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"Grab Some Coffee You WILL need it!"

Hello! This is my first review and I hope you like it. This game is great! I've beaten it twice and it is still as great as the first time. I am starting on my third time! The story is great it will make you to want to keep playing it!

This game has a great story. in the beginning the story is a little confusing but it gets a lot better. You are Chaz Ashley and your partner Alys are monster hunters on the planet Motavia. The story will start to unfold later in the game but I won't reveal much about it!

The game is very tough but very interesting. The characters move fast so you probably won't spend much time in a certain place. you get to visit other planets like the Ice planet Dezolis, go to artificial satellites, and even an air castle! The controls are pretty easy to remember and you can change them if you like! There are many tough monsters that may take many times to beat! you can get many types of items and weapons like swords and claws. you can get three vehicles like the land rover an ice digger or an awesome hydrofoil, and you can also travel through space!!

THIS game has some of my favorite music! for a really cool experience plug in headphones! the music sounds great and you will be thankful for a sound test later in the game. if you don't like the music (which will be odd if you don't) there is always a mute button!

this is of course Sega but for a Sega game, these graphics are way ahead. the characters are large, that battles are tough and the monsters look cool!

Replay value (10/10)
Like I said. This game has a great story! It seems to get better every time I play it. it will make you want to keep playing over and over and you won't want to stop! sometimes you might get so involved you might be up all night! like I said The bosses are really tough and may take many trys! A fun thing you can do to add to the replay value is try to beat a boss then in another file you can try to beat it faster or in less trys. Good luck!

Rent or Buy (Buy)
Such a great game is hard to find anymore so good luck finding one!! but of course if you can, try renting it! you will be sad when you have to turn it back in though!

Well I hope you liked my first Review. I enjoyed writing it! and I hope you enjoyed reading it!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/30/01, Updated 08/30/01

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