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"It's just like the arcade, but worse!"

Mortal Kombat offered a certain something that most other Arcade games at the time failed to offer: gore. Not surprisingly, this thrust Mortal Kombat to the front of every arcade. For a while you'd be hard pressed to find a corner store with a Mortal Kombat machine at the back. With the game's incredible success, the next logical step to milk more money out of the title was to port the game onto home consoles. And that's exactly what they did.

Who can forget the hoopla surrounding ‘Mortal Monday' the day when Mortal Kombat was to be released simultaneously of four systems (SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, and maybe Game Gear). I'm sure we all remember the commercial featuring the wild eyed youths straggling around the streets, banding together to form some zombie legion, and yelling MORTAL KOMBAT!!! at the skies.

Unfortunately, all the home versions blew. The portable versions didn't feature all the fighters or all the moves. The graphics also suffered horribly. The SNES version had everything except the gore. All the blood was replaced with ‘sweat' or blood changed to gray, and all the fatalities were modified. The Genesis version looked to be even worse, all blood was removed and lame fatalities replaced the old ones.

That was until everyone heard about the code. One code allowed you to cheat in so many ways, it almost made the game worthwhile. You could turn on all the gore, you could set it up so you could always fight Reptile, you could set it up so you could test your strength after every match. It was actually fun for a few days.

That was until I realized that Mortal Kombat isn't a good game. In any incarnation. The gore is stupid, not cool. Really the only thing I like about the game is the cheesy music and digitized voices. And a block button? Screw that, I'll hold back if I want to block, thank you.

So, if you love MK and want to play it at home, the genesis version is your best bet. If you have matured any since you were 11, pass this one up.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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