Review by Richard Walker

"Mortal Kombat, one of the most proflic games of all time"

I am a huge Mortal Kombat fan. Played all the games, watched all the movies, etc, etc. I even own my own MK site. And see, this is the game that started it all on October 1st 1992(At least I think that was the date... lol). Many people then considered MK to be a blood thirsty game influencing children to decapitiate their friends, when it is all just harmless fun. And fun it is. Read my review to find out why.

It's not at all pleasing and smooth to look at. Everything is just so... sharp and gay. OK, it's not so bad to the point where you can't recognise the characters like in the arcade. I also am aware that this game was made over a decade ago, but Midway could've done a better job porting this game to the Genesis! The shadows are funky coloured, they vary from purple to yellow(What kind of shadows ARE those??)! They even managed to mess up the kombantant select screen!! It's appauling, graphics like these.

On the plus side though, the backgrounds for each stage look excellent and menacing(With the exception of Goro's Lair). And the mini game 'Test your might' looks pretty good as well. Also each character has their own ending pictures, something that the future MK games on Genesis didn't have. All of that is not enough to save it from a disappointing 6.

Let me put it this way- the background music pieces are awesome! They don't match the arcade versions of this game, but I prefer these to the arcade ones. I can't give you a paticular music piece because they are all as great as each other. At least that's one thing Midway got right for the Genesis version.

So why didn't this aspect of the game get a 10? Simple, because of the terrible SFX. They sound like fucking bricks being smashed over large blocks of wood(When you hit your opponent that is). It's blocky and terrible. But if you turn the sound down, or just listen to the background music, then it won't bother you.

I'm sure we all know what the Mortal Kombat scenario is! You fight your way up the tournament tower, chillin', killin'(I had to put that in, heh heh). Of course, you have your basic fatalities, a way to finish off your opponent for good. As you fight your way up you will face a clone of yourself(Called a 'Mirror Match'), an endurance where you must match two opponents. Finally, you'll come face to face with the terrifying Goro. And if you can survive him, you get your shot at the shape shifter Shang Tsung! That's Mortal Kombat in a nutshell. It's a real classic concept, and although Midway keep using the same tired motives all the time, it never gets boring. That's Mortal Kombat for you.

Of course, there is a two player option, just get another controller out and beat your friends.

The controls are easy and responsive. You'll be able to perform all the finishing moves before supper time. The only problem I had was the fact that it took me a while to figure out that I needed a six button Genesis control to play the game. After that, it was bliss, pure bliss.

The orginal Mortal Kombat really is a must play. Get a feel of the 2D gore, blood, fatalities, etc, etc. It's fun, and addictive. Why anybody could bash this game I don't know. Maybe it's just the graphics, but otherwise this game is fun, fun, fun!

Try before you buy. You'll probably like Mortal Kombat, but to be on the safe side try it first. It's probably about the price of a large pizza today anyway, so you won't have lost much.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/27/04

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