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"The RPG for which all others shall be judged."

Ahhh the days of Final Fantasy X... isnt it a great time for RPG gamers? No. The great time was back in 1994 when sega released Phantasy Star IV. In almost a massive hysteria, all games released were sold in less than a week. Owners of this amazing classic can boast about having a game worth more than CHRONO TRIGGER! What, you say? Is it possible for a game to be as cool as that awesome monstrosity known as Chrono Trigger? Yes. Simply put, the Phantasy Star Team knows their buisness. In one hand, ps4 had a lot to live up to. In the other hand, the Phantasy Star Team wanted to solely target Squaresoft as the main enemy of the PS series. It apparently worked. As soon as Phantasy Star Online was released, square announced Final Fantasy XI the first online Final Fantasy.... see what im talking about?


Absolutely the game's strongest asset is it's gameplay. The way your character interacts with other people and the way you can litterally look at everything and talk to anyone is astounding. Another plus is that the battle system is extremely well done, allowing you to do dual attacks if you can find the combination. On the bad side however, there are way too many battles. An example of battle innovation is when an enemy bonds with another enemy to make one hideously strong enemy. Its pretty impressive. Another interesting aspect of PSIV is the ''macro'' system. You can set up ahead of time the order of attacking and the kinds of attacks you want your party to use. By doing this, you can set up dual attack combos like Grand Cross. Truly impressive indeed. Now try to set up the ultimate combo Destruction..... hee hee

Gameplay: 10


This game has memorable tunes, and PAO-PAO will always play in my heart.... that is, for a while at least. Most of the songs try to stay in the FOREGROUND of the game. They want you to hear them and they blast like crazy until you do. Its something you have to get used to.

Sound: 9


Truly the Phantasy Star series must be played together. If you manage to do this, you would discover that Phantasy Star 4 has the best storyline for an RPG since FF7. Hands down, the Phantasy Star Team really knows how to make a story.

Story: 10


The other place where the game really shines is graphics. The graphics are really impressive for sega genesis. The special effects are outstanding and way out there in terms of how much they look like they hurt! Some of the special effects look so insane you would think they took a lesson from FF7. One look at Black Hole and you wont believe this is Sega Genesis.

Graphics: 10

In the end PSIV is the greatest RPG ever. Yes folks, even better than CHRONO TRIGGER....

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/02/01, Updated 07/02/01

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