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Castlevania: Bloodlines (known as Castlevania: The New Generation in Europe) is probably the only Castlevania game that made for Sega Genesis. While it may not on the same wavelength as Super Castlevania 4, Castlevania: Bloodlines remains a solid game. It is one of the best Castlevainia game ever made along side Super Castlevania 4. Castlevania: Bloodlines has its own strengths and weaknesses. Anyway, here is the review of Castlevania: Bloodlines:

Graphic: 7/10
The graphic on Castlevania: Bloodlines is not as beautiful as Super Castlevania 4. But it still remains a good solid graphic. The character is well drawn and the level background is looking fine. But some level background is looking incredible especially the leaning Tower of Pisa. The character movement is quite crisp. The only downside of the graphic is that the sprite look kinda small. But overall the graphic is okay.

Sound: 7/10
Again the sound in Castlevania Bloodlines is not as spectacular as Super Castlevania 4. But given Sega Genesis sound limitation, Konami is still doing a good job in producing the sound for Castlevania: Bloodlines. The music is well composed. While the sound effect is okay but not spectacular.

Control: 8/10
One of the trademark of Castlevania game is easy controller scheme and this game is no exception. The control still consist of 3 buttons scheme. Button 1 is attack. Button 2 is item. Button 3 is jump. Furthermore you can adjust the button layout to suit your comfortability. Controlling character in this game is quite easy although jumping and using item can be tricky at some point.

Gameplay: 8/10
Castlevania: Bloodlines is quite solid. You can adjust the difficulity setting, number of lives, and number of continues. You will visit number of levels in Castlevania: Bloodines. Each level in Castlevania: Bloodlines represent its own obstacles and some of it can be quite tricky. You can choose one from two playable characters. The character you choose may also determine the difficulity of the game. Different character also give you the ablity to choose different path during the game. Furthermore each character use different weapon and each weapon give the character different special ability. John Morris can use his whip to swing like Spiderman form one ceiling to another while Eric Lecarde can use his spear to do a pole vault so he can reach some platform that looks unreachable.

Story: 8/10
The heroes in Castlevania: Bloodlines are John Morris and Eric Lecarde. Both uses different weapon. John Morris (Belmont's Descendant) uses whip and Eric Lecarde uses spear. The villain in Castlevania: Bloodlines are Countess Elizabeth Bartley. John Morris and Eric Lecarde must stop Countess Elizabeth Bartley from resurrecting Dracula.

Art Cover: 9/10
Castlevania: Bloodlines has three different packaging and contains two different box cover. Here is my imperssion of the box cover:

American box cover:
It does not look so special. But it looks fine

Japanese box cover:
It has a stunning art.

European box cover
It looks the same as the Japanese box cover but has smaller frame.

Overall: 8/10
Despite its weaknesses, Castlevania: Bloodlines remains a solid game. It offers solid graphic, solid music, solid control, and solid gameplay. My only complaints is that the story should be added more twist. Castlevania: Bloodlines is a must buy game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/23/05

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