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"Its quite a nice game with realistic graphics"

Yeah these are based on real persons. Thus they look real and fight like real. Thus the graphics is really quite good at that time.

How can you not like the FINISH HIM which is so entertaining to hear whenever you play this game. The music is surprisingly quite approrpiate for a game with such an asian feeling.

Its not too bad. I heard it was based on a comic series. But seriously I feel that the character background is quite good. Anyway there are really quite few games which feature a Shaolin fighter. Yes Mortal Kombat is the first or one of the first 2D fighter to feature a chinese shaolin fighter Liu Kang. I got tired of the hero is a guy from Japan or USA kind of storyline.Anyway these days chinese fighters in video games are quite common but back then in 1993 they are rare as diamonds.

Firstly the character power balance is quite well done except for an overpowered Sub-Zero. Yes except fot Sub-Zero no one else is that powerful. Well in versus games this one may be a bad choice but hey I played Mortal Komabat 1 to 3 and realised that Sub Zero is the god in every game.
Anyway well this game is nice if you want to destress.Well if you want you can throw this guy into a pit full of spikes. Anyway then you will start to laugh. This is because the graphics of the guys dying really looked like some sort of cheap horror movie. They do not look like real blood. Please for people who say that this game is violent the blood is so fake. As for the bones and head falling off games these days were more realistic and also shows these days were even more realistic. Back then and even today I laugh and say how can people say that this game is violent and bad for kids. The whole thing look so fake that kids after seeing it will laugh like he has just seen a comedy.But I have to admit that 10 years ago they did seem realistic.

Conclusion the guys looked realistic until you try to finish them off. Also trust me this one will make you laugh. This game violent ? It seems more like a comedy compared to TV shows these days which are even more violent. I shudder whenever I see those war movies and other movies that are violent. But anyway I still feel that most people don't share my sense of humor thus if you think that a violent game is suppose to be bad and condemned well just don't play it. The game is still quite fun to play even without finishing people off. Also the idea of finishing people off gets stale after a few sessions of playing.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/14/03, Updated 06/14/03

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