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    Walkthrough by Anonymous

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                              Mystic Defender: Hints
          The red balls make you power shots grow faster,  so get as many as
          possible.  If you think you will get out soon,  wait until after to
          get the ball.  Dying causes a large reduction in power.
       Level 1:
          There is a red ball and several blue ones in the trees.
          Shoot the first monsters shots until they are gone,  then
         get him with one power shot.
          The caterpiller takes one power shot.
         Boss: The jumping end monster takes two or three power shots.  Get on a
         branch or he will stay an invincible ball.  You can hit him while you
         are in mid air if you need to.
       Level 2:
          Use the fire.  There are several very long jumps,  so power up the
          fire and have it going to blaze the way as you jump.  Also clear
          the level above you before jumping.
          There are several red and blue balls around.
          Bosses: Use the Sonic magic and slowly move around until you see the
          Monks.  Each takes 2 hits.
       Level 3:
          Not too hard,  just make sure that you clear the way before you
          make a jump by killing any monsters first.  Killing the purple
          monster near the end reveals the thunder magic.  You can only use
          it one time,  but when you get more later you can save them up.
       Level 4:
          This is the hardest part of the game,  much harder than even the
          ending!  At first use the sonic magic until you clear all the
          creatures from the floor and ceiling.  Look at the game demo to
          see how the computer does it-  this is the first level shown in
          the demo if you don't touch the controller when you turn on the
          game.  You will have to jump as some of the pillars go under
          the water and come back up.  Don't be discouraged if you lose
          10 lives on this level.  It becomes much easier after you do it
          several times.  Make most of your jumps with the flame on to
          clear a path.  There is one part in the middle where 3 pillars
          in a row go under water when you land.  Just keep moving there.
         Boss:  There are actually 3 bosses on this level.  The first 2
          are floating diamonds which shoot at you.  Use the sonic magic
          when the diamond stops moving.  Keep moving yourself or you will
          be pinned.  One of these bosses gives you a thunder magic when
          it is defeated.
         End Boss:  The giant worms can be killed quickly by using the
           flame.  Keep it focused on the heads.  The best place to attack
           is from the middle island.  On the way jump on the pillar when
           the worms are under water.  If a head is facing you,  it will
           shoot a curved flame.  If you are on the center island there is
           a way to dodge this flame.  As it falls,  jump in a circular
           motion.  Since you can steer youself in mid air,  there is a way
           to completely avoid it.  Expect to get knocked in the water a few
           times until you get very good here.
       Level Five:
          This is a relief after Four!  Use Sonic Magic and keep it saved up
          as you move to the right.  As the monks or spiders jump out,  stop
          and shoot.  Proceed slowly until the first worm shows up.  Switch
          to flame and cook his head like the level four worms.
         Boss:  Use the flame and concentrate it on his head while avoiding
          his shots.
       Level Six:
          This is just like Three but a little harder.  There is a one up and
          several red balls in the maze.  If a monster is in the way you may
          be able to attack with sonic magic from a safe place.
       Level Seven:
          The maze is not too hard.  Just progress slowly,  using sonic magic
          as on level five.  The monks and the balls they carry can be killed
          most easily with the original weapon (psycho).
        Boss: This is a pretty powerful guy.  The trick is to stay underneath
          him while charging up the weapon.  When it is ready jump up and let
          him have it.  The flame or the psycho work well,  but both take a
          while.  If he attacks before the weapon is fully powered give him
          a little shot to knock him back.  If he gets along side of you
          he will make a flame on the floor that is hard to jump,  so try
          to stay right under him.
       Level Eight:
          There are some very tough fish flying around.  Charge up the psycho
          magic full and move right slowly.  Shoot the fish on your level and
          stop to fill the magic.  Lose ground if you have to when charging
          the weapon.  Jumping the fish is not recommended since they are
          on many levels and come out unexpectedly.
        Boss:  This is a pretty hard boss that takes a lot of patience.  The
          sonic magic seems the easiest to use.  Stay on the far left and
          charge the weapon.  Use weapon defensively to stop the purple shots.
          A side effect is that the shots will hit the monster.  The weapon
          will protect you even when not fully charged,  but damages the
          monster most when it is.  It is best not to jump,  but to move left
          and right to dodge any shots that the sonic beam doesn't stop.
          It takes quite a long time to kill this one,  but the sonic shot will
          do it.  Thunder magic does not have a great effect,  but may help
          a little.  When you win,  the girl at the end is naked! (But very

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