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    Help & Hints file
    This is a hints file for Shining Force II. It is meant as a supplement
    for the walkthru and contains some info not included in the walkthru.
    Okay, first let's talk about the cast of characters. There are 30 of them
    altogether and they all have various strengths and weaknesses. Let's now
    examine them one by one:
    1: Bowie (Default name for the main character). He is the leader of the
    Shining Force. He is handy with any sword weapon and has two spells, Bolt
    and Egress. The Egress spell is used to whisk the Shining Force out of
    danger if the fight is going against them. He and he alone can wield the
    Achilles Sword, needed to defeat the giant guardian Taros in the Ancient
    Shrine where the Caravan is located; and the Force Sword, needed to defeat
    Zeon. Bowie's only real weakness is that if he's exhausted in battle, you
    automatically lose the fight and half your gold.
    2: Chaz. Chaz is the son of Hawel and you find him in Yeel after you play
    the Yeel piano. He would be useful in the fight against Zeon- if he had a
    level 4 spell. Since, by the time you find him, he has no level 4 spells,
    he isn't strong enough to fight in the upcoming battles.
    3: Chester. Chester is the first of three centaur knights who join you in
    your adventures. He and Sarah are the first two to join you, so you have
    plenty of time to build up Chester's strength. Chester can wield spear
    weapons that let him attack from two spaces away or from a diagonal, so he
    has more range when he's armed with a spear weapon. If you find the Pegasus
    Wing before you promote him, he can be promoted to a Pegasus Knight and
    gain the ability to fly. Chester's defense strength is slightly low but
    he gets good hit points which helps compensate for this.
    4: Claude. This golem is found in the nexus between Grans and Parmecia. If
    you find the Arm of Golem and use it in front of him, he will join you.
    His hit points are a bit on the low side but his defense strength (he has
    more than anybody else) compensates. His real weakness is his movement
    range- it's only 4. To fix this, give him a Running Pimento and make sure
    it increases his movement range by 2. To make sure, save the game before he
    eats the pimento and if it only gives him 1 point, reset and try again.
    5: Elric. When you find Elric, he is trapped in a small pond west of the
    Elven Village. If you win the battle there, you rescue him and he joins
    you as an archer. Unfortunately, he's not very strong and I retired him to
    the Caravan after a few battles.
    6: Erik. This centaur knight is one of four characters you can get from
    Mr. Creed. His powers and weaknesses are about the same as Chester's.
    7: Frayja. He is found in Pacalon's castle. He travels with you to Moun
    and joins you after opening the gate. Frayja is a better priest than Sarah;
    he has more hit points, more magic points, and he can reach level 4 with
    his Aura spell. He also receives the Attack spell which gives a boost to
    the recipient's attack power. His weakness is that even at level 31,
    his Heal spell is only level 2. I do not know if it goes any higher.
    8: Gerhalt. He is a wolfman who joins you in Polca village after you return
    from your talk with Volcanon. He is a very strong attacker and he is also
    pretty quick. His hit points and his defense strength are just a tiny bit
    on the low side, but overall, he is tough enough to go till the end.
    9: Gyan. This dwarf gladiator is very tough and hardy. Arm him with a Rune
    Axe and, with a little work, he can hold his own in the final battles.
    His agility is slightly low but a Boost spell can fix that.
    10: Higins. A centaur knight who you meet just after leaving Ketto. If you
    defeat Geshp's first army, you save Higins and he joins you. Higins is
    the weakest of the centaur knights, but he is useable up till the fight
    with Odd Eye. After that, it's best to use Chester or Erik.
    11: Jaha. Like Gyan, Jaha is a tough and strong warrior. If you promote
    him to Baron, he can use swords, which are a touch stronger than axes
    (with one exception- the strongest mithril axe [Rune Axe] is stronger
    than the best mithril sword [Counter Sword]).
    12: Janet. Janet is a skilled archer who joins you just before you embark
    on your mission to see the Tristan storytellers. Promote her to Brass
    Gunner with the Silver Tank and she becomes a reliable warrior, able to
    attack from three spaces away. She doesn't get that high an attack power
    rating but she is good at weakening foes from a distance so your power
    fighters can then move in for the kill.
    13: Jaro. He is a pegasus knight who worked for the devils but turns on
    them to join your side. His overall strength is only slightly better than
    Higins but since he can both fly and use spears, he can attack from a
    backward angle, a power you can use in the fight against Zeon.
    14: Karna. When you are offered one of four characters by Mr. Creed, it's
    generally considered best to choose Karna. Promote her to master monk and
    she becomes a valuable member of the Shining Force, a skilled fighter and
    healer. Her weakness is that her Heal spell only goes up to level 3, and
    you must work her up past level 40 to get a level 4 Aura spell.
    15: Kazin. Kazin is a solid, skilled mage who becomes a powerful sorcerer
    if you find the Magic Book before you promote him. At level 26, he gets the
    level 2 Neptune spell, which works very well on Zeon. He is limited to a
    movement range of 5- fix this with the Running Ring or a Running Pimento.
    16: Kiwi. This is the default name for the tortoise character you find
    in Granseal before the 7th battle. He starts out a competent fighter but
    he does not gain in hit points. He starts out with 7 and by the time I
    was able to promote him, he only had 11. Even his formidable defense power
    does not shield him from the enemies you face starting at the 20th battle.
    Retire him to the Caravan after you save Elric.
    17: Lemon. The leader of the Galam army, he is later transformed into
    the diabolical Red Baron. When he is brought back to his senses, he tries
    to kill himself, and when this fails, he joins your forces with the hopes
    of an honorable death in battle. He needs a little work if you want to
    use him in the final battles- get him into shape by having him kill members
    of Odd Eye's army. His weakness is that once he joins you, he loses half
    the hit points he had as Red Baron, and he can no longer wield the Dark
    Sword he used as Red Baron.
    18: Luke: This birdman warrior from Bedoe is very useful. His defensive
    strength is a bit low, but he has good hit points and a high agility,
    so if he is wounded, he can usually retreat to get healed before he gets
    killed by the enemy.
    19: May. This centaur is actually an archer (or Ranger, as the game calls
    her), and she is useful at weakening targets from a distance. Defensive
    strength is not that good, so keep her out of the enemy's reach.
    20: Peter. This phoenix joins you at the start of your second quest (going
    to Mt. Volcano, Peter's home). Unlike any other character who travels with
    you for a time before joining you, Peter will fight for you right from
    the start, but until he actually joins you, he is computer controlled
    in battle. With a little work, Peter becomes the strongest member of the
    Shining Force. Even though he doesn't get his defense strength into the
    90's, he is, overall, formidable enough to go against Zeon.
    21: Rick: You meet this Centaur knight after getting the Caravan. He
    has the highest defense strength of all the centaur knights, but his hit
    points and attack strength are only a little better than Jaro. He does have
    a good agility and movement range.
    22. Randolf. He is one of the four characters offered you by Mr. Creed.
    He is just as tough and hardy as Gyan (perhaps even slightly tougher) and
    can be used until the end when armed with a Rune Axe.
    23: Rohde: He takes you to the shrine where the Caravan is located and
    becomes the driver. Later, he also joins up as a Brass Gunner. He is as
    strong as Janet, making the two of them interchangeable (I like to use
    Janet since she is prettier [hehe]).
    24: Sarah: Sarah is your best friend for most of the game, since for half
    of the game, she is the only healer on the Shining Force. Her Heal spell
    reaches level 4, but she does not get many magic points. Sheela makes a better healer than Sarah becuase she
    gets more magic points and, as a master monk, she can fight well too.
    25: Sheela. You meet her behind the monastery. As a master monk, Sheela
    can both fight and heal. She is not as strong as Karna but she does get
    a level 4 Heal spell and a level 2 Boost spell.
    26: Skreech. You meet him in Bedoe if you stand at just the right spot, and
    he joins you after you rescue Mitula in Tristan. He is a bit stronger than
    Luke (note: he still isn't one of your power fighters) but he can fly
    and has pretty good hit points and a decent attack strength.
    27: Slade. He is the one who started up all the trouble by stealing the
    Jewels of Light and Evil from the Ancient Tower shrine. A sense of duty
    drives him to join you, and he can be useful at weakening opponents for the
    power fighters and finishing off an
    enemy who is down to his last few hit points. Once promoted, he becomes
    increasingly more powerful and before you know it, he is a power fighter
    himself. Good agility too.
    28: Taya. You find this Sorceress in Mitula's shrine. She is as competent
    as Kazin, except that even at level 28, her Neptune spell hasn't reached
    level 2. I don't know how high you have to work her to get the level 2
    Neptune spell, but I do know that getting her there will be awfully
    hard work.
    29: Tyrin: The last of the characters you can get from Mr. Creed. With some
    work, his Freeze spell gets worked up to level 4, and once this is done, he
    can be used in the fight with Zeon if he stays three spaces away.
    30: Zynk. A robot who accompanies you from Moun to Nazca and then joins you
    in Roft. He makes a good fighter and can be used until the end with some
    care and work. His weakness is a low movement range (4); fix this with a
    Running Pimento or the Running Ring.
    Note that when you are offered the 4 characters from Mr. Creed, you may
    only select one. When you reach Roft, you may travel back to Creed's house
    via the tunnel from Grans back to Parmecia, and pick up the other three
    characters. Note that they will be much less powerful than the rest of
    the Shining Force. If you want to make any use of them, you will need
    to 'train' them. To do this, use the configuration code to control the
    enemy, and have the characters kill the Prism Flowers. Push all the other
    monsters to the western edge of the battlefield, and Egress when all the
    Prism Flowers are killed. All members of the Shining Force can be trained
    up to level 28 in this way by doing the battle over and over enough times.
    Now let's look at the eleven 'boss' enemies you face in the game. Each
    boss has better hit points than any other creature in that fight scene,
    and may attack twice a round when in battle.
    1) The Kraken Head. It can attack you from three spaces away and packs a
    hefty punch. Once the Kraken head has selected a target, it will attack
    only that target until the target is slain, or the Kraken head itself is
    slain. You must use Peter, Luke, May, Chester, Sarah and the main character
    together in a coordinated manner to defeat the Kraken Head.
    2) Taros. The giant guardian of the Caravan Shrine. The main character
    must battle him alone because Taros cannot be damaged by anything except
    the Achilles Sword.
    3) The Chessboard King. He wields a powerful attack and a hefty level 2
    Blaze spell. He also has good hit points.
    4) Willard the rat in Floor World. He has about 60 hit points, and a very
    good attack strength.
    5) Zalbard. The least powerful of the greater devils, Zalbard is still a
    formidable foe, with 80 hit points, a high attack strength and a level 2
    bolt spell.
    6) Cameela. She wields a spiked iron ball on a long chain that can deal
    out heavy damage. She also has 99 hit points and good defense strength.
    7) Red Baron. This killing machine is outfitted in blood-covered armor and
    he wields a Dark Sword that casts a Desoul spell on command. He has 150
    hit points. Once beaten, his identity as Lemon is revealed, leading to his
    attempted suicides and finally joining your forces.
    8) Geshp. He sics devil after devil on you but can't bring you down. At
    last he is forced by Zeon to fight you himself. Geshp has 180 hit points
    and a powerful attack. He can also cast a level 4 Freeze spell.
    9) Odd Eye. Strongest of the greater devils, he faces you shortly after
    you defeat Geshp. He wields a Counter Sword with deadly skill and can cast
    a laser beam from his eyes. He has 200 hit points.
    10) King Galam. With 240 hit points, a lethal Demon Breath spell, and a
    hefty physical attack with a demon rod, King Galam makes a formidable
    opponent indeed. Try to surround him completely so everyone can get in an
    attack on him. Be sure to separate him from the Blue Shaman or it will
    begin casting level 3 Aura spells on Galam.
    11) Zeon. Good old Zeon. He has 500 hit points. He has a high attacking
    strength and a hefty Demon Breath spell with more range than the spell
    wielded by King Galam. Be sure to take out all of Zeon's forces (most
    especially the Demon Masters, the Blue Shaman and the two Zeon Guards)
    before attacking him.
    Now let's talk about Mithril. Mithril is a special metal that can be shaped
    into powerful weapons by the Dwarven Blacksmith in the Dwarven town. There
    are supposed to be 14 mithrils total in the game; I found eleven. Here is
    a list showing where I found them:
    1) In Galam, when you are using the secret passage to escape from prison.
    Search the wall just north of where you enter the passage and you'll find
    a mithril.
    2) In Granseal during the earthquake, a small hole appears to the right of
    the castle entrance stairs. Search the hole and you will find a mithril.
    3) Go east from Ribble to the sandy beach. Cross the bridge and you will
    find a mountain range pointing north and south. Search the top third of
    the mountain range and you should find a mithril.
    4) In Hassan, find a hole on the left side of the wall and you will find a
    chest with a mithril in it.
    5) In Hassan, search the barrels on the dock and you will find a mithril.
    6) In the southeast corner of the Elf Village, partly hidden by the trees,
    is a chest with a mithril.
    7) When you reach Creed's Mansion, you will fight the 21st battle. Once
    you win it, search the northeastern corner of the battlefield (facing the
    mountains) and you should find a mithril.
    8) In the western part of Pacalon's castle, you will find a hole in the
    wall. Pass through it and go down the stairs you will find. You will emerge
    in a room with a chest; the chest contains a mithril.
    9) When going north from Pacalon to Tristan, stay close to the mountains
    on your right. Just as the path to the right comes into view, search the
    northern tip of the mountains and you should find a mithril.
    10) In Mitula's Shrine, you will find a chest with a mithril.
    11) The cave leading to the Ancient Shrine with the Force Sword has a
    curved mountain range around three sides. Stand just south of the cave
    and take a few steps west to the tip of the curved mountain range. Search
    the eastern side of the mountain and you should find a mithril.
    Remember that the Dwarven Blacksmith chooses one of the weapon types that
    can be used by the party member you selected to receive the weapon at
    random. For example, Luke can wield any sword weapon. This means that the
    blacksmith can make a Critical Sword, a Battle Sword, or a Counter Sword
    for him. He is 90% likely to forge a Critical Sword since it's the weakest
    of the three. Do not settle for less than a Counter Sword. Gyan can wield
    any axe weapon, meaning the smith can make a Heat Axe, an Atlas Axe, a
    Ground Axe or a Rune Axe. He is 95% likely to make a Heat Axe because it
    is the weakest of the four. Do not settle for less than a Rune Axe since
    it is the strongest of the four. If the smith does not make the weapon
    you want, reset the game and try again.
    Now, here is a chart showing exactly how strong each mithril weapon is.
    Mithril weapon + chart
    Atlas Axe         +35
    Battle Sword      +35
    Buster Shot       +37
    Counter Sword     +39
    Critical Sword    +32
    Freeze Staff      +37
    Giant Knuckles    +55
    Gisarme           +42
    Goddess Staff     +31
    Grand Cannon      +43
    Great Rod         +28
    Ground Axe        +39
    Halberd           +37
    Heat Axe          +32
    Holy Lance        +39
    Holy Staff        +29
    Hyper Cannon      +40
    Katana            +34
    Levanter *        +42
    Mage Staff        +27
    Mist Javelin      +42
    Misty Knuckles    +48
    Mystery Staff     +39
    Ninja Katana      +39
    Rune Axe          +42
    Supply Staff      +32
    Valkyrie          +33
    Wish Staff        +26
    *- Do not get a Levanter made. Only Fandral can equip it and he will be
    getting the even stronger Force Sword soon, so when you sell the Levanter,
    it's like you've wasted a mithril.
    Finally, for those who have to know beforehand, here are some tips for
    fighting Zeon, and a walkthru of the ending sequence.
    Zeon can either strike at one party member attacking him from an adjacent
    square, or he can cast a demon breath spell. The fewer the characters that
    are attacking him, the more likely he is to use a regular attack, which is
    weaker than his demon breath spell, especially if the target character is
    under the effects of a Boost spell. So start out by attacking him only
    with the main character and/or Peter.
    When Zeon's black hit point meter is completely gone, begin attacking with
    one or two more characters. When his blue hit point meter is completely
    gone, add another character or two. Finally, once his green hit point
    meter is completely gone, have every character able to attack him jump on
    him at once. Use Healing Drops, Aura spells, Healing Waters (there are a
    total of four of them) and Healing Rains (two of these; one in the trees
    just outside Creed's mansion on the west side, and one carried by the
    Blue Shaman guarding Zeon) wisely to heal injuries. This is the strategy I
    used to beat Zeon. I began attacking with the main character and Peter;
    when their hit points got low, I retreated them to get healed and had
    Randolf or Claude move in to attack, then when the main character and
    Peter were healed, I moved them in again, and pulled Randolf and Claude
    back. When Zeon's black meter was gone, I moved in Janet to attack from
    three spaces away. When Zeon's blue meter was half gone, I moved Kazin in
    to attack with level 2 Neptun spells. When the blue meter was gone, I moved
    Slade in to attack with level 3 Katon spells. Finally, when Zeon's green
    meter was gone, I moved in everyone able to attack. Zeon folded quickly.
    When Zeon is defeated, you see the main character, Peter, Astral, and
    Lemon standing around King Galam's body. He asks if he's dying. Princess
    Elis will walk up to Galam and say that Galam was possessed by a devil.
    Galam will recognizes Elis's voice and ask her to lean closer so he can
    see her face. When Elis does so, King Galam will suddenly jump up and grab
    her by the arms. It turns out that King Galam is now possessed by Zeon
    himself. Zeon reminds you that you cannot kill him by the sword; you can
    only weaken him. Astral will remember that Mitula told you to weaken him,
    and he will curse himself as a fool. Zeon will order Astral and Lemon to
    move back, and then he orders you and Peter to approach him. When Zeon
    threatens to physically strangle Elis, everyone will comply. Zeon will
    order Peter to remove the Jewel of Evil from Fandral's neck and put it
    on the ground beside Zeon. Peter will somehow manage to remove the jewel,
    and he gives it to Zeon. Zeon will begin to rapidly recover his powers,
    and he says he'll be fully recovered in a few minutes. Then he tells Elis
    that she may take a rest, and a black cloud envelops her and renders her
    unconscious. Then he envelops Lemon in a special fire that burns even
    vampires. Astral and Peter will try
    to rush at Zeon, but he will knock them clear across the battlefield to
    the eastern side. You will then rush forward, and slap the Jewel of Evil
    out of Zeon's hand. Zeon will knock you out and curse you. Suddenly, a
    light will flash from your neck and purge the fire from Lemon. Lemon will
    begin to approach Zeon, and Zeon will set him on fire again. Another light
    will flash from your neck and purge the fire from Lemon. Zeon will be
    flabbergasted and ask himself how it is possible. He will feel his powers
    fading and try to pick up the Jewel of Evil, but Lemon will rush forward
    and grab him from behind, and begin to drag him through the portal. Zeon
    will scream in anguish as both he and Lemon fall through the portal into
    the abyss. Astral and Peter will come to, and quickly rush to your side to
    make sure you are okay. When they see you are, they move to examine Elis.
    She is cold and pale, but Astral says she is breathing.
    Goddess Mitula will appear, and she congratulates you for your victory.
    She says that 'we' have been watching you closely. Peter will look around
    and ask what she is talking about, and when she says he knows what she
    means, Peter will realize that god Volcanon had been helping you. It was
    he (through the Jewel of Light) that protected Lemon from the magical fire
    that Zeon used on him. Peter will say that Volcanon had said that he would
    forsake the people of the earth, and Mitula will say that Volcanon had
    only pretended to do so in order to deceive the devils- if he had joined
    you, Zeon might have come to Parmecia and destroyed the continent. She also
    reminds you that if he had joined up with you, you would have relied more
    on his powers than on your own.
    Astral will ask Mitula about Elis, and she will say that Elis has been
    poisoned by Zeon. Mitula says that if Elis is strong, and can resist the
    poison, it will leave her body and her face will turn pink. If she is
    still sleeping, she will need a kiss from her true love in order to awaken
    her. Mitula does not know how long it will take for the poison to be purged
    from Elis's body- it depends upon her constitution. Mitula will say that
    she must seal Zeon before he regains any of his powers. She will take the
    Jewel of Light from Fandral's neck and pick up the Jewel of Evil, and
    then she will tell you to hurry out of the tower. Mitula will disappear,
    and the tower will begin to shake. You will pick up Elis and Astral will
    tell you to run. He and Peter will follow you out of the tower to safety.
    Two years pass.
    You are awakened by a voice that asks if it is true that Elis's face has
    just turned pink. Go downstairs and out of your house and your mother
    will tell you that she heard Elis's face has just turned pink. Granseal
    has somehow been restored to its old self (maybe Volcanon and Mitula had
    something to do with it?). Go to the castle where you will find about half
    of the Shining Force. Talk to them, then go to the school building where
    you will find Astral and some more members of the Shining Force. Astral
    will take you all the to castle.
    In the castle, Astral will say that Elis finally recovered from Zeon's
    poison. Because she is still asleep, she must receive a kiss. Most of the
    Shining Force agrees that it is you who must kiss Elis. There will be
    some discussion over the matter, but in the end, Astral and the king will
    agree that you are the one. Go up the stairs to Elis's room, stand on the
    left side of her bed and, when asked if you want to kiss her, say Yes.

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