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    Game Script by Apathetic Aardvark

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/06/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

              _____ _     _       _              ______
             /  ___| |   (_)     (_)             |  ___|                    _
             \ `--.| |__  _ _ __  _ _ __   __ _  | |_ ___  _ __ ___ ___    ( )
              `--. \ '_ \| | '_ \| | '_ \ / _` | |  _/ _ \| '__/ __/ _ \    ¯
             /\__/ / | | | | | | | | | | | (_| | | || (_) | | | (_|  __/    _
             \____/|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|\__, | \_| \___/|_|  \___\___|   ( )
                                           __/ |                            ¯
          _____ _            _                                          __
         |_   _| |          | |                                        / _|
           | | | |__   ___  | |     ___  __ _  __ _  ___ _   _    ___ | |_
           | | | '_ \ / _ \ | |    / _ \/ _` |/ _` |/ __| | | |  / _ \|  _|
           | | | | | |  __/ | |___|  __/ (_| | (_| | (__| |_| | | (_) | |
           \_/ |_| |_|\___| \_____/\___|\__, |\__,_|\___|\__, |  \___/|_|
                                           __/ |            __/ |
                                          |___/            |___/
         _____                _     _____      _             _   _
        |  __ \              | |   |_   _|    | |           | | (_)
        | |  \/_ __ ___  __ _| |_    | | _ __ | |_ ___ _ __ | |_ _  ___  _ __
        | | __| '__/ _ \/ _` | __|   | || '_ \| __/ _ \ '_ \| __| |/ _ \| '_ \
        | |_\ \ | |  __/ (_| | |_   _| || | | | ||  __/ | | | |_| | (_) | | | |
         \____/_|  \___|\__,_|\__|  \___/_| |_|\__\___|_| |_|\__|_|\___/|_| |_|
                                     Game Script
    Apathetic Aardvark
    In ages long forgotten...  Light fought Darkness for control of the world.
    Dark Dragon led the evil hordes of Darkness.  The Ancients fought back with the
    Power of Light.  Dark Dragon was defeated and cast into another dimension.  The
    Lord of Darkness vowed to return in 1,000 years.  Time passed, and Dark Dragon
    was forgotten by all.  Ten centuries of peace ruled the land of Rune.  Until
    the kingdom of Runefaust brought war and fear to Rune.  Hordes of evil
    creatures ravaged every land.  Here and there, strongholds of Good still held
    out... awaiting a Hero who could wield the Powers of Light!
    Main Title Screen.  A girl appears reading a book.
    Wow!  Dark Dragon, Ancients... Let's see now, what else does this old book say?
    Hmmm.  One thousand years have passed since they vanquished Dark Dragon.  And
    this book says Dark Dragon threatened to return right about now.  I bet
    anything that Dark Dragon is behind the evil hordes of Runefaust!  I need to
    tell someone about this!  But who would listen to a kid like me?  I think Dark
    Dragon's coming back!  Will you help us?  C'mon, it'll be an adventure!
    You select a new game, and name your character.  I will call him the default
    name, Max, through this entire script.
    Nice to meet you, Max!  I'm Simone.  Come back often and tell me everything!
    You need to get going!  Evil spreads farther across Rune with every passing
    ---Chapter 1: Runefaust Invasion---
    The screen is black, sounds of training can be heard.  Max is being trained by
    Varios: Max?  Max?  C'mon, kid, wake up!  I didn't hit you that hard.  Keep
    your guard up, kid.  Those beasts of Runefaust will tear you to pieces!  OK,
    that's enough for today.  You'd better take it easy for a while.
    Max heads into a nearby building.  He runs into Lowe.
    Lowe: Well, Max, had enough swordplay for today?  I don't know how you keep at
    it hour after hour.  I'm dead tired after about 15 minutes!
    Max heads back outside.
    Varios: You have the makings of a great fighter, Max.  You'll be tested soon
    A guard comes out of the building.
    Guard: Lord Varios, the king has sent for you.  You must come at once!
    Varios: Of course.  Lead the way, guardsman.  I fear the worst, Max!  Prepare
    yourself for true battle immediately!
    Varios leaves with the guard.
    Max heads back inside near Lowe.
    Lowe: Did you see Varios' face?  He went pale!  Something really big is
    happening.  Let's split up and see if we can't find out what's going on.  I'll
    see you later.
    Of course, Max being a young boy would walk unnoticed into the castle.
    King Guardiana: ...that is the story, Varios.
    Varios: Mmmm... Then, your majesty, we have no choice but to send Max, a young
    fighter.  Oh, Max.  Good.  I was going to look for you.  First, listen to the
    Max approaches and talks to the king.  The king is aided by Nova.
    King Guardiana: For centuries, our people have watched the Gate of the
    Ancients, as its guardians.  Beyond that gate lies we know not what, not even
    if it is of the Light or the Darkness.  But the Ancients knew, and they sealed
    it beyond the gate and set us as guards.  And now we find that we may have
    failed in our mission, our reason for existence.  Signs have been seen that
    force of Runefaust are at the Gate of the Ancients!  Whatever evil they are
    planning, we must stop it at all costs and at once!
    Varios: But we must not panic the people.  A small group of young but skilled
    Nova: Yes!  He could do it.  He could leave town unnoticed and have a chance to
    succeed, perhaps.
    King Guardiana: Yes, Nova, I agree.  Max!  Will you take the task? [Yes] Very
    well!  Now, return to town and gather your troops.  Come back when you're
    Max heads out of the castle to find his friends.  This is the most brilliant
    plan ever, surely no one is going to notice a bunch of armed kids leaving town
    without an adult.  Of course, rather than finding the other members of his
    party, they sneak up from behind him!
    Luke: Wait, Max!  Nova sent us.  We're going with you.  I am Luke the warrior.
    Ken: Ken the knight, at your service, Max!  I'll follow wherever you lead.
    Tao: I am Tao.  I'm only an apprentice mage, but I'll do my best.
    Hans: I am Hans, an elven archer.  I'm coming, but don't put me in the front
    lines, OK?
    All four of them join the Shining Force.
    Luke: Meet us at headquarters back in the castle!
    They run off, Lowe enters the screen.
    Lowe: Hey, Max!  Don't try to sneak out of town without me!
    Lowe joins the Shining Force.  Nova comes down from the castle.
    Nova: Now that you have your comrades, return to the king and hear his final
    commands.  I'll follow your progress and offer advice as you face the vile
    hordes of Runefaust.
    Lowe: Well, that's settled.  See you at headquarters!
    Max will run back to the castle and talk to the king.
    King Guardiana: You have your troops, but you need supplies.  Take this to
    purchase what you need.  [The king gives max 100 gold coins.]  A cart will take
    you to the Gate of the Ancients.  Go now and carry out your task!
    Max and his friends will leave town and be taken to the Ancient Gate.
    Lowe: Max!  Goblins!  Runefaust must be up to something!
    Tao: We can take them, Max!
    There are several enemies up ahead, they are searching around for something.
    Rune Knight: Move it, vermin!  Find the key to this blasted door!  C'mon, we're
    almost in!  Where is that blasted key?  What?  Blast it!  Those fools from
    Guardiana are here!
    Earthquake!  A good deal of the area is destroyed.
    Rune Knight: Attack, goblins and dwarves!  Strike a blow for the honor of
    A battle ensues.  Rather than fighting it, Max can just cast Egress and seek
    out the help of a different ally, Gong.  He is located in a small house near
    the gate.
    Gong: I am Gong.  I have fought the evil of Runefaust for many years.  I will
    aid you.
    Gong joins the Shining Force.  They all return to the battle.  Alternatively,
    they could get Gong after the battle.  *shrug*  Anyway, Soon the Rune Knight
    and his comrades will be defeated.
    Rune Knight: Fools... you have won here, but Lord Kane of Runefaust is even now
    attacking Guardiana!
    The knight dies and there is another earthquake.
    Nova: If that creature spoke truly, we must return to help defend Guardiana!
    They leave the Ancient Gate to find that the Earthquake has blocked their path.
    Nova: The earthquake blocked the road.  Head north, but be ready for battle.
    As always, there is a battle!  Many enemies guard the only remaining path to
    Rune Knight: No one enters Guardiana while we live!  For Darksol!
    Dark Dwarf: Death to Guardiana!
    Dark Dwarf: Death to Guardiana!
    A battle ensues, the conclusion of it will be just outside the gates of
    Nova: Well done, Shining Force!  Now, enter Guardiana and find out what's
    happened there!
    Max enters the town, Guards stop him immediately.
    Guard: You made it back!  You're a little late.  We were almost overrun by
    Runefaust!  We held them off, but we've suffered greatly, as you'll see as you
    wander around.  Most of our knights were lost in the battle... many homes were
    damage.  But we held!  We'll keep watch here.  Runefaust is bound to attack
    again, sooner or later.
    Max walks to the castle, an advisor runs out in a panic.
    Advisor: Hurry, Max!  Kane of Runefaust has injured the King and Lord Varios!
    Max runs into the throne room.  Varios is standing between Kane and the King.
    Varios: Go away, Kane!  I don't understand what you are talking about!
    Kane: Anyway, the treasure of Guardiana is in my hand now.
    Varios: I won't let you take that!  Just leave!
    Kane: Sword of Darkness!  Show me your power!!
    The room shakes.
    Varios: Arrghhh!
    Varios is killed instantly.  His daughter, who has resented Max her entire life
    enters the throne room.
    Mae: No!  Father!  I... I can't believe it!  I'll, I'll...
    Mae attacks Kane, but it is no use, he is far too strong.
    Kane: Now, Guardiana is unworthy of my attention.  Farewell, fools!
    Kane vanishes.
    Mae: Max!  Look to the king!
    King Guardiana: Max... Mae... I don't think I'll live much longer, though
    Varios protected me.  Listen, the gate of the Ancients is the only access to
    the Tower.  And the gate can be opened only by the key.  You must find it
    before it falls into the hands of evil!  You should never let them open the
    gate!  Find out why Runefaust is interested in the gate...  Please...  Mae...
    Daughter of the great Varios, help Max...  Avenge your father!  And be
    Mae: Your majesty...
    King Guardiana: Please tell my daughter, Anri, in Manarina... to stay strong,
    for her people...
    King Guardiana dies.
    Mae: Now is not the time for tears and grief.  Alterone should be our next
    goal.  Max!  Let's go find that key!  I don't want to see any more of these
    Mae joins the Shining Force.
    Mae: I'll await you at headquarters.  Be quick!
    Max leaves the castle and explores the destruction of Guardiana.  Among it, is
    Gort, a warrior found in a bar.
    Gort: You know, that little farcas made me want to fight again.  Max, I'm
    joining up!
    Gort joins the Shining Force!  He is a solid rough housing fighter, like Luke.
    Gort: I'll be at headquarters.
    They leave Guardiana to venture to Alterone.  There are enemies waiting for
    them outside of Guardiana.
    Nova: Max!  Enemies await you on the road to Alterone.  Take all precautions!
    A battle ensues.  The Shining Force is victorious!
    Nova: Excellent!  Kane will have to do better than that to stop you.  On to
    Alterone!  The town is rather dull, the only conversation comes from a man in
    the local bar.
    Man: You must be Max, right?  [Yes] I knew it!  I lived in Guardiana until a
    few months ago.  I just heard a rumor.  A friend of mine told me that Guardiana
    was totally wiped out.  Is that true? [No]  Good... but my friend has already
    left to inform the castle!
    Obviously, Max goes to the castle himself now.  He talks to the king.
    King Alterone: What?  Runefaust attacked Guardiana?  Hard to believe.  Follow
    me, Max.  I have a... tactician we should consult on this matter.
    Max follows the king into the basement.
    King Alterone: I'm sorry about this, but I must protect Alterone.
    His tactician is Kane...  see a problem?
    Kane: Surprised, Max?  Alterone has already surrender!  Put him in a prison
    cell!  I'll decide how to best dispose of him in a day or two.
    Some guards grab max.
    King Alterone: Kane, you promised that Alterone would not be involved in any of
    Kane: Quiet, fool!  Or I'll throw you in the cell with him!  Take him away.
    The guards take Max to the prison.  The local priest is also inside.
    Priest: I came to tell the king to fight, but Kane had already convinced him to
    surrender.  Even though I am in prison, I can still perform my duties.  [He
    allows Max to save and stuff]
    Max examines the door.  The bars are solid.  There's no way to break them.  Max
    hears footsteps approach!  A young and beautiful girl comes near.
    Khris: The time has come to strike back at Runefaust!  I'm letting you out.
    Please help me save Alterone!  I'll fight alongside you.  I can heal too!
    Khris joins the Shining Force.  She pushes her way into the prison cell.
    Khris: We can't go this way.  They'll spot us for sure.  There's a secret
    passage.  Use it to escape.  I'll be at headquarters.  [To the priest]  Please
    be patient a little longer.  I'll get you out of here soon.
    She flips open the floor in the prison cell revealing a stair case.  Hell of a
    guarded cell I would say.  However, once out of the passage and back into town,
    Max and crew are immediately discovered.
    Kane: Lowly worms, I shall crush you beneath my heel.  Attack soldiers of
    Rune Knight: Lord Kane, Lord Darksol commands you to return to Runefaust
    Kane: Tell him I'm on my way.
    Rune Knight: Yes, sir.
    Kane: A shame I can't stay to watch you meet your doom!  My troops can handle
    the likes of you.
    Kane departs and a battle begins.  What could be more important than capturing
    you himself?  His army will be beaten badly.
    Nova: Max, there's no time to lose.  Kane must be found and stopped at all
    costs.  Find out all you can and be sure to talk to the king of Alterone!
    The king will be a little nicer this time.
    King Alterone: Max, I wasn't myself.  Kane had some power over me.  Can you
    forgive me? [Yes]  Thank you!  I want to help you.  Search the dragon head to
    reveal a secret passage!
    Max walks to the nearby dragon head and pulls on a chain which is inside.  It
    stops a waterfall from flowing, revealing a previously concealed door.
    Narrator: The Legacy of the Ancients, the Door, the Key... What can it all
    mean?  No matter what the cost, the mystery must be solved, and Runefaust's
    plans foiled.
    ---End Chapter 1: Runefaust Invasion---
    ---Chapter 2: Spirit of the Holy Spring---
    Narrator: Max and the Shining Force followed Kane's trail to the town of
    The town itself has a lot of information to spit out.  For one, Runefaust
    rented all the boats in the harbor, except one.  There's also going to be a
    circus soon!  There's even a play showing, about Runefaust attacking Guardiana!
    There is also a crazy inventor, Guntz, in this town.  Eventually, Max will run
    into the mayor.
    Mayor: Yes, I'm the Mayor, Kane of Runefaust bought all our ships and sailed
    away.  So sorry, no ships are left.  My ship?  You can't have it!  Now please
    What a mean mayor.  Oh well, I guess you will have to go to the town north of
    here, Manarina.  Guess what, as you leave town, you will get attacked!
    Nova: Our enemies seek to stop you from reaching Anri in Manarina.  You must
    A battle ensues.
    Nova: Max, now enter Manarina!  We must inform Anri about Guardiana!
    They enter Manarina, the land of magic.  It turns out, they attacked you
    thinking you were from Runefaust.  They could have just asked...  Anri is
    nearby, Max will seek her and talk to her.
    Anri: Yes, I am Anri.  What?  What about Guardiana, and my father?  Who are
    you?  I don't have to listen to this nonsense from someone I don't even know.
    Go away now!
    Nova: Wait, Princess Anri!  Please listen to Max!
    Anri: Nova!
    Nova: This is Max.  He is leading the fight against the Runefaust army.
    Anri: Buy my father... the Sword of Light... and Guardiana... is it true, Nova?
    Nova: Yes, your majesty, it is all true, I'm afraid.
    Anri: I... I need to be alone for a while...
    Nova: We understand, your majesty.  But do not let your grief overwhelm you...
    Anri: I... I must be alone now...
    She runs off.
    Nova: Max, Princess Anri is in great sorrow.  Please go to her and talk to her.
    Remind her of her duty to Guardiana.  Our people need her now.
    Max runs around the building trying to find her.  He'll pass Arthur, a great
    knight who is no longer interested in battle.  He'll finally meet up with Anri.
    Anri: I know my duty now, Max.  It is to hunt Kane down and make him pay for
    what he did.  I'll fight with you.  I'm sure that's why my father would want me
    to do.
    Anri joins the Shining Force.
    Anri: I'll be at headquarters.  Vengeance shall be ours!
    They head downstairs again and find Otrant.
    Otrant: Do you want [to] find the key to the Accursed Door before the Runefaust
    army finds it? [Yes]  A legend tells that the Pool of the Ancients below is
    tied in with the Accursed Door.  To reach the pool, you first need the Orb of
    Light from the Cavern of Darkness.  Defeat the monsters in the cavern, and the
    orb is yours.  Then return to me.  Max!  Enter the cavern and retrieve the Orb
    of Light!
    They head downstairs to the Cavern of Darkness.  Of course, a battle is about
    to occur.
    Nova: Behold the dreaded Cavern of Darkness!  You must defeat the monsters to
    gain the orb!
    Battle occurs.  Max and his friends are victorious.  The Skeleton will speak.
    Skeleton: No!  It cannot be!  After all these centuries...
    He dies.
    Nova: Max, the Orb of Light must be within that chest.  Take it quickly!
    Max gets the orb of light and returns to town to show Otrant.
    Otrant: Use the orb at the pool behind the secret door below!
    Max does exactly that.  Using the orb at the pool causes a beautiful woman to
    Spirit Woman: How long I have waited for this summons!  Max, you are a hero
    without peer!  The legacy of the Ancients is an evil being that has been sealed
    away for 1,000 years.  Darksol now searches for the key to unlock that seal.
    You must stop him!
    She vanishes.  Max heads back upstairs.
    Otrant: The Orb of Light has chosen you, Max, to battle the evil that threatens
    Rune.  You are truly the servants of the Powers of Light, the Shining Force!
    Cross the sea from Rindo and go to the Eastern Continent.  You must stop Kane!
    Max decides to talk to Arthur, the knight, again.
    Arthur: I want to fight again.  I can help you against Runefaust.  I'm coming
    with you!
    Arthur joins the Shining Force!
    Arthur: I'll be at headquarters.  Call me when you're ready to go into battle!
    Max returns to Rindo, the circus has arrived, yay!  But, the Mayor has lost his
    grandson.  Max goes to talk to him.
    Mayor: I have a favor to ask of you.  Grant it and the ship is all yours.  What
    do you say? [Yes]  My grandson is missing.  If you find him and bring him back,
    my ship is yours.  So, Max, please find my grandson!
    The grandson is at the circus, but he's not alone, a great deal of enemy troops
    are with him.
    Mishaela: Well, Max, remember me?  You'll soon wish you'd taken my advice in
    Alterone!  Come, my pets!  Look who's come to play with you.  Why, it's the
    Shining Force!  I leave you in good hands, Max.  I have more vital matters to
    attend to right now!
    She vanishes.  What the hell is more vital than getting your mortal enemy?  Oh
    well, the battle starts.  Marionette leads the enemies, this is probably the
    hardest fight Max will face in the entire game.
    Marionette: Fools!  Light will never defeat the Darkness...
    Marionette dies.  The Mayor's grandson comes out from behind a crate.
    Grandson: She... that evil woman... was going to take me to Runefaust to feed
    me to a dragon!  Thank you!  I'm going home and I'm never leaving!
    Max goes back to the Mayor.
    Mayor: Thank you so much, Max.  Take my ship.  It's all yours now!
    It appears the Shining Force has left a good impression on this town, the
    theatre play has changed to the Shining Force trounces the Runefaust army!
    Anyway, Max heads to his new boat.  It's sea worthy and all!
    Nova: This ship will do just fine.  Let's gather the Shining Force and leave at
    It is not that easy though.  Mishaela returns.
    Mishaela: You defeated my pets, but you won't bother me any more.  You're going
    to burn!
    She summons a lot of fire.
    Mishaela: Burn, Max, burn!  You'll serve as an example to all who dare oppose
    Runefaust.  Good riddance, insect!
    She leaves.
    Nova: Max, run!  The ship's going down!
    Max gets off just in time to watch his new boat sink to the bottom of the sea.
    Max returns to the Mayor's house... maybe he had another boat?
    Mayor: What!  They burnt your ship?  Now we have no single ship in this town!
    The only other town with ships is Uranbatol.  But it's a long way from here.
    Are you still determined to go? [Yes]  Uranbatol is very remote.  It's far to
    the northeast.  Go to Shade Abbey first.  Ask my son all the details about the
    Mayor's Son: Head north to Shade Abbey.  You shouldn't have much trouble
    finding it.
    Max heads the group north to the Abbey.  He encounters a bird woman.  Her name
    is Amon.
    Amon: Help!  My name is Amon.  Please save Balbaroy.  He'll die unless you
    Not very specific is she...  Anyway, Max talks to the people in the Abbey, most
    of them follow him around.  They spot Balbaroy...
    Balbaroy: Run!  It's a trap!
    The local minister runs in.
    Minister: Been praying, and well you might!
    It is not really a minister though!  It turns into Darksol!
    Darksol: You and your pitiful Shining Force cannot be saved by prayers!  You
    won't escape!  How fitting that you perish in a former chapel of Light!  I
    leave you now in the care of my minions, who know well what to do with you...
    Undead!  Dispose of these pests once and for all!
    He leaves, a battle begins.  One wonders what all these mega bosses have going
    on that they all make the same mistake... oh well.  Max will prevail.
    Balbaroy: I am Balbaroy!  I was turned to stone by Darksol when he took the
    bodies of the dead.
    Balbaroy joins the Shining Force.
    Balbaroy: I will join you to fight Darksol's evil.
    The abbey is empty now, except for one man still hiding.
    Man: Darksol suddenly appeared.  He told us not to speak about the legacy of
    the Ancients.  Then he attacked our friar.  The friar fought back, but Darksol
    overcame him.
    Max leaves the abbey and passes Amon.
    Amon: Thank you for saving Balbaroy.  Let me go with you so I too can fight
    Amon joins the Shining Force.
    Amon: To reach Uranbatol, you must go through Bustoke.  We will guide you
    there.  I will join your friends.
    Narrator: Max and the Shining Force head toward Bustoke.  What awaits them
    there?  The legacy of the Ancients is still a mystery.  Will they ever solve
    ---End Chapter 2: Spirit of the Holy Spring---
    ---Chapter 3: Secret Weapon of Runefaust---
    Narrator: The Shining Force arrived in Bustoke, a town built into a
    It seems most of the men have been taken to the quarry from this village.
    Their finest warrior, Zylo, was also driven insane by some sort of drug in his
    drink.  The remaining villagers were forced to lock him up.
    Master Alchemist: I am a master alchemist.  I can make anything!  Can I help
    you? [Yes] First you must help me.  To cure Zylo, I need to make Lunar Dew.
    But to do that, I need Moon Stone!  You must go to the quarry, find Moon Stone,
    and bring it back to me!
    Eventually, Max will find the Queen, with her daughter, Diane.
    Queen: I have been waiting for warriors of the Shining Force.  Are you one of
    them? [Yes]  Great!  You must help us.  The Runefaust army took our men to dig
    in the quarry.  They're looking for a weapon of the Ancients, a Laser Eye.
    Diane can lead you there.  If Zylo were sane, he could surely help.
    Diane: If you're going to the quarry to rescue the men, you can count me in!
    Diane joins the Shining Force!
    Diane: I'll be at headquarters.
    The path to the quarry is open now  There are many monsters overseeing the
    Dark Priest: Master, we have found it!
    Master Mage: The Laser Eye!  At last!  This is the end of that cursed Shining
    Force!  Get rid of those men from Bustoke.  They are of no further use to us.
    Skeleton: Alert, Intruders.
    Master Mage: What?  The Shining Force!  Stop them!  We must have time to remove
    the Laser Eye!
    A battle starts.  The Shining Force wins.
    Master Mage: You think you've won, but you've failed.  The Laser Eye is ours
    He dies.
    Nova: Max, the Moon Stone lies inside the cavern.
    Max gets the Moon Stone and takes it to the master alchemist.
    Master Alchemist: You!  Did you bring Moon Stone? [Yes] Yes, that is Moon
    Stone.  I will make Lunar Dew immediately.  Here you go.  Lunar Dew!  Zylo will
    make a full recovery.
    Max gets the guard to open the prison door and enters Zylo's prison home.
    Zylo: What do you want?  Leave me alone or I'll tear you apart!
    Max uses the Lunar Dew by pouring it down Zylo's throat.
    Zylo: Yuk!  Awful taste.  But I'm myself again.  What a relief!  I can never
    repay you for this, but I'm going to join the Shining Force!
    Zylo joins the Shining Force!
    Zylo: I'll wait at headquarters.
    Max searches around the town and sees an inventor, Kokichi working on a
    machine.  Max examines the machine.
    Kokichi: What are you doing?  Don't touch anything, you meddler!  New in town,
    eh?  Go out back and I'll show you my latest invention.
    They go out back.
    Kokichi: Watch carefully!  Here I go!
    Assistant: Good luck Kokichi.
    Kokichi flies around with his new machine.  How graceful, until he crashes into
    a mountain face.
    Assistant: Well, it didn't work this time either...
    Max leaves town.  It's time for another battle.
    Nova: Look, they are trying to block our way to the bridge.  Attack them,
    Shining Force!
    Easy battle, Max wins.
    Nova: Head for the bridge.  We need to get across quickly!
    Well, it looks like it won't be quickly.  There are enemies on the bridge
    already.  But, there seems to be something wrong with them.
    Silver Knight: Traitor!  You've betrayed Lord Kane!
    Pelle: I own no allegiance to you or him, foul fiend that he is!
    Silver Knight: You are only a mercenary.  You do what we pay you to do!
    Pelle: Here, I return your gold.  I shall no longer follow your orders, toad!
    Silver Knight: If you are not with us, then you are against us!  I will have
    the pleasure of killing you myself!
    He smacks Pelle to the edge of a cliff.
    Pelle: Vile fiend!  Aiiiieeeee...
    Silver Knight: Ha, ha!  Thus fall all who dare to oppose the will of Darksol!
    The battle starts, Laser Eye is in it, a powerful beam which decimates anything
    nearby.  Max will prevail.
    Silver Knight: You may have beaten us here, but General Elliott will stop you
    in Pao!
    Pelle climbs up the mountain he was thrown off of.
    Pelle: Whew!  I thought I was a goner, but I caught a branch and just hung on.
    A great battle!  I don't know who you are, but I want to tag along!
    Pelle joins the Shining Force.
    Nova: A good job of getting to that Laser Eye.  Hurry on to Pao.  Evil is
    Narrator: With Laser Eye gone, the Shining Force heads toward the moving town
    of Pao.  Knowing that Runefaust is gathering its forces, our heroes hurried
    ---End Chapter 3: Secret Weapon of Runefaust---
    ---Chapter 4: The Great Fortress of Balbazak---
    Narrator: The Shining Force reached the Pao Prairie to discover that Pao was a
    town of wagons!
    The whole town seems locked down by guards at the moment though.  Max runs into
    General Elliott.
    General Elliott: Greetings, Max!  I am General Elliott of Runefaust.  Will you
    listen to me? [Yes] Good, for what I have to say should interest you...
    Runefaust has been corrupted by Darksol.  He came from nowhere to sway our
    king.  Darksol told King Ramladu that the world would be his to rule forever.
    All he needed was the legacy of the Ancients, Darksol claimed.  Our King
    listened.  Though I hate Darksol and his plans, I am a loyal subject of King
    Ramladu.  When we meet next, Max, it will be on the battlefield!  Our king is
    fully under Darksol's influence.  All this warfare is Darksol's doing.  If you
    defeat me in battle, please free Runefaust from Darksol's clutches!
    Aww, what a nice bad guy!  He even saved the wagons from raiders and bandits
    before.  Oh well, Max wanders around town.  Another Knight, Earnest, is rather
    angry that his town was destroyed because of Balbazak.  Max also sees Jogurt,
    the most useless character in RPG history from afar.  He'll talk to the queen
    of Pao, she'll say they are ready to move the wagons out.  Since Max talked to
    Kokichi before, he will enter as the wagons depart.  Flying uncontrollably on
    his machine, of course.
    Kokichi: Wow!  What a flight!  I've never been this far from Bustoke before!
    Hey down there!  I want to help you fight those nasty Runefaust beasties.
    Whoa!  It won't stop!  I'll be right back, I think.  Just wait a moment.  I'm
    joining up, youngster.  I figure you need some experience on this team!
    Kokichi joins the Shining Force!
    Kokichi: I'll be at headquarters.
    Max wanders around where Pao was, only to find Vankar, a knight who was left
    Vankar: Hey, are you Max?  My name is Vankar.  Did you hear about me in Pao?
    [Yes]  Good, good, I was pretty famous there.  But now I'm looking for
    adventure. [No] I was a guard there, but I slept on duty too much.  They fired
    me.  [Either] I heard about you in Pao.  I'm joining up!  No, no, don't thank
    me, it's my pleasure!
    Vankar joins the Shining Force!
    Vankar: I'll be at headquarters.
    Max leaves town for the battle with General Elliott.
    General Elliott: The time for battle has come.  For King Ramladu!
    Nova: General Elliott is said to be the finest swordsman in all of Rune.  Take
    care, Max!
    The battlefield is a huge chunk of grass.  General Elliott is easily defeated
    by the combined might of the Shining Force.
    General Elliott: Perhaps you have the strength to rescue King Ramladu and
    Runefaust!  Stop Darksol!  Promise that you will free Runefaust, known as
    Protectora before Darksol came...
    General Elliott dies.
    Nova: Elliott was a great warrior... too bad he was our enemy.  But look, the
    traveling town of Pao is coming up again!
    The town parks in front of Max.  Max enters.  He can hatch the Domingo egg in
    an incubator.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get the egg so I do not have the
    brief dialogue for that event.  Domingo would also join the Shining Force at
    this point... oops!  Max may also run into the sheep stables and meet Guntz.
    Guntz: Hey, I'm Guntz.  I came looking for you.  I'm a great fighter in this
    steam suit!  Look at these moves!  The ol' Doc finally got it working!
    Guntz joins the Shining Force.
    Guntz: I'll be at headquarters.
    There's nothing else to do here, Max heads north to Uranbatol.  Of course, it
    is fortified with Runefaust troops.
    Nova: Max, you must break through to reach the harbor.  Be careful, but be
    Max and crew win the battle and open access into the fortress which reveals
    Earnest, who is fighting his way into the place.
    Earnest: Get away, you overgrown mutt!  I'm not stopping until I finish
    Dog: Grrrrr!  Snarrrl.
    It attacks Earnest.
    Earnest: Arrrgghh!  I've... got... to get through.  Eat steel, you mutt.
    Earnest kills it.
    Earnest: Now if I can ...just find... Balbazak... before I die...
    He runs off.  Max follows.
    Earnest: Back off or... it's you!  Let's join forces.  We can help each other
    Earnest joins the Shining Force!
    Earnest: I'll go ahead... wait!  The secret door vanished!  But that won't stop
    me!  Charge!  Charge!  I really could use some rest.  I'm going back to your
    headquarters.  Seen you soon!
    He busted a massive hole into a wall with his charges.  Clearing the only path
    to the docks.  Most of the soldiers in the area surrender before the battle
    Balbazak: At last we meet, Max.  Soon you and your misfits will trouble us no
    Nova: Yes, that is Balbazak, a commander of the Runefaust army.  You must
    destroy him!
    A hellish battle takes place on the smallest of battlefields.  Max and his
    friends triumph over Balbazak!
    Balbazak: Max!  Take the ship, but please, spare my life!  Please! [Yes] Thank
    you!  Take the ship, go after Darksol!
    Darksol: Balbazak, you betrayed me!
    Balbazak: No, no, please Darksol!  Leave me in peace!
    Darksol: You disgust me, Balbazak!  Leave you in peace?  I will leaves you in
    Balbazak: Forgive me!
    Darksol: Too late, worm!  Receive your punishment for failure!
    The screen flashes.
    Balbazak: I am dying, Max...  You must kill Darksol... free Runefaust...
    Balbazak dies.
    Darksol: Take the ship, as that fool said.  You will not survive the voyage!
    Ha, ha, ha!
    Narrator: Thus did the Shining Force free Uranbatol and set sail for a land of
    ---End Chapter 4: The Great Fortress of Balbazak---
    ---Chapter 5: Gateway to the Hidden Shrine---
    Narrator: After a week at sea, sentries spotted a horde of monsters approaching
    the ship...
    Nova: The ship is surrounded by monsters, Max!  Prepare to defend it!
    A battle begins.  While Max's forces move fast to take them out, the ship is in
    bad shape once everything is destroyed.
    Nova: The ship was damaged in the battle.  We must repair it.  That island over
    A mermaid swims over to the bow of the ship.
    Mermaid: Thank you for destroying those monsters.  My name is Shell of Waral.
    You can repair your ship in Waral.  Please follow me!
    Nova: I've heard of Waral.  We should be able to get the ship fixed there.
    The ship makes it to Waral.  What a dull town, Max goes to see the king.
    King: Greetings!  We will gladly repair your ship, if you tell others of our
    lovely island.  I hope you are enjoying yourself.  Rest until your ship is
    fully repaired.
    Max wanders around, learns that the sea is draining thanks to a hole in a great
    reef.  Also, the village friar is missing!  He jumps into a little guest boat
    and floats beyond the buoys, despite several warnings.  The ship loses control.
    Max wakes up in a bed, by the missing friar!
    Friar: Well, I'm glad to see you're up.  You were thrown from your ship.  I
    rescued you.  Strange doings!  The water in the Ring Reef vanished and a
    strange creature appeared.  It might have something to do with the legend of a
    Shining Path that leads to Metapha.  The Legend says Metapha is a land of the
    Max wanders into the center of the Ring Reef's hole.  It takes him onto the
    shining path, where he follows a skeleton for a while.  Eventually, he is
    Skeleton: What are you doing here?  I must inform the master!
    He runs off, Max follows.  A Master Mage is trying to open another part of
    Shining Path.
    Master Mage: I invoke a path before me... what?  Shining Force!  I was so
    close... so close!  I shall destroy you all!
    Battle time...
    Master Mage: Arrghh... I was so close... the way to Metapha... almost ours...
    He dies.  There's no one in the room... but....
    Voice: Max, I was waiting for you.  I used that mermaid to bring you here...
    The Shining Path lies behind this door.  It leads to the land of the Ancients.
    The key to the Accursed Door is there.  I shall open the way to the Shining
    Path now.
    Something goes wrong, rocks fall in front of the path.  Someone blocked it!
    Person: No!  Thought it takes all of my remaining strength, you shall not use
    the path!
    The person does a good job of blocking it, but then dies.
    Voice: Alas, the path is blocked.  Listen.  Two things are needed to break free
    Dark Dragon.  Darksol must get the key to the door, as well as the Manual of
    the Seal.  The manual is in Dragonia.  You must stop Darksol.  The seal must
    not be broken!  Go to Prompt.  There you should find another Shining Path.
    Nova: Max, quick!  This place is collapsing!  Run!
    Max makes it to safety, the Ring Reef and the Shining Path it hid sink to the
    bottom of the sea.  Max is on the island with the friar.  The boat is nearby,
    he floats back into Waral.  He finds out some interesting things for future
    travels.  He also gets thanked endlessly for fixing the Ring Reef problem!  Max
    returns to the King.
    King Waral: Well, Max, your ship is repaired.  Are you leaving immediately?
    [Yes]  I see.  The payment for the repairs comes to 1,000,000 coins.  Will you
    pay it now? [Yes]  Why, don't you have enough money! [No] Well, I can't let you
    leave without paying... [Both] You almost believed me, didn't you?  I can't
    take money from you!  I thank you on behalf of my people.  Take care, and be
    sure to return later!
    Max gets his big boat again and sets a course to Prompt.  As before, he gets
    attacked at sea!
    Nova: Here we go again.  We were just about to land, too!  Go get them!
    A battle ensues.  Max wins it quickly, but again, the boat has taken damage.
    Nova: The ship's helm was destroyed in the battle.  We're now adrift at sea!
    Narrator: The ship drifted off course, lost at sea.  What will become of the
    Shining Force?
    ---End Chapter 5: Gateway to the Hidden Shrine---
    ---Chapter 6: Descendant of the Sacred Dragons---
    Narrator: The Shining Force finally reached the port of Rudo, far from Prompt.
    Rudo is a strange place.  There are many kids running around, but very few
    adults. Max wakes up in a bed, and was apparently nursed back to health by the
    Karin: I am Karin.  We need your help.  To the east is the town of Dragonia.
    The Runefaust army is near Dragonia.  But Bleu is all alone in the village.
    And he's our friend, a baby Sacred Dragon.  Please help Dragonia and Bleu!
    Max wanders around town a bit.  Bleu seems to be friends with everyone.  Max
    runs into a dog.
    Dog: Grrrrr!
    Krin: Be quiet, Brit!  He's a guest.
    The dog moves.  Max approaches.
    Krin: Who are you?  Brit?  Oh, he's my pet.  I'm Krin, Karin's sister!  I know
    lots of stuff.  I read all these old books!  This book has some great stuff in
    it.  Should I tell you about it? [Yes]  The Manual of the Seal is a book that
    contains several chants.  One of these breaks the seal on Dark Dragon, another
    renews the seal.  The Ancients used the second chant to bind Dark Dragon 1,000
    years ago.  The manual has been guarded by the Sacred Dragons for centuries.
    You must go to Dragonia to try to stop Darksol from taking the manual!  Bleu
    cannot do it on his own!
    Upon trying to leave town, Max will be attacked trying to reach Dragonia.
    Durahan: These Guardiana fools must be stopped.  Kane's mission is vital.
    Nova: Max, you must quickly break through to Dragonia!
    The battle begins.  Max wins.
    Durahan: You'll never beat Kane, Shining Fools!
    Nova: Max, you must stop Kane before he finds the Manual of the Seal.  Onward!
    Max enters Dragonia.  The place is rather empty, no sign of any dragons.  He
    runs into Bleu in an abandoned house.
    Bleu: Hey, go away!  I don't want to fight, OK?  Just go away!
    Karin enters the house.
    Karin: Bleu!  This person is our friend.  He's here to help!  Stop shaking, you
    Bleu: Oh, Karin, you are so mean!
    Karin: I was worried about Bleu, so I followed you.  I really think he's
    hopeless!  I am disappointed in you, Bleu!
    She runs out for the house.
    Karin: Help!  Help!  Bleu!  Max!
    Bleu: That's Karin's voice!
    Bleu rushes out of the house.  Max follows.  They go into another building.
    Bleu is confronted by a Knight holding Karin hostage.
    Knight: Well, dragon, if you want to save this girl, open that shrine door!
    Karin: Bleu!  Don't listen to him!  Remember that you're a Sacred Dragon!
    Bleu: Karin!  No!
    Knight: What are you going to do about it, crybaby dragon?
    Bleu spews fire!
    Knight: Arrggggh!
    The knight dies.
    Bleu: I'm not very confident yet, but I'll try best!
    Bleu joins the Shining Force!
    Bleu: I'll be at headquarters.
    Karin: I'll return to Rudo.  I have to tell everybody that Bleu found his
    She leaves.  Max leaves the building as well, but finds Kane.
    Kane: Remember me, Max?  Kane of Runefaust.  Ready for your last fight?  Go
    back to your headquarters and get ready.  Then you'll meet your doom!
    Max does as instructed.  When he comes back out, Kane and his army are ready.
    Kane: Ha!  I knew you couldn't hide in there forever!  Come out, little hero!
    Nova: Max, be careful.  Remember that Kane killed Varios!
    A battle starts.  Kane is very strong, but eventually defeated.
    Kane: Arrgh!  My mask is... breaking!
    His mask breaks, revealing his true identity.
    Kane: Wh... where am I?  I remember now.  Darksol masked my face to control
    me...  What have I done?  He even made me fight you!  Forgive me, Max!
    He vanishes.
    Nova: It seems that Darksol is behind all the evil afoot.  Stop him and it all
    ends.  In any case, let's take another look at this village.  Check the shrine
    Max checks out the shrine.  The door says it will only open for two heroes.
    Max is one, who is the other?  Kane is nearby in a corner.
    Kane: Please, Max, come with me to the door.  We must stop Darksol at any cost.
    I want revenge for what he has done to me.  We must keep that manual from him!
    They walk to the door.  It opens!
    Voice: Two heroes.  I have waited long for such as you!
    They walk into the depths of the shrine.  A long passage holds a chest, which
    holds the manual, at its end, Kane approaches it but Darksol teleports in front
    of him.
    Darksol: Ah, Kane.  Feeling more like yourself now, are you?
    Kane: This is the end, Darksol!  Max, get out now!  You'll only be destroyed if
    you stay!
    Darksol: I can't let Max go!  Now that I have what I wanted, I have no further
    need of him!  For you see, dear friends, I have both the key and the manual.
    Dark Dragon will soon be free again!
    Kane: Go, Max, run!  I'll deal with Darksol!
    Kane pushes Max out of the room.  A large clap of thunder is heard.  Kane and
    Darksol are gone, so is the manual.  With no where else to go, Max heads back
    to Rudo and talks to Karin.
    Karin: Welcome back, Max!  I told everyone about Bleu.  Thank you so much!
    Krin said she found something in the old records.  It sounded important.
    With that, Max heads downstairs to see Krin.
    Krin: I checked the old records and read something interesting.  Do you want to
    hear about it? [Yes] Listen - "The Manual of the Seal holds the key to
    awakening Dark Dragon.  He must never awaken.  The Sacred Dragon must keep the
    manual from evil hands."  Also, there's something here about a sword called the
    Chaos Breaker...  It says that when the sword is used at the westernmost point
    of the land...  The Castle of the Ancients will rise from the depths of the
    sea.   Whatever all that means!  Did you get the manual? [No] Darksol has it?
    Oh, my.  This is bad, very bad!  He can use it to awaken Dark Dragon!
    Max tries to leave, but everyone tells him to talk to Karin again.
    Karin: I think you should go to Prompt first.  It's south of here.  But be
    careful!  There are lots of monsters out there!
    Max leaves Rudo.
    Mishaela: Well, Max, we meet once more.  For the last time, I fear, as you will
    die here.  My minions shall take care of you, but if they fail, I await you in
    Demon Castle!
    A battle ensues and the forces of evil are routed once again.
    Nova: Mishaela is said to possess the Sword of Light.  You must enter her
    castle and get it!  With that legendary weapon, you stand a much better chance
    against Darksol.
    Max enters the skull shaped castle.
    Mishaela: Well, here's my little hero coming for my Sword of Light!  Take it,
    if you dare!  You'll never leave my castle, you pitiful fools!  This is as
    close as you'll ever come to the Sword of Light!
    Nova: Max, take great care.  Mishaela is a powerful wizardess, a dangerous foe!
    A battle begins.  Max wins the battle, and with it, the Shining Sword.
    Mishaela: Though you can take... my sword... you will never... stop Darksol.
    Dark Dragon will be set free...
    She dies.
    Narrator: Will Darksol release Dark Dragon from the bonds of the Ancients?  Or
    will Max stop Darksol and save all of Rune from the ultimate evil?  The Force
    hurries on to Prompt...
    ---End Chapter 6: Descendant of the Sacred Dragons---
    ---Chapter 7: The Lost Civilization---
    Narrator: The Shining Force quickly reached Prompt, hoping that they had come
    in time.
    Prompt is a very odd town.  Everyone seems to have an IQ of grade school drop
    outs.  No one knows anything about anything.  Most of the buildings are in
    ruin, including the "castle" which Max ventures into.  Most of the villagers
    called the king a very wise man.
    King Kusuko: What brings you to Prompt?  Ancients?  Dark Dragon?  What is this
    nonsense?  You're a spy, aren't you, sent by our enemies to find our
    weaknesses.  Answer me! [No] You're lying!  We know how to deal with spies!
    [Yes] I thought so.  We have a place for toads like you... [Both] Guard!  Toss
    him in prison!
    The guard puts Max into a prison cell.  Poor Max, always in prison.  Max checks
    out the bars, they seem indestructible.  Boken, the crazy inventory, shows up.
    Boken: OK, now I'm really lost.  Hey, Max!  What's up?  Don't worry, I'll let
    you out!
    Boken opens up the door.
    Boken: Max, I think I'm going to stop wandering around and settle down.  Maybe
    in Waral.  See ya!
    Max sneaks into the back of the Throne Room.
    Guard: King Kusuko.  A message from those who left for the Tower of the
    Guard 2: Alef and Torasu say Darksol seems unbeatable.  They cannot hold out
    for long!
    Max reveals himself.
    King Kusuko: You heard the report, I assume.  The Tower of the Ancients is east
    of here.  When I heard Darksol was there, I sent troops to stop him.  He is
    trying to raise the Castle of the Ancients from beneath the sea.  He must be
    stopped before he awakens Dark Dragon.  Since my troops have failed, it's all
    up to you now, Max.
    Nearby, Kane is being treated for wounds.  Max examines him, the king comes
    running over.
    King Kusuko: His name is Kane.  Someone found him seriously injured.  When Kane
    recovers his strength, you two can talk.  Just be patient!
    Kane: P.. please... King Kusuko,... let Max... go to... the Tower of... the
    King Kusuko: Rest Kane.  There will be time to talk later.
    Kane: I... owe Max a great deal... please... let him go...
    King Kusuko: I give in.  Max!  You have my permission to enter the Tower of the
    Max leaves the castle.  On his way out of the town he reads a note.  "I am
    Musashi the Samurai.  I have come to join the fight against evil."  "I await at
    Musashi has joined the Shining Force!  Max exits town and walks into another
    Nova: The Tower of the Ancients is to the east.  Hurry, while there's still
    After a tough battle, Max presses onward.
    Nova: Now, on to the Tower of the Ancients!
    Max and his party make their way through part of the Tower, and get attacked.
    Demon Master: Stop them!  Lord Darksol must not be disturbed!
    Nova: We must get inside the tower!  Smash through these monsters, quickly,
    The Shining Force wins another battle.
    Demon Master: Lord Darksol... I have failed... they're coming... into the
    The Demon Master dies.
    Nova: Get in there, quickly!
    Max enters the upper part of the tower.  Alef and Torasu are both standing
    Alef: Keep going... Darksol... top of tower... hurry...
    Torasu: We can't go on... you must stop Darksol...
    Alef: Don't... worry about us... get Darksol before... it's too late...
    Torasu: Maybe you are... strong enough... to succeed where we... failed...
    Max continues up.  He finds Darksol.
    Darksol: Too late, Max!  It has begun!  The Castle of the Ancients is rising
    from the depths.  Soon I will awaken Dark Dragon and he will rule the world!
    And now, the time to end your meddling is here!  I call upon the Darkness to
    crush this... No!  It cannot be!
    Kane comes out of no where to challenge Darksol.
    Darksol: Kane!
    Kane: Yes, Darksol.  And this time I will stop you!
    Darksol: Fool!  I am now many times mightier than when we last met.  Your doom
    is here!
    Darksol attacks Kane.
    Kane: Arrrggghhh!
    Darksol: I have no more time to waste with you two.  Dark Dragon awaits!
    Darksol vanishes.  Kane is in very bad shape.
    Kane: I'm dying... Max... go to... Metapha... hurry!
    Kane dies.
    Nova: Max, there is no time for sorrow.  Alef and Torasu are with us.  On to
    Torasu and Alef join the Shining Force!  Max returns to Prompt for some advice.
    He consults with King Kusuko.
    King Kusuko: We are doomed, Max!  Darksol is awakening Dark Dragon.  It cannot
    be stopped.
    Otrant: No!  Do not give up.  All is not yet lost!
    King Kusuko: Who are you to barge into my throne room?
    Otrant: I am Otrant of Manarina, King Kusuko.  Have you heard of the Chaos
    King Kusuko: Yes, a sword spoken of in ancient legends...
    Otrant: When ultimate evil arises, a Sword of both Light and Darkness can
    defeat the evil.  Max has the Sword of Light, and Kane had the Sword of
    King Kusuko: Kane left it with me.  Max, take both swords to Metapha.  Once
    there, you can create the Chaos Breaker.  Here is the Sword of Darkness.
    King Kusuko gives Max the Sword of Darkness.
    King Kusuko: Now, leave for Metapha!  Create Chaos Breaker and stop Darksol!
    Max heads into the depths of the castle to the newly repaired Shining Path.  He
    holds up the Orb of Light, it opens for him and he enters.  There is a robot,
    Adam, already inside.
    Adam: You are too late.  Darksol took the key to the Accursed Door.  Go to the
    eye symbol and use the Orb of Light.
    Max does as he says.  A spirit appears.
    Spirit: I know about Kane.  Darksol has the key and is on his way to revive
    Dark Dragon.  To Chaos Breaker may be able to reseal Dark Dragon if Darksol
    frees him.  Follow Adam.  He will lead you to where you can create the Chaos
    Adam: I am Adam, a robot soldier.  I will show you how to create the Chaos
    Adam joins the Shining Force.  Adam leads Max to a door, but, another robot
    appears in front of them.  It is Chaos!
    Chaos: Screech!  Kill... Kill...
    Adam: Stop!  You are Chaos.  You have been reprogrammed by Darksol.  Revert to
    original function.
    Chaos: Screech... go away!
    Chaos beats down Adam.  Monster appear.
    Chaos: Screech!  Kill... kill...
    A battle ensues.  Chaos is blown away.
    Chaos: This unit... now ceases to function... mission incomplete... system
    Chaos explodes.  Max proceeds to a room with three large alters.  It also has
    four slabs of stone with instructions.  "Those who seek the Chaos Breaker must
    prove themselves."  "use Light on the left alter, Darkness on the right."  "The
    Chaos Breaker is forged from Light and Darkness.  It appears on the center
    altar."  "Take the Chaos Breaker from the central altar and go forth to battle
    evil!"  He places the Sword of Light on one, the Sword of Darkness on another.
    The Chaos Breaker appears.  Max grabs it, a passage opens.  Max enters, it
    closes behind him.  A spirit appears.
    Spirit: Use the Chaos Breaker to stop Darksol.  I have done all I can.  The
    rest is up to you!  The hopes of all of Rune go with you!
    Max leaves and heads back to King Kusuko.
    King Kusuko: Long ago, Max, the Ancients founded the cities of Guardiana and
    Runefaust.  Though back then, Runefaust was called Protectora... Where was I?
    Oh, yes.  Guardiana held the western Gate of the Ancients, while Protectora
    held the eastern.  Though Protectora has fallen into evil hands, the gate
    remains and still functions.  Darksol entered the Castle of the Ancients
    through the eastern gate.  You must enter Runefaust and fight your way to the
    gate.  Good luck, Max!
    Max converses with Otrant.
    Otrant: At last, the Chaos Breaker!  You must go to Runefaust now.  See Mahato
    there.  He is honest and can help you.
    Max leaves town, looks like another fight.
    Nova: To the south is Runefaust.  Their army approaches.  You must fight your
    way in.
    Max and the Shining Force are again victorious.
    Nova: Now, Max, into Runefaust!
    Narrator: The Shining Force is now in a desperate race against time.  Dark
    Dragon is awakening!
    ---End Chapter 7: The Lost Civilization---
    ---Chapter 8: Rise of the Ancient Castle---
    Narrator: Runefaust at last!  The long and perilous journey is near its end.
    It is up to the Shining Force whether it ends as a triumph for Light or
    Max enters Runefaust, there's a note on a bush, he reads it.  "I am the ninja
    Hanzo.  I shall join your battle.  I await you at headquarters."  Hanzo joins
    the Shining Force!  All of the villagers are glad Darksol has ended the war,
    none of them liked him.  The main castle is blocked off by guards, rumors
    floating around of many monsters inside.  Max heads to meet Mahato.
    Mahato: I am Mahato.  There is no time to lose, Max.  Darksol has gone to the
    gate!  You must follow him.  Go back through town.  The guards will let you
    through now.  King Ramladu will try to stop you, for he is Darksol's creature
    now!  Fight well!  You are the only one who can defeat Ramladu!
    Max heads for the main castle.  Upon entering, Darksol greets him.
    Darksol: You again, Max?  How unfortunate for you!  Now I must be off to summon
    Dark Dragon.  But don't worry.  Someone is waiting for you.  King Ramladu will
    serve my purposes one last time, then I will have no need for him!  I must be
    going.  Do enjoy your meeting with Ramladu.  Dark Dragon arises soon!
    Darksol vanishes.  Max continues deeper into the castle.  He finds Ramladu and
    an army of monsters.
    King Ramladu: Long have I waited for this moment, Max!  Prepare for your death.
    Ramladu leaves.  A battle begins.  Max wins.  Ramladu returns.
    Ramladu: Is that the best you can do?  Well, meet my robots, weaklings!
    The middle of the battlefield turns into robots!  Ramladu stays for this
    battle.  Max and crew will prevail.
    Ramladu: I am dying... but my mind is once more my own.  Darksol was
    controlling me.  You must stop Darksol!  If he frees Dark Dragon, all of Rune
    is doomed.  He has gone to the gate to summon the castle from the depths of the
    sea.  Go!
    King Ramladu dies.
    Nova: Max!  Darksol has already entered the Castle of the Ancients.  You must
    hurry!  I found a secret passage to the gate.  It is in the entry hall of this
    castle.  Return to town and make your final preparations.  Then take the
    Max takes the passage and reaches the western most point of land in the world.
    He uses his Chaos Breaker and the Castle of the Ancients rises from the sea!
    Using the nearby gateway he is able to enter it, just in time to get in a
    Nova: At last, Max!  The Castle of the Ancients.  The end is near, for good or
    Colossus: None shall pass Colossus, the eternal sentinel!  Leave now!
    Nova: Colossus!  I've heard of it in legends!  Max!  They are attacking!
    Max and the Shining Force win!  The path Colossus had blocked is open.
    Colossus: Fools... Dark Dragon... will come... to destroy you...
    Nova: You've destroyed Colossus!  But where is Darksol?
    The castle shakes violently.
    Nova: Use the Staircase, Max.  Darksol must be up there!
    Max goes up it, another room of monsters... and Darksol!
    Darksol: Dark Dragon!  Awake from your long sleep!  The time has come for you
    to reclaim this land!  Awaken, Dark Dragon!  Something is wrong...  Max!
    Blast!  You have meddled for the last time!  Kill them, my servants!
    Nova: Max!  You must stop Darksol before he completes his foul ceremony!
    Darksol puts up a great struggle, but is beaten by the combined might of the
    Shining Force.
    Darksol: Dark Dragon!  With my dying breath... I summon you... Arise, Dark
    Dark Dragon sparkles.
    Darksol: Yes!  At last, you are awakening!  I offer myself to you, Dark Dragon!
    Use my power to help you cast off your bonds.  You are free once more!  Let all
    of Rune tremble!  I die fulfilled!  Cringe fools!
    Darksol dies, but, his energies power up Dark Dragon.  Max and the Shining
    Force are left to battle it.  A legendary battle erupts, one which the Shining
    Force ends up winning.
    Dark Dragon: Nooooo!  These puny creatures cannot defeat the Lord of Darkness!
    Never!  I will not be banished again!  The Powers of Darkness will sustain me!
    Nova: Dark Dragon still lives!  Perhaps we cannot kill him!  There must be a
    way...  Max!  Dark Dragon must be sealed away once again.  And only you can do
    it!  Use the Chaos Breaker!  Drive it through Dark Dragon!
    Dark Dragon: Fools!  Nothing you can do can stop me!  I am Dark Dragon,
    Darkness incarnate!
    Nova: Max!  Stab him with the Chaos Breaker!
    Max drives Chaos Breaker through Dark Dragon's neck.  It dies.  The Ancient
    Castle begins to shake again.
    Nova: Max!  The Castle of the Ancients is sinking!  Let's get out of here!
    Max has a small problem though, he cannot move, his sword is stuck where Dark
    Dragon was.  Not only that, Max cannot release the sword!
    Nova: Max is somehow bound to the Chaos Breaker!  Max!  Break free!  We won't
    leave without you!
    Max: I can't get free, but you won't die with me!
    Max casts egress.  The rest of the party appears near Runefaust castle.
    Mae: Max used his Egress magic to save us.  But where is Max?
    Lowe: That spell's supposed to get us all out.  Why isn't Max here?  Why, Nova?
    Nova: I have no answers for you.  Perhaps a great hero is needed to guard the
    seal.  Perhaps he must stand as an eternal vigil to prevent Dark Dragon's
    Lowe: But why did it have to be Max?  Any of us would have taken his place...
    Mae: I won't believe it!  Max will come back, I know it!  Perhaps Max will
    still come out.  Wait, look at the castle!
    The Castle of the Ancients sinks to the bottom of the sea.
    Lowe: No!  It's gone... the castle... and Max with it...  That's it.  He didn't
    escape.  He's gone...
    Mae: I won't believe it...
    Nova: Max has saved all of Rune.  His sacrifice will be remembered forever.
    And now, friends, it is time for us to begin the long journey home...
    Mae: I won't believe it...
    She runs to the western most point of the continent.
    Mae: Max!
    The girl who began the game reading the book of Dark Dragon comes to the
    screen, she is presumably the one who has been the narrator throughout the
    Swallowed by a murky brine, the Castle of the Ancients was lost forevermore.
    The battle over and Rune saved, the warriors of the Shining Force returned
    home.  Led by Mae, Guardiana was rebuilt and Anri inherited the throne.  As for
    Max, he is believed to have perished at sea along with Dark Dragon.  And that
    is the official ending.  But you and I know differently, don't we?  Somewhere,
    evil stirs in a land that has need of a hero.  And I know you'll be up to the
    challenge, Max!  Well, goodbye for now.  I have a feeling I'll be seeing you
    The end credits roll to various imagery of the game.  Of course, it isn't over
    yet.  A robot and a villager stand near a beautiful countryside.  They are
    approached from someone off the screen.
    Villager: Well, hello there.  You look like you're a long way from home.  We
    don't see many folk in full armor like that.  Quite a fancy getup!
    Voice: I have come a long way.  Longer than you can imagine.
    Villager: I must say you do look pretty tired, and, well,  your things have
    seen better days.
    Voice: I'm tired of wandering.  I'm looking for a place to settle down and
    Villager: Well, how about right here?  Lend your hands to the fields of our
    The camera shifts, the person the villager is talking to is Max.
    Max: That sounds like just what I need right now.  I work hard and I'm a fast
    Villager: Good, we've got a deal then.  Folks in the village will be excited to
    see a new face!  I didn't catch your name.  What do they call you?
    Villager: Me?  You can call me...
    The End

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