Review by dead_assassin

"A True Classic and HIGHLY Underrated"

First of all I would like to say this.........I saw alot of reviews on this game. And I must say, alot of them disgusted me. I cant believe people are giving this game not only scores 5 and below but freakin ONES. That is an abomination. This game IS indeed a classic, the one that started it all and people that score it so low need to remove their head from their backsides. Here is the lowdown and my scores out of 10.

Graphics: 9. Hey, for the Sega Genesis these graphics are NOT that bad. I liked them, they were mind-blowing to me at the time when I first got my Sega Genesis and this was my first game. Before this I had the old NES and believe me it was a HUGE step-up. I was totally fascinated with the graphics and it was addictive from the start.

Gameplay: 9. The gameplay is very smooth, doesnt lag a bit and is just plain fun and looks great. It was revolutionary for its time and amazing how great this game and its gameplay was. We couldnt get enough of this game, we would play hours and hours and until we passed out from exhaustion it was so good. There is nothing negative to be said about the graphics, unless you are one of those kind of people that want to compare it to PS2 and Xbox graphics. If that be the case, there isnt much help for you.

Fun Factor: 10. I dont care what anyone says, this game is FUN. One of the greatest days of my childhood was unwrapping this game on christmas morning and playing it as a kid. I was instantly hooked, I couldnt believe how great and how fun this game was. My friends and I were hooked on this game for the longest time, we all played it all day and all night. In fact I still play this game on emulators, it is a timeless classic.

Replayability: 10. I say this because this game is STILL being played by not only myself but alot of people I know and surely dont know. This game got the ball rolling for the series and anyone that hasnt played it definitely should. Like games of today, yes, the game has its own characters with its own unique moves and fatalities but not only that, I look past that and appreciate this game for what it really is and that is...a true modern day classic.

So in conclusion, this game is HIGHLY underrated and underappreciated. These people that score this game low dont have a clue what they are talking about and cant appreciate a true classic when they see one. Dont believe what they say about this game, try it for yourself and you be the judge if you havent already. Ignore the horrible ratings you may see, believe me. These are probably people that are trying to compare the game to games of today on the PS2 and Xbox/Xbox 360. Then again, alot of people do this and now decide all games that are retro are garbage since the graphics and gameplay dont match up to today's standards, which is totally ridiculous.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/23/06

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