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Reviewed: 08/27/02 | Updated: 08/27/02

One of the most emotional and captivating RPGs ever

What is there too be said for Phantasy star IV, Its a game with fugly graphics, a musical score that does a good job using a midi program, the Battle system has nowhere near the amount of options of Final Fantasy VI. Yet While its 16 bit rival is technically superior in almost every sense and measurement... Ive played through Phantasy Star IV at least twice the number of times, and would rather work too see its ending too FFVI.

The Phantasy Star series of games have always been more quest oriented, I quested over three worlds, fought ugly wizards and freaky nightmares in PS1. For PS2 I wept and avenged fallen comrades, fled authorities, punked off dark force and enjoyed the butch and sundance, gone anime, style ending in PS2. In PS3 I Married and fell in love (twice), battled uppity androids and cranky monsters, made peace between the phantasy star icons of the capulets and montahuges, and sent the grandkids on an errand too once again had too whup dark force from one end of the galaxy too the other. And in PS4, we see the results of all our hard work through an epic, well told, fantasy tale that combines all the work of all three games, and climaxes this saga perfectly. Somehow the story, while lacking much of the Angst of final Fantasy, has a magic and innocence that is truly captivating. While Square had bigger production values for their games, sega just had a more moving story.

Phantasy star IV is the story of hunter (think bounty hunter from empire strikes back) chaz, at the beginning he and his mentor Alys are taking on a case of bio-monsters making mischief in a academy. Along the way they meet Hann, A student, looking for a missing professor. they solve the initial problem rather quickly, but it just leads too something much bigger, sinister, and deadly. by the end of the story friends will die, people will fall in love, Revelations about past games will be experienced, and a grand and epic battle will take place that will leave you breathless. This is Phantasy Star 4, not the best game technically, but it has heart, humor, and soul, that no game can match.

Graphics: The graphics for the regular game are just ugly, the genesis has done much better. The battle scenes however are excellent, with some truly freaky monsters your gonna love pounding. And the idea too incorporate anime style cutscenes in a comic book style truly gets across alot of emotion. 8

Sound: Again the genesis has done better, the tunes are nicely crafted, using the same midi program the first three games used... they are the best in the series, and some truly work with the anime style cutscenes too play on your heartstrings, but I wish they had used a better midi program. 7

Control: spotless, flawless, the fact that you cant do multiple purchases the way you can in FF is tedious, but otherwise no problems. Plus you can program a set of 8 marcos for the battles too speed things up. 9

Story, Can I give it a 20, its fantastic. Truly a classic of RPG history. 10

Characters: A great cast, youll chuckle with chaz and Runes constant bickering, and the way Alys will trick, cajole, and charge Hann for helping in his quest too help his professor, is very funny. for example. Hann decides too go check on his professor, whos missing and might be in danger. Just as hes about too go Alys whispers (psst, hann. This is egg laying season for sandworms. Be careful okay.) on that note he asks alys too come, and she agrees. cash in advance of course. All the others are truly memorable as well. Nicely developed and likeable. From Rikas perkiness too Rajas sense of humor, too Wrens cool logical demeanor, too Kyras treating chaz as a little brother, its far fetched at time, but suspend belief and its all great and memorable stuff. 10

A great RPG, even by todays standards. Should be experienced by everyone. Play it today, and see why sega is a game producer beyond compare.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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