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"MK for the Genesis, not the best thing ever!!"

Mortal Kombat hits the Genesis with 7 playable fighters each with 2 to 3 special moves and a Fatality, a finishing move which kills the opponent. It is basically a best 2 of 3 rounds like Street Fighter II.

Graphics: The graphics are weak on this game. The character models look blandish which isn't really the best thing. However, the backgrounds to the stages are nice looking perfect just to the arcade version. Plus, the best thing to Mortal Kombat is that it retains all the blood and gore from the arcade version with the right code unlike the Super NES version which replaces it with sweat and has gentler Fatalities.

Sound: More problems come around for sound. Much of the commentary of the game announcer from the arcade version is missing and some of the sounds are a bit messed up and the groans from the Fatalities which were a nice touch on the arcade version are missing also. However, the music to the game is impressive with some nice beats which truly represent that of a fighting game.

Control: The controls are easy to use for Mortal Kombat whether it is on a 3 button or 6 button controller. They are quite responsive which will get make many gamers proud. Also it has a Block button for once which allows you to block attacks without having to hold back on the directional pad like on Street Fighter II. The only annoying move to pull off on the game is Kano's Cannonball which requires a 360 rotation renascent of Street Fighter II.

Gameplay: Mortal Kombat's 1-player lineup consists of matches against all of the playable roster. After that, you fight in a Mirror Match where you battle against a copy of yourself. Then you endure 3 Endurance matches where you battle 2 opponents at a time where after beating one opponent, you battle another without your life bar refilling. From there, you will face Goro and Shang Tsung. The endings from the arcade version are retained on the Genesis which is a treat for those who crave for the story line in a fighting game. The 2-player mode is self-explanatory. On either 1 or 2 players after 5 matches, you will do a bonus round where you have to pump up a power meter with the buttons and chop an object in half by reaching the required amount of strength in a limited amount of time. Chopping it successfully will give you big time bonus points.

Overall: The lousy graphics and sounds on Mortal Kombat might keep away some gamers. However, the Genesis version of Mortal Kombat is able to retain most of the arcade version's amazing features which will bring some players to the game. It's off-sided for my recommendation but make your own decision for whether or not you like Mortal Kombat on the Genesis!!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/06/01, Updated 12/06/01

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