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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Spatvark

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                                    Gunstar Heroes
                                           by Spatvark (spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk)
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                        <          [01] Introduction          >
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    Sometime in the future, somewhere not too far from where you live, an amazing
    adventure takes place...
    The Gunstar family has been the protector of the Gunstar 9 (G-9) for
    generations. Professor White Gunstar, in his youth, defeated the Robot Golden
    Silver, a machine that traveled millions of miles to suck G-9 dry of all its
    resources. Professor White was able to extract the four famous Mystical Gems
    (The robot's power source), and imprisoned the robot on one of G-9's moons.
    But now, years later, a new menace has arisen.  Colonel Red, a vicious
    dictator (and a very bad dresser), found out that the Gunstars knew the
    location of the Mystical Gems.  One day, The Colonel kidnapped the Gunstar
    twins' older brother Green and used a mind control machine to make Green obey
    his orders.
    With Green's help, Colonel Red has amassed all four Mystical Gems, has turned
    Gunstar 9's peaceful worker droids into deadly menaces, and is now preparing
    to leave for Gunstar 9's moon to reactivate Golden Silver.  As one of the
    Gunstar twins, you must fight your way past Colonel Red's Empire Army and
    retrieve the Mystical gems, or Golden Silver, the Destructor will rise again
    and destroy your world!  Are you heroic enough for the task?
    In the late 80's and early 90's, Konami were riding high at the top of the
    gaming world, with many classic series to their name, but in 1993, an internal
    dispute led to one of their programming teams leaving Konami to set up their
    own company were they would have creative control on the games they would
    make. The company became known as Treasure, and Gunstar Heroes was the first
    game they released. A side-scrolling platform shoot-em-up, in the same vein
    as Konami's Contra series (which the staff of Treasure had created whilst
    still working for them), it took the genre to a new level with the intricate
    yet intuitive fighting system. To this day, it is still one of, if not the
    best in its genre, even when rivalled against the likes of the Contra and
    Metal Slug series.
    With the upcoming release of Gunstar Super Heroes on the Game Boy Advance (JP:
    10/06/05, US: 10/25/05), now is the time to look back on a classic.
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                        <           [02] Disclaimer           >
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    Listen up you mangy lot, this bit is important. You are free to use this FAQ
    for personal reference but if you plagiarize any sections, well... I'll have to
    come up with something evil to do to you...
    The only place allowed to host this FAQ is:
    GameFAQS - http://www.gamefaqs.com
    If you see it anywhere else, please contact me at: spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk
    You can also contact me with any questions that pertain to Gunstar Heroes that
    AREN'T answered in this FAQ, or any corrections to mistakes I've made (this
    does not include typographical errors; I'm not THAT anal retentive about my
    Also, do not bother to email me and ask whether you can host this FAQ on your
    site, the answer is no. GameFAQs is the only place I particularly feel like
    trusting, while sites that have to go soliciting for FAQs strike me as
    desperate to get a reputation even a tenth of that GameFAQs has. So don't
    bother, I won't even reply to your emails.
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                        <        [03] Version History         >
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    v1.15 - Updated the Copyright. [09/01/09]
    v1.10 - Changed my email address and updated the formatting.
    v1.05 - Fiddled with the ASCII title a little bit.
    v1.00 - It's not like there's a whole lot that can be done with a FAQ for this
            kind of game, and I think I've got it all down here.
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                        <            [04] Contents            >
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     **>Introduction -------------------------------------- [01]
     **>Disclaimer ---------------------------------------- [02]
     **>Version History ----------------------------------- [03]
     **>Contents ------------------------------------------ [04]
     **>Characters ---------------------------------------- [05]
     **>Controls ------------------------------------------ [06]
     **>Weapons ------------------------------------------- [07]
     **>Walkthrough --------------------------------------- [08]
       ==>Ancient Ruins -------------------------------------- [08a]
         -->Village ---------------------------------------------- [08a.1]
           >>>Papaya Dance --------------------------------------------- [08a.1a]
         -->Pyramid ---------------------------------------------- [08a.2]
           >>>Bravoo Man ----------------------------------------------- [08a.2a]
         -->Slide ------------------------------------------------ [08a.3]
         -->Forest ----------------------------------------------- [08a.4]
           >>>Pinky Roader --------------------------------------------- [08a.4a]
       ==>Underground Mine ----------------------------------- [08b]
         -->Trains ----------------------------------------------- [08b.1]
           >>>Seven Force ---------------------------------------------- [08b.1a]
       ==>Flying Battleship ---------------------------------- [08c]
         -->Chase ------------------------------------------------ [08c.1]
         -->Bombs ------------------------------------------------ [08c.2]
         -->Gunners ---------------------------------------------- [08c.3]
           >>>Swapping Reg --------------------------------------------- [08c.3a]
           >>>Colonel Red ---------------------------------------------- [08c.3b]
           >>>Orange --------------------------------------------------- [08c.3c]
       ==>Black's Fortress ----------------------------------- [08d]
         -->Infiltration ----------------------------------------- [08d.1]
           >>>Hanging Gunship ------------------------------------------ [08d.1a]
         -->Dice Palace ------------------------------------------ [08d.2]
           >>>Valvalion ------------------------------------------------ [08d.2a]
           >>>Timeron -------------------------------------------------- [08d.2b]
           >>>Rush and Go! --------------------------------------------- [08d.2c]
           >>>Minion Soldier ------------------------------------------- [08d.2d]
           >>>Melon Bread ---------------------------------------------- [08d.2e]
           >>>Destroy! ------------------------------------------------- [08d.2f]
           >>>Pit ------------------------------------------------------ [08d.2g]
           >>>Rush and Go! --------------------------------------------- [08d.2h]
           >>>Phantom -------------------------------------------------- [08d.2i]
           >>>Vortex Base ---------------------------------------------- [08d.2j]
           >>>Curry and Rice ------------------------------------------- [08d.2k]
           >>>Abarenbou Gel -------------------------------------------- [08d.2l]
           >>>Super Gondola -------------------------------------------- [08d.2m]
           >>>Black Beat Stepper --------------------------------------- [08d.2n]
       ==>Space Port ----------------------------------------- [08e]
         -->Carnage ---------------------------------------------- [08e.1]
           >>>Final Great Soldier -------------------------------------- [08e.1a]
           >>>Smash Daisuke -------------------------------------------- [08e.1b]
       ==>Outer Space ---------------------------------------- [08f]
         -->Assault ---------------------------------------------- [08f.1]
           >>>Timeron -------------------------------------------------- [08f.1a]
           >>>1000mm Cannon -------------------------------------------- [08f.1b]
           >>>Seven Force ---------------------------------------------- [08f.1c]
         -->Boarding --------------------------------------------- [08f.2]
           >>>Core Guard System ---------------------------------------- [08f.2a]
       ==>Moon Base ------------------------------------------ [08g]
         >>>>>Duck Batallion ------------------------------------------- [08g.1]
         >>>>>Pinky Lobster -------------------------------------------- [08g.2]
         >>>>>Orange --------------------------------------------------- [08g.3]
         >>>>>Black Fly ------------------------------------------------ [08g.4]
         >>>>>Green ---------------------------------------------------- [08g.5]
         >>>>>Golden Silver -------------------------------------------- [08g.6]
     **>Thanks -------------------------------------------- [09]
     **>Legal Stuff --------------------------------------- [10]
     **>Next Version -------------------------------------- [11]
     **>Working On... ------------------------------------- [12]
     **>Goodbye!~ ----------------------------------------- [13]
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                        <           [05] Characters           >
                          \ =============================== /
    Red: Free Shot
        One of the two player-controllable characters, Red can run and shoot at
        the same time, but he can only shoot left, right, diagonally up-and-left
        and diagonally up-and-right whilst moving, and while standing still, only
        firing straight upwards is added. To fire in the other directions, Red
        must be in midair or hanging from something.
    Blue: Fixed Shot
        The other player-controllable character, Blue can only fire from a fixed
        position, but he can fire in all eight directions.
    White: Science Guy
        Too old to fight on the front lines anymore, White backs up Red and Blue
        with his knowledge of technology, creating their guns and vehicles to
        travel in.
    Yellow: Info Girl
        Green's sister, Yellow is the knowledge base of the operation.
        Another of the Gunstar Heroes, Green was captured by Colonel Red and
        brainwashed into stealing one of the Mystical Gems.
    Colonel Red: Never Dies!
        Looking like a M. Bison wannabe, Colonel Red (AKA: Smash Daisuke) is leading
        the Empire's hunt for the four Mystical Gems
    Emperor: Evil
        Uh, he's the Emperor. And he's evil. That's pretty much it.
    Final Great Soldier: Love Love Dance Extraordinaire
        Only the darn spiffiest fellow ever!
                          / =============================== \
                        <            [06] Controls            >
                          \ =============================== /
    Run: Left or Right
        ...I pray to God I don't have to explain this.
    Crouch: Down
        Allows you to duck ground force's shots. Free Shot can shoot forwards
        whilst crouching, but Fixed Shot will just fire into the ground.
    Select Weapon: A
        Cycles through your weapons from Left to Right to Both.
    Shoot: B
        Shoots the currently selected weapon.
    Jump: C
        If you're firing when you jump, you won't go as far as you normally would.
    Throw: Shoot + Direction
        You can throw most enemies, skull bombs and other players in any of eight
        directions. You can also throw in midair.
    Pick Up Items: Down + Shoot
        When picking up weapons, the new one will enter the left position, pushing
        the others to the right, thus dropping the weapon in the left position.
    Low Slide: Down + Jump
        A surprisingly powerful attack, this is useful to get through enemies
        quickly, but it can be blocked, so beware.
    Power Slide: HCF (Circle round from back, through down, to front) + Shoot
        Stronger that the Low Slide, but it also leaves you open to attack.
    Hanging: On platform, Down + Jump.
        When hanging, you automatically enter Fixed Shot mode, meaning you can
        fire in all eight directions, but not whilst moving. To stop hanging,
        either press Jump to leap upwards, Down + Jump to drop to a lower level,
        or Up + Jump to flip upwards, which is also an attack.
    Body Splash (Free Shot only): Jump in midair
        Takes you further than a normal jump and does good damage to enemies, but
        it means you spend more time in the air. At the higher difficulties, this
        enables the enemy to juggle you with laser shots.
    Jump Kick (Fixed Shot only): Jump in midair whilst rising
        Takes you further than a normal jump and does good damage to enemies, but
        it means you spend more time in the air. At the higher difficulties, this
        enables the enemy to juggle you with laser shots.
    Drop Kick (Fixed Shot only): Down + Jump in midair
        Basically the same as the Jump Kick, but it carries you diagonally
        downwards a lot faster.
    Wall Jump: Jump in midair when close to a wall/screen's edge
        Useful for reaching high places and avoiding boss attacks
    Block: Shoot + Jump
        Reduces damage taken from some attacks.
    Surface Shift: Jump + Jump (Minecart only)
        Changes whether you're upon the tracks on the floor or the ceiling.
    Warp Jump: Direction + Jump (Spaceship only)
        Jump in the direction you're aiming very quickly.
                          / =============================== \
                        <            [07] Weapons             >
                          \ =============================== /
    For most of the game difficulties, you can use whatever weapon you want, the
    Chaser varieties dominating in making the game as easy as possible, but for
    expert mode, most of them just don't cut it.
    The weapon you pick at the beginning of the game is very important, since if
    you die in the middle of the game and choose to continue, you'll start with
    only that one weapon, and you may find yourself in a situation where it's
    utterly useless.
    Force: The basic machine-gun type weapon, it's fast and strong, very useful
           for taking out mobs quickly.
    Lightning: Whilst slow and not too powerful, lightning shots pass through
               enemies, so you can hit many at once. Good for fighting mobs, but
               poor for one-on-one fights.
    Chaser: Your standard homing weapon, the Chaser is slow and weak, but means
            you don't really have to aim at all.
    Flame: It's a flamethrower! Firing constantly, it's fairly strong, but be
           warned, it's very short range.
    My personal favourite starting weapon is Force, since it's decent on it's own,
    and combines to make awesome weapons with any other weapon.
    Speaking of which, combining your weapons is key to your success in Gunstar
    Heroes; there's a total of ten possible combination, each with their own
    strengths and weaknesses:
    Force + Force = Double Fireball
        Fast, powerful and with a good spread, this is a great combination, great
        for taking out large mobs. However, it's weak when angling a shot at small
        single targets, since a lot of it will miss the target.
    Force + Lightning = Rapid-fire Lightning
        Firing out a constant stream of lightning, this is good for taking out
        mobs too, and is also very nifty for hitting targets diagonally with Free
        Shot, since you can shimmy your shots (By holding down Fire and jabbing
        the up button, a spray of lightning will fly out in the angle between
        horizontal and vertical shots). However, said shimmying makes changing aim
        whilst firing very slow; if you plan to use this weapon, you need to get
        into the habit of releasing the fire button before turning to attack
        something behind you.
    Force + Chaser = Chaser Force Beam
        Similar to Double Fireball, this doesn't have quite the same spread, but
        makes up for it by bending the beam towards the enemy. However, the beam
        can only bend so far, so some aiming is required to make good use of this.
    Force + Flame = Exploding Fireball
        The slowest weapon in the game, this is also one of the best, and easily
        one of the three most damaging. The fireballs that are shot out explode on
        impact, or upon the release of the Fire button, causing splash damage to
        anything in the vincinity, making this absolutely awesome for destroying
        mobs, and is godly against the final boss. This combination is very useful
        for Fixed Shot, since it can clear a mob fast, meaning they only have to
        stop moving for a second or so.
    Lightning + Lightning = Mega-Bolt
        Fast and strong, this is a good weapon, but it is also very narrow, so you
        need to be careful with your aim. As such, this is a good weapon for Fixed
        Shot, but not so great for Free Shot.
    Lightning + Chaser = Chaser Lightning
        The best weapon for any difficulty below Hard, Chaser Lightning fixes onto
        a target, and attacks it constantly until it's destroyed, and then
        switches to the next. However, it has a nasty habit of targetting
        inanimate objects, or parts of bosses that can't be damaged, leaving you
        open to attack.
    Lightning + Flame = Lightning Saber
        The most powerful weapon in the game, the Lightning Saber also has the
        shortest range. But don't worry, the Lightning Saber also destroys most
        projectiles, so you can easily get in close to enemies and do massive
        damage to them. Some bosses are incredibly easy with this, but others are
        a complete and utter nightmare.
    Chaser + Chaser = Star Chaser
        Like the Chaser Lighting, this is an awesome weapon for difficulties below
        Hard, but when you get to the tougher levels, it can be just a bit too
    Chaser + Flame = Chaser Fireball
        The second most powerful weapon in the game, Chaser Fireball is also the
        most complicated and the slowest. Press fire once and a large flame will
        home in on an enemy, hold down fire and press the directional buttons, and
        you can direct exactly where the flame goes, not to mention that like the
        Lightning Saber, the Chaser Fireball destroys most projectiles! The two
        biggest weaknesses of this combination is the slow speed, though it can be
        sped up by holding down one direction when targetting it. The other is the
        fact that in Free Shot mode, while directing the flame, you'll be moving
        yourself, possibly throwing yourself into large pits and off airships!
        This is definitely a weapon for Fixed Shot.
    Flame + Flame = Ultra Flamethrower
        Like, the solo Flame Weapon, this is constant and powerful, but the range
        has been doubled, and when you release the Fire button, the flames will
        fly in the direction you were firing them, meaning you can hit enemies at
        a distance too, and don't forget that since it's constant, it can also be
        shimmied! A good all round weapon, it's always fun to burninate everything
        in sight.
                          / =============================== \
                        <          [08] Walkthrough           >
                          \ =============================== /
    First things first, I'm writing this Walkthrough using Expert mode as my basis
    for the enemies and bosses. Lower difficulties may have less enemies and
    weaker bosses, and also makes a difference upon the order that you'll want to
    do the levels in, since you start each successive level with 20 more HP than
    the previous one, i.e. say you do Underground Mine first, starting with 100HP.
    When you complete that, and pick Ancient Ruins next, you start with 120HP.
    This small bit of extra HP is invaluable for the Underground Mine and Ancient
    Ruins levels, since they're really nasty in Expert. Here's my order for doing
    them, with a few notes too:
    [08d] Black's Fortress:  Start with Force, and upgrade to Double Fireball.
    [08c] Flying Battleship: Switch to Chaser Lightning.
    [08a] Ancient Ruins:     Switch to Lightning Saber.
    [08b] Underground Mine:  Switch back to Double Fireball.
    <---[08a] Ancient Ruins----------------------------------------->
    ==[08a.1] Village==
    Just run to the right; you can get more points if you destroy the huts, but
    it's really not worth it. It's far better to just rush through the level than
    trying to kill everything in sight. You'll come across a Phantom just before
    you reach teh first miniboss.
    [%%%]BOSS: Papaya Dance [08a.1a][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    ACTIONS: Baloon Bomber, Mother Ant
    Easy enough, stand underneath it and fire straight upwards. When it spawns an
    Ant (They look more like caterpillars to me), kill it quickly and then go back
    to shooting straight upwards. Use the slide to avoid large clumps of balloons
    if you absolutely have to, but otherwise, right underneath Papaya Dance is the
    best position.
    Again, keep heading to the right and you'll find a second Phantom.
    ==[08a.2] Pyramid==
    Ignore the enemies and the Sphere Birds, just jump your way to the top as
    quickly as you can; you should be able to take two steps at a time.
    [%%%]BOSS: Bravoo Man [08a.2a][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    ACTIONS: Spinning Driver, Dragon Punch
    Another easy miniboss, just fire away until it gets in close, and then jump
    attack through it and run to the other side of the screen. Wash. Rinse.
    Repeat. If you can get your timing right, you can just do jump attacks from
    behind it until it dies. However, do not let it do the Spinning Driver move,
    which is when both arms turn green and it starts to take off. If it completes
    the move, Bravoo Man gets all its HP back.
    ==[08a.3] Slide==
    The pyramid collapses beneath you, creating a big slope. Go as far left as you
    possibly can and fire to the right to kill the enemies that go bouncing over
    your head. Three times you'll see an enemy come up the ramp just below you;
    when you do so, hold up and jab on the fire button to throw him once he
    appears on the same slope as you.
    ==[08a.4] Forest==
    Combine a Lightning Saber if you haven't already, and then charge through the
    forest, ignoring everything until you get to the end of the path; kill the
    three enemies here and then get ready for the boss.
    [%%%]BOSS: Pinky Roader [08a.4a][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    ACTIONS: Hitman Shot, Iron Knuckle
    With the Lightning Saber equipped, once it flashes up the Actions for Pinky
    Roader, you want to be pressing against the right side of the screen. Once
    Pinky jumps into the open and the screen starts scrolling, do a jump attack
    and run to the far right, and you should get underneath the Pinky Roader. From
    here, move as far right as you can and then turn to face left; fire straight
    upwards, but shimmy the Lightning Saber up and down -  by shimmy, I mean hold
    down fire and repeatedly press, not hold, the up button. This will eliminate
    all shots the elder Duck Brother will fire at you with the Hitman Shot move,
    and do massive damage to Pinky Roader. If for some reason, you didn't make it
    underneath Pinky Roader, stand right by its leg and follow the same basic
    progress, but be careful incase the elder Duck Brother moves behind you.
    <---[08b] Underground Mine-------------------------------------->
    ==[08a.1] Trains==
    This level is pretty straightforward to make up for the nightmare of a boss it
    has. Concentrate on the contents of the trains when they come, slide into the
    bomb throwing machines, and make sure to get Rapid-fire Lightning, or you'll
    be in deep trouble come the boss. When you get to the front of the train,
    where you'll find Colonel Red in all sorts of difficulties, go to the far
    right side of the screen, and start shimmying the Rapid-fire Lightning at
    Colonel Red.
    [%%%]BOSS: Seven Force [08a.1a][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Oh god, I hate this guy so much. Comprising of seven individual forms, Seven
    Force is one of the toughest bosses in the game, second only to Golden Silver.
    However, on easier difficulties, you do not have to fight all seven forms,
    which makes this a lot easier.
        [%%%]FORM: Soldier Force[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        ACTIONS: Arm Vortex, Arm Boomerang
        Easy if you know how, lethal if you don't. Get onto the ground and move
        about two cart widths from the right hand side. Shimmy your shots up at
        the main body, jump when it fires its arm at you, and Surface Shift when
        it does the slide; don't worry about the things it throws, they'll all
        miss you from the lower position.
        [%%%]FORM: Tails Force[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        ACTIONS: Somersault Tail, Lightning Zap
        Tails Force is probably the nastiest of all the forms. It has three
        attack patterns; Somersault Tail is very easy to avoid and to predict; if
        it moves in close to you upon the left wall, then move up or down a bit,
        and it'll miss. Lightning Zap, on the other hand, is just plain nasty...
        sorta. See, Tails Force uses it in two different ways; if it's floating in
        the middle of the screen and tips it's head back, it's about to start
        firing, but it's pretty weak - if you can, move upwards to avoid it. It's
        the second usage of it that is the nasty one; Tails Force will start to
        move counter-clockwise around the edge of the screen starting from the
        top right corner, and once it reaches the bottom left, it starts doing
        Lightning Zap whilst still moving, which can then pin you to a wall or
        juggle you in midair. When it starts doing this, don't even think about
        attacking, unless you have a Chaser-based weapon that, just concentrate on
        [%%%]FORM: Tiger Force[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        ACTIONS: Sight Laser, Trace Zapper
        Tiger Force is easy to attack, just hard to dodge. Sight Laser tracks you
        and then fires, so try to keep out of the sights. Trace Zapper is easier
        to dodge, as long as you think ahead; Tiger Force will waggle its tail and
        a blue line will appear from it. That marks the beginning of the path that
        the laser will travel; continue it in your head and work out where you'll
        be safe, and pummel Tiger Force from there.
        [%%%]FORM: Eagle Force[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        ACTIONS: Dance Dance, Spread Laser
        Another relatively easy one, as long as you have range. It will only use
        Dance Dance for the moment, Spread Laser isn't unlocked until the sixth
        level. Basically, the key to beating Eagle Force is to watch the tail. You
        need to get past it when the arm on one side is bent and the tail is on
        the other side. Once you're past it, camp in the bottom corner, firing up
        at Eagle Force until it zooms back down past you, and then move all the
        way back up to the top of the screen. and repeat the process. If Eagle
        Force comes at you side on, go past it when it's arms are straight.
        [%%%]FORM: Blaster Force[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        ACTIONS: Grenade Shoot, Gold Bullet
        Blaster Force has a blind spot, where it can't hit you, both above and
        underneath the circular part of its body; just sit in one of those spots
        and aim straight down or up, depending on which you choose, and just blast
        away. If you're lucky, like me, this'll be the last form you have to
        fight =D?
        [%%%]FORM: Urchin Force[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        ACTIONS: Hyper Sonic Spin, Rush And Roulette
        Urchin Force's two attacks are very distinct from each other, and only one
        of them, Hyper Sonic Spin, is any real danger. With that, Urchin Force
        bounces from one side to the other, and then spins down one side very
        fast. Just shimmy your shots and keep a close eye out for the spin. Rush
        And Roulette, on the other hand, is easy to dodge: Urchin Force will move
        to the center of the screen, and then spin around, with light orbs forming
        on most of its spikes. When it stops, quickly move into an area not
        pointed at by a spike with an orb on, and it'll miss when it fires them
        out. Pummel it whilst it's spinning.
        [%%%]FORM: Crab Force[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        ACTIONS: Crash Mine, Will O The Wisp
        To beat Crab Force without taking a pummelling, you need to be adept at
        doing multiple Surface Shifts. Basically, hold down fire and jab
        repeatedly at jump, so that effectively, you're hovering in the middle.
        You only need to touch surface when it fires an extending wall.
    <---[08c] Flying Battleship------------------------------------->
    I recommend doing this level second; only the boss is difficult here, even in
    Expert mode, so you should be able to get it out of the way relatively easily.
    ==[08c.1] Chase==
    This bit can be irritating as hell, but as long as you keep calm, you should
    get it done without getting hit. The biggest difficulty comes in keeping up
    the pace climbing up whilst making sure to kill all enemies you come across.
    The Wall Bounce is very useful here, especially since you can do it off the
    edge of the screen; it takes you higher than a normal jump, damages any
    enemies you hit, and it's faster.
    ==[08c.2] Bombs==
    Once you've got on top of the Flying Battleship, Bombs will start to drop from
    the sky, and enemies with hoverpacks will appear. Dodge the bombs, throwing
    them when need be, and concentrate on getting rid of the enemies quickly. They
    can unleash a lot of shots very quickly, making the screen cluttered and it
    very hard to not get hit.
    ==[08c.3] Gunners==
    Onto the third section, you start off by being confronted by a Phantom with a
    hoverpack. Do a jumping attack into his lunges, and shoot him the rest of the
    time; he's pretty easy. Once he's defeated, head to the right, and you'll find
    five gun implacements; each drops a weapon sphere once defeated. I recommend
    making a Chaser Lightning combo for the upcoming boss fights.
    [%%%]BOSS: Swapping Reg [08c.3a][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    ACTIONS: Reg Vulcan
    This mech is fairly easy. As it makes its entrance, jump onto on of its feet,
    and when it jumps, take that opportunity to leap onto the cable running along
    the top. With a Chaser based weapon, or fixed shot, this becomes incredibly
    easy; Swapping Reg cannot hit you while you're standing on the cable, so fire
    at will. If you don't have a Chaser weapon, or aren't Fixed Shot, hang down
    from the cable and fire at Reg, only jumping back up when it does Reg Vulcan
    from the main body right below you.
    Continue on to the right and two gun towers will rise up; if you move
    cautiously enough, you only have to fight one at once. Each one will drop a HP
    Sphere when destroyed.
    [%%%]BOSS: Colonel Red [08c.3b][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Jump up onto the plane, and fix onto him with your Chaser-based weapon. Hold
    down fire, and just concentrate on dodging the bombs he throws. Easy.
    [%%%]BOSS: Orange [08c.3c][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    ACTIONS: Rotor Press, Hard Shoulder, Break Wind
    After defeating Colonel Red, the plane lands briefly to allow Orange to tag
    in; lower yourself so you're hanging from underneath the wings, and fix onto
    him with your Chaser-based weapon. Despite what the Actions list says, Orange
    has four moves, including his throw. Rotor Press is when he jumps up and grabs
    hold of the planes rotor, spinning him round, before he lets go and does an
    elbow drop. Hard Shoulder is when he does a very fast shoulder tackle across
    the span of the planes wings. Break Wind is when he fires a cloud of gas from
    his armpit, which can either go along the wings, or downwards. In other words,
    from your position hanging below the wing, Break Wind is the only move that
    can hit you. If he stands above you and tries to do it, flip up through it and
    then throw him straight upwards, but NOT OFF THE PLANE. That does far less
    damage than a normal throw would.
    As a fun little minigame, when you're falling from the plane after defeating
    Orange, I always like to try and land with my foot in his crotch. Always
    amuses me that does XD
    <---[08d] Black's Fortress-------------------------------------->
    This is the level I recommend to do first if you pick either Hard or Expert
    difficulty, since once inside the Dice Palace, the fights are comparatively
    easier. Unless you fight Minion Soldier XD
    ==[08d.1] Infiltration==
    To start, just run right, and grab the first weapon sphere that drops, and
    keep on running. You should only stop when the sky gets a bit crowded with
    enemies, and only as long as it takes to get rid of most of them.
    [%%%]BOSS: Hanging Gunship [08d.1a][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Run to the right side of the screen and fire upwards from beneath it. This
    shouldn't take too long.
    Again, just keep running to the right; for the most part, you can ignore the
    enemies. Once you reach the end of this section, a Phantom appears. Lure him
    down to the lower level and jump up onto the ledge. Fire off to the left, and
    it won't be able to get up to you, since it'll be too busy getting shot.
    ==[08d.2] Dice Palace==
    Inside the Dice Palace, it all gets a bit weird. A die drops from the sky, and
    when it's thrown, your marker on the board in the background will move the
    number of spaces equal to that of the value on the visible die face. Each
    square on the board will warp you to a different room, where you will have to
    do something to progress, until you reach the Boss square at the end.
     /      |       |       |       |       |       |       |      \
    |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
    |  [a]  |  [1]  |  [b]  |  [c]  |  [d]  |  [e]  |  [f]  |  [g]  |
    |       |                                               |       |
    |       |                                               |       |
    | START |                                               | FIGHT |
    |       |                                               |  [h]  |
    |_______|                                               |_______|
                                                            |       |
                                                            |       |
                                                            | ITEM  |
                                                            |  [2]  |
    |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
    |       |  TO   |       |       |       |  NO   |       |       |
    |  [n]  |  [4]  |  [3]  |  [m]  |  [l]  |  [k]  |  [j]  |  [i]  |
    Above is a representation of the board in the background. There are six
    different room types:
    Start    = Where you start... No, really.
    Fight    = You must perform a challenge to proceed
    Item     = You can pick up different weapons and/or HP
    No Guns  = You must win a fight without any guns
    To Start = Your marker is sent back to the start
    Boss     = You're taken to meet Black.
    Underneath each room type on the diagram of the board is either a letter or a
    number inside some square brackets. The letters refer to the sections below
    (substitute the letter for X in [8d.2X] and you can use the find function to
    get to the right one quickly) and the numbers refer to the list just below:
    1) You can pick up Force, Lightning, Chaser and HP spheres in here
    2) You can pick up Flame, Force, Lightning and HP spheres in here
    3) You can pick up Chaser, Flame and two HP spheres in here
    4) When you're sent back to the start, all previously cleared rooms remain
    [%%%]BOSS: Valvalion [08d.2a][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Valvalion has two attack patterns, both of which are very simple. The first is
    indicated by Valvalion spiralling towards the right hand side of the screen;
    it will slam down into the ground and then form arches until it reaches the
    left side, when it'll return to the sky. The second is indicated by Valvalion
    spinning in a circle on one spot; it will thrust towards where you are
    standing, before bouncing back up into the sky. Both are easy enough to avoid,
    and as you are told at the beginning of the fight, aim for the head!
    [%%%]BOSS: Timeron [08d.2b][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This is ridiculously easy. Timeron will drop about five pods, which explode
    upon the floor. When the timer hits 10, Timeron will stop, and then reverse
    time, so that the pods unexplode and go back up into the core. Thus, it's
    important to remember the order that the pods were dropped in. Otherwise, just
    blast it.
    [%%%]BOSS: Rush and Go! [08d.2c][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This one's a bit complicated, but here goes. You have one minute to get from
    the bottom left square to the top right, and the quicker you make it, the more
    points you get. In each square is a wall orb; when you hit it, it will change
    colour, and any wall or floor that matches the same colour will disappear, thus
    opening up paths for you to rech the goal. The colours change in the following
    GREEN >>> BLUE >>> YELLOW >>> RED >>> REPEAT
    The following diagram shows what colour the floors and walls are; the Sphere
    denotations mark where energy spheres start; to clarify, there are not HP
    Spheres, they're enemies that bounce about the room and hurt you. They are
    penned in by the colour walls and floors, but they have a nasty habit of
    passing straight through the Junction areas where the four rooms all connect,
    but they do very little damage, so you can ignore them really.
    |            |            |            |            |            |
    |            G            |            G            |            |
    |            R            R            R            R            |
    |            E            E            E            E    GOAL    |
    |            E            D            E            D            |
    |            N            |            N            |            |
    |            |            |            |            |            |
    |            |            |            |            |            |
    |            |            B            Y            B            |
    |            R            L            E            L            |
    |            E            U            L            U            |
    |            D            E            L            E            |
    |            |            |            O            |            |
    |            |            |            W            |            |
    |            |            |            |            |            |
    |            G            Y            |            Y            |
    |            R            E            B            E            |
    |   START    E            L   SPHERE   L  SPHERE    L   SPHERE   |
    |            E            L            U            L            |
    |            N            O            E            O            |
    |            |            W            |            W            |
    CLEAR:  Punch.
    GREEN:  Punch.
    BLUE:   Jump Attack.
    YELLOW: Jump Attack.
    RED:    Punch.
    GREEN:  Punch whilst holding right.
    BLUE:   Punch whilst holding right.
    YELLOW: Punch.
    RED:    Punch whilst holding right.
    GREEN:  As soon as you cross into the next square, punch.
    BLUE:   Punch.
    YELLOW: Punch.
    RED:    Move right into the goal.
    You should be able to complete it in under fifteen seconds.
    [%%%]BOSS: Minion Soldier [08d.2d][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This is the hardest fight in the level, by a mile. While Minion Soldier is
    very small, he's also really tough and hits hard. He has four moves; he has a
    jumping attack (he's so small, I can't actually see what it is that he's
    doing), a curling shot that he charges up, a throw (which really hurts) and he
    can spawn weak clones that count as a little bit of his HP. Since he's so
    small, you have to crouch to be able to shoot him, and that's the best
    position to be in, since you can quickly slide instead whenever he gets close.
    When he spawns clones, fire to kill them off quickly, or slide into them fast,
    or else they'll snatch you out of it and toss you about the room.
    [%%%]BOSS: Melon Bread [08d.2e][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    OK, you know how I said Timeron was easy? Hah! This is even easier. Melon
    Bread will sniff you, and then spit out an energy ball to where you are.
    However, it takes so long between attacks, hell, even making the FIRST attack,
    that you can kill it easily without seeing said attack. I had never actually
    seen it until I deliberately waited whilst making this FAQ.
    [%%%]BOSS: Destroy! [08d.2f][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Simple enough, destroy the deactivated gunship. The box to the far left
    contains a HP Sphere.
    [%%%]BOSS: Pit [08d.2g][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This is fairly easy; there are six balls, each with 400HP, bouncing about the
    room, and a big... well, bat for lack of a better word, that moves back and
    forth across the screen, with its height changing on both the top and bottom.
    You can be hurt by the balls bouncing into you or by being squished by the
    bat. You can hang onto the underneath of a ball by jumping into it and holding
    down the jump button, but this is fairly risky. I stay on the left side and
    fire upwards, only moving when I have to.
    [%%%]BOSS: Rush and Go! [08d.2h][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Use Wall Bounces to navigate the level, and throw your opponents to kill them
    [%%%]BOSS: Phantom [08d.2i][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    While fairly easy, the Phantom is tough to beat without taking a hit. Fire at
    range and sling his bombs back at him. When he slides in, jump him and then
    throw him as far away from you as you can.
    [%%%]BOSS: Vortex Base [08d.2j][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    I'm horrible at this one since I have a terrible memory. There are seven
    target globes around the room, and they will flash in a specific order. The
    core at the bottom will then fire a laser which will travel through the path
    indicated by the globes, so remember the pattern, and move to somewhere you
    won't be hit, and target your shots at the core at the bottom. It's important
    to note that you can flip through the laser beam, so if like me, you've got an
    awful memory, you can try to get by on instinct, and flip through the beams to
    avoid getting hit.
    [%%%]BOSS: Curry and Rice [08d.2k][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This can be a tough fight if you don't know what you're doing, but it has a
    major weakness. Jump into the air near Curry and Rice, and it'll do a flurry
    of slaps into the air. While it does this, run in close and throw it for 100
    damage a time; four throws will kill it in Expert mode. When it dies, watch
    out for the head, since it explodes on contact with whatever it hits first,
    whether that's you or the floor.
    [%%%]BOSS: Abarenbou Gel [08d.2l][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This guy is fairly easy; it only really has two attacks. The first is it poops
    out light balls behind it as it hops to one side. The second isn't so much an
    attack, but a nuisance; if it lands on you or mashes you against a wall, it
    hurts. Run to one side and fire at it until it gets too close, and then Wall
    Bounce over it, and repeat until it's dead.
    [%%%]BOSS: Super Gondola [08d.2m][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    By and large, there are only three things to note about this fight. First,
    it's very hard. Second, the levers move the conveyor belt you're standing on
    from side to side. Thirdly, the bombs destroy segments of the conveyor belt
    you're standing on, so they're a priority to destroy. However, I find that if
    you take about two steps to the right, and fire straight upwards, you can do
    this without taking a hit, let alone getting killed.
    [%%%]BOSS: Black Beat Stepper [08d.2n][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    ACTIONS: Red Fireball, Green Cutter, Blue Cracker, Yellow Laser
    Ah, finally, the boss! And this one is kinda complicated, though pretty easy.
    You don't really need to know the details to be able to beat Black, unless you
    want to do it without getting hit. Below is a diagram of the room, indicating
    the coloured panels; these coincide with the names of Black's four attacks.
    |        |        |        |        |        |        |
    |        |  Blue  | Green  | Yellow |  Red   |        |
    |        |                                   |        |
    |    Red |                                   | Blue   |
    |________|                                   |________|
    |        |                                   |        |
    | Yellow |________                   ________| Green  |
    |________|Platform|                 |Platform|________|
    |        |________|                 |________|        |
    |  Green |                                   | Yellow |
    |________|                                   |________|
    |        |                                   |        |
    |   Blue |                                   | Red    |
    |        |        |        |        |        |        |
    |        |  Red   | Yellow | Green  |  Blue  |        |
    Black will appear to the right hand side of the screen, the all-important left
    foot on the bottom green panel. After rolling a die, Black will take a number
    of steps equal to that of the value upon the die, i.e. on his first roll, he
    gets a two, then he will take two steps, and the left foot will be upon the
    red panel. Where he ends up dictates which attack he will perform, and the
    attack will originate from the panels of the same colour.
    Red Fireball: A short flame will be fired from the top left red panel, and
                  will then travel clockwise around the room. You can avoid it
                  easily by pressing to the bottom of the left wall.
    Green Cutter: A beam fires from the left green panel, and bounces clockwise
                  around the room. Avoid it by crouching in the bottom left corner
                  or standing in the bottom right.
    Blue Cracker: Four bombs emerge from each corner (Yes, including the one Black
                  will be in) and detonate in place. Avoid by not being in a
                  corner... yeah, I think you sussed that one out yourself.
    Yellow Laser: Four lasers are fired from the yellow panels, all travelling in
                  straight lines. Avoid it by tucking yourself into one of the
    Once you've defeated him, Black will reach into his jacket and throw you the
    Red Mystical Gem, but it's a fake, which explodes on contact. Shoot him a bit
    more and he'll give you the real one.
    <---[08e] Space Port-------------------------------------------->
    ==[08e.1] Carnage==
    Most of this level can be skipped over really, it's a plain and simple run and
    shoot level, but a few things need to explained quickly. First, it's far
    easier to just charge through this level than to kill everything you come
    across, especially in light of the fact that there's an infinite number of
    enemies here. Second, there are crates on this level; while they take a bit to
    destroy, a fair few of them have HP Spheres in, so it's well worth it. Third,
    there are barrels too, and they explode very easily, and very messily, pretty
    much killing everything on screen. Lots of fun. Fourth, there are flying
    platforms, jump up, and then sling 'em down for a quick kill, and mass
    destruction to other enemies. Fifth, the big walkers are a pain, but by either
    doing a jump attack on them, or throwing other enemies at them, they can go
    down pretty fast.
    Sixth, and this one gets a paragraph all of its own, there is a chance to get
    a practically INFINITE number of HP Spheres on this level. There should be a
    section where you have three barrels in a row, the third being hollow, with a
    soldier inside it. A tiny bit further on from there, start taking short steps
    to the left, until you see a Sphere Bird come from the LEFT. Throw enemies
    into it and grab the HP Spheres as quickly as you can; in theory, you can keep
    doing this until you reach the Boss, but chances are that it'll get destroyed
    by the first walker you come across. Still, five HP Spheres is pretty damn
    good, and very possible.
    [%%%]BOSS: Final Great Soldier [08e.1a][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    ACTIONS: Love Love Dancing
    Gotta love the Final Great Soldier. Love Love him even.
    [%%%]BOSS: Smash Daisaku [08e.1b][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    ACTIONS: Spiral Head, After Burner, Bravoo Reg
    Red is such a meanie, I swear. I liked FGS's dancing ;_;
    To start off, the fight is very similar to that against him aboard the Flying
    Battleship, with him flying about all over the place, throwing bombs, but he
    has an additional move now, After Burner. This is when he starts to spin on a
    horizontal axis and hovers just over the floor in one of the corners. When he
    does this, get about a third of the screen away from him and pummel him, until
    he starts giving off blue exhaust fumes, and then jump and turn, as he'll fire
    himself across the screen, presenting his back to you as a nice target.
    Once you've defeated his first form, Smash Daisuke will return to the ground.
    He'll mostly be doing Bravoo Reg, where he jumps up and stretches his leg out;
    it's very easy to dodge, and leaves him wide open to be thrown straight up,
    which will deal major damage. The last move, Spiral Head, is where he fires
    two flames from his gun that spiral around each other; you need to either
    stand where they go above and underneath you, or to Wall Bounce over them
    both. He can also fire a heat-seeking flame (Uh... yeah, that doesn't really
    make a whole lot of sense now, does it?) which can be tough to dodge. When you
    get his HP down low enough, he'll go to the edge of the screen, and stick to
    just firing Spiral Head and Heat Seeker shots.
    <---[08f] Outer Space------------------------------------------->
    ==[08f.1] Assault==
    This stage is rock hard in Expert mode, I get battered all over the place. You
    pretty much need to make a Lightning Saber to be able to destroy both bullets
    and enemies quickly, coz' the screen will get cluttered very easily. If you
    can't make that, then Double Fireball is the way to go, but really, you NEED
    the Lightning Saber at high difficulty. Also important to note is the Warp
    Jump move you can now pull off in the spaceship, by pressing the Jump button
    and pushing a direction; you need to use this a lot to stop yourself from
    getting pinned into corners, where you'll take a mass of damage. Another
    point, you can fix the direction you're shooting in by nudging the direction
    you want to shoot in, and then holding down the fire button; moving around
    whilst holding it down will result in the weapon always firing out the same
    way, which is very useful when dodging asteroids later in the level. Finally,
    if you're playing with two players, the first player controls the movement,
    and the second controls the firing, rather than having two ships bombing about
    the place. The level is manic enough without that XD
    [%%%]BOSS: Timeron [08f.1a][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This Boss is very complicated if you want to do the full thing, but I
    recommend just jamming your Lightning Saber into it and getting it over and
    done with quickly. If you want to know more about this bosss, check out
    BPGalway's awesome FAQ about Timeron's Challenge, which goes into far more
    depth about the subject.
    When the asteroids start coming, fix your Lightning Saber in front of you to
    deflect them away; you can rack up some major damage to yourself by getting
    nailed by these. Next is a bunch of big ships, all with different shot types.
    Destroy the first one, and then try to dodge the next few, since it's hard to
    get rid of them all safely.
    You'll move to the bottom of the level, and big blue lasers will fire at you
    from the left, so get into the top right corner where the lasers will
    disappear (they're aimed to fire just above your head, so in this position,
    they never actually come on screen, though you'll be able to hear them) and
    fix your Lightning Saber to your left to block all enemies and their shots.
    Dodge through the gaps between the first set of yellow beams then fix your
    Lightning Saber in front of you and move upwards, taking out the enemies that
    appear between each one, since they'll fire at you. Once a path is clear open
    through the second set of yellow beams, jump through that and get ready for
    another wave of asteroids, and a big yellow ship; ignore it and concentrate on
    dodging the bullets and asteroids.
    Once they've passed, three rings of enemies will materialise around you; warp
    out of the ring whilst they're still intangible, and take out their bullets or
    dodge them. Next, an enemy will come in riding a string of asteroids; use warp
    jumps to avoid it until it goes off screen.
    Back to the top, you'll face a barrage of cannons; dodge their shots and make
    your way along the top of the screen past them.
    [%%%]BOSS: 1,000mm Cannon [08f.1b][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This guy is easy enough with a Lightning Saber, just stick it in him and
    you'll destroy all shots it fires at you, but beware the missile bays that
    appear above and below it; you can destroy the missiles they fire, but don't
    get caught by surprise.
    Get near the front of the screen, and up just a bit, and start firing straight
    forward; a stream of ships will fly by along the top and bottom of the screen,
    but ignore them for now, as two cannons will become visible. Take them out and
    then move to the back of the screen. The ship streams (See what I did there? I
    swear, I kill me!) will start to cross over, getting ever closer to the left
    side, jsut as you come up to another big cannon. Wait until they're most of
    the way to the left and then warp jump through them both, before taking out
    the cannon.
    The next bit is just hectic; stay at the back and concentrate on evading being
    hit, since you're about to reach the boss of this section...
    [%%%]BOSS: Seven Force [08f.1c][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    ACTIONS: Arm Boomerang, Somersault Tail, Grenade Shot,
             Rush and Roulette, Crash Mine, Spread Laser
    This fight is one you can easily get annihilated in, especially if you've been
    worn down a lot in the level up to this stage. Seven Force switches between
    all seven forms quickly, each one having an individual attack, with Crab and
    Eagle forces being the really nasty ones, since they chase after you all over
    the place, and do a lot of damage if you touch them.
    Assuming you still have the Lightning Saber, I find the best tactic is to stay
    below or above Seven Force, especially when it's in the Soldier Force form,
    since it has a habit of moving a little bit closer to you then firing
    horizontally, a bit closer still, fire horizontally again, and so on. This
    means you can just camp it, blasting it with your Lightning Saber and having
    to only make small movements to not get hit at all. Doing that makes this
    fight a hell of a lot easier.
    ==[08f.2] Infiltration==
    Aboard the Empire's ship, switch your weapon to a ranged one, preferably
    Double Fireball if you can, and then run down the corridor as fast as you can,
    doing jump attacks and throwing your enemies out of your way. They've got more
    HP than any other grunts in the game, and you need a fair bit of HP for the
    boss, so don't waste any time here, except for getting three HP Spheres from
    the Sphere Bird that will appear a bit further in.
    [%%%]BOSS: Core Guard System [08f.2a][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This boss can be pretty easy if you go about it right, but is a complete git
        [%%%]GUARD: Unit of the Hammer[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        The first form, Unit of the Hammer is the most damaging, and can be really
        tough to dodge. It has three attacks; the first is firing lasers straight
        downwards, the second is swinging around in a fast arc you have to either
        dodge or jump (with drones materialising above you and firing lasers
        straight downwards), and the third is the real doozie. It falls on you.
        With unerring accuracy. The trick to this is to never stand directly
        underneath it; if you aren't, then it will fall in an arc, and if you
        react quickly enough, you can get out of the way.
    When you defeat the Unit of the Hammer, a ton of the Drones come flying out of
    the core and explode; go into one of the corners and crouch down, facing the
    opposite side; if one flies into the corner you're in, slide out of their
        [%%%]GUARD: Unit of the Dragon[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        The second form, Unit of the Dragon, is a lot easier, having only one
        attack, throwing slow moving gas clouds at you. Note that while they are
        slow, they come in large numbers. Just keep shooting at it with your
        ranged weapon; this only becomes tough if you're still stuck with the
        Lightning Saber.
    There's another wave of exploding Drones before the final form.
        [%%%]GUARD: Unit of the Runner[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        This form is a walk in the park. It will alternate between throwing the
        light orbs high and low, so jump the low ones, and if it gets really close
        while swinging it's arm, duck into the corner, and only jump if it's due
        to throw a low one.
    <---[08g] Moon Base--------------------------------------------->
    For this level, I heavily recommend you use Double Fireball, since you're
    going to be fighting a lot of bosses, and you'll need range on them to stand a
    chance of getting to the final boss with any HP left. Destroy the stack of
    blue crates by sliding into them (I find the standing slide does it quicker)
    and move on to find...
    [%%%]BOSS: Duck Batallion [08g.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    ACTIONS: Heavy Vulcan Shoot, Walking Press Eddie
    This is a tricky one to do without getting hit, but it is possible. To start,
    just fire right at the Duck Batallion, but as soon as it does anything, duck.
    If it crouches and shoots, the shots will go over your head. If it's walking
    towards you, wait until it gets close and then slide under it. If it's running
    at you, wait until it goes past then run to the opposite side of the screen,
    and then turn around to start blasting them in the back. It'll start jumping
    up and backwards whilst firing it's vulcan cannons diagonally down, so pummel
    it as long as you can, and then Wall Bounce on top of it and jump attack off
    it to get clear.
    Once you've destroyed the Duck Batallion, run to the right side of the screen.
    The older brother will land near by, and grab one of the vulcan cannons; throw
    him upwards to do major damage on him. Three throws will finish him off.
    The next section is annoying as hell. Destroy the blue crate stack and take a
    few steps up the slope, before going back to the left, dodging the large white
    orb that will come flying at you. Go back up the slope and move about a third
    of the way along the platform, before swinging down below it. Move as far to
    the right as you can, and another white orb will come, but it'll be over your
    head. Once it's passed, flip yourself back up and jump to the higher level.
    Open the crate to get a HP Sphere and move as far right as you can. A third
    orb will pass you by, so swing down and move along the underside of the upper
    slope, stopping just before you run out of slope, the fourth white orb will
    pass underneath you. Drop down and move along until you're almost falling into
    the pit; a fifth orb will pass overhead. Jump to the upper slope and move all
    the way to the right via hanging from underneath it, and the sixth and final
    orb will pass you by.
    Open the crate to find a Weapon Sphere, and then jump attack to the platforms
    to the right, and destroy the cannon to your right. They will only fire once
    you're slightly elevated from them, i.e. when you try to jump from level to
    level. Walk to where the cannon to your right was before you destroyed it, and
    fire straight upwards, taking out the next two. Jump up, cling underneath a
    platform, and fire up to take out the next two. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
    [%%%]BOSS: Pinky Lobster [08g.2][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    ACTIONS: Slash Chopper, Slash Nipper, Bubble Bomb
    This fight is annoying as hell, but easy if you play it smart. The two Slash
    attacks are the ones to watch out for; try to always keep at a distance from
    Pinky. However, the standing slide is really useful here for doing damage
    whilst zipping underneath and away from Pinky Lobster. After you do enough
    damage, Pinky will move to the back of the screen, and start constantly using
    Bubble Bomb, a really annoying move, especially since the bubbles block your
    shots. Stand about a quarter of the way along the screen from the left (the
    left of the monitor you're being watched on, that is) and just fire straight
    forwards... if you have a good ranged weapon that is. If you don't, you're in
    a whole heap of trouble. When a bubble hits you, it carries you up into the
    ceiling where it'll pop, and drop you to the floor, to damage you. You can get
    out of a bubble by jabbing furiously on the shot and jump buttons, but it
    takes time, and more often than not, you don't have enough time to get out
    before you plunge all the way down. It'll take a while, but eventually they'll
    be defeated.
    Head to the right, and you'll see some small gun implacements. Take out the
    first three quickly and there'll be another two following, one on each level.
    Jump and take out the upper one first and move along so that the crate beyond
    the lower one is now visible. Hang down above the lower gun and take it out
    and then open up the crate to get a HP Sphere.
    [%%%]BOSS: Orange [08g.3][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    ACTIONS: Final Big Bang, Ground Burning Draft
    This is probably my favourite fight in the game, just coz' it's so completely
    and utterly frantic and fast-paced. Since Orange is once again fighting by
    himself, the quickest way to beat him is by throwing him straight up, and the
    best time to throw him is when he tries to do an elbow drop from the top
    level. Walk slightly to the side so that it misses, and as soon as he lands,
    walk back to him and throw him upwards. He'll have to elbow drop down again,
    so just repeat the process. Otherwise, the key to winning this is by being
    really quick when flipping between levels, especially since you're invincible
    during the flip animation, allowing you to avoid his elbow drops.
    Do a standing slide down the slope and crouch down as soon as you can,
    shooting straight forward to take out the lowest gun implacement. Walk
    underneath the other three and fire straight upwards. If you can, switch to
    the Exploding Fireball combination, and make sure to grab the HP Sphere.
    [%%%]BOSS: Black Fly [08g.4][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    ACTIONS: Psychic Gambit, Shadow Hurricane
    Black is, if possible, even easier this time around, as long as you know what
    you're doing. After the initial period where he's wide open, the Black Fly
    will fly up, off screen, and sends down Psychic Gambit attacks. Stick to the
    left edge of the elevator and destroy the core of the ones that threaten to
    hit you. When Black comes back down and does the vertical Shadow Hurricane,
    he'll miss you since you're not in the middle of the platform; trigger the
    Exploding Fireballs early, so that they hit him while you shoot straight up,
    and eventually he'll do his rotating Shadow Hurricane attack, where he shoots
    out three beams from the red orb on the Black Fly, which then start to rotate
    around the screen, the direction depending upon which of the two lights on the
    underneath is lit up (left = clockwise, right = counter-clockwise). Get onto
    the same side of the elevator as the light that was lit up, so that you're
    just beyond the edge of the Black Fly. When a beam is about to hit you, do a
    jump attack straight upwards; you'll score multiple hits and go straight
    through the beam without getting hit. After three beams go past, the rotation
    will switch directions, so run to the opposite side and repeat the process.
    I must confess, I learnt this tactic from F. Pelayo's awesome Expert Mode FAQ,
    which was an invaluable help for confirming my own ideas throughout this
    [%%%]BOSS: Green [08g.5][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    If you have the Exploding Fireball, this fight becomes incredibly easy in the
    latter half of the fight, but the first half is irritating. Shoot straight at
    Green until he does some kinda shield move. Once he does that, jump up to the
    top level and start firing forwards. He'll jump up too, but he'll leave
    himself open whilst landing, so you'll get a few hits in. When he puts his
    shield back up again, drop down and repeat the process again.
    After you do enough damage, Green will switch his attack pattern, instead
    being far more aggressive. When he does this, back into a corner and start
    spamming the shot button whilst holding the down button, so that the fireballs
    explode close to you. If Green manages to get close enough, you'll throw him
    to the ground, so take this opportunity to get some distance from him again,
    and then just repeat the process. You'll get hit by the occasional shuriken,
    but they do very little damage, so don't worry about it. This was the first
    fight in the level that I got hit on, and I took a total of 18 damage.
    Enter the open doorway and you'll come face to face with the Emperor once
    more, only for the four Mystical Gems to pop up and fry him, before floating
    into the next room. Chase after them and you'll see three Weapon Spheres and a
    HP Sphere; you absolutely HAVE to make the Exploding Fireball now if you
    hadn't already, and you have to do it quickly. Grab the HP Sphere if you can,
    but it's secondary to getting the right weapon. Once the spheres disappear,
    the capsule at the back of the room will open up to reveal...
    [%%%]BOSS: Golden Silver [08g.6][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    ACTIONS: Golden Blast Nuclear, Earth Resolver, Jewel Strike
    Let me make this clear, Golden Silver is NOT your target, the four Mystical
    Gems floating overhead are. They're what you need to concentrate your attacks,
    since Golden Silver is immune to your weapons.
    Now, the reason why I told you to get the Exploding Fireball is because of the
    awesome splash damage it deals. Remember, there are FOUR gems, and they count
    as individuals for being shot, but cumulative in damage total. This means
    hitting one of them will cause the fireball to explode, then hitting the other
    three, racking up the damage far faster than would normally be possible. The
    only other weapon I'd recommend, god forbid, is the Chaser Lighting, only
    because you can fix it onto the gems in Free Shot and then just concentrate on
    evading Golden Silver, but I still think the Exploding Fireball is far more
    Start by running in close to Golden Silver; it'll respond by trying to do its
    Golden Blast Nuclear attack, but if you stand in between its hand and its
    body, you can avoid getting hit whilst shooting straight upwards, and it'll
    keep doing the same attack and missing, until you do about two thirds of the
    damage to win the fight.needed by shooting straight upwards, even when the
    gems start to move on their own.
    So, what happens at two thirds of the damage needed? Jewel Strike starts, and
    the Mystical Gems taking turns to fight back themselves, using attacks that
    mimic your four base weapon types: Force, Laser, Chaser and Flame.
    The Chaser and Force gems are easy to dodge, just use Golden Silver as a
    shield while you target the other gems, which will have moved back to their
    original position in the air. For the Laser gem, it follows a pattern of
    firing for four seconds, moving for two, then firing again, so you can tell
    when it's about to fire, giving you more than enough time to avoid it.
    However, if for some reason you can't, it's best to be hit in the air by it,
    since it'll only hit you once, as opposed to multiple hits whilst you're on
    the ground. The Fire gem is a git, and requires good timing to avoid. With the
    flame spinning around it in a wide arc, you have to go underneath it while the
    flame is above; I like to use the standing slide here to knock down Golden
    Silver if he's in the way, or else he'll throw you back into the flame. It's
    important to note that you should never throw a gem, unless it's the one that
    is currently attacking you, since it'll be thrown out of position, and you'll
    do less damage by attacking the cluster of gems floating above you.
    And of course, now that you're evading the gems, you can't stay so close to
    Golden Silver, and thus he's free to go on the assault now. He's damn fast and
    hits hard, but he's very susceptible to being knocked down, especially by jump
    attacks. He rarely uses his charge or teleport moves during this final phase
    of the fight, so if you can force him into a corner, it gives you a lot of
    time to get away from him, and into space where you can concentrate on dodging
    and attacking the gems.
    Hopefully you got your position just right at the beginning of the fight and
    didn't take a hit, and had plenty of HP coming into the fight, since it's
    extremely hard to evade being hit in this final phase of the boss fight. Just
    keep plugging away, and you'll get it done eventually.
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                        <             [09] Thanks             >
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    This list is gonna be pretty short methinks =P
    My brother      - for buying a Megadrive way back when, Gunstar Heroes was the
                      first game I bought for it and I've loved it ever since.
    DJellybean      - for clueing me in for the basics of FAQ presentation.
    Phoenix 1911    - I stole the copyright stuff from him coz' it sounded all
                      professional and stuff XD
    GameFAQS        - for hosting this FAQ.
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    Well, to be honest, I'm not sure if there will be a next edition of this FAQ,
    being that it is virtually complete. It really depends on what you guys and
    girls think SHOULD be in here that I've missed out.
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