 70%

If this was released for Playstation One with the Genesis Graphics and Sound updated, it would do quite well in my opinion. But if it was released for PSX exactly the same, It would kinda bomb there. If Konami does continue the idea of remaking old Castlevania Games to PS1 as they did with Castlevania Chronicles, Bloodlines should be on the to do list.

Overall: 80%

A Great Platformer for the 16 Bit Era player looking for an alternative to Sonic and Mario. It's the second best Castlevania of the 16-Bit Era(Super Castlevania IV beating it, and Bloodlines beating Dracula X), and easily deserving of a slot in anyones Best Platformers List. I reccomend picking it up if you can find it for 30 dollars or less on E-Bay or anyother way of finding it. You won't regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/28/02, Updated 03/28/02

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