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"A great game not only for the Genesis but basically all systems"

Now, don't let the fact that this was made in the 16-bit era(most came to video games in the 32/64 bit era)scare you into not buying it(provided you have a Genesis, of course). Its a great RPG that is still good today. The graphics in battle are very good,the music is great,it has a great story,etc. Its truly a great RPG despite being on a console thats not particularly known for its RPGs(Fighting is a different story however).
Nowadays, you will probably only find this in a used store or get it from a friend. Its not easy to find either so get it while you can as you may regret it later. Now, enough of this and lets get to the actual review.


You may be asking why I gave it a 9, despite its age. Well, although the sprites arent exactly the greatest,the battle graphics and the anime cutscenes(if you will)more than make up for it. In battle, the enemies are animated and look exceptionally great. The anime part if great as well and is very well done. It also brought out the game more than if they did regular talking the whole time(most RPGs do this).
Overall, very good. However, the sprites arent all that special. Pretty hard to make Zio terrifying as a sprite(thats where the anime comes in).


The music is very good and fits well in the situations it is used. The Black Blood(used for three villians)gives off an evil feel(best when you first encounter Zio),A Happy Settlement(happy theme that is mainly used after accomplishing hunting missions)fits with the happy mood,Red Alert(I think that was the name)gives off a bad kind of feel of emergency or something to that extent when used, and many others just work well.
The sound is very simplistic. Theres sword sounds,ax sounds,etc. They are very similiar and get the job done, even if they dont measure up to the music as well.


The story is very well done and though it may not seem very deep at first just wait. It also doesnt really give a clear ending. It always gives a plot twist(the so called final battle wasnt the final battle)so its always interesting. You'll find what you think is the last boss really isnt. Also, it has the return of an old villian and an old place from an earlier game(not telling you which one).
The characters are done well also. As you near the ending, much is explained which I really liked. It also gives references to the games prior to it a lot.


The gameplay is very good. Its turn based and not real time so you can take your time without worrying. Combos can be made with certain moves. Macro is a good kind of thing not seen in RPGs. You basically set up your moves and decided who goes in what order. This can give you a better chance of combos.
The gameplay is very well done. The only thing you may not like is fire spells and such are not named Fire but stuff like Flalei and Hewn instead but it never bother me that much.


You'll want to play it again when youre done(most likely)as its so good. Its like a good book that you reread often. Also, for some reason it feels different each time but never grows repetitive in my opinion(not doing IMO for those who don't know what it means). The replayability is very high.

Rent or Buy:Buy(like you have a choice)

You probably don't/won't have a friend with it so you can only buy it. You can return it if your not satisfied of course.


This is a great game that is sadly ignored. Its really too bad as it is just as good as Final Fantasy(RPG King for those who don't know). I suggest you at least try it. Thats all I can say.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/10/02, Updated 01/10/02

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