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"Easily My Favorite Game for Genesis"

Game Play 8/10
Wale it may use the tired old turn based system that is used in almost every RPG ever made, but still it's a well-done tired old system. You have techs witch cost TP to use and skills witch has a limit of times they can be used. You learn most of the techs and skills form leveling and you can make your own combos with them, some of witch make special combos. Also the bosses are actually like bosses and may take more then one try to beat and the game it quite long too so you can look forward to hours fun game play

Graphics 9/10
Not the best graphics I've seen in a 16-bit game, but up there(probably the 2nd best) and easily the best I've seen in an RPG for Sega Genesis. I really like the water effects and anime style pictures during some of the more important dialog scenes. However most of the world map seems kind of bland and boring, but the sprites for your characters and most every thing else look good. Plus the battles look great and the monsters are well designed, easily the best monsters I've ever seen in a 16-bit game.

Sound 10/10
Not only does the music fit the mood but I like it, and as for the sound effects they seem right on to me.

Controls 10/10
I've never played an RPG with bad controls and this is no exception.

Story 9/10
You play the role of a young hunter named Chaz setting out on his first real mission with his far more experienced partner Alys, but little did they know that a routine mission would turn in to a huge adventure...

This may sound like an old worn out story that you've heard many times before but it's really not. Although it may not be as original as it once was it's still a great story that draws you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat right up to the vary end. However some of the story carries over from the other Phantasy Star games but don't worry even if you didn't play the other Phantasy Stars you'll still be able to understand it just fine.

Replay Value 2/10
As with most every RPG there is no replay value. Sure the graphics and game play are great but with out the story there really isn't anything to keep you going.

Buy or Rent
The chances that you could find a place to do ether in slim to none, even back when this game was brand new... and if you do find a place to buy it chances are your getting ripped off and would be paying more then a new game for 128-bit system imported from Japan. So what's my answer?... Well it's highly unlikely that you'll get a chance to play it unless you emulate, but if you can find a legal way to play it I highly recommend it.

Bottom Line
One of the best RPGs, no games I've ever played. Right up there with Star Ocean, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III and Tales of Phantasia. Get your hands on it anyway you can.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/15/02, Updated 08/15/02

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