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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

One of the best RPGs of all Time. (Well at least for me.)

This is my first time writing a review so here it goes. A while a ago I rented Phantasy Star IV. I imidiatly feel in love with the game. After playing it for the three days I had rented it for I went out and bought it. I wound up paying $60 for it and it was worth it.

At the time the graphics were phenominal, but now they're obselete. They are still good enough for me. In my opinion graphics are the second thing you should be concernd about in a game.

The Story starts like this, you are Chaz Ashley a Biohunter on the Planet Motavia. You along with your "mentor" Alys Bragwin you set off to go to Piata to sovle a problem with some biomonsters at the basement of the town's university. A little description of Motavia. It is destert planet with barely any sign of green. It happens to be basically over run with biomonsters (synthetic creatures),and no one knows where they are coming from.

This game spans over the entire Algo solar system. I'd say other than FFVII, the story is the best I have ever seen, however it beats FFVII in one way, it is a moderate length. FFVII was just to long!

Some of the music for the game is awesome. You be glad that there is a sound test. As for the actual gameplay it is pretty good. But the story is what makes this rock. In my stradegy guide, it says that this PS is the closest to the first one. I can't back that one because I never had a Sega Masters system. But I'll tell you this it is the game that made me start to like RPGs. As for replay value (another thing FFVII lacked in) I played this game at least ten times through and I'd play it through again if my brother hadn't lost my only copy of it. If you have any questions or you're stuck email me at SO7STRING@AOL

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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