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"The Game that Started the Legacy."

Part 1: MK The Game that Started the Legacy

This game was many firsts to me. It was the first Mortal Kombat game I played. It was the first arcade game I played, most importantly though, it was the first game that started my obsession with the tournament fighter. I first played this game in the basement of a rich, upper-class restaurant. It was the only game they had, and i spent A LOT of my mother's quarters playing this game, and I enjoyed every second of it. MK was one of the first games to implement blood after someone is hit (unlike Street Fighter), and at first, that made the game quite controversial. And because Nintendo wanted to be known as the, "safe, children's company," they decided to change the blood into drops of sweat. Nintendo needs to learn proper marketing techniques IMO. Anyways, as with all of my Reviews, let's start off with game play.

Game play: 9/10

All of the MK's get a nine out of ten because they basically all have the same fighting engine. The fighting system we all know and love came to life here in this game. You have high, and low punches and kicks, and then there is jumping, and then there is block. The classic fighting system which (IMO) nobody has come even close to matching. Hmmm... maybe Namco. Not too many modes in this game, but what could you do in 92 (hey that rhymes!)? One thing that MK had that its descendants did not have, were Test Your Might, and the Endurance matches. In Endurance, you would have to defeat 2 people instead of just one. In Test Your Might, you had to make your meter rise until it was powerful enough, and it would then break the substance you were trying to break (be it metal or ice or diamond etc.). Anyways, the game play is awesome. On to story.

Story: 10/10

I have always thought the MK story to be the best story in a fighting game ever, and I still stand byt hat. Nobody, or nothing can convince me otherwise. In the first MK, the story goes as follows. Shao Khan and the Outworld fighters have won 9 straight Mortal Kombat's, and they need to win one more, before they can invade Earth. Shang Tsung, Khan's sorcerer and right hand man engineers the tournament, and he hosts it on island. As with every MK game, each character has their own motives etc., and their own endings etc. The story is still good, what about the graphics?

Graphics: 6/10

By far the worst part of the game. The first MK game to use actors as the fighters, and they look mediocre at best. The graphics are also fuzzy and some are barely even visible. However, one bright part of the graphics are some of the levels. The dungeon looks fantastic, as does the Pit 1. We can live with poor graphics though from this game, like I said, what could you do in 92? Sound is next.

Sounds: 8/10

The sounds are pretty good, and they were fantastic for 92. The music is very memorable and it suits the game very well (the Pit 1). Some of the sounds are a bit muffled, but for the most part they sound ok. The only place where they are lacking are in the little areas (screams when you die, when Scorpion's spear is deployed etc.). Sounds are good though. On to replay ability.

Replay ability: 7/10

A bit lacking I know because of the few modes, however like every MK game, you can do at least 2 things for replay ability. You can beat 1 player mode with every character to see their endings, and you can play one on one with your friends. Not as many modes, still good though.

Buy or Rent?

As with almost every Genesis game, you cannot rent this (remember, if you can prove me wrong, do it), thus you should just buy it. I don't play it much though, I have it mainly for nostalgic/novelty/collection purposes. I play MKII and MK3 mainly instead.

God I love this series. And just think, if this game did not come out, we would not have known the wonderful world of Mortal Kombat. For my sake, I am incredulously overjoyed that this series was spawned. And hopefully for everyone else's sake also.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/03/06, Updated 09/11/09

Game Release: Mortal Kombat (US, 09/13/93)

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