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Reviewed: 07/22/01 | Updated: 07/22/01

This game was great for the Sega Genesis.

I have been a fan of Phantasy Star series for a LONG time. I first played the Phantasy Star games when I was 9-11 years old. I had rented Phantasy Star 4. What a GREAT game, I thought it was the best game I had ever played on the Sega Genesis. Most of you reading this probably had rented your favorites games when you had just started your gaming lives, like me. I personally thought this game was a PERFECT game.

Graphics: 78%
Words: Very good graphics. I really liked how they used the Phantasy Star II battle system of how you could see your characters attack the enemies. I also enjoyed the artwork, and how it all was drawn.

Sound: 74%
Words: I liked the sound a lot. Such an upgrade from the other Phantasy Star series games. I REALLY liked the music, I could just listen to the ''Black Blood'' and ''Alert!'' music all day long.

Replay: 94%
Words: Without a DOUBT worth playing again. Personally I have several games that I train the characters to certain levels in certain parts of the games.

Gameplay: 87%
Words: I already said it, but I REALLY enjoy the battle system. It is such an improvement compared to the gameplay of Phantasy Star I, II, and III.

Story: 70%
Words: To be honest... I know in this review it is not allowed to say anything about yourself, but just a quick saying here, I am a writer of medieval-fantasy stories and I did not believe that the story was great to what all the other people say about it.

Characters: 34%
Words: The Characters threw me off a bit. The main and beginning characters of the game, Alys, Chaz, and Hahn... Out of ALL The characters in the name Alys was my favorite, that is why the % got 28+ of the rating. Otherwise I would have given the character rating 6%. Hahn... a professor, if he is a professor, why should he fight? A weakling, and sort of useless. His wat is useful, but once you get Rune you have no need for this man. Chaz... I really like the swordsmen, but he was a little too young for me to believe that he could be that strong and that great.

Final Words: I still believe this was a very good sequel, and worth buying it all over again when it was released in 1994 for the $80 it was worth. However the game could have been just... SO much better... it is a shame.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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