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"A four armed beast in a leather thong? hmmm.."

''Finish Him/her'', does that sound familiar? Well of course it does, or it should anyway, it's what Mortal Kombat is known for. The fatalities is what made the game popular; if you don't include the blood and ripping of spines out. Seems more like a psychotic ward more than a fighting game you're probably thinking. Unfortunately Sega CD like always was about last to get a version of a game already released on its 16-bit brother, the Genesis. But screw that Genesis , it isn't special...maybe it is..........

You begin the game presented with a FMV ; which has been added to the Sega CD version of Mortal Kombat. The resolution on it is very blocky. Should've worked on the movie a little bit before rushing the release of Mortal Kombat on to the Sega CD. You can always be smart and just press a button ,and skip threw all of that blocky, low resolution movie. Then you're burdened with the, you'd guess it yourself, load times. The extreme downfall to having anything game on a Compact Disk, loading times. There are a lot of them also may I add. The upside you ask? You get a lot smoother battle with faster frame rates then on the Super Ninentdo/ Genesis. The characters still look the same as before in terms of design. There is nothing really special about these from the SNES. Maybe the guys move smother though since when has that mattered? Nothing to the point in which your concentration will be broken. Wait didn't I just mention that as a pro? Bah!

The special effects still look nice. Though the combos seem a tad weak for some reason on Mortal Kombat compared to other fighter titles. Most battle are won with a series of special moves , or uppercuts. Moreless the special moves are crap anyway. Only a few really stick out as ''special''. Scorpions' harpoon is by far, in my opinion, the best special move.On harder levels of difficulty it's about impossible to beat. The enemy (ies) know to damn many moves , plus they seem to play cheap. Always hitting you when you can't block or protect yourself. Tripping you multiple times till half your health is down. I say bash the TV screen in and have yourself a personal victory. That's what I did anyway, look how happy I am. *goes off to grumble* After you're all done with bashing the TV screen in, set down for some warn fun loving single player; Tea anyone?

Beating single player on normal is enough to make most act like a kid off his medicine. Yelling vulgar lines at the TV is not rare. Good thing there is no censor bypass in real life or I would be banned a long time ago. The basics of single player is that you are to make your way up a chain of battles. First there are a few in which you fight random opponents. A mirror match is up next, allowing you to play with yourself. After you beat yourself up you proceed into two on one matches. These things are real pains in the asses to beat in simple terms. If you've got the game on higher difficulty setting, break the Sega Cd now. Once you beat three of those matches you make your way to Goro. Goro in four words, Can-0-whoop-ass. Really , the guy can level you in a few hits, throws fireballs. Not to be messed with. One nasty mofo, with a bad attitude. Then when you lay the smack-down on Goro you the go to the main boss. Which I will not release his name for spoiler reasons. This guy is a big push over, my grandma with a cane could lay the smackdown on his candy-ass.

Threw all of that you need good controls to play the game with. Without a doubt in your little gamer head Sega Cd controls I think are bad. Compared to the SNES and Genesis they can't compete. I may sound biased for the fact that I didn't like the system that much. Though the controls aren't something to be fond of. They seem like if you got food in them or something as were the SNES controllers will still work , the Sega Cd ones just jam up on you. Sluggish controller pad makes it hard to pull of moves at points. I've lost a few matches to this. For a game of this caliber though you got some good sounds. The music is slow and usually not to deep. Though why would it be with matches that only last around 30 seconds max. Sound effects are usually , in a simple sense ''ugh ugh ugh ugh''. That's about as deep as they go unfortunately.

All in all I would still go with the 16-bit version of this game for the Super Nintendo or the Sega Genesis. In the case of the latter, just get Mortal Kombat 2. The load times take away some of the fun factor. Then afterwards you have a dry taste in your mouth feeling as though you really didn't accomplish much by button mashing. The excelled frame rate in no way makes up for the loading times.

Final Verdict

Rent or buy?
Go buy it, if you can find the game. Seems to be a hard thing to get at funco-land these days as they don't quite carry Sega Cd games. Best bet is Ebay

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/23/03, Updated 07/29/03

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