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"The best home version of Mortal Kombat 1."

Mortal Kombat. A name that will forever be remembered. This fighting game, which was originally released in arcades in the year of 1992, spawned a huge fan base and many sequels. What was so great about it, you ask? The graphics, control, sound, replay ability, and most importantly, the gore. One of the very first graphically violent video games, it featured blood and guts flying all over the place. But the feature that really drew crouds in, was the “Fatalities“. After you defeat your opponent two times, the words, “Finish Him!”, or “Finish Her!” appear. You then have the opportunity of killing your opponent by inputting a series of button presses. Your character will then perform that character's own, and unique, “Fatality”. Some included ripping a character's head right off their body, only to see their spine dangling down below, or ripping an opponent's heart out, to see it beating in your character's hand. Mortal Kombat was released on home consoles in 1993. This particular review is on the spectacular Sega Genesis version.

Gameplay: 9/10

Mortal Kombat is a 1 on 1 fighting game, featuring 7 playable characters, 2 boss characters that are unplayable, and 1 hidden character that is unplayable, but fightable. The standard attacks are high punch, low punch, high kick, and low kick. In addition to their own fatalites, each of the characters have one or more “Special Moves”. These are certain moves that are executed by pressing a series of buttons. They aid you in winning the tournament. The action is just as fast and frantic as the arcade version, with no slowdown. The game's difficulty varies, depending on which difficulty setting you put it on, ranging from very easy to very hard. If you have a six button controller, the control is arcade perfect. If you have a three button controller, however, the control is really bad, since there are four basic moves, but only three buttons, making the game twice as hard as it normally would be.

Graphics: 9/10

Very good looking character models and stages. Although not arcade perfect, they surely look good enough. Arena, the company that ported Mortal Kombat 1 to the Sega Genesis, did a great job re creating everything from the arcade. The blood and gore looks great, too, as do the fatalities. But there will be no blood and gore unless you put in a certain cheat code during the, “Code of Honor” screen. Just put in A, B, A, C, A, B, B. Not only does that code gives you blood, it also lets the characters perform their original, uncut, arcade fatalities. That code alone makes the game ten times better then it normally would be.

Sound: 6/10

There aren't many voice overs in this game, but the one's that are there, however, sound good. The only words that are spoken are, “Fight!”, “Finish Him!”, “Get Over Here!”, “Come Here!”, “Excellent!”, and various grunts by the characters. None of the character's names are spoken, and the announcer doesn't even say “Fatality”! That takes off a good four points in my book. The words aren't crystal clear, but they're good enough for a sixteen bit game.

Play Time/Replayability: 9/10

The game features many hours of replayability. You can try beating the game with all seven characters on all five difficulties. Of course, multiplayer adds infinite possibilities. ^_^

Final Recommendation: Buy it

If you own a Sega Genesis and are even remotely like fighting games, I strongly suggest you buy this game. It's not that rare and is pretty cheap, too. You won't be disappointed. You'll own the game that started the violent video game genre. The VERY violent video game genre.

Final Score: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/06/04

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