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    Dice Palace Walkthrough by destro54

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    Gunstar Heroes
    Black's Base FAQ ver 1.0
    By Cordero King (destro54) 
    1) Legal Disclaimer:
    This is my FAQ, my first one in fact. It is copyright (c) 2004 destro54 aka 
    Cordero King. Please do not copy or post this guide without my permission and 
    first notifying me of posting or reproduction. Also, you cannot use this guide 
    for profit or public distribution. Failure to comply with these rules will 
    result in punishment.  
    Email me at cordk1@hotmail.com for questions, comments, or permission to use 
    the FAQ.
    2) Version History
    1.0- everything here
    3) Contents
    1) Disclaimer
    2) Version history
    3) Contents
    4) What is the dice palace?
    5) Map
    6) Space descriptions
    7) Boss strategy 
    8) Credits
    9) Note
    4) What is the dice palace? 
    Welcome to the dice palace!
    You cannot get away.
    Gunstar Heroes is a great game because of the diversity of its action-packed 
    levels. One part of the game that shows this diversity is the dice palace in 
    Black's stage. The dice palace is basically a huge board game in which you have 
    to throw a giant die and face the challenge on the space that you land on. To 
    roll the die, go next to it and press the shoot button. The die has sides of 1, 
    2, and 3 dots. This part of the level is over when a player lands on the boss 
    In a two player game, the players take turns rolling, moving, then going 
    through the levels.  
    5) Map
    Here is a representation of the board for the dice palace. In the game, all 
    spaces are labeled "fight" except for start, item rooms, curry and rice (which 
    is indicated with a gun with a diagonal line through it), the way back, and the 
    Valvalion---  Item  --- Timeron --- Rush & --- Minion --- Destroy  --- Pit  
         |        Room# 1               Go         Soldier                  |
         |                                                                  | 
         |                                                                Rush &
       Start                                                               Go
                                                                          Room #2
     BOSS -- The Way -- Item  -- Super -- Abarenbou -- Curry --  Vortex ---Phan- 
             Back       Room #3  Gondola  Gel          & Rice    Base      tom 
                                         |o  |    ()          
                                    die  |  o|   -||- you
                                         -----    /\ 
    6)Space Descriptons
    Note: Bellyflopping refers to the double jump attack in free mode and kicking 
    refers to fixed mode. Both are done by pressing jump, then jump again.
    1) Valvalion   |HP: 2821 | Type: Fight
                   |         |
    Shoot his head
    Valvalion is a big yellow snake that flies in the air and tries to crash in on 
    you. It'll come from the top of the screen and will perform one of two attacks. 
    If it curls in on itself, it will dive at you and go off on a crazy pattern. If 
    you see this, get out of the path of the dive, or else you will get hit by the 
    body. If Val curls towards the right side, it will do a wave attack in which it 
    bounces to the left. If you see this curl, get to the right, but don't jam the 
    corner, and crouch facing left. Shoot Val during the wave attack or during the 
    2) Happy Item  |HP: None | Type: Item 
       Room #1     |         | 
    This is the first item room. There will be four items on a platform above you. 
    Jump up, grab as much as you want and exit through the doorway. You can pick 
    between force, lightning, chaser, or heart.   
    3) Timeron     |HP: 2423 | Type: Fight
                   |         |
    Destroy the core
    Timeron is a big space pod that throws yellow bombs that blow up and leave the 
    shells, which will be important later. See the timer on the top of the screen? 
    Timeron will drop bombs for ten counts, then pause. After 10, it will rewind, 
    picking up the open shells in the reverse order that they were dropped as it 
    goes along. It will then repeat the process. This enemy is pretty easy. Just 
    avoid the bombs and the blast and on the rewind, stay clear of the reassembling 
    shells. Interesting quirk: even the bombs pause: they can freeze in midair or 
    in mid-blast. 
    4) Rush &      |HP: None | Type: Bonus Stage
       Go          |         |
    Here's a bonus stage! You have to get to the goal chamber at the top right 
    corner in one minute. Attacking the walls, floors, and ceilings will make 
    certain walls, floors, or ceilings of the same color disappear. The order of 
    disappearance for each attack is green, blue, yellow, and red. To get to the 
    goal chamber on the top right corner quickly, go along the outer chambers of 
    the level. Punch the right wall until the ceiling opens, then jump up, jam the 
    right wall and punch until the ceiling opens, all the while, jamming the walls. 
    Repeat until you reach the top. At the top, keep punching the right wall until 
    it opens, then repeat until you are at the goal. Watch out for the two red 
    balls: they hurt.
    5) Minion      |HP: 2010 | Type: Fight
       Soldier     |         |
    The Minion Soldier is awesome! He's so small, but can pack a punch. He has 3 
    attacks. One is that he will charge up and shoot a small spiraling shot you can 
    duck under. Another is that he will create around 8 multiples of himself that 
    can be destroyed in one hit. Finally, if he gets close enough, he will pick you 
    up ad toss you clear across the screen. If he tries to run towards you, he will 
    go for a toss attack. Get as far away as possible from MS, then start shooting.
    6) Melon       |HP: 1310 | Type: Fight
       Bread       |         |
    Melon bread is a set of eyes, teeth, and a big red nose that float on the 
    center of the screen. It is very easy top destroy, since it takes so long to 
    perform its attack (a projectile that falls from its "mouth" and bounces a 
    short distance). It attacks after it dips down to the bottom, then suddenly 
    rises up. Just shoot the nose. 
    7) Destroy     |HP: 847  | Type: Bonus Stage
                   |         |
    It's another bonus stage! You have one minute to blow up the vehicle with the 
    soldier inside. First, blow up the boxes next to the vehicle for life ups. 
    Then, work on the vehicle with the poor enemy stuck inside.
    8) Pit         |HP: 374  | Type: Fight
                   |    (x6) |
    Destroy them all
    The pit consists of 6 small balls and a big rod floating lengthwise in the 
    middle of the screen. The rod moves back and forth, while increasing and 
    decreasing in length. The balls ricochet slowly around the screen. The rod can 
    attack by crushing you under it and the balls can crush you on the wall or the 
    floor. Your job is to destroy the 6 balls. The best ways to do this are to 
    either bellyflop or kick or use a straight projectile. You can also hang off of 
    a ball (jump under it and hold up) as long as it is in the air and shoot up. 
    However, if it comes down low, get off and run away. To make your life easier, 
    stand on the side of the rod with the least amount of balls.
    9) Rush &      |HP: None | Type: Bonus Stage 
       Go          |         |
    This is another bonus level. Here, you have to leap up the wall by 
    bellyflopping/kicking up the wall, then falling down. Take care of the enemies 
    at the bottom by throwing them, then bellyflop/kick up the next corridor, wall 
    to the end, take care of the next set of enemies, then bellyflop/kick up the 
    wall, then go right to the goal. You might take a little bit of damage; don't 
    worry about it. To bellyflop/kick up the wall, flop/kick at one wall, then 
    press in the other direction of the wall and bellyflop/kick again, then repeat. 
    It's just like the triangle jump featured in other games like Super Metriod, 
    Strider, Tiny Toons: Buster's Hidden Treasure, and other games. 
    10) Happy Item |HP: None | Type: Item
        Room #2    |         |
    It's another item room. Here, you can pick between flame, force, lightning, or 
    11) Phantom    |HP: N/A  | Type: Fight
                   |         |
    You know the guy that you faced before entering the dice palace and many other 
    times? This is a green version of him. He features quite a few attacks: he'll 
    throw bombs, slide at you, try to kick you, or perform a grab attack in which 
    lets a bomb go if you try to wriggle free. You should have experience fighting 
    this guy. If not, I suggest performing any attack, like throwing him or 
    shooting him when you are far enough. He can be hurt by his own bombs, so try 
    throwing bombs back at him if you're good. He'll even take damage from his own 
    grab attack. Just like any phantom, this one will leave a lifeup upon death.
    12) Vortex     |HP: 2802 | Type: Fight 
        Base       |         | 
    Destroy the core
    Do you see the 7 red balls? These will light up in a random order. Remember the 
    sequence, because the "core" at the bottom will fire a laser that will follow 
    the sequence of the lit up balls. The lights go by quite fast, so make sure you 
    watch closely. Fire at the core when the balls light up or when you are out of 
    the path of the laser. Remember, you need to destroy the ever-moving core at 
    the bottom of the stage.
    13) Curry and  |HP: 362  | Type: Fight
        Rice       |         | 
    If you've landed on the "no-gun" space on the board, it's Curry and Rice time. 
    Curry and Rice looks like a giant rocky person. He has 3 attacks: a split, a 
    flurry of punches, and a somersault. You have to make it so that you can 
    prevent C&R from performing an attack. Right now, you cannot use ANY weapons, 
    and punches are pretty much useless. Your best bet is the bellyflop/kick. At 
    the beginning of the round, C&R will stand in one place. Walk to him until he 
    goes into a split, then immediately bellyflop/kick it. If it falls, walk away, 
    then wait for it to walk, then bellyflop/kick as soon as you can. Watch out for 
    any somersaults before the walk. I'm telling you right now, you will most 
    likely take a hit from a somersault or a quick flurry.    
    14) Abarenbou  |HP: 3510 | Type: Fight
        Gel        |         |
    This is a big amoeba-like creature that hops and throws exploding balls behind 
    it. It can also attack by jumping on you. Stay on the corner, peppering it with 
    shots. When the gel lands 3/4 of the way toward you, rebound off of the wall,
    run off of the gel, run to the other corner, then repeat the process again.
    15) Super      |HP: 380  | Type: Fight
        Gondola    |    (x7) |
    Destroy them all
    The last "fight" space is a tricky one. Super gondola consists of 7 weapons
    above you that you have to destroy and a crank. The weapons scroll back and
    forth, so it is hard to focus on one of them. The solid gray orbs throw bombs
    that can blow out pieces of the platform, the chute drops a flame that flares
    up to the top, the gray orb with yellow lines shoots lasers in 3 directions,
    and the gunlike weapon charges up and shoots a thick laser. The handle is a
    crank that can be shot in order to move the platform over, useful for filling
    the gaps that the bombers caused. It's another level where you will most likely
    take a hit. First, try to take care of the bombers, while avoiding the rest of
    the shots. You can blow the bombs as they fall if you are quick enough. Then,
    work on the rest of the weapons, shooting the crank along the way. Another
    strategy is just to keep shooting up, avoiding shots along the way and shooting
    the bombs as they fall.
    16) Happy Item |HP: None | Type: Item
        Room #3    |         |
    The final item room consists of a chaser, flame, and two hearts.
    17) The Way    |HP: None |Type: Annoying!
        Back       |         |
    This space sucks. Every time I play this, I always land on this very spot. If
    you are unfortunate enough to land on this, you have to go back to the start
    and go through the whole board again. However, all spaces that you cleared will
    still be cleared. If you land on a cleared space, you will move to that space
    you will have to roll again.
    7) Boss Strategy
    Black Beat Stepper
    HP: 6482
    Attacks: Red Fireball
             Green Cutter
             Blue Cracker
             Yellow Laser
    You've finally made it to Black, the boss of this level. The stage is set up
    like this:
         | |                                 | |     legend: b= blue   p=platform
         |r|                                 |b|             g= green
         |_|                                 |_|             y= yellow
         | |                                 | |             r= red
         |y|__________            ___________|g|
         |_|    p    |            |    p     |_|    Notes: -The letters on the
         | |_________|            |__________| |            diagram represent the
         |g|                                 |y|            color of the wall
         |_|                                 |_|            section.
         | |                                 | |           -You can hang off of
         |b|                                 |r|            the platforms and
         |_|_________________________________|_|            swing up on them.
         |_|___r____|____y___|___g____|__b___|_|            (up+jump while hanging)
    Black will appear riding his mechanical walker. He will roll a die, then move
    the walker according to the number rolled. He will then activate one of four
    weapons, based on the color of the section of the wall that lights up after the
    walker's movement.
    The red section activates Red Fireball, a short flame that originates from one
    red section and enters then exits each of the other 3 before exiting through
    the original red section.
              Flame Path:          |_|____b___|____g___|____y___|__r___|_|
                                   | |--->  --->  --->  ---> --> -^  | | |
                                   |r|<                              | |b|
                                   |_| |                             v |_|
                                   | | |                               | |
                                   |y|__________            ___________|g|
                                   |_|    p    |            |    p     |_|
                                   | |_________|            |__________| |
                                   |g|                               | |y|
                                   |_| ^                             | |_|
                                   | | |                              >| |
                                   |b| | v- <--- <---  <---  <---  <---|r|
    The green section shoots Green Cutter, a single laser that ricochets along the
    green sections.
    The blue section releases Blue Cracker, 3 bombs that are ejected from the blue
    sections and detonate after traveling a short distance.
    Finally, the yellow sections deploy Yellow Laser, straight lasers that
    crisscross the screen.
    Fighting Black:
    First of all, the die determines how many steps the walker will take clockwise
    along the walls. The color that the left foot of the walker steps on after
    moving will be the color that will light up.
    To evade the Red Fireball, just stay on the ground and jump forward over the
    fire as it comes at you. For Green Cutter, go to any corner and duck. You can
    even hang off of the ceiling corner. For Blue Cracker, stay in the center of
    the screen and you will be clear of the bombs. For the Yellow Laser, run to any
    corner and stay until the fire ceases. Also, when the walker walks around the
    screen, go to the side away from the walker. If you're careful, you can get
    through the fight unscathed. However, when you beat Black, he will first throw
    you a trick exploding gem. Shoot him to make him cough up the real gem.
    Keep in mind that I wrote this guide based on the HARD difficulty setting, so
    some concepts such as the HP of the enemies, or the amount of enemies may be
    different for other difficulty settings.
    9) Credits
    Me: For typing this FAQ and figuring out the stats and strats of the stages.
    My brother Joe: For editing the FAQ
    GameFAQs: A website for the ages
    Finally, the late Chris McDonald (Kao Megura), one of the best FAQ writers
    ever. Rest in peace.

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