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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CNelson

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/18/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                J U R A S S I C
                                    P A R K
    This is my first FAQ, so I'm kinda new to this thing, but I've read FAQs since I 
    found GameFAQs. Anyway. This FAQ covers all of Jurassic Park for the Genesis.
    1. Copyright info and what you can't do with my FAQ.
    2. Versions of this FAQ.
    3. Items for Jurassic Park.
             A. Blue Darts
             B. Red Darts
             C. Taser
             D. Gas Grenades
             E. Flare Grenades
             F. Exploding Grenades
             G. Rockets
             H. Fuel
             I. Meat
             J. First Aid Kit
    4. Characters.
             A. Dr. Alan Grant
             B. Velociraptor
    5. Levels.
             A. Jungle Grant
             B. Jungle Raptor
             C. Power Plant Grant
             D. Power Plant Raptor
             E. River
             F. Pumping Station Grant
             G. Pumping Station Raptor
             H. Canyon Grant
             I. Canyon Raptor
             J. Volcano
             K. Visitors' Center Grant
             L. Visitors' Center Raptor
    6. Fun things to do when you beat the game.
    7. Cheats.
    8. Credits.
    9. Other FAQs.
       1. Copyright Info and What You Can't Do With My FAQ.
          (C)2000 Conrad Nelson
           A. Do not sell this FAQ!
           B. Do not take credit for this FAQ when you did nothing!
           C. Do not change this FAQ, that is my job!
           D. NO PLAIGARISM. GameFAQs WILL find out and tell me.
       2. Versions of this FAQ.
          1.0  (8-18-2000) Created FAQ, added levels, items, cheats, everything!
       3. Items for Jurassic Park.
                              Most of these only Dr. grant can use.
          Blue Darts: These are quite weak, But if you shoot enough of 'em, the 
    dinosaur will be tranquilized. These can take out compies REAL quick! Hard to 
    find in later levels, but that is because better weapons are out there.
          Red Darts: Stronger than those weak blue darts! These suckers take out 
    raptors instantly! And if you over-dose the raptor, it'll die! But it takes a 
          Taser: I love this thing, you pick up batteries for more ammo. It fries 
    the compies if you charge it up enough! This thing is an electric zapper. 
    Velociraptors remember this thing, here's an experiment, charge it up to full 
    blast, blast a raptor, it's out of it, but wait! It'll wake up, charge it again, 
    it'll back off. They learn, this works on most raptors. but some they choose to 
    kill you. Handy for anything.
          Gas grenades: These are fun and strong. If you use it on a raptor it can 
    fall unconsious but only for 2 seconds. This is handy for Triceratops that block 
    your path. Handy for compies waiting for you.
          Flare Grenades: These are kinda pointless. They flash, dinosaurs are 
    distracted for 2 seconds, all done, these are so stupid! 'nuff said.
          Exploding grenades: These are powerful, and take down raptors longer than 
    Red Darts. Handy in the Pumping Station. Where you really need to look before 
    you leap. These also knock down items on ledges you can't reach.
          Rockets: These are your best friend. These kill raptors. I. E. you hit a 
    raptor with these, they don't get up, DEAD! They are handy for T-rex control, 
    too! These should be easier to get, but they aren't. Vaporize compies! Heh heh!
          Fuel Cans: These go to the river boats, if you run out of fuel, you can't 
    steer, you can't pass waterfalls as in, you fall down whatever ones you come 
    across. LIFE SAVERS!
          Meat: Velociraptor's only item! It hardly heals health, like 1/12. I wish 
    it was better.  Eating Compies has the same effect. A lot of the time this does 
    not work.
          First Aid Kit: Restores full health.
      4. Characters.
           Dr. Alan Grant: This guy has it easy! He has weapons. He can do things 
    raptor can't. He can Climb ladders, ropes, crawl across vines, ride boats. He 
    shoots stuff! He throws grenades. He is the only one who can die of great 
    hights. He has to be cautious when going up ladders.
           Velociraptor: Kinda is disappointing. I prefer Grant. He just kills 
    everything, big whoop! 
      5. Levels.
                                  Not much notable about these levels.
         Grant Jungle: Fun, This is where grant's Taser is fun, zap anything and 
    everything. Go wild.  You just have to go down to the Power Station. Vines to 
    climb, trees to fall out of. 
         Raptor Jungle: Hunt. Destroy guys. Look around before taking meat. Find Dr. 
    Grant. Go to the power station.
         Grant Power Station: Now it's time to get serious. Velociraptors are here. 
    Get red darts ready. Power cables are the key to this level. you need to try 
    every one, see if it leads somewhere.
         Raptor Power Station: Hunt. Destroy guys. Look around before taking meat. 
    Find Dr. Grant. Velociraptor is all the same it seems.
         River: I am afraid this level is difficult. Be careful, There is only one 
    first aid. And it is guarded by pteradactyls and a raptor. Keep getting those 
    fuel cans. Hunt for other boats, they  continue the level. Watch out for the 
    triceratops who is rather grumpy. Gas him before he knocks you into the water.
         Grant Pumping station: Dangerous, very dangerous. Our good man has to climb 
    to the top of the level. Velociraptors took over this place. So it is dangerous. 
    when you are heading down from the tank, throw explode bombs to the platforms 
    below,  so that the raptor on the platform below will feel the fact you are 
    going in.
         Raptor Pumping Station: This is a pain. Hunt. Destroy guys. Look around 
    before taking meat. Find Dr. Grant. I repeat myself. Cause that's it for raptor. 
    But this level is hard. Avoid the water, you read the map.
         Grant Canyon: Real danger here. Look at what your doing. when jumping down. 
    look where you want to ump. You kill yourself 60% percent of the time if you 
    aren't careful. Break the thin ground to move on.
         Raptor Canyon: It's look before you leap. Now this is where raptor brings 
    himself out. this is where you plan your strategy. The people at Blue Sky did! 
    This is where you don't do those annoying repeated tasks. At the beginning is 
    the most dangerous spot where you try to jump on the cliff, but a man with a 
    fast Taser zaps you into a pit. You die. Those Ptarydactyls can be killed. Slash 
         Volcano: Calm thoughtful planning will save our good man. (I sure call him 
    that a lot, don't I?) Trust ledges, try to hit sliding surfaces near the 
    beginning of the level, they pull you on the right ledges, but after the first 
    raptors, avoid slides! They drop you down into lava! As in death!
         Grant Visitor Center: Woah, good work. you made it here. Save ammo, 
    especially certain grenades. After getting into the main hall You need to 
    destroy those skeletons. Figure out how. You win once you figure it out! 
         Raptor Visitor Center: Easy! Hunt real bad if you want to live. In the main 
    hall, you need to find a way to knock Grant off the the skeleton. Hint: I want 
    you to shake a leg.
       6. Fun Things To Do Once You Beat the Game.
          Not much to do once you win, no secrets. But hey, try to beat the game 
    better. Write your own Jurassic Park FAQ! Maybe you beat the game using one 
    character, than take the other one and beat it then. OR you could use the next 
       7. Cheats.
          1. Make your character fly and move thru walls: Go to the Passwords and 
    enter NYUKNYUK as your password. There you have it. This needs the Second Player 
    controller. It'll say "SECOND PLAYER CONTROLLER ENABLED."
          2. Cheat menu: Enter code 1, then select Dr. Grant and set the game to 
    easy. Begin a new game. This'll play sound and music. Lets you select levels and 
    and play grant in raptor, raptor in grant if you use it right.
       8. Credits.
          Conrad Nelson(Hito) Author and Updater.
       9. Other FAQs.
            Harvest Moon for Game Boy Color
            X-Men for Genesis
            Humans for Genesis (Unless I pull my hair out typing it and solving the 
            MAYBE some Sonic the Hedgehog FAQs, but I'm sure it has been done to 
    death, I'll have to see!

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