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    Walkthrough by CAmerica

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    I wasn't going for flashy, just to get you through it without alot of 
    Email me at Captain_America3@yahoo.com with any imput or anything you'd 
    like to add.
    1. Characters
    2. Walkthrough 
    Name Max(leader)  Gotta be on your team.  Probably the best fighter.
    Adam: Man this guy sucks.  Leave him off your team.  He does get 
    stronger though but still not worth it.      
    Alef: Good wizard.  Bolt is her specialty.  I suggest you keep her in 
    your party          
    Amon:  Well she is ok.  She starts out good and takes alotta work to 
    keep up.
    Anri:  Very good.  Make sure she is in your party til the end.
    Arthur: He is the only knight I have seen that can use magic.  He has 
    an ok Attack power.
    Balbaroy: Stronger then Amon, over all better then her too.  Take him 
    over her.
    Bleu: He gets alot better but it takes too much work to raise 
    him...Just as soon leave him off.
    Diane:  Ok Archer.  better then Hans, worse then Lyle.  When you get 
    her leave her in til you get Lyle.
    Domingo:  Very good mage.  Starts out weak spell wise but quickly 
    climbs.  Great defense.
    Earnest:  My favorite knight.  Probably the second best.  Good for your 
    Gong:  Takes alotta work to keep up and if he falls behind he sucks and 
    is impossible to get up again
    Gort:  Best Warrior, but that's not saying much.  Better then Luke.
    Guntz:  Slow but very good defense.  Not really the best choice.
    Hans:  Archer, the worst.  He is ok at the beginning but never gets 
    attack up so...
    Hanzou:  Great!  Has magic and good att and is cool.  Must have.
    Jogurt:  He's completely worthless.  DOn't put him on your team for 
    Ken:  Your first knight.  Pretty good but you get better.  Give him a 
    Khris:  A crappy healer...Just leave her alone
    Kokichi:  A flying knight.  Uh I guess he's ok, but I would reccomend a 
    Lowe:  Your first healer.  He stays good as long as you keep him up.
    Luke:  Another warrior.  You get him first and he will seem strong, but 
    eventually fall behind.
    Lyle:  Your best Archer.  Leave him in he is very strong.
    Mae:  Maybe you can keep her.  She's good defensive so put her in 
    front.  Only good when promoted.
    Musashi:  GREAT!  Strong attack, Strong defense.  Just give him a 
    mobility ring and voila.  The best.
    Pelle:  The strongest knight.  If you wanna knight on your team, he's 
    your guy.
    Tao:  First mage.  Gets up fast as your progress, keep her in the party 
    all the way though.
    Torasu:  Another healer...probably the best you get.  Takes some 
    leveling up though
    Vankar:  Haha this guy is a loser.  Leave him off your team.  He'll 
    disgraces it.
     Zylo:  Strong attack and fast.  He cuts through the forest, decide to 
    leave him in the whole game or not.
    Chapter 1. Invasion of Runefaust
    When you start out the screen will be blank. Once you wake up, go talk 
    to Lowe, then talk to Varios and then to Lowe again. Go ahead and check 
    out the kingdom. When you are done, go to the castle. The king will 
    tell you to check out the Gate of the Ancients. Luke, Ken, Tao, Hans, 
    and Lowe joins. Go back to the Guardiana Castle and talk to the king. 
    He should give you 100gold coins. Then leave the town (you might have 
    noticed the weapons shop, but you can only get items). The Wagon will 
    take you to the gate, but unfortunately, there are monsters there. Now 
    Egress. Return to the Gate, but don't enter. Instead go to the little 
    house on the side. You can get Gong to join your team. Now you are 
    ready to fight. I recommend that you Egress a few times to raise 
    levels. When you are done with that, another fight happens. Take out 
    everyone and proceed (you don't have to kill everyone, just have You 
    enter the Castle). Upon your return you will find that your town has 
    been ransacked. This is good in a few ways. First, go to the bar on 
    your right, and get Gort to join. Second, it makes the Shopkeeper open 
    up the weapons. Update your weapons and head back to the castle. Enter 
    the Throne and watch. Varios and the King will die. Then Varios' 
    daughter, May, will join. Head to the left of the castle and raid the 
    Treasure room. You should get the Attack potions and the Defense 
    potions (Save these until you are promoted! If you don't, it is like 
    throwing it away...) Leave Guardiana again and enter another fight. 
    This one is a little tricky because the Rune Knights tend to gang up on 
    a single person. After you win, enter Altertone. Wow! Search the town 
    because there is tons of stuff. To get the chest on the island, talk to 
    the girl with the new dress, then push the cart into her. Talk to her 
    again and she will push you in the river. You need to go to the weapons 
    shop and talk to the guy that asks if you are Max (default name). When 
    you are done checking out the town, enter the castle. There is alot of 
    stuff in here too. Arrows and potions, the works. Talk to the King and 
    see what happens (some allies, huh?). Oh well, search the bars and talk 
    to Khris. She will join you. Once you get outside, a fight will occur. 
    Whoop them and then talk to the king. He will tell you to search the 
    "Dragon's Head". I was stuck on this part forever because I didn't 
    catch that Dragon part. Anyways, it is just a little SW of the King's 
    Chair. Search it and pull the chain. 
    Chapter 2. Spirit of the Holy Spring
    You will start the chapter in Rhindo. This is a short chapter, but the 
    fights are long. At least you get one of the best characters here 
    though. Go to the shop and upgrade you equipment, then head to the 
    house in the far NE corner. Talk to Guntz and find the Speed Ring. Exit 
    the town and enter a fight. Fire+undead=death. Plus, the Desert makes 
    you move less...After the fight, enter Manarina. Talk to Anri, and she 
    will run off. Go and find her. On your way, enter a room and search the 
    machine. Find a domingo egg. Talk to Anri after you find her, and then 
    she joins (she starts out sucky, but trust me, she gets MUCH better). 
    Then you will have to go to the Cavern of Darkness. This is a good Anri 
    exp. fight. Have her kill the 2 zombies, the Egress. Repeat until she 
    is as high as you are. Once you beat this fight, you will receive a 
    Power Ring, and the Orb of light. Talk to the mage, and he will tell 
    you to use it on the pool. Do what he says. You will learn a little 
    about your quest now. Now you can get Auther to join. Head back to 
    Rhindo, and talk to the Mayor. Make a deal to save his Grandson, and he 
    will give you his boat. Enter the circus tent (this is an excellent 
    Level up fight). Once you win, search the chest and get an Arrow for 
    Han (finally! He was getting weak), and a defense potion. Talk to the 
    mayor and check out your newfound boat. Uh oh, look who decides to poop 
    the party out. No matter though, talk to the mayor again and head up 
    wards to Shade Abbey. You will meat Amon. This is a good level too, and 
    by now, you should be on level 10, enough to promote. Once you win, 
    Balbaroy will join. As you exit the town Amon will join you too. 
    Chapter 3. The Secret Weapon of Runefaust
    You start out in Bustroke. Walk around and explore for a while. When 
    you are done, head to the Weapons shop and upgrade. When you are done 
    with that, head to the Queen's house. Talk to her and then to Diane. 
    Diane will join. Then you need to make your way SE to the quarry. A 
    fight will await you here. Lookout for the Lizardman...Once you win, 
    look in the cave. There is a special item in the somewhere, but not of 
    importance...Once you have the moonstone, exit the quarry and talk to 
    the alchemist. He will make Lunar Dew, which you will need to cure 
    Zylo. To find Zylo, make your way through the back door of the house 
    with the queen there. Talk to the person in charge of Zylo's cell, then 
    enter. Talk to Zylo, and then use then Lunar Dew on him. Zylo will 
    join. After that, talk to the Queen and learn more of your quest. 
    Before you completely leave town go to the house in the very SW. Go 
    down a level and talk to Kokichi. Then search the machine. He will show 
    you a demonstration, then fly off a cliff. You'll find him later, but 
    for now, exit the town. As you do, there will be a fight. This is thick 
    forest, and that will mess up your movement (look out for those damn 
    Pegasus Knights). After that fight, go back to the town and heal. Leave 
    again and go to the bridge. Once there you will find out what the 
    "Secret Weapon of Runefaust" is. Not hard at all, just rush it fast. 
    All you have to do is kill the Silver Knight. After that, Pelle will 
    join you team (he is an awesome knight with great attack). 
    Chapter 4. The Great Fortress of Balbazak.
    You will start out in Pao. This is a town of traveling wagons. Go to 
    the shop and update you weapons. Search and talk to everyone. You 
    should find another attack potion too. This is a good level because you 
    get LOTS of guys on your team (mostly knights though). Talk to the 
    Princess of the Village (princess of a village?) and tell her that you 
    are ready to leave. Go up to the church and weave around to the back 
    until you see Jougert. It will not say anything, (no use though, he has 
    one HP, attack, and defense) but Jougert will join. After that, search 
    between the tracks and talk to Vankar. Then Kokichi will fly in and 
    join you. Kokichi and Vankar will join. As you leave, you have to fight 
    the infamous Mr. Elliot. This is not that hard of a fight, but beware, 
    because the enemies will gang up on you. Once you win this fight, Pao 
    will return in front of you. When you re-enter Pao, you can finally get 
    Domingo! Go to the Item store and talk to the guy sitting down. He will 
    hatch it for you. Domingo is an awesome Mage (he starts out low, but 
    quickly rises above everyone else. Plus he has very good defense), plus 
    he can fly. When you get him, go to the Sheep pen and Guntz (from 
    Rhindo) will join (good defense, but too slow). Not much else to do 
    here, so when you are done, exit and head to Uranbatol. Before you can 
    actually enter the city, you have to fight. Not that hard, except for 
    the Hell hounds...After that, enter and find Earnest (a cool knight) 
    and he will join. Look through the city to find a shop and a priest. 
    Enter the dock and face Balbazak. He is fairly easy(more so than 
    Elliot). There is an old puppet troop here too. After you whoop him, 
    you finally get a ship
    Chapter 5. Gateway to the Hidden Shrine
    You start this chapter on your boat. When all of the sudden a bunch of 
    monsters attack. Beat them and land on Warel to repair your ship. Check 
    out the King's shop and get better weapons. Search the chest for useful 
    items too. When you are done walking around, rent a boat and talk to 
    Shell's Mom. She will eventually let you go out, where you are swept up 
    into the ocean. You will wake up at a priest's house, but he will not 
    save or anything. Go into the cave and follow the soldier. When he sees 
    you, you enter a fight. This fight is a little tricky, but not too 
    hard. After you win, you will learn a little more about your quest. You 
    will then be able to go back to Warel. Talk to Shell and then when you 
    are done exploring and talking, Head to the King. You are now ready to 
    Sail again. As soon as you get back on the ship, it gets attacked once 
    more (wow! they don't show the Shining Force's boat any mercy, do 
    they?). Take out the monsters and continue. 
    Chapter 6. Desendant of the Sacred Dragons
    In this chapter, you begin in Rudo. Talk to Karen (the leader) and head 
    out. As you search, you should find some items in a chest. The weapon 
    shop here is good, so upgrade. You will learn of a baby dragon named 
    Bleu. Before you leave town though, find a 3-story building and go to 
    the top. Talk to Lyle and he will join. Exit the town to the right and 
    enter a fight. Look out because alot of extra troops appear. Once you 
    enter Dragonia, explore and find the good sword. Look around and find 
    Bleu, who is at the back of the village. After the bad guy is killed, 
    Bleu will join. He starts out UNIMAGANALY weak, but, if you have the 
    patience to get him up, he becomes a very good member. After finding 
    Bleu, you will meet Kane/Kain (in the game it is spelled two different 
    ways). He will tell you that this is where you will die. There should 
    be a base in the SW part of the town, so go there and prepare. When you 
    come out you have to fight Kane. He is VERY strong, but when he is 
    swarmed, he is not that hard. Look out for his death Sword (it will 
    kill you in one hit). When you are done, head back to Rudo and talk to 
    Karen's sister, Karin (sorry I forgot the name). She will tell you more 
    about the purpose of your quest, and that you need to visit Prompt. 
    When you are done talking, exit the town again and get ready for a 
    fight. This is a very long fight, so take it easy. As soon as you beat 
    that fight, there is another one. Remember Mishela? This time you 
    actually fight her. Besides her level 2 Bolt, she is easy. Be sure to 
    get the Sword of Light. 
    Chapter 7. The Lost Civilazation 
    In this chapter, you start out in Prompt. First, go to the weapons shop 
    and deck yourself out. When you are done with that, talk to the King. 
    He should suggest a trip to the Tower of the Ancients. Before you lever 
    town though, head over to the to a house on the left (It will be fairly 
    wide for a house and have two doors. Search the sign in the middle). 
    Musashi the Samurai will join. He is awesome in every way. After that, 
    exit the town to the right and enter a fight. You will have to fight a 
    bunch of new enemies here (Don't be suprised at Musashi's movement, it 
    is just the terrain). After that, enter the Tower of the Ancients. On 
    the way up, there is another fight. After you enter the Tower, Kane 
    will be killed. That is a small price to pay because you get Alef and 
    Torasu to join (make sure that you keep them both in.). After that, you 
    go back to Prompt. Talk to the King and he will give you the Sword of 
    Darkness (keep this until you get the Chaos Breaker). Talk to the 
    Scholars and they will tell you to use the Orb of Light at the Pool of 
    Ancients. Go ahead and do that, and learn more of your quest. It will 
    also tell you where to get the Chaos Breaker. As you exit, Adam the 
    Robot will join. As soon as he joins, you have to fight Chaos, another 
    Robot. Once you win, return to the town and heal as necessary. Go to 
    the King and learn about Metepha. Go there and read the signs. Once you 
    do that, you will learn how to make the Chaos Breaker. Return to prompt 
    and talk to the King. After you do, leave town and head south for your 
    Final destination, Runefaust. Before you get there though, there is one 
    last fight (look out for those Armed Skeletons). 
    Chapter 8. Rise of the Ancient Castle 
    You start out right in front of Runefaust. Enter it. As soon as you do, 
    look for a bush above you with a yellow star. Search there, and Hanzou 
    will join (just as good as Musashi, except with magic!) After that, ask 
    around and learn about King Ramladu. Enter the castle, but before you 
    do, visit the Weapons shop. Now you can enter the castle. Be sure and 
    get the chests...Also, this is a perfect level up battle. After that, 
    head deeper into the castle, and fight the infamous King Ramladu. This 
    is a fun fight, because it is almost even. After you thrash him, move 
    on. I strongly suggest that you go back to the town and heal and stock 
    up on healing supplies, because next you have the 3 final battles all 
    in a row. When you are ready, make your way through the castle and into 
    the Gate of the Ancients (deja vu?) You have to move to the farthest 
    point left and USE the Chaos Breaker (you might have heard this in 
    books and from people). Enter the Gate again and enter the Warp. After 
    that, you are on the home stretch...In this fight; you have to take on 
    the Colossus. He will devide into 3 things, then attack. Each one has a 
    level 3 spell (bolt, blaze, and freeze). Right after that fight, you 
    are on to fight the notorious Dark Sol. Man, this guy is easier than 
    the Mishela fight (look out for his dark spell though). Once you beat 
    him, you can move onto the final fight, Dark Dragon. He is kinda hard 
    (Should be harder though). You have to put to members (Usually Torasu 
    and Gong and have them cast Aura level 4 when needed) over the squares 
    to stop the skeletons. Then just whoop both heads, and close in on the 
    middle. Look out though, because he has infinite level 4 magic, plus a 
    level 4 death magic. Voila, you have beaten Shining Force one. 

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