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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shiryu

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/29/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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       *      *   *  * *  *  ****    *   ****** ****      *****  ****   ****   *   * ***   ****
       *   ** *   *  *  * *      *   *   *    * *   *     *   *  *      *  *   *   * *         *
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                                            Sega Megadrive/Genesis
                                                  Version 1.0
                                             2-Controlling Red & Blue
                                             4-Level & Boss Walkthrough
                                             5-Extra info and Tips
      In 1993, Japanese developers Treasure pushed Sega's humble 16bit system to its hardware limits.
    Gunstar Heroes was (is) a master piece of software. It shamed almost everything available at the
    Arcades and even on the Super Nintendo. What could easily just been another side scrolling shoot'
    em'up, ended out to be a cult game. Amazingly, after all these years, the game still looks fresh.
    The game looks and sounds spectacular. And the amount of on-screen action with no slowdowns (even
    in 2 player mode) was just insane. There was also a good enjoyable plot (something most times
    forgotten in these type of games). I love this game! They just don't make them like this anymore...
                                            Controlling Red & Blue
     Red & Blue are the two heroes of the game. Controlling Red & Blue is easy. However, they do have
    a fair share of moves that are very useful on given situations. Here his a detailed explanation:
              Key Config:
      I use the default setting. It is the best suited for the Genesis controllers.
                        A Button - Select Weapon
                        B Button - Shot Weapon (and throws)
                        C Button - Jump (and special moves)
             Firing Mode:
      The choice of Firing Mode makes some moves different (and the voices as well). Here they are:
     Free Shot - This allows you to fire your weapon while running.
    Fixed Shot - Allows you to shoot in 8 directions but without moving. (+gives you a cool Bandana)
     The C Button besides jumping is also used to perform allot of moves. Here they are:
            C + C - Aerial attack. Very powerful. Jumps & attacks with a body press (Free Shot) or                
    Kick (Fixed Shot). Also use this to double jump of walls.
       C + Down+C - Downward jumping kick (Fixed shoot only)
         Down + C - Charging crouch leg strike. Useful to clear the ground.
    Half Circle Back + C - Back dash. High damage. Covers more ground than the previous move.
    Down+C / Up+C - Use this to change levels (only if you are in thin platforms). You can also move
                   under these platforms.
    Hold C then press B - Blocking. Extremely useful and overlooked ability.
          B + DPad - Throwing. Only works at close quarters on robots/drones/bombs. Just pick a
      There are 4 different types of Shot weapons in Gunstar Heroes. In the beginning you can choose
    one of the basic shots to become your default (I suggest Force). However, it is possible to carry
    and combine 2 types of these weapons (For a total of 10 combos). Thats 15 ways to distribute some
    undiscriminating justice 8D. Here his a description of all:
              Basic Shots:
          Force Shot - Straight medium rapid fire.
      Lightning Shot - Fires through enemies & walls.
         Chaser Shot - Fires homing stars.
           Fire Shot - Strong and effective at close range.
              Combined Shots:
            Force+Force - Heavy damage rapid fire. Personal favourite.
        Force+Lightning - Lightning to all directions. Goes through all. Medium damage. Favourite.
           Force+Chaser - Homing Force. Handy if you use Free Shot mode.
             Force+Fire - Fires balls of energy that explode for heavy damage.
    Lightning+Lightning - Continuos Lightning Shot. Heavy damage.
       Lightning+Chaser - Homing Lightning Shot. Needs some strategy to use properly.
         Lightning+Fire - Small range Lightning. Good when in Free Shot mode.
          Chaser+Chaser - Double power homing stars. Excellent in Free Shot mode.
            Chaser+Fire - Homing Fire Shot. Needs some handling to get used to.
              Fire+Fire - Double range Fire Shot.
                                         Level & Boss Walkthrough
           -+* SPOILER ALERT ! If you never played the game DON't READ THIS ! (I mean it!) *+-
      In the beginning, you can choose 4 missions. After each one is completed, you will get a +20HP
    bonus. I always do them from left to right. The Bosses, although the same, vary in size, HP &
    attack patterns according to the difficulty setting (Easy,Normal,Hard & Expert). Here goes:
                                                  Stage 1
                                             The Ancient Ruins
            Yellow says: "Pink's mining machine dug up a gem."
         Professor says: "Empire army is attacking the natives. Save them!"
      From the start, remember YOU'RE TRYING TO HELP THE SMALL GUYS ! Don't blow thier Huts up !!!
    After your standard shooting festival with Robots & Airdrones. Try to throw the Airdrones to the
    ground. If you let them swarm you, you will be in trouble. And make sure you get all the Robots.
    Get the weapon power ups from the Bird. You will then face a Robot Commander. No real trouble. To
    easily defeat him (and all other Robot Commander) just throw him straight up and keep doing it.
    Then Throw him to the ground. Get the Heart Powerup (Down+B). Time for the first boss:
            Boss: Papaya Dance
      Looks like: A big plant.
         Actions: Balloon Bomber, Mother Ant
     Just aim whatever you got to the top centre of it. Careful with all the falling fruits and the
    big worm thing. After a while, its defeated! :)
      Get more weapons from the Bird. Here we go again. More Robots, more Airdrones. If a Robot gets
    smart and throws you a Skull Bomb, grab it and throw it right back at him. You will face another
    Robot Commander in the end. Climb time. After watching the Robots with Jetpacks take off, start
    climbing the Temple. You can go in any one of the 3 levels. Shoot down those irritating Robots.
    MAke sure you get the Weapon and Heart powerups from the 2 Birds. When you make it to the top,
    it's Boss Time:
            Boss: Bravoo Man (no, not Johnny... ;) )
      Looks like: A bunch of cubes.
         Actions: Spinning Driver, Dragon Punch (!)
      Cool! Bravoo man isn't really that tough, but he sure looks great :) . To easily defeat him, go
    to close quarters and kick him hard. He will go down in no time. Just make sure you get away from
    any green glowing parts, because these are the ones that hurt.
      The floors gives in! Time to slide down in style! Oops! Some Robots had the same idea... but
    they don't have... shall we say... your firm control (lol). Just shoot them. Some smarter Robots
    will appear after a while and get their Laser guns. These are trickier because to shoot then you
    will have to jump their shoots. If you just want to get past all this without a scratch, simply
    move to the top most left corner of the screen. No one will hit you. Finally when you get down,
    there will be a Bird with weapons. And a big metal claw will try to get you. There are some bee
    hives that if you shoot, you will get a lot of unwanted attencion. Fire works great here! You
    will get another of the Professor's Birds (this one has Heart powerups) and 3 Robots. Slaughter
    them or just let them runaway (cowards...). It's Boss time :
            Boss: Pinky Roader
      Looks like: Some sort of Machine with arms and legs.
         Actions: Hitman Shot, Iron Knuckle
      Meet Pinky and her boys. Tricky ! Be careful with the Roader's arms. And dodge those laser
    shots from the hands. If you got the HP, you can just get in close and personal. Or better, get
    underneath it and kick away at the bottom. If your are low on HP, you will just have to shoot it
    from a distance. After you blow it up, Pinky retreats to way, way back in the background. Stage
    Clear. Get the Blue Gem !:) . One down, three to go.
                                               Stage 2
                                        The Underground Mine
            Yellow says: "Bring back my brother Green"
         Professor says: "Use my special modified mining cart ! Be aggressive !"
      This stage is different. You ride the Professor's mining cart. The carts can move left & right.
    They can also jump. However, double taping the C Button will reverse the cart magnetic pull :) .
    This means you can move on the ceiling. Also use this to go from left to right when your going
    down. After the beginning, your cart will speed up to quite a pace. Some Robots appear. Waste
    them good. Keep changing from the ceiling to the ground to confuse them. Also be on the lookout
    for the Skull Bomb layers. Get both weapon powerups from the birds. Unlike other levels, these
    only drop one weapon powerup. You will get to the train. The Robots inside will shot lasers or
    bombs at you. Kill all 3. Going down ! Kill al robots and be careful with the force field carts.
    Make sure you destroy at least one of then to close the field. Once again, you will get to the
    train. But the Robots are asleep. Remember what the Professor said: "Be Aggressive !". Waste
    them! Back to normal. More Robots ! You know what to do... but don't forget to get the Heart
    Powerup from the Bird. There will be another Bird (with a weapon powerup) just before the Train.
    Kill all Robots inside the Train. Do this for 2 more train cars and the next one will be on fire.
    You will then get to the engine car. Controlling it is your archenemy, Smash. The train will blow 
    up! But the engine will still be OK ! The remainig Robots will grab on to the engine. By this time, 
    Smash will begin tossing Robots out the window ! Teach him a lesson and shoot him. After a while he 
    will be defeated and escapes (making his trademark irritating laugh...). Get the Heart from the 
    bird. Now it's the time:
            Boss: Green's mech, Seven Force
      Looks like: A machine that is capable of morphing into different shapes.
         Actions: Morph
      Seven Force will morph to the following and do the following attacks:
      Soldier Force - Arm Vortex, Arm Boomerang
        Tails Force - Somersault Tail, Lightning Zap
        Tiger Force - Sight Laser, Trace Zapper
        Eagle Force - Dance Dance, Spread Laser
      Blaster Force - Grenade Shoot, Gold Bullet
       Urchin Force - Hyper Sonic Spin, Rush & Roulette
         Crab Force - Crash Mine, Will of the Wisp
      What a nightmare ! Seven Force his one of the toughest Bosses of the game. You will always
    start against Soldier Force. Just avoid his attacks. Time your moves right to escape his arm and 
    his lounge attack. After that you can get to Tails Force or Urchin Force. Make sure that you
    don't get caught by them on the corners, it will drain your HP very fast. Next, assuming you
    survived, it's either Crab Force, Tiger Force or Blaster Force. Of these three, Blaster Force is
    the easiest, because its easy to avoid the Grenade Shoot attack. Tiger and crab are another
    matter... all of their attacks are tricky to negotiate. Oh, and by the way, while you're doing
    what Ive been describing, just SHOOT WHATEVER YOU GOT on him. And on the harder difficulty
    settings, you will fight his forms over and over again. If you survive this slaughter, Green will
    morph Seven Force into a Platform. Stage Clear ! Green throws you the Green Gem and escapes. But
    why did he join the Empire ?
                                                Stage 3
                                         The Flying Battleship
            Yellow says: "Captain Orange is about to leave with a Gem."
         Professor says: "The Flying Battleship is just leaving. Follow them!"
      Ha, back on legs :). Looks like the Professor was right, the Flying Battleship has already
    left. Climb up as fast has you can, making sure you get those Robots. Throw them out ! Spot Orange 
    on the bridge. After a bit you will climb to the ships rear deck. Now Robots with jetpacks and 
    Skull Bombs will attack you. Using the later, dispose of the Robots. After a bit, the Ship will 
    gain altitude. Time for a Robot Commander. This one is on a jetpack as well. It will prove no match 
    for you, but be careful about his sweep kick. Get the Heart and Proceed right and destroy the 
    generators for weapons. Oh, and slaughter some robots as well. Some are asleep. Here comes a Boss :
            Boss: Swapping Rag
      Looks like: Two legs, five guns & three Robots...
          Action: Reg Vulcan
      Tactics ? No need. Kick him ! Get underneath and kick away at the center.
      Too bad they aren't all like that one :) . Destroy the next two Reg Vulcan to get two Heart
    powerups. Jump to the floating platform. Hey, look who, Smash ! Does he never learn ? This time he 
    will attack you using his jetpack and throwing bombs at you. Carefully avoid the later and shoot 
    him big time. After his defeat, he falls and disappears. Saluted by the Robots,here comes :
            Boss: Orange
      Looks like: Orange ! :)
         Actions: Rotor Press, Hard Shoulder, Break Wind (yes, it's what you're thinking...)
      Don't get close to him. Orange will throw you out of the platform. Of course, you can do this
    to him as well. But it's safer to shoot him from afar. If he goes for his Rotor Press attack,
    just tap Down+C Button to get underneath the platform. Then climb up again, because after he
    fails the move, he will try the Break Wind (gross) that will hurt you big time if you're caught
    on the lower side of the platform. One hilarious thing is if Orange tries his Hard Shoulder on an
    edge. He will fall of the platform (lol). After some time, you will get him. Stage Clear ! The 
    platform will also explode and you will fall hundreds of meters to the ground. Amazingly, you will 
    land on your feet. Orange didn't do quite so well, tough. The Purple Gem is yours !
                                                Stage 4
                                            Black's Fortress
         Yellow says: "Black, the lord of the strange fortress has a Gem."
      Professor says: "Black has built a silly dice-maze ! GO !"
      Start off as usual, slaughtering Robots and Airdrones (pesky things...). Get the Weapons from
    the bird. After a bit more, you will face a robot onboard a cockpit with a Cannon. The good news
    is that the Cannon kills other Robots as well. Blow it up ! After that, another Bird will drop
    more Weapon powerups. Another Robot on a Cockpit ! Annihilate him ! Nearly there. You're then
    attacked by a Black Robot Commander ! Dispatch him as usual. Get the Heart and enter the door.
    Welcome to... THE DICE PALACE !
                                          THE DICE PALACE !
      Black as build this thing. It's made up of 19 different tiles (including the Start tile and the 
    Boss tile). A six sided dice will drop from the ceiling. However, the maximum score is only three 
    (Black is a cheater...). If you're playing in 2 Player mode, you will take turns to throw
    the dice. Here is the description of all the tiles :
      1 - Start - Guess...
      2 - Fight - Valvalion. Snake type creature. Shoot his head.
      3 - Take an Item - Self Explanatory. There are three weapon powerups and a heart powerup.
      4 - Fight -Timeron. Destroy the core. It can reverse time.
      5 - Fight - Rush & GO!. Get the right colour code to get to the end. Awards time bonus.
      6 - Fight - Minion Soldier. Laugh.. then panic as the little guy throws you all over the place.
      7 - Fight - Melon Bread. Just shoot... better, kick.
      8 - Fight - Destroy! Mindless destruction fun ! (poor Robot...nah). Get the Heart. Time bonus!
      9 - Fight - Pit. Destroy them all. Shoot them down.
     10 - Fight - Rush & GO! Climb, kill and get to the end. Time Bonus!
     11 - Take an Item - There are three weapon powerups and a heart powerup.
     12 - Fight - Phantom. A Robot Commander. Get the Heart in the end.
     13 - Fight - Vortex Base. Shoot the center and try to remember where the lasers come from.
     14 - No Guns - Curry and Rice. Time to test those hand to hand combat skills.
     15 - Fight - Abarenbou Gel. Kill it. No one should be this happy.
     16 - Fight - Super Gondola. Destroy all the weapons.
     17 - Take an Item - This one has two weapons and two Hearts.
     18 - The Way Back - NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Son of a ...
     19 - Boss - It's pay back time...
            Boss: Black Beat Stepper
      Looks like: A weird two legged machine.
         Actions: Red Fireball, Green Cutter, Blue Cracker, Yellow Laser
      Blacks machine materializes in front of you. He will then throw a dice and move the number of
    points he got. He will use an attack depending on the tile he lands on (Red for Fireball, Green
    for the Cutter, Blue for the Cracker and Yellow for Laser). They are all fairly easy to dodge.
    Just make sure you know what' s coming. I suggest close quarter combat on him. Defeat him and his
    machine will explode. Stage Clear ! Black begs for mercy and throws you the Red Gem. Get it. What
    the...? It was a FAKE. It exploded ! (I told you he was a cheat...). Wipe that smile off his face
    by using some unnecessary force... he will caught up the real deal. That's it ! :) You got the
    four Gems ! Back to base. (Er... ever noticed the cow in the background ? )
                                                Stage 5
                                           Into the Spaceport
      The Base was attacked. Here is the Professor all tied up:
    Professor: "Help me ! Thanks. While you were away, the empire came and kidnapped Yellow !"
    Mysterious Figure: "Ha,ha,ha! If you want to save Yellow, come to me with all the Gems. But that is 
    if you can get to me alive..."
    Professor: "We must obey him. Please save Yellow !"
      This is one BIG stage. Begin business as usual, kill, kill,kill. Get the weapon item. Clear
    the path of barriers and boxes. Some of them have Hearts inside. When the Robots start using
    hovering platforms, just grab them (!) and throw them to the ground. You will then face the first
    Robot Commander. Use the barrel as your advantage (Blow it up and watch him burn!). Get the
    Heart. GO, GO, GO ! Keep pushing forward. Another Robot Commander. You know the drill. Get the
    Heart in the end. Keep going. Blow them all to the junkyard. Another Robot commander stands
    before you. This one is Yellow. Punish it for his colour choice. Get the Heart. GO ! WOW ! Robot
    Walkers !!! Now there's something new ! Deal with them the old way. Keep going right! Notice that
    one of the Barrels is actually the SMARTEST Robot of the entire game :) . Notice the building on
    the background. It's Boss time :
            Boss: Final Great Soldier
      Looks like: a Robot :P
          Action: Love Love Dancing :?
      Er... LOL 8D . Ha here it his. Our old pal ...
            Boss: Smash Daisaku !
      Looks like: M. Bison / Vega from Streetfighter 2. Are Capcom's lawyers blind ?
         Actions: Spiral Head, After Burner, Bravoo Reg
      Hum... i think is slightly upset with the amount of junk we made all over the levels. It's 
    showdown time. He will start flying all over the place making his stupid laugh. Shoot him and
    avoid the Bombs. Watch out when the flames get Blue ! He is about ot charge you. After some time
    he will be defeated. Or is it ? Yep, he still wants more. Now without his jetpack, he will get
    his Bravoo Reg and start shooting Fire Shots in different patterns. Don't get to close or he will
    throw you for incredible damage. He will then come after you and use one of his... extendable
    legs (?) to kick you. After beating him, he will say "I never die!" and goes to the left. There
    you will find him, Yellow and the mysterious guy from before. Stage Clear ! Smash pulls out the
    Bravoo Reg and points it right at Yellows head. Without a choice, you throw to the other guy the
    four Gems... he then Jumps into the building... that is in fact a huge Space Battleship.
    After a small moment of distraction, one of the natives that you saved earlier on the game, lets
    Yellow loose. Smash goes after him. Big mistake. The natives are out in force and give him a
    piece of their mind (Where did i see this scene before ? Oh yeah, Pacman! :) ). The Empire's Space 
    Craft takes off. Things look rather grim... At least, Yellow is safe. And you also get a +20 HP 
    Bonus. Now you have 200 HP for the rest of the game.
                                                  Stage 6
                                                  Space !
      Professor says: "You made it back safely. I watched everything. Don't Worry. I dug up this small, 
    speedy spaceship for you. By pressing the directional Button and the Jump Button the boosters 
    enable the spaceship to warp through space."
      Very cool ! The game became a horizontal shoot'em'up. Just as the Professor said, pressing the C 
    Button plus the DPad allows to perform a very useful manoeuvre that will allow you to escape any 
    tight spot. And there will be some ! The weapons now shot from a small rotating turret on the
    side of the spaceship. To lock it's angle, simply press and hold the B Button. After a small warp
    to catch up with the Empire's Space Craft. Prepare the B Button :). Shoot anything that moves
    that is not you or your partner. To grab Weapon powerups, simply press fire on top of them. Make
    sure you make the Craft's turrets your primary targets. And look who's coming :
            Boss: Timeron
      Looks like: Timeron from the Dice Palace
         Actions: How long can you last?
      More like a shooting gallery than a boss. See how fast you can make it go BOOM ! My personal
    record is 00.00.96 Sec :). Beat that! Oops! That's not right ! How long CAN YOU LAST ? Maybe i 
    should pay more attention to my own FAQ... Just try to survive as much time as you can. Not easy 
    because the damn thing throws shoots at you, then starts shooting from all over the screen. You
    will eventually have no place to hide. Blow it up ! You will then get Bonus Time Points. Back to
    the real thing...
      Incoming asteroids ! Dodge them. You can't destroy them, but shooting them will deflect their
    path. Be on the lookout for back attacks from ships and missiles. After a while, a loot of ships
    will surround you. Keep moving. The ones with a red dot have tracking weapons. WOW! What's going
    on ? There are a LOT of laser beams coming from the back ! Dodge them to the best of your skills. 
    And mines, as well. Remember the Professors instructions ? Now it's the time to use them. Hum ?
    Vertical drop lasers? Whatever, carefully navigate them. Get the heart powerup. By this time you
    will need it. Here come some more soldiers from the back. They bring asteroids. Shoot them. Ignore 
    the ships from the front. If you Shoot them, you will most likely get hit by the soldiers.
    If you have a Chaser weapon, you can ignore that. Careful not to hit the mines next. What the ?
    A Robot appears surfing on asteroids ? Cool ! Shoot it and his fellows. And next, be careful with 
    those five guns. The middle one hurts big time. And here comes the mother and father of then all:
            Boss: 1000 Mm Gun
      Looks like: A Gun
         Actions: I don't think those are blanks...
      Destroy the Core. That's what they say. This thing has tracking abilities. Don't get close.
      After that shoot down more three guns. Don't worry about the probes, they will stop just when
    you're about to get hit. Get the Heart. Shoot down all probes and the missile launching silos of
    the Craft. After that, be very careful. Someone launched a lot of fireworks your way. I hope you
    have more than 100HP here. It will get tricky. After that the cargo hold opens and of it comes :
            Boss: Seven Force
      Looks like: A Mech.
         Actions: Morph
      And if you tough Seven Force was bad before, here he is now without space confinement. It will
    morph to all of his seven types and attacks you anyway he can. I suggest you do the same. And get
    him on any opportunity you can. Be on the lookout for his Tiger Force. It lunges itself at you.
    And his Blaster Force here is also very efficient. Remember the C Button ! Use the C Button !
      Good riddance ! You get onboard the Empire's Craft. The Craft crash lands and you must fight
    your way to the Core. Get the weapons and heart powerups from the Birds. You will get overrun by
    Robot Commanders. Just make you way to the right and enter the door :
            Boss: Core Guard System
      Looks like: The main power generator of the Empire's Craft.
         Actions: Guard Device - Unit of the Hammer
                               - Unit of the Dragon
                               - Unit of the Runner
      That's right. It's a three in one. First up is The Hammer. Simply hit him dodging his smash and
    evading his shoots. Next up is The Dragon. Try to get him with a kick when he passes by you. Last
    comes The Runner. He can get tricky. Whenever you can, get him using close combat. Make sure you
    dodge his balls of energy. After that one, you're almost home. Stage Clear ! +20HP :)
                                                   Stage 7
                                                Final Battle
      Hey, you're on TV. You can recognize all of your old enemies. Pinky, Black, The Emperor, Orange 
    and Green are all watching your progress. Brake those boxes and get going :
            Boss: Duck Battalion
      Looks like: A mech piloted by Pinky's boys.
          Action: Heavy Vulcan Shot, Walking Press Eddie
      Nice ride. They don't deserve it. Get them good. Avoid their rush attack by jumping. After you
    blow them up, the string one will grab the Heavy Vulcan and take his chances on you. Throw him
    all over the place. Done. Next !
      The Fat one and Pinky move out of the room. Make your way to the right. Avoid those energy
    balls and make sure you don't miss the heart on the box. After that, jump as fast as you can. On
    the top, it's fight time :
            Boss: Pink Lobster
      Looks like: A Mech-lobster with Pinky and the Fat guy on top.
         Actions: Slash Chopper, Slash Nipper, Bubble Bomb
      I definitely like Pinky's choice of rides. This Crab like mech is dangerous in close quarters.
    I advise long range shooting until it's defeated. Shoot the Bubble Bombs. And stay well clear of
    it's pincer. We wont be seeing Pinky anytime soon.
      Orange leaves the room. Go forward and shoot those Minion Soldiers on the guns. Get the Heart 
    from the box. Here comes some more trouble your way :
            Boss: Orange
      Looks like: Hey, it's Cap. Orange :)
          Action: Final Big Bang, Ground Burning Draft
      Orange is back and meaner than ever. Keep away at all times, he can throw you for high damage.
    Also make sure you're not caught above him when he is using his energy wave move. And when you're
    below, watch out for his elbow drop. Also stay clear of his dash manoeuvre. After some HP loss, he 
    is history !
      The Emperor is not pleased. Black goes to him and the Emperor shoves him out of the room. Keep
    going right. Waste those Minion Soldiers. Get the Heart. Get on the elevator :
            Boss: Black Fly
      Looks like: A flying platform.
         Actions: Psychic Gambit, Shadow Hurricane
      Black's new machine isn't very impressive. Just kick him whenever he gets on screen. Then dodge
    the things he throws at you. Or you can shoot just them. Also careful with his Shadow Hurricane,
    it covers the entire screen. But it needs time to charge. Use it well. Defeat him.
      The Emperor is less and less happy. He orders Green to attack. Green leaps twice to the exit.
    Here comes a tough one :
            Boss: Green
      Looks like: Yellow's Brother.
         Actions: The Gunstar's Actions
      Green is awaiting just outside the control room. Green without Seven Force is even deadlier. He
    can do everything you can. Shooting is almost useless. Green sometimes just blocks whatever you
    throw at him with just one hand. So you will have to go for close quarters. Careful when Green
    throws stars at you. Also be on the lookout for his uppercut move. And don't get caught. Green
    like to throw you around as well. This is one tough battle. Make sure you win. After Green is 
    beaten, his Gun Star badge falls of.
      The door is open. Enter it to face the Emperor. He is impressed. Suddenly, the four Gems start
    rotating above the Emperor. Then, they produce a huge discharge of energy on the Emperor. He is 
    out. The Gems fly to the left. Follow then. Get the Heart quickly. Here it comes :
            Boss: Golden Silver
      Looks like: A psychotic robot.
         Actions: Golden Blast Nuclear, Jewel Strike, Earth Revolver
      The Gems revolve. The cover opens and you can see the Empire's secret weapon. This is Golden
    Silver. Looks like it his far, far more powerful then they tough. Prepare for the final battle.
    For start, let me just say that Golden Silver is invincible. You have to shot the Gems. That's
    right, time to destroy the things you have been trying to protect. Regardless to say, while you
    are doing this, Golden Silver isn't going just to look at you while you're at it. Avoid him like
    he his death herself. Be careful with his shoots and his ground energy wave move. To make things
    worse, he will sometimes retreat to the background and the Gems themselves attack you with their
    own energy. This battle is mostly an endurance fight. If you can survive the carnage long enough,
    you will prevail. Final Stage Clear !
                           I'm not going to spoil the end. Do enjoy it !
                                            Extra info and tips
      - The game is easier in 2 player mode. And you can continue a game by stealing 1/2 of your 
    partners HP at anytime. Also, you can throw your parter around. Can become usefull.
      - Think Golden Silver is no more? Go play Guardian Heroes, another brilliant game from Treasure
    fot the Sega Saturn. He is one of the hidden characters. He also has the four gems. :)
      - Professors powerup Birds drop more than one item. To get the first, simply touch them. To get
    the second and third items, kick them. This is very handy with Heart Powerups.
      - The last Bird ont Stage 5 (if you're going dashing mad, you will miss it) and the second on 
    Stage 6 drop INFINITE HEART POWER UPS. You can only have 3 onscreenat the same time, but if you
    are playing a 2 Player mode, simply have one player beat them and the other getting the Hearts.
    That's a possible 999HP for you if you work fast.
      - Hold the DPad in different directions at the beggining to rotate the Gunstar Heroes logo in
    different ways. Cool.
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           Sega - Their hardware.
             Me - And my patience, of course.
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