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"Mortal Kombat on the Genesis succeeds over its SNES counterpart for one reason.The blood!"

The Arcade port of Mortal Kombat was break through. All of the gore and blood featured in the game's gruesome fighting style brought fans flocking to the machine, many quarters clenched tightly in fists. In some arcades they put a special table next to the machine that had a security camera over it to put your quarters on, because it was very unlikely people would stay for just one game of Mortal Kombat. So, naturally when Midway announced they'd be bringing Mortal Kombat into the home, many people were very happy and couldn't wait to get their hands on the game. Unfortunately, many people were disappointed. People had been expecting an awful lot of Mortal Kombat, and they didn't really get it. The Super Nintendo fans really took it hard, because their version did not, in any way, get the bloodiness and goriness of the arcade Mortal Kombat. The Genesis fans, however, were able to get an unedited version of Mortal Kombat, with the help of one simple but deadly code. This raised the game a lot, but still it fell short of the Arcade's supremecy.


The roster in Mortal Kombat is the exact same as the arcade version of the game. Sub-zero, Scorpion, Rayden, Sonya Blade, Liu Kang, Johhny Cage, and Kano are the playable characters. The two bosses in Shang Tsung and the 4-armed Goro. You could also fight a hidden character, Reptile, but he was never playable in the game.

The modes consisted of the two basic modes of Mortal Kombat. Vs. Mode is where you faced a friend in a battle to the death. The Tower is MK'S.......

The quest Mode in Mortal Kombat is known as the Tower. You select a character and fight the other six characters in the game. After this you will fight a mirror match, or your character Vs. the same character. After that you will fight an endurance match, which is you Vs. two men one after another, and you don't regain back any life at all. Finally, you will face Goro, a 4-armed monster, who I believe is the most difficult character in the game. After you defeat him, you face Shang Tsung. Tsung is never himself, instead he always morphs into the other characters one right after the other.

The game plays just like the arcade. There are moves you execute by pressing directional and button combinations. These combinations are pretty easy to pull off. There are also a few complex combos in the game. And of course. The fatalities. These moves are bloody and vicious ways to finish off your opponent, such as ripping out their spine. This was what all the controversy over Mortal Kombat was about. The arcade was so bloody, that then supposedly took out the blood in the home versions. Or did they? On the SNES version they did, but in all the other versions, Midway managed to sneak in a blood code that when executed, enabled all the gore and violence of the arcade. I was so pissed when I found out the SNES version didn't have them! Anyway, these are just more complex moves, and are done the exact same way. You fight a best two out of three rounds, and the winner of the fight gets to perform a fatality.



The graphics in Mortal Kombat aren't very good. The characters are large, but they do not have much detail. The backgrounds also look good. But the game lacks color. All of the colors aren't bright and crisp, but instead very dull and deadlike. There is also a problem with the shading. The game doesn't look very good. Overall, the graphics in Mortal Kombat 3 were definitely subpar, do to a few flaws such as color dullness and shading.



The music in Mortal Kombat is the good part of the sound. All of the songs are dark and menacing, and aside from not being as powerful as the arcade, the same great songs are included. My fav is Goro's Lair's music, it just really is great. The fatality music is very good, and trust me, the second you hear the first chord, you don't care, you just have to look at the TV screen. Nice soundtrack, Midway. But that will bring us to.......

The sound effects in Mortal Kombat could not live up to the music. Most of the talk by Shang Tsung is very limited. He also sounds very crackly and weak. He doesn't have the commanding air about him that the arcade version had, let alone Shao Kahn's commentary in the future Mortal Kombats. He says basic things like characters, rounds, flawless victories, and finish him, which he doesn't say as well as Kahn. The sounds of battle aren't that great. They mostly sound like metal scraping metal, not a good sound. The screams don't sound too good. The only part of the game that crossed over well from the arcade was Goro's roar, I liked it a lot. The fatalities also sound pretty good. The gruesome noises and deafening screams are perfectly done, well the screams still sound very loud and terribly scratchy, but other than that the fatalities are done very well. Overall, the sound quality is a split performance, but I consider sound effects more important than music, just because music is only provided for background entertainment in fighting games.



People will have no problems beating the game in one night. As you progress the fights get harder. The endurance mode takes a few tries at, and you must adapt a definite strategy to top Goro, but other than that the game provides little to no challenge for the average gamer.


The game just wears off so quickly. The characters all have the same ending, and you'll probably beat it within no time at all. The multiplayer's OK, but there are plenty of other multiplayer games on the Genesis that will sute you much better.






Mortal Kombat is aan above average game. It's got great gameplay, but although gameplay is important, graphics and sound do count for some. Theame also has a small difficulty and very little replay value to keep you intrigued. However, this makes a good game for a bit, and is a definite must for any hardcore MK fan. If you really like fighting games, Mortal Kombat series in general, pick up this game. If not, rent it at most before you decide.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/16/00, Updated 06/16/00

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