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Reviewed: 12/11/01 | Updated: 12/11/01

The game is so great I could cry...

One word: masterpiece. I am a fan of anything Squaresoft, and the Breath of Fire series among others, but... no. They are all pale in comparison to this godly infusion upon this ugly earth of ours. I could play and play this game again and again and it would never get old. Why? Not a particularly good soundtrack. A story line filled with cliches. Not outstanding graphics. Really, the only exceptional game thing about this game is it's incredible difficulty. Well in my opinion.

This game is purely addictive. I cannot stop playing this game. Why? Again, I don't know. Maybe I'm a sucker for this kind of game. However, if that's true, than there is a incredible amount of people who are ''suckers for this kind of game.'' Really, every RPG fan I know likes this game. A lot. And I mean a lot. Like this is the only game I could play for 7 hours plus straight.

Well, I before dissed on the intangibles such as graphics and sound. Well, they do the trick. They won't annoy you, but they are really far from amazing you. They also fit the mood very well. So, nothing wrong in that department.

As I said before, this game is very friggin' hard. In my opinion. It seemed to get easy towards the end, but that was after gaining 10 levels just because I lost to a boss once. However, all the leveling up required sucks. Think, FF1 and DW type time spent just trying to gain levels. That is not cool.

I think the story is pretty good, but when you think about it is kinda corny. It goes along with the classic, ''Save the world from the Legendary Evil Infidels supposed to come back every 10,000 and rape all our women and steal all the grape juice out of our ''cafes!'' The mother fudgers!

Replay value is high, but not high enough to play it again the day after you beat it the first time. Once you beat it, you are likely to pick it up again, but not after all the sleepless nights and sore thumbs have worn off. You can expect a lot of frustrations so you won't be too excited to start the adventure over again for a while.

To rent or to buy? Well, that question doesn't apply because this game is so old you couldn't find except on the Internet. But if you are a lawless rebel, get it on ROM as soon as you can. If you have too much of a conscience, hopefully you can pick up a copy for cheap. Maybe a old video game pawn shop will have it, or I'm sure you can get off the Internet for relatively cheap. It's a good game! No joke!

I don't know why I say this is my favorite rpg. But also, why does Dragon Warrior and FF1 make my top 20? Who knows? Who cares? It is a classic. Expect frustrations, expect many long hours, but also expect a great game and an unforgettable journey! This game is not from a mere human. Play it and you will see what I mean!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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