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"A few problems but an alright fighting game"

After Street Fighter II came out there was a series of clones. Some of them were good but others… There were a few games that tried to break up the Street Fighter formula although and Mortal Kombat was one of them. Mortal Kombat proves to be an al right game but it has its problems.

-Story- Mortal Kombat has a bit more focus on story than most of the fighting games at that time. The people of earth and the people of out world are fighting for control of earth. Every few years these sides have a tournament and after winning enough tournaments then the side that wins gets earth. Out world is one tournament away from winning and if they win this one they get earth. Each character has their own reason for being there. Simple right… right.

-Game play- Basic things two round fights you move through all the characters till you beat the game. There are eight characters to choose from and they all feature a punch and a high and a low kick. You move through the fights like this first the character order is random you then fight the character you play, as then do three two on one matches then the bosses. At the end of the second round in each fight you have the option to perform the characters finishing move known as a fatality for extra points. There is also a level known as The Pit, which features a special fatality just for it.

-Sound Music- The sound effects are the expected. There are some grunts and groans and such. There is only one sound used for guys and one used for the only girl. One-problem mares the sound as the girl sounds like a guy in the bonus. The music is al right there are some good fighting tunes and some al right atmospherical tunes. In the end the sound is fairly good but nothing extraordinary.

-Graphics- The graphics are ok. Nothing spectacular can be found here. The characters aren't cartoon looking like other games and it is the same with the back rounds. The three ninja characters are all the same models and there are no interactive things in the back rounds. (Barrels statues and such.) The blood, which has been edited out but can be put back in with a code looks bad and flies with pretty much any hit. Not only does the blood fly but also there's a lot of it.

Mortal Kombat is ok but its nothing ground breaking. Its fun wears thin pretty fast and it has a few bugs that should have been worked out. Since the amusement wear thin fairly fast I'd say don't bother with this game or its sequels. (The sequels are worse.)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/20/01, Updated 10/20/01

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