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    Walkthrough by Sega

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    You must have at least 1 egg in the incubator. Save your game, and 
    when leaving the Save room, Press and Hold Start on Controller 2.
     This lets you skip to areas of the island, view videos, and more.
    <----This JP CD SEGA CD Walkthrough is Copyrighted by Sega.--->
    Inside of the 1st room of the Visitor Center there is a 
    computer which will allow you to save.  You can only save 
    one game at a time.  (One memory takes up 84 spaces on 
    your CD unit).  Try to save frequently in order to avoid 
    repeating a mission.
    Logs are given to you contact from the main island.  They 
    give you clues on how to obtain items such as the 
    Brachiosaurus CD.  Your contact also tells you your 
    mission and how they will rescue you. 
    Obtain frequently to understand what is happening back 
    Be sure to listen to the Final Message
    Messages are not always given in the same order or 
    Moves the currently selected icon in the View Window.
    Moves the selection box in the Equipment Matrix.
    Displays the Dinosaur Egg Table; returns to the game.
    Button A-Travel
    Takes you in the direction of the displayed Travel Arrow.  
    This lets you travel while holding a weapon or tool.
    Button B-Matrix
    Brings up the Equipment Matrix
    Confirms your weapon or tool selection and closes the 
    Button C-Fire/Use
    Fires a weapon or uses a tool or item chosen from the 
    Equipment Matrix
    *(Note:  It is possible to rearrange the button functions 
    on the OPTIONS screen.)*
    Press the MATRIX button to bring up the Equipment Matrix
    Use the D-Pad to move the selection cursor over an item
    Press the MATRIX button again to leave the selection 
    The item you select will appear as your cursor, and as 
    the Active Weapon/Tool icon at the top left of the 
    screen.  Press C to activate the Weapon/Tool
    Go into the Incubator Room (Enter the 2nd room of 
    theVisitor Center and then open the door in that room) 
    and activate the Incubator with any card key, except the 
    White key.
    Save Frequently
    Messages are not needed to finish the game, but are nice 
    to look at
    Do not batttle the Raptors inside of the caves
    Obtain the Triceratops key first because it opens up 
    everything, except the Raptor gate ( See walk through)
    You must obtain at least 5 rocks in the game
    Before you save, use the First Aid kit in the 2nd room of 
    the Visitor Center
    The Best Way to Start
    Start off by getting the Stun gun behind the helicopter 
    door.  Turn Southwest and pick up the rock.  Then turn 
    East and go through the tunnel.
    On the other side of the tunnel you'll find the 
    Procompsognathus and Brachiosaurus Area.  Search the 
    Procompsognathus nest for the White Key.  Then travel 
    down the road to the Visitor Center front gates (only 
    road to travel).  Enter the Visitor Center and search the 
    Tool box to the left of the staircase for the pliers.  Go 
    back to the front gate of the Visitor Center and use the 
    pliers to pull out the Blue Key.  Now go into the Visitor 
    Center and go up the staircase.  Use the Blue Key to 
    enter the 1st room (Save room).  In this room you are 
    able to Save your current game.
    To the right of the Save room there are two more rooms.  
    Use the Blue key to enter the 2nd room (Incubator room) 
    and get the Tranquilizer gun in the cabinet.  To enter 
    the 3rd room, you'll need the Triceratops Key (box in the 
    Tri area).
    Exit the Visitor Center and from the front gate travel 
    South to head toward the Triceratops Area.  After the 
    screen materializes, open the trunk of the truck and 
    collect the wire cutters.  Continue traveling to the Tri 
    area by going East,  then travel Southeast through the 
    area where you see the baby Triceratops.  Once the screen 
    materializes, immediately turn right, toward the tipped 
    over Jeep, and honk the horn (windshield).  An angry 
    Triceratops will charge the Jeep.  When the Triceratops 
    turns toward you, honk the horn again.  Make the Tri 
    charge the Jeep 3 times by honking the horn everytime she 
    turns toward you.  After the third charge, collect the 
    items that fall out of the Jeep (Triceratops CD, 
    Injector, and Crowbar). Then quickly turn South and use 
    the injector on the sick Triceratops (laying down).  Then 
    travel North to the first Tri area where you will find 
    the baby Triceratops.  Turn South and search the Big 
    Tree.  At the close up view of the tree, grab the lower 
    left branches.  Feed the branches to the Baby Tri and 
    then search and open the box near the Baby Tri.  Open the 
    box with the crowbar to receive the Triceratops Key.  
    After you have the Tri key travel West to exit the 
    Triceratops area.  Then travel West again to appear at 
    the front gate.  Enter the Visitor Center and search the 
    2nd and 3rd rooms for important items.
    2nd Room contains
    The Incubator and a First aid kit.  A cabinet which 
    contains the Tranquilizer gun, and the Brachiosaurus CD 
    (panel with yellow and blacks stripes, underneath the T. 
    gun).  The Computer in the room has a layout of the 
    3rd Room contains
    A cabinet which contains the Gas gun (use on T-Rex only) 
    and a set of Night vision goggles ( panel with yellow and 
    black stripes, underneath the Gas gun).  On the desk 
    there's a computer that will display a special code.  Use 
    the Tri CD on the disc drive to get the Code.  
    *(Camera display has no known usage)*
    After searching the rooms, search the crates to the left 
    of the Save Room for the Motion Detector (left from the 
    front of the Save Room).  Open the crate with the JP 
    symbol by using the wire cutters (Where's Ren?).  Grab 
    the detector and walk down the stairs and prepare to 
    collect the eggs.
    Gathering the Eggs
    Gallimimus and Dilophosaurus Eggs
    Dilo eggs
    At the Visitor Center front gate travel North to the 
    Galli and Dilo Area.  Once you materialize, equip the 
    stunner and fire at the closet Gallimimus.  When they run 
    away collect their eggs and the rock.  If you grab the 
    eggs before you scare the Gallies, they will attack you.  
    After you have the eggs, turn North and place the rock on 
    the log.  Then travel North to the Dilophosaurus Area.  
    Do not worry about the hits from the Dilos.  Instead 
    search the Jeep in the West direction for the gas can 
    (Jeep door).  Also search the nest to the right of the 
    Jeep which has the Tyrannosaurus CD.  Then use the gas 
    can on the boat in the Eastern direction.  Travel across 
    the river and pick up the Dilo eggs.  The eggs are to the 
    left, along with the First Aid kit (grab the Aid last).  
    Get back into the boat (Western direction).  Now go back 
    to the Visitor Center.  Once the boat stops, travel 
    South, then South again.  From this area you can go back 
    to the Visitor Center by traveling West or you can 
    collect the Gallimimus eggs by traveling South.
    *(I recommend collecting the Galli eggs)*
    Galli Eggs
    On the first screen of the Galli and Dilo area (log in 
    the water in the North) tranquilize the Gallimimus in the 
    Southern direction, in order to travel South.  When the 
    screen materializes you will see a Caution sign to the 
    South and a Back Pack in the West.  Cut the Back Pack 
    down to get the Wrench.  Then use it on the Sewer grid in 
    the Eastern direction.  Now turn to the South and grab 
    the tree stub to the left of the Caution sign a couple of 
    times.  The top part of the stub will fall and scare the 
    Gallimimus away.  Collect their eggs and then travel 
    South to collect more eggs.  Once the screen 
    materializes, search the nest for eggs.  Then stun the 
    frog in the East in order to travel East.  After 
    traveling East, pick up the Bolt cutters behind the log 
    in the Western direction.  Use the bolt cutters to open 
    up the sewer grid and then travel through the sewer.  
    Once out of the sewer, travel North, then West and you'll 
    be at the front gate of the Visitor Center.  Go upstairs 
    in the Center to deposit the eggs in the Incubator.
    Triceratops Eggs
    From the front gate, travel South, then travel East (past 
    the truck), and finally travel Southeast.  On this 
    screen, use the Tri key to enter the Triceratops shelter 
    in the Southern direction.  Once inside the shelter, turn 
    East to tranquilize the Galli's.  Then turn Northwest and 
    fix the pipe with the wrench.  After fixing the pipe, 
    turn to the set of lockers.  Open the last locker on the 
    right and turn off the power.  Then go to the second to 
    the last locker on the left and use the computer code 
    from the 3rd room of the Visitor Center (See 2nd page).  
    (In the locker to the right of the keypad locker, there 
    is a different color Triceratops key that has no known 
    use).  After putting in the code, go through the door in 
    the Southern direction.  Once the screen materializes, 
    pick up the rock in the West and then turn towards the 
    Triceratops in the Southeast guarding it's nest.  To get 
    the egg from the nest, wait for the Gallimimus to steal 
    the egg, then tranquilize him.  Grab the egg and quickly 
    turn to the left to drop down the manhole (Northern 
    direction).  Once back in the shelter, exit through the 
    Northern door.  In order to reach the Visitor Center, 
    travel North, then West, and then travel West again.  Go 
    into the Visitor Center and load the Tri eggs into the 
    Brachiosaurus and Procompsognathus Eggs
    From the front gate travel East to the Brach and Procompy 
    Area.  On this screen the Procompy area is in the 
    Southwest and the Brach area is in the North.  Collect 
    the Procompy eggs in the nest and then play the Brach CD 
    in the Field guide kiosks (information display).  For the 
    Brach eggs to appear, listen to the Baby Brach noises at 
    the end of the CD, then collect the eggs where the Brach 
    heads were showing.  Return to the Visitor Center to 
    deposit the eggs by traveling East to the front gate.
    T-Rex Eggs
    From the front gate, travel South toward the T-Rex area.  
    Then turn North and play the Tyrannosaurus CD for some 
    great tips on how to defeat him (hit his cheek bone).  
    Next use the Bolt cutters on the wire to enter the T-Rex 
    area.  Once in the T-Rex area, use the card key to access 
    the door.  Before the T-Rex appears, equip the 
    Tranquilizer.  Shoot the T-Rex in his right cheekbone 
    (continuously until the gate opens).  When the gate 
    opens,  equip the Gas gun and hit him twice in the 
    cheekbone.  His head will lift up long enough for you to 
    run between his legs (quickly).  Once upstairs in the T-
    Rex area,  turn North to hit the two small buttons.  Then 
    quickly turn right from the buttons and tranquilize the 
    Gallimimus blocking your path.  Travel through the left 
    After traveling through the sewer, turn to the Northeast 
    and pick up the Bearhorn (difficult to see).  Turn to the 
    South and pick up the T-Rex eggs.  The T-Rex will then 
    come charging over the hill to save her babies.  Quickly 
    turn to the sewer on the right side of the T-Rex and hit 
    the button there (3 times).  Once you get her to kick 
    open the sewer gate,  use the Bearhorn to back her away.  
    Now you can go through the sewer to the upstairs area.  
    Turn and travel North to exit. Travel South to exit the 
    T-Rex area and then travel West to the front gate.  Go 
    upstairs in the Visitor Center and deposit the T-Rex eggs 
    in the Incubator (2nd room).
    Raptor Eggs
    From the front gate travel South, then South again, and 
    South once more to appear in front of a cave.  At the 
    cave entrance, turn to the North and pick up the rock.  
    To get into the cave, throw two rocks (one at a time) at 
    the boulders to the right of the cave.  Travel into the 
    cave and prepare to meet the Velociraptors.  Once the 
    screen materializes, immediately turn to the right 
    (Southwest), pick the rock, and then travel up the stairs 
    (SW).  Upstairs, search the long shaped rock in the West 
    direction (it's the Filter).  Place two rocks into the 
    Filter there to retrieve the Raptor key.  After you have 
    the Raptor Key, travel Southwest.  You'll appear in front 
    of  3 caves.  Tranquilize the two Raptors in the Southern 
    direction.  Then quickly turn to the North gate and use 
    the Velociraptor key.  Immediately turn toward the 
    Raptors and tranquilize them as they appear until the 
    gate opens.  This is a great time to make use of  the 
    Motion Detector.  Once the gate opens, quickly go 
    *(If you shoot 3 Raptors near each other and keep them on 
    the screen, no more will appear)*   
    Once in the cave, you must move quickly and do not try to 
    battle the Raptors (you will lose).  Travel East pass the 
    first Raptor, then quickly turn Southeast and collect the 
    Raptor eggs.  Don't slow down; turn to the East, use the 
    crowbar on the manhole, and then travel down the manhole 
    to escape the Raptor's claw.  Get the eggs back to the 
    Visitor Center by traveling Northeast, then West, and 
    your at the front gate.  Go upstairs in the Visitor 
    Center and deposit the eggs in the incubator.
    After collecting the Eggs
    Make sure you save and power up before trying to escape.  
    To get the bad guys' helicopter, you must travel to the 
    open field in the Gallimimus area.  From the front gate 
    travel North toward the Galli area and then turn South 
    and tranquilize the Gallimimus in your path.  Travel 
    South, then South again and beat the jurassic out of the 
    bad guys.
    The group bad guys will first appear with two guys in the 
    West.  Then one guy will appear in the water in the East.  
    After he's tranquilized, turn to the West and take out 
    their strong guy.  After the strong guy is out of 
    commission, take off in their helicopter and get out of 
    *(Hit the bad guys in the head)*
    ------------END JURASSIC PARK WALKTHROUGH--------------

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