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"Intriguing RPG action+the best game on genesis"

The best RPG on the Genesis is also the conclusion to one of the best stories ever. The fourht installment in the Phantasy star saga is also the best. This game offers all the things the others did and more. Cool Characters weapons and a plot that is the opposite of Linear. The Graphics are the best the Genesis can deliver and the sound is really cool. The Composers should get a round of Applause. Overall this RPG is going to the hall of fame!

GRAPHICS 7/10- Pretty good considering the Genesis power. The battle view is also really cool. Not to mention the multiple tech. magic adds to it.

CONTROL 10/10- The control is awesome since you can pre-program a sequence of attacks and mix spells to get even more powerful ones. Plus the fact that the controls in general are really simple.

SOUND 9/10- Deffinate mood setters are in this game. The story in this game is darker than most RPG's of its time and the music makes you feel that so music wise its got it all.

STORY 10/10- The age old plot finally goes to rest in this final piece to the greatest sega game yet. You are a young hunter who has just become a master instead of the learner. You uncover the roots of evil sucking away at your entire solar system. It gets pretty enteresting.

REPLAY 8/10- The game isn't long enough and its too easy but still real addictive so you'll play this one again and again.

OVERALL 9/10- The best in the series, and on the genesis. If you haven't played this game yet and your only enterested in Final Fantasy then get your head out of your ass!!! Sure Squaresoft is king but there are other good games out there that need playing so go conquer them. Bye bye for now...

List of the Phantasy stars in order of quality

1. IV
2. II
3. I
4. III

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/21/00, Updated 08/21/00

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