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Reviewed: 04/16/09

The game that got me into RPGs

Until I played through Phantasy Star IV I was never a big fan of RPGs. Sure I played them from time to time but I wasn’t motivated enough to ever finish them or pick them back up that is until I played Sega’s Phantasy Star IV and found out what an RPG can have in stock.

Graphics: 10 / 10
For a game made in early 1993 Phantasy Star IV has by far some of the best 2D graphics you will ever see. The enemies all look so well created lots of movement and replaying animations, the characters take on the typical Japanese anime look and it all fits the game so well. The scenery from the scorching desert to a forgotten bio-technology plant are just so well created and have had much effort put into them from the game developers.

Sound: 10 / 10
The music in PSIV is also just pure genius, many Phantasy Star fans who played the original Phantasy Star on the Sega Master System will be delighted to hear some of the classic tracks remixed and used in the game, the first being used in the Bio-Plant. Also the music suits all location aspects well example when your party arrives on the frozen planet Dezoris the music actually suits the raging blizzard and in the towns the music is somewhat Christmas like. Too good if you ask me. Also when one of the main characters in the game dies the music played and the portrayed pain of the characters really makes you feel sad to. It’s amazing what music influences from a 1993 video game can have on people.

Characters: 10 / 10
The best part of the game, the loveable cast. Phantasy Star IV out of all the classic Phantasy Star games definitely has the most memorable characters unless many of you such as myself where attached to poor Nei in PSII. Anyways we have the main characters Chaz Ashely a young hunter being brought up by his mentor and teacher Alys Bragwin. We also have the very loveable Numan Rika and the Motovian Gryz and the very unfunny but still cool enough green Dezorian Raja. Also Wren and Demi two androids appear in the cast too. Kyra, Hahn and the esper lord Rune cap off the playable cast. Fortunately as Kyra, Hahn, Demi, Raja and Gryz all only travel with you for limited amounts of time you should be happy to know that they can become playable again before the final battle. Reappearances from other Phantasy Star games also show up in this game such as the evil and cool Lashiec being the main villain in the first Phantasy Star and everyone’s lovable creepy alien Dark Force makes not one but three appearances in PSIV. Also Alis Landale gets encountered through out the game through several Easter eggs as well as a storyline spiritual encounter with Chaz Ashely. A few others appear too.

Gameplay: 10 / 10
Spot on easy enough to handle and down right fun. That’s exactly what the Gameplay in PSIV is. PSIV allows you to have a party of 5 characters at a time and you can go about your merry way exploring the Algol Solar system. In the tradition of the other Phantasy Star games and other RPGs enemy battles are generated randomly however boss fights in this game are not and you can usually see the boss or get a storyline cut scene into a boss fight. When you encounter an enemy you are met with a battle system allowing you to choose from many actions for your characters to perform. At certain levels you characters will learn new spells and skills and you can change your weapons through the menu system. This game unlike any classic RPG games tells its storyline through anime (or Manga) style cut scenes rather then just throwing up some words on the screen for you to read and get bored. This was a very nice and welcoming touch to anybody who has had the chance to play this game.

Storyline: 10 / 10
The storyline is quite simple but very awesome. Actually it appears simple at first glance but many twists and turns take place after you take out the dark lord Zio and it appears that his god Dark Force is just a baby compared to the real threat of the game. This is what the characters must uncover to save the Solar System from annihilation.

Replay Value: 10 / 10
Trust me play this game through once then your gonna play it again. Nuff said. ^_-

Overall: 10 / 10
PSIV is by far the absolute best RPG game I have ever played in my life. If it weren’t for me finishing this gem I probably would never have played any of the Final Fantasy games or even touched the legendary Xenosaga series. This is the best of the Best when it comes to classic RPGs.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Phantasy Star IV (EU, 12/08/95)

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